Friday, April 30, 2010


This week is National Infertility Week:

I can remember being devastated when I miscarried 2 times and wondering if we would ever have a baby of our own.

Now that Tucker is here, I still think of ALL the ladies who struggle with infertility. A couple of you ladies, who I am closer to, I think about almost EVERY day. I know you might not believe me but I really really do. Every time I see you in person, or your name appears somewhere (eg facebook) I say a silent prayer for you.

So today in honor of N.I.W I am sending a shout out to all the ladies/couples struggling with infertility. You will have a baby in arms soon enough..I know it...I have faith.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

March for Babies!!!

Today is bank day for March of Dimes and I think we will be around the $2000.00 mark. We are down from last year some but lets face it that is still A LOT of money donated!! I am always proud of my team and this year I am just as proud. It takes a lot of work and effort from everyone and I have such a great team!! Go TEAM!

I made 5 little kids shirts last night till 11:00 pm only to look at the weather today and there is an 80 % chance of rain. GRRRRR

We will not walk in the rain b/c our babies do not need to get sick

I can't wait to post pics for everyone though and I can't wait to show off the kids shirts I made.....I think they turned out GREAT..

So maybe say a little prayer to Mother Nature today that the weather can hold off till 12 on Saturday. We would love to walk and show our support that day :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The ins and outs of Motherhood

There is a lot of tricks in Motherhood and I don't know the HALF of them, but I am learning slowly.

I now know that wet wipes can be used for cleaning up spilled coffee, taking off make-up and wiping down the stove. You grab whatever is handy these days.

I know that Tucker has to be the toughest little guy around. We have had 5 ear infections and right now we have a double ear infection. We are going to see the ENT in 2 weeks and hoping for tubes to make this baby feel better.

Free time is my 10 minute commute on the way to work after dropping Tucker off.

I miss my friends....Heck I miss my husband. Lately whatever conversation we have I am either half asleep or its yelling over the toys being banged around on the floor. Frozen pizza is our best friend and dont' forget about cold sandwiches for supper! (we woudlnt' change a thing)

I LOVE the look of toys all over our living room floor. I walk around the corner and Tucker is playing happily and there are toys everywhere...but its what I have always wanted.

Baby food is bland..we try everything Tucker eats :)

I couldn't be more excited about Tucker's 6 months pics coming up. I have thought more about his outfits for these pictures than I did about my wedding dress.

Poop and snot are in my vocab a lot. I say both at least 5 times a day.

Most mornings I sing and dance while doing my hair and make up and a lot of mornings neither my hair nor make up get done...but Tucker is sure happy!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A little busy

I wish I could blog more, I wish I had more time BUT time is something I have less and less of these days. Here is what I have been up to and why I haven't been blogging lately.

March of Dimes...we are in full force. BIG yard sale this weekend (220 Barberry street Cape Girardeau, MO) All the shirts are in and ready for pick up and I have 75 cookbooks ready to sale!!!Woohoo..moving right along

Tucker is back in preschool. He loves it and loves all the interaction. He wasn't staying completely well at gma's house and I think he was kinda getting bored. So he is enjoying his time at daycare...I just hope he stays wells and continues to enjoy it.

Time to plant flowers...whoop whoop!!! I think this will get done this weekend.

Tucker reaches for his mommy now...Oh..melts my little heart.

I can't wait to open the pool...I am ready for the heat!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!! Weather should be perfect here :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Whats not to LOVE

I can't remember having such a pretty day for Easter in quite some time. Usually it is cold or raining. This year God gave us high temps and little bit of wind. We ate our weight in food most of the day and enjoyed the weather!!! It was such a beauitful site everyone walking into church in their Sunday best, and enjoying the reason for the season. Tucker didn't even throw up on his Easter that is something to be thankful for when your kid usually throws up most of the day :) Here we are at memaw's and Pepaw's house under the big tree!!!

Holidays are sooo much fun with a little one around :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing nice

I welcome you into my life.....I am tired of being fat....hello p90x

I am sure in a couple days I will want to shoot myself but if I want to be "ME" again I need you. I need you to push me to the limits and make me work for my "ME" again.

Last night was a trial run. And if anyone knows anything about me I like to win...I like to be challenged and this is exactly what I need. I have tried 30 minutes burn,shreds, etc, and it was hard but wasn't a challenge. So if I play p90x like a game, I will want to win. So wish me luck and I hope tomorrow I can still type or lift my baby for that matter. So its me against the TV and I really want to win. I will keep you updated if I am alive in a couple weeks. I know its hard and I hear its brutal but I think I am FINALLY tired of being fat.

Oh and Tucker rolled over!!! He surprised himself and his mom...YEH Tucker...we hit at milestone at 19 weeks!!!