Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am ready

I am kinda ready for fall....although I love summer and it is my favorite and I never want to be a trader....I am ready for a cool breeze, pumpkins, leaves falling and getting ready for all the fall decor. I am ready to wear a light jacket or break out my sweatshirts! As soon as I feel a couple days of fall, I will be wishing for summer back again but I am tired of my summer clothes and ready to decorate for the holidays. Here is a couple of my favorite fall things. Victoria Secret always has some of the best fall outfits!!! I am loving this burnt orange color
I love decorating for holidays and since there is a dry spell this summer for holidays I am ready to break out all my fall decor!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paper or clocks?

First year Anniversary gifts are supposed to be paper or clocks? How boring! Well the clock is out b/c Nate got a super nice watch on our wedding day from me! So I have paper to work with..... I was googling yesterday and found a couple ideas but none of them are just great! The first one is to name a star after him. I have seen this done many of times by family and friends but I am not sure what Nathan would think of a star being named after him??
The second gift is not really a gift at all but I really like the idea. I wont buy one of these but make it myself. This gift is a jar of love notes, sayings, words etc. I will write out 365 loving thoughts, idea or reasons and put them in a jar. I can leave these by the bed and everday he can pull one out and read it and understand why I love him so much. Awww...I know :) I thought this was a clever idea and it is PAPER!!! I will make it more manlyish than this one pictured and I better get started now b/c 365 words is gonna take a while.
Another idea isn't really a gift either but something I want to do. I am going to order cookies from a local bakery that spell out Happy One Year or something clever. This is just a little something I can have laying out for him when he gets home. I have a feeling that his gift wont have anything to do with Paper or Clocks so I need these small favors to really make it feel like our ONE year and not just another gift

Monday, August 25, 2008

1 yr. Ann

I found the dress yesterday...It was a big $25.00 at Macy's!!!! I got it for a steal! I plan on keeping it a suprise until my one year anniversary! Nathan loves black and he loves short so I think this will work.

This is NOT the exact dress at all. It is similar though. Mine has short sleeves and the sleeves, collar and bottom of the dress are trimmed in black silk ( yes sexy). I didn't want anything real fancy but maybe something I could break out again. It is made like the shirt dresses with buttons all the way down and a belt, but it much sexier! I feel in love with it and when I saw the price I thought it would be perfect for a dinner date! I am searching for paton black heels to wear with it? Any suggestions?

Oh and Plans for our one year....we are thinking VEGAS!!!!! Nothing is finalized at all, just ideas we were working on :)

And I still have no gift....any ideas for those who have had their one year?

Friday, August 22, 2008


Porter Wayne Gadberry....9lbs 21inches! Aunt Kara is really proud of Hannah and baby Porter
He already has a double chin!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

House Bio

Here is what I promised you!!! My house bio room by room...where is yours? Here is our living room. When I met Nathan his house we decorated in wildlife.....the WHOLE house! Living room, bedroom, baths, kitchen. So when we got married I had a lot of redecorating to do. Although, I left the wildlife in the living room and just spiced it up some. I got three rooms he got one, I thought the trade was fair. Besides...his hunting doesn't bother me and it goes good in the living area.
Moving on to the kitchen. I chose black/white and lime green b/c I am in love with the colors. This room was changed not too long ago so it still needs some work :) The shelf that is in the corner is dated back to like 1800's. It was ripped out of an old farm house on our land when they tore the house down and I couldn't live without! SEE the blank wall by the shelf...still looking for the perfect piece..any ideas?
We have limited counter space so the counters are full!!! I can only dream of a big kitchen some day soon
Here is the half bath...simple for sure! The walls will be painted choc. brown soon but again everything takes time. Chocolate and white are the colors.
On to the master bedroom. This room stays a working progress all the time. It still gets things added to it and taken away. I wanted something not so this fits me and Nate both.

Dark Cherry Furniture I love, but it is soooo hard to keep clean! On to the master bath...we wanted it to tye into the bedroom so red/brown/black is our choice here too! We still need to paint the bathroom the same tan color as the bedroom, will get done! Did I mention I hate painting it was! We have two spare bedrooms, but one is a work-out room for now and the other one is the hunting room with all Nate's camo and guns....I didn't think you cared to see those. We aren't doing any changing to those b/c those are the babies rooms we call them for when we have kids to put there. I see no reason to change them now and then change them right back when we have children. So come one...let me in your house

Friday, August 15, 2008

I don't think I ever told

I don't think I ever let anyone know that my HCG levels are back at zero......what does that mean u body is back to normal after my miscarriage and we are free to try again. I actually found this out last week but it is still hard to write about at times so I waited to tell. Dr. Carns checked my levels every week until they reached zero and she said we where good to go. I am excited/anxious/scared/frustrated/emotional all at once. I have heard many people had to wait one month/3 months until they could start trying again, and that scares me b/c mine has only been a month. If/when we find out we are so blessed again to be expecting I will not be letting the cat of the bag. It will be sooo hard b/c all you want to do is scream about it. I will wait till after an ultrasound with a heartbeat for sure! If/when we are expecting again it will be one emotional rollercoaster. I am just hoping the excitement will over ride the nervousness. I worry now all the time about it so I can only imagine how much I will worry after we see those 2 pink lines. I might as well get used to it though b/c I am sure the worrying will never end even after they are grown :)
These last 2 months have been an emotional rollarcoaster that I wasn't prepared for. The first couple of days after I announced I had miscarried it hadn't sank in yet. I didn't break down until a couple days later. The pain is unbareable physically and emotionally. I didn't think I would break down and cry as much as I did. After the physical pain stopped my emotional pain stuck around the whole time my levels were falling. Not only was I emotionally scared but nobody could do anything to help.....Nathan couldn't even help me out at that point. I just needed my own time to cope and move on. I know God has a great reason and I believe it happened b/c he knew it was right. I had also not realized how many others were in my shoes until they heard of my news. To those who know...its an unexplainable feeling to describe to anyone else. The power of pray I truely believe in so please say a couple as we begin the emotional journey again. I can't wait to begin a blog based on a pregnancy.
I just thought I would post this blog b/c I never told anyone the whole story. Thanks for listening!

Waiting game

This weekend could be very busy or very laid back?? My best friend Hannah is due TODAY!!! Yes Today people. Man how time has just flown by. She has shown no progress that the baby will arrive today though? SO...we are playing the waiting game once again. She fiqured if she doesn't have him this week they will induce next week sometime. This is a moment I have been waiting for, but so funny looking back on everything and our time has finally came to be mommies..craziness! Aren't we still 18 and wild...NO. Here is her ninth month picture...what a tiny little thing!

Other than that plans are simple this weekend. We will be moving my sister in law and maybe enjoy the pool. With the weather cooling down we might not have much more time for the pool.

We are coming so close to our first anniversary too.....I still need ideas?? I have been going crazy b/c I am such a planner and I can't think of anything for our first ann. HELP!!!!

Also on my plate for the next few months...A couple of my best friends are getting married in is creeping up fast!!!

Throw my parents an ann. party in November! Has anyone ever done this? Its their 30th and I need ideas? november I will be insane with all the events, but I wouldnt' have it any other way.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Here are a few pics of the niece and nephews enjoying the new house from yesterday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New House for 4....sometimes 5

New house for 4......sometimes 5!!! Not me sister in law and niece and nephews found the house they will be living in for the next year. With my brother out of town we have all pitched in and have been looking for a house for the 4 of them to rent to Cape Girardeau. Kraig will be visiting as much as possible of course but it is a great house for the kids and a perfect location for Jin. We are so excited she will be having a permant residence so close to us. It takes me 4 minutes to get to the new house from work, so plenty of lunch breaks at the new house for me :) We couldn't be happier to have them here around us. I enjoy seeing my niece and nephew as much as I want, and I love having my sister in law around to talk to and spend time with. So Jin if you are reading this....don't ever move off again...I have to have a sister close by to spend time with and gossip with!!! Here is a couple pictures of the new house before it becomes a home

Monday, August 11, 2008

Never imagined

You remeber when you were in highschool and the age of 25 or 26 seemed so far away. You thought by that age you will everything finished you started, school was over, you were at a great job, married, KIDS. It is crazy how time flies and you don't get things accomplished you always thought you would, things don't always happen the way you planned them. Where is this going you ask? The last couple of years my friends and I have been through a lot, moving away starting careers, weddings and now babies. I guess I have just felt overwhelmed lately. There was always a small group of us that were like sisters in school.( there were even some boys thrown in the bundle that were like brothers) We spent more time with each other than we did our own families. They were our family as far as we knew. After graduation we made a bond that we would never grow apart.....and we really never did. We don't get to spend 8 hours a day together anymore, but we talk to each other sometimes everyday. When one of us comes into to town we always make time to eat out, have a couple drinks and start off right where we left off. I know I am lucky to have friends like this b/c I look at people around me who have lost the bond of their best friends. In the last two years we have been through 3 or more weddings and lots of different destinations. But no matter what life throws at us and how busy we get, we always make time for a phone call, email or dinner :) Maybe it is the movie "sistehood of the traveling pants" but I just got to thinking how lucky I am to have the same friends I have had since school . They are people who know me better than myself, are still the same friends I have today. Of course I have other friends that I cherish dearly, but its nice to still have the same bond with the same old friends.

I guess I was doing all this thinking because my best friend Hannah is getting ready to start a trend that we will all follow in some day. She is having the first baby of our group!! Of course this baby doesn't even know how lucky it is....So many Aunts(and uncles) that will love it. I just can't believe the stuff we talked about so long ago is happening today, marriage, careers, loves, babies.

I feel like Hannah having this baby is a new step in our "sisterhood" !! This will only bring us closer and to know that our kids will someday grow as friends. I can't wait for all of us to be gathered away this little boy and the bond it will bring.

Today I just wanted to give a shout out to all my know who you are...and tell you how lucky we are to still have that sister bond that we hold today. I believe that no matter where life takes us or how crazy thing will get we will always have the same friendship. Last time we were all together we made that promise to never let the times change us :) I am so grateful to share this sisterhood and thought I owed all my friends a piece of my blog to make people understand just how lucky we have it! I owe a big piece to Hannah too. I haven't been blogging as much as I should about her and now that she is a week away from having this amazing little boy I know it will only bring us closer!!! I can't wait to be waiting in the hallway of the hospital awaiting his arrival. So to all my sisterhood friends, lets carry on the tradition!!!

Me and Hannah at my bachelorette party

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mosquitos, cowboys and dirt

This weekend is going to be an eventful one but I am ready!! I get off at 12 today and couldn't be happier. I will leave work, so after a little Wal-Mart run and then head straight for our pool :) Tonight a great group of 7 friends are going to the Sikeston Rodeo to see Gary Allan!!! I usually never miss a year at the rodeo. I enjoy the dirt, mosquitos, social aspect and the cowboys are easy on the eyes as well :) We always have a great time it seems!

Saturday I have a family renuion. Usually these things are a drag for me, but the older I get the more I love the company of family. It is great to enjoy some adult company and get to catch up on everyone's life. I will be making a fresh vegetable medley and a caramel/chocolate cheesecake. Both recipies are easy enough to make after a long night and early renuion! Saturday we are back at the rodeo with Nate's family. Krista(6) and Nick (4) have never been and they will enjoy all the bullriding and roping. Jason Alden is playing Saturday night and he is young and exciting so I am sure he will put on a great show. I know its very country and a little Redneck to enjoy such thing, but we are in Southeast Missouri and I love to be a little country at time :)

Sunday will bring a day of rest maybe

Hopefully I can see some of my blogging buddies.....anybody going to the rodeo?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend we helped celebrate my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding ann. It was a great relaxing time around the pool and a great time to capture pictures!!!

The Kids all enjoyed it

We also spent time with friends in the pool and celebrated my inlaws 35th ann.!!! We are planning now for my parents 30th wedding ann. in November. We are going to have a hug blow out with drinks, music and food. We are looking for a place around the area to host the event..any suggestions?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I have a problem....

This is why I get nothing done....ever!!!! During the summer I tend to not worry about my house as much, the laundrey or anything else for that matter. Nate and I have always had a way with words. When we get home from work we set outside (sometimes all night) and discuss our days, our worried, our fear, our happiness, just whatever is on our minds at the time usually always with a beer. We have always done this and people tell us this is the key to a great marriage....COMMUNICATION! Often I will run in after work get things done that I have to have done and then we set outside, socking up our view, enjoying a cold drink and enjoying each others company. My mom always told me that she never wanted her kids to remember how clean our house was but to remember the fun times we made in our house ( making tents outta of blankets, baking, etc). My house was always clean dont' get me wrong, but she didnt' swee the small things. WE lived in our house. I hope to do the same with my kids one day. My house is always clean now but its just two of us living there. I hope when we have kids I can control my OCD and just worry about living in our house!
Kinda got off subject, but back to the Bud Light Lime. My eveings are spent talkign to my husband, playing with our dog, swimming and my new addiction Bud Light Lime. To me these are the important things in life and the things that will matter when we look back! I know I blog about my organization and how much I accomplish during a week but I thought it was time to blog about what I didn't do...and why I didn't do. The stuff you didin't do is when you are making the memories. So take a break with me...don't pay bills tonight, let the laundrey lay for one more day, the dust will be there tomorrow and take a seat, talk to your husbands, let the kids play and take it all in b/c life moves fast and these are the days we want to remember!!
GO ahead...take a break!!! Then tell me how you liked it??