Monday, December 19, 2011


I am 38 weeks this week...woohooo!!! To say I am ready is an understatement...BUT I am not ready till the 26th. I want to spend Christmas at home and not in a hospital AND it will be hard enough on Tucker to understand the whole "little sister" process without having a baby on Christmas. BUT of course we will take Saylor Kate anytime, it just works better after the holidays.
Speaking of Tucker, he is doing great understanding the whole little sister thing. He calls her by name, he loves her bedroom and kisses my belly often. What he isn't going to understand is how much pain I will be in after the C Section and when I can't lift him. :(  We have a great support team though and we will get through it!
How am I feeling. NO dilation as of my 37 week appt. I am having small contractions but nothing serious or too hurtful...they might even be major braxton hicks. I am nesting like crazy. My Christmas is all done and wrapped, my groceries are bought for holiday baking, Saylor's room is all ready and her bag is packed. I am ready. Bring on Christmas!!! And actually I am still feeling really good. I am not too tired and I still have energy to keep up with my house, shop and make dinner for my family (oh and work full time). I am not swelling this time (my wedding rings are still ON) and my shoes all still fit. With Tucker, I was so swollen you could have popped me!!

So, my last day of work is Thursday and after that is full fledged Christmas with my family, baking and resting. I have a couple dates planned for Tucker and I (and daddy) before Saylor comes also. OH, and I didn't forget about big brother at the hospital...he has a special gift from Saylor already and a special shirt to wear.

Look at that pretty baby..>I can't believe we will be doing this all again soon!!! Prayers are welcome

Friday, December 9, 2011

Not in labor.....

I am sure you guys have been calling every police station around wondering where I was? Well calm your little self down, I am here. I mean I know you can't imagine how busy I have been....

The Truth is I have been getting last minute Christmas shopping done and tidying up the house as much as I possibly can. I am almost completely finished with Christmas (and this included wrapping) so I am ahead of the game. Oh and not sure I have ever said on here but baby girl's room.....Saylor Kate getting closer. We have put the bed together with some finishing touches coming this evening and this weekend I am organizing and hanging pictures!!! A huge rock will be off my shoulders when her room is done. (also there is NO meaning behind Saylor's name....I just loved it!! It is different and I like different. I had to fight with the husband about it for a while, but we see who go her way. And Kate comes from Katherine my gma's name....actually we might lengthen it Katherine).

In other news...Tucker is really enjoying every part of Christmas. He is excited about Santa and reindeer and all the above. He doesnt' totally understand the whole concept but we are working on baby Jesus and such too. We have been driving around looking at lights and we have visited Santa in the mall once.....Tucker likes Santa but does NOT like to sit on his lap. :)

So here is to finishing up ALL Christmas and Saylor's room this weekend and then plenty of baking and relaxing. I have 2 weeks of work and then 4 days to prepare for baby and she is HERE!!! 3 weeks people...its NUTSO

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First snow

Who would have thunk it....snow in November when it was 62 degrees 4 days ago. OH well, we welcomed it this morning...or at least I did! I am like a kid when it comes to anything snow  or Christmas so I woke up early to make sure and give Tucker time to take it all in before work/school.

Tucker was NOT as crazy about the snow as I thought he would be. Well it was 7am and it was cold and he hadn't eaten breakfast yet!!!
Here is too hopefully MORE and MORE snow soon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

34 weeks and NOT contracting

So far this week during my non stress test and I was in good shape. I showed NO signs of contractions and baby girl was happy and kicking. I haven't been feeling many contractions either...maybe just a few braxton hicks. However, she is right in my rib cage so every kick or punch is like a dagger to my side! As long as she is happy though....we are all happy!

Her room is finally falling in place. The paint is on the walls and I can see progress. On the agenda for the weekend is putting her bed together and then all the rest of the details will fall in place.

Almost all my Christmas decorations are up (minus the GIANT tree and only because I can't drag it in alone) and they make me smile when I walk in my house. Thanksgiving weekend is a busy time with all my family together under one roof so I needed to have my Christmas in place already. I am sooo happy to have the family all together. We will bake, eat, play games,, eat, play games. We do NOT plan on shopping this weekend. I enjoy it but this starting the NIGHT of Thanksgiving is just rude. I mean, let people enjoy their Thanksgiving before they head out to shop.

So from our table to yours....gobble gobble!! Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Friday, November 18, 2011

33 weeks and contracting!

I am 33 weeks yesterday....I am inching closer and closer!!
Yesterday I went in for a stress test and as I was relaxing and reading my book the nurse kept coming in and asking if I am feeling contractions?? NO, I didn't think I was? I mean surely I would know right? I just felt a lot of moving and punching going on or so I thought. About 15 minutes later the Dr. came in and said yes you are contracting. It wasn't pain but I could tell what she was talking about after she told me.

So here I go..once again...labor and delivery. I am hooked up and monitored for about 3 hours. During those 3 hours I believe I had 3-5 contractions that registered. The GREAT thing is baby girl is handling them all so well. Her heart rate never dropped and she kicked and punched through them all.

The scary part is we have a BARE room for a nursery and so much stuff left to do. This really put things in perspective and this weekend we have to get a move on things.

BUT baby need to stay where you are for 3-4 weeks. If you can make it 3 weeks or so all will be ok. This just goes to show all babies are different. Tucker (who is just like his father) would have waited on the end of time to show progress or any type of hurry. Baby girl ( who is just like me) can't stand it in the any longer and needs a change of scenery.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A 2 year old....seriously

I was looking at baby pictures the other night of Tucker partially because we are going to have another baby soon and partially because I can't believe my first baby is 2?? This past weekend we celebrated his 2nd birthday and everything went as planned. If you remember his first bday, everyone had the Flu so this one HAD to be better. Tucker's bday always falls on Deer Season weekend in Missouri. To most people this wouldn't be a big deal....BUT in our family it is kinda of huge deal. Basically if you want anyone to come to the party to have to have it early :( Oh well, this only means we celebrate twice with Tucker!! Here are few pictures I snapped of the weekend. The party was football themed!!

 Every table had a different penant for a different team...pick your favorite
 The cake table before the cake

 Smores for a night time snack
Family of 3 for 7 more weeks!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A loss

I am only documenting this because I want to always remember it.  We lost a family member...Tucker's pony May-May that we have only owned 5 months had to be put down last night. It has been really really hard on us so because the reason she was put down was outta our control. Our neighbors horse jumped the fence while we were at church Sunday morning and fought May until she was a mess and beaten pretty badly. We are very very upset about the whole situation. Ugh...that's about all I can actually type at this time but I will leave you with a happy little boy and a picture of a one of kind Pony. We will miss you May!

We will own another horse one but, BUT we really wanted to keep her for as long as we could!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 weeks and a not so Happy Halloween...

I wish I had adorable pictures to show you in this post of Tucker at Halloween...but the truth is, he is kinda sick with a virus and he was having NO dressing up for Halloween. Yep, he told me over and over that he    " NO dress up momma". So we threw on cowboy hats, boots and off we went to visit family. We gathered more than enough candy at the grandma's house to last months so really there was no need to trick or treat.
I wasn't focused much on Halloween anyways but instead of getting him to feel better. He has ran fever since Friday and I be dang if I will LET him be sick again for another birthday. His second bday party is this Saturday and last years birthday was a disaster b/c the flu struck EVERYONE at once and this year I will not have anybody sick. I have been praying to keep us all well for a week :). The party is football themed and I can't wait to show you how it turns out.....

Meantime, me and baby girl are just growing along. I am still feeling good for 31 weeks. I mean yes its hard to bend over all the time but other than that I feel much better than I did with Tucker at this point. I am not as swollen as I was with Tucker so far. My feet still look kinda normal and my wedding rings are still on. wooohoo. After my appointment next week I will go to the doctor every week for 7 weeks. YES,...I am dreading that part. I have to do non-stress test every week until baby girl makes her arrival. With Tucker I had some blood pressure issues at the end so we are keeping on top of everything this time.
I am not having weird cravings or anything unusual...just as long as you feed me I am happy.
Oh I guess I need to post a picture soon.

Wish us luck this weekend for a successful bday party...we are having another big blow out since his first was a disaster. And also, Tucker's pony who we have all come to love very much was in an incident Sunday and is very hurt. YES, we pray for our animals...they are like family. And maybe you could do the same

Friday, October 21, 2011

29 weeks ya'll

29 weeks with baby girl........

I am kinda getting nervous because so far I have NOTHING done for baby girl. Well she has really great clothes and hair accessories.

Tucker seems like he understands he is having a sister. BUT in the next 2 months we have Halloween, His 2 year bday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a little sister. This might be a little overwhelming when you are 2??

I seem to be growing more now days and I can probably say I am right there where I was with Tucker at the growing stage.

Did I mention we have a LOT of stuff to do in 2 months. I am going to get through Halloween first and then work on Tuckers 2nd bday because as some of you remember last year Nathan had the flu and couldn't come to the first bday party. HOW horrible right?? So we are throwing another big birthday party much like his 1st to make up for lost time with daddy. Oh and his Gigi and Memaw both had the flu too and couldn't come also.

In the mist of all this I need to Christmas shop and decorate and bake. I am thinking I wont sleep much in December

So I stop with all the list and be grateful now. I am VERY grateful for this baby girl, but man I sure do know how to plan it at a hectic time :)

I am outta work today at 12 to prepare for a nesting weekend...we are cleaning out the shop!! gag

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Infant loss day

I am VERY blessed to have a healthy almost 2 year old little boy and even MORE blessed that I am caring a healthy baby girl due very soon.

However there are pains and losses that never go away. And today I remember and acknowledge Infant Remembering and Loss day. I will never forget the 2 miscarriages I had before I was blessed with Tucker. It was heart breaking and the whole situation made me appreciate my children and others who suffer with the same pain.

So today I pray for all those who have suffered with the loss of child and all those who are STILL struggling to hold a baby one day. Not a day goes by that I dont' realize how blessed I am and that I dont' pray for those who are struggling with loss or any issue.

Remember the babies today!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been a traveling

I spent the last 5 days traveling and relaxing. I LOVE going to Louisiana to visit and since I am going to be on non traveling duty soon this was perfect timing. We basically ate and let the kids run and play the whole time. It was sooo nice and relaxing and just what I needed before my life gets more hectic.

*We are preparing for Halloween. Yes Tucker has 2 outfits and we arent' sure which one he will be. One of them is a cutesy Giraffe. I wanted more year of a something adorable and Tucker wanted a year of being Woody from Toy Story. We shall see who wins.
*I am planning Tucker's 2nd birthday. I can't believe he will be 2 years old. I mean he acts two and thinks he is smart enough to be two...but seriously?? This year it is football themed. Although my favorite football team is having the WORST season in history we aren't going to quit on them now. I have lots of fun things planned.
*I am trying to start Christmas shopping. My only problem is I have NO Idea what to get anyone. I am wanting to have all my Christmas bought by Thanksgiving. This doesn't mean wrapped but I need it bought and ready...Thanksgiving is 4 weeks from delivery so I need to get started.
*The baby girl room has no crib, no furniture, no we have a lot of work to do. I am wanting her room finished by Thanksgiving as well. Party to show it off to family in town.

Oh and not to mention keeping up with the everyday things, work and following a toddler around. I am supposed to be anaemic....but who can tell when my mind runs 90 to nothing.

I have my 7 month appt on Wednesday. Can't wait to update yall

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nesting and preparing

Again..sorry for the delay. Why is it you seem to NEVER catch a break. Just when I think we are caught up around our house...there are a zillion other things to do.
This week I have been nesting, this is actually my second dose of nesting. I am getting really really OCD about all this nesting and my husband and son might kick me out of my own home if I dont' settle down. I dont' want dirt on the floor, clothes in the hamper or sheets not clean. I have been cleaning, organized and dont' forget the dreaded switching summer/ winter clothes around. I DREAM of one day having a big enough closet to never crate things up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I dream

I have also had 2 bladder infections in 5 weeks and not to mention I am anemic. Do I feel tired...NO, there is no time for that!
I have also gotten to catch a movie with a friend and eat and shop :)
So I have to weigh my odds here....bladder infection for a girls night was well worth it :)

Baby girl is growing right along and so is this Mommy. I feel like she is most active at night and in the afternoons. However, she is always active on my bladder, so pretty much my day consist of playing with Tucker and using the bathroom. I am 26 weeks this week and moving right along. NO we dont' have the baby girls room started, but yes she has tons of hair bows that make up for that right??
I have ordered the bedding and things are moving...they are just slower. We know the plan in our heads and I will show you her room as soon as its finished. We DO have a name....99% sure. It took a lot of arguing but I got my way like I usually do :) Remember, I like different and convincing Nate was a task. Tucker talks about the baby often and he knows where she is at, but I don't think he really gets it. I have a belly picture I will update next week (finally).

Thats all for now. This weekend we are making crock pot suppers, getting pumpkins and painting them and adding mums to our decor!!! I LOVE Fall

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cathcing up

Things have been busy here in the Hay. We have celebrated my birthday, visited the town fair, had bonfires and weeny roast, parades, football has started (and is sad), and I have been keeping my crock pot HOT.
Oh and yes my belly is growing growing. So time for a little catch up.

(Warning: if you are bored with my life stop reading now)

I believe I left off with my birthday. As with all my birthday, this one was no less than great. My boys and I watched football, ate wings, went to the county fair (twice), watched a parade and ate Chinese buffet all in 2 days. Yes it takes 2 days to celebrate my birthday....there is too much to do. Oh and lets not forget the cheesecake I ate, the gift cards and cash I received and my husband making my birthday morning with cookies and a Coke Zero. Cookies and a coke are better than flowers ANY day in my books.

Then we have been watching football and yelling at the TV 2 days a week at my house. The season hasn't looked good so far for the Colts, but I smell a turn around.

And me, well I have finally started growing growing. I mean yes I was showing before this, but within the last 3 weeks my belly is out stretching my clothes. Although, all my maternity pants I wore with Tucker are still big (nobody told me I was such a FATA**) and some of my regular shirts are still fitting. My weight  gain is way down from Tucker's weight gain and I would have to gain a lot of weight to catch up with what I gained with him (again nobody told me I was so fat). So I am proud of all that, although I know from here on out I will just be gaining and gaining.  I am really starting to fill little girl kick. I have been feeling it for quite some time but now she is giong to town, from what I can tell she doesn't sleep b/c I always feel her. (great right?). I am pretty sure we have a name. I love it, some people like it, and others look at me like I have grown an alien out of my ears. I wanted different. I have always liked different, and something that she will OWN and not have 10 other people in the class own too. So I will reveal that soon. :)
Other than that I am feeling ok. I am tired all the time but I dont' get time to rest b/c I have a toddler. My back just started hurting this week but I haven't started swelling thank goodness.
I am ordering her bedding tomorrow and the painting and transforming shall start soon as well. I will reveal all of that when its finished.
Oh and the shopping!! I am having so much fun shopping. And so far I have really been a bargain hunter :)

So that life here at in Hay,...preparing for baby, gearing up for Halloween and all things fall and trying to rest when I can. I will leave you with the cutest cowboy I have ever seen.......

We got Tucker's 2 year pictures taken a little early considering we will be busy in November. I have never seen anything more precious. The great Sheri @ Bella Bambino is the creator! We love her :) Ok and just because you begged here is one more

She quotes him as a heart breaker.....I think so :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My everything

I don't think you really need any words for this......

Monday, September 12, 2011

The not so big one

We take birthdays VERY serious in my house. I get this tradition from my mom and grandparents because they NEVER missed a birthday and always through a party. So today as I celebrate my birthday (tooting my horn here) I am going to NOT take life so serious and enjoy the small things. I am not going to care about laundry or dusting or anything minor. I am going to relax at work, maybe shop on line. I am enjoying MY day :)
Since the age of 4, I have always celebrated my birthday at the Fair. It always falls during my birthday, I like to think they throw it just for me.  Its a week long event and has everything you ever wanted...including fried butter!! So yesterday my little family of 3 1/2 spent the day looking at the animals and taking it all in. Today we will spend the afternoon at the fair parade and Wednesday we got back to enjoy all the rides we can till we vomit!!! (kidding) I can't imagine a better way to spend my birthday :)

so here is to ME!!! And learning to count my blessings more and NOT count my laundry pile!
Oh and for a bday present from my husband...he surprised me at work with a coke zero and peanut butter cookies AND I get to pick out a new purse!!! He is the best!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its the MOST

Wonderful time of the year!!!

The kickoff to NFL Football is no joke at our house. We treat it like a holiday (as it should be) and I kinda wanted to take off work just to prepare for all the excitement!!!
Every year I make loaded nachos. These nachos have everything but cake on them and they are incredible. It just sets the mood. AND we all snuggle on the couch in COLTS blankets and eat our nachos ON the couch ( we never eat ON the couch at our house...always at the table so this is always a BIG deal).
Even though our teams aren't playing we still enjoy all the work up that comes with opening day. The pre-game starts at 6 and we folllow it all night until we crash hard!!!

Now as for Sunday...when these guys play (although he is hurt and wont

we usually open the windows, turn on a pot of chili and everybody is in game day jerseys!!! Lets just hope this baby girl likes football as much as we crazy people do.!!!!

who do you cheer for??

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Only for September

I LOVE me some September!!! It has to be one of my favorite months ever. I just get chills thinking of all the fun things September brings. For starters, I celebrate my birthday and our anniversary!! I love the fairs, parades, cooler weather in the evenings, making chili, making nachos, FOOTBALL, and so much more! Next week marks NFL kick-off and its pretty much a Holiday at our house. We get all excited and blare the tv and make nachos and a fun dessert. This Saturday marks the kick off to College Football. As big of a sports maniac as I am, I have never gotten in to college football and I blame it on the college I went to being to small to "get it". So this year my new agenda is to understand all about college football and get excited about it. I am learning the divisions and polls as we speak!!! But who will I cheer for....well MIZZOU of course! I am from Missouri peeps :)

I ordered all Tuckers new football gear and I am waiting on that to arrive any day..whoop whoop. Oh and don't think baby girl wont have some of the cutest football gear too :) (just with matching bows)

I leave you with a dip I am going to make for our football weekend!!!

Cowboy Caviar:

1 can of black beans

1/2 can of sweet corn (drained)

1/3 a cup of fresh chopped cilantro

1/2 a cup of chopped red onion

1 medium sized jalapeno, finely chopped

1 package of Philadelphia cream cheese

1/2 a cup of sour cream

1/4 a cup of ranch dressing

1/2 a lime


Soften cream cheese and mix with sour cream and ranch dressing. Spread evenly on serving dish. In a separate bowl mix black beans, corn, cilantro, red onion and jalapeno. Squeeze 1/2 of a lime into this mixture. Spread over the cream cheese mixture. Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sorry ya'll that I have been absent again. I have been busy learning how to prepare for a baby girl. Basically what I have learned is go buy everything pink and cute and have a lot of money put back. No No, that was ONLY half the suggestions.
What I have really been doing is NESTING. You see our house is tiny..we have 3 bedrooms but I really needed that 3rd bedroom for storage. Well since baby girl needs a room the storage has to go somewhere. So each night this week I have been organizing and cleaning a room a night. I started with the master bedroom and I have worked my way all the way to the kitchen. The kitchen and laundry area are my last rooms to do tonight. THANK GOODNESS!!! I feel like if my house is disorganized or messy that my life is messy. So this gives me a clear head and makes me feel sooooo good. I am calling it my fall cleaning!!! So after the kitchen cleaning tonight I think I will buy myself something nice for all my hard work!!
So this Friday I get off at 12 and I am eating my weight in food and then shopping. I have bought a couple things for this little girl, but what I am trying to do is buy ahead for next summer. Right now everyone has summer clothes on clerance for around 2.00 so its the perfect time to buy. I also have bought a couple football shirts for Tucker....its almost that time :)
So to make a long story short..thats where I have been. Busy busy. I figured I better get busy now before I start swelling and too big to move.
As for names, we have a couple we need to decide on....or should I say I have a couple that husband doens't care for but will learn to love. And this week marks 21 weeks..wowzer!! I am OVER half way there since I go early :)

And Just because its sooo hard for me to imagine loving another child as much as I love him,....I mean it hurts my heart I love this kid so much. Look at that cowboy :)  I have been giving him TONS of attention just so he always knows I love him. I am affraid with another little one coming he will question me :(

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby #2

Me or Nate never had an opinion or cared on what baby #2 would be. As long as they were a healthy baby we were just fine. Even if it wasnt' healthy, it was ours to love. We actually keep thinking of boys names, boy room ideas and how much fun Tucker would have with a baby brother.

Then tears rolled down my face yesterday b/c husband and I just knew we had seen boy parts...

Then the ultrasound tech said...

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously.....I was shocked!!!! I knew all about boy stuff. I knew you buzzed their heads and never had to brush their hair. I knew to have them wear gym shorts and baseball tee shirts all summer and they were cute. They are sooo easy and I liked it.
But boy or boy...I really think I am going to have fun with a GIRL!!! I can do this. I am "that" kind of mom to have a girl. I like all the frillies.
Nathan and I are truly blessed!!! One of each!!!

Just keep us in your prayers as we make this journey and that little girl will stay very healthy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding day........

The wedding day was picture perfect. The bride was gorgeous and everything turned out perfect otherwise. Me, well I was busting out of my dress but I was making it work. :) Hey I am 5 months pregnant

My little family of 3...almost 4!
The bride and myself
he LOVES weddings!! such a dancer

AND in other news...i found out the sex of baby #2 today....tune in tomorrow to find out :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding weekend!!!

This weekend I was in my cousin Annah's wedding. It was a BLAST to say the least. The thing about Annah is we grew up as sisters more so than cousins. There aren't very many memories that don't involve having her in them. We are forever friends and I was honored to be a part of her big day. I love wedding weekends :) On Friday my sister in law and I held a bridal luncheon for her. Although my sister in law Jin couldn't be here, she was here in spirit and helped me make some of the decor. I will show  A LOT of pictures here so be ready, but everyone who knows me knows I like to throw GREAT parties
 The wreath on the front door!!!
 The bridesmaids table
Cute chair wreaths!

The cake area!!!!

 The mothers table was a mini version of our table
 The miniature cakes were added to the cake table
 the bar area is where we served appetizers!!
 The table with lit candles
 the bride and bridesmaids ( I am on the end in purple with heels so I look tall)
 the wine bucket and appetizers
more appetizers and a vase with the bride's initials and colorful beads!!!

Everything turned out GREAT!!! Just like we had planned. The decor I can explain in detail later but I was proud of what we had done! We served 7 layer salad, pasta salad with chicken and rolls. And for dessert everyone enjoyed a small cake!

I will be back with wedding pics soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little fuzzy

Tucker and I are both down with a sinsus infection. And you guys know that "we" dont matter so much anymore when we are sick. Its all about getting those babies well.

Tucker seems to be doing better. Me, well I slept about 2 hours last night and my throat is on fire. I am really really trying to NOT take any medication. I want to treat it with fruit and water, but my eyes are burning out of my head as I type this so I might have to cave soon and take something.

I am half way THERE this week! Whoop Whoop :) (since I go early 38 or 39 weeks)

That is nuts to think about me having 2 kids in 19 weeks. WOW.

Anyways, I am preparing for one of my best friends/cousins weddings in the next week and praying I fit in my dress. Weddings are so much fun and soooo much work, so thats where my head as been.

Sorry its a lame update, but remember my eyes are burning out of my head here.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Told ya so....

I told you I would be blogging again very soon. 2 days in a row, wowzers!!!
This is another baby post, they all wont be about babies and toddlers. Well I take that back, yes they will all be about babies and toddler probably because that is what my LIFE is right now..duh

I don't have long to talk to today, I have a play date with some of my best girlfriends and their kiddos. How fun right?? Don't mind me looking like a whale in my swimsuit either.

Here are some questions I get asked a lot that I thought I would finally answer:

*Do you crave anything? No and yes. With Tucker I craved sweets. Oreos to be exact. This baby doesn't like to eat sweets. I want to eat sweets all the time, but my stomach tells me no. I want anything salty with a big glass of milk, Gross huh??

*How big are you? I have a lot of people tell me I am not very big....those people are lying!!! I dont' think i am as big as I was with Tucker at this is that you ask. Well, when I was pregnant with Tucker I slept, and rested, and ate, and slept and rested and ate oreos. With baby Deuce....I dont' get as much as rest as I like, I am STILL working 40 hours a week, keeping a house and chasing a toddler. And sometimes I forget to eat. So I will be posting pictures of the comparison very soon and let you decide!!!

* I will have an exact date of when baby Deuce will be born soon. My doctor will be scheduling me c-section again because I had one with Tucker. I am on edge with this. I enjoy knowing exactly when the baby will come and I am scared out of mind too!!!!Remember Tucker was big(even early) and I never progressed so NO need to relive all that again huh

* Do we have names. NO NO, thats why this baby is being called baby Deuce. (#2). We haven't even talked names really...I have thrown some around in my head but nothing serious. Seems the second child is a little different than the first. Sorry, but its true. We will probably talk names the day before it arrives...or maybe after August 17th when we know the sex.

* Why arey you finding out the sex: Because for one, I am a crazy planner and like all my ducks in a row and it will drive me insane and my blood pressure will sky rocket. So I need to know the sex to prepare mentally. Seriously guys....I am OCD that way. Also, the spare room where baby Deuce is going to stacked with junk and I need motivation to clean it out. And I am high risk during pregnancies, so I get an ultrasound every 3-4 weeks and it hard to look at that screen ALL the time and NOT know.

* Also, I have not bought one thing for this baby. I know, its sad. We WANT this baby..believe me. But its different when you have another child in the cart staring at you with big blue eyes that really WANTS the toy story toy. You end up just buying him the toy and figure the second baby will get something next time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It happened again!!

I have to be getting some kind of "Worst updated blog EVER" award. I will let you know when that award come in the mail and I can take a picture and maybe post it a month later. I am horrible about updating this thing, and not that there is a crowd of people waiting to hear what I say...BUT I want to keep this blog for my own memory.  So I am going to do better ...from here on OUT! promise :)

What has been going on....well lots of Dr. appts lately for baby deuce. I went to see a specialist 2 weeks ago just to make sure baby deuce is developing fine and everything looks GREAT!!! Praise GOD :). I asked what the sex was and he said "He can't tell yet" my wheels a spinning. I am 17 weeks this week and we get to truly find out the sex of baby deuce on August 17th. That day can not come soon enough!!!!! Seriously, the planner in my is about to go nutso! I need to know if I need to sell all Tucker's clothes and buy pink...or rehang them in the other room :)

Speaking of the "other room" we have a lot to do. We will need to reorganize the whole house and clear out space for baby deuce. This is slated to begin after August 17th (because I am busy until then) so watch out...I will for sure be nutso during the cleaning out time

How am I doing?? The sickness left at 12 weeks...however, after I eat too much, not enough or the wrong thing the sickness can come back. Its weird, but I feel like I have been kinda sick this WHOLE pregnancy. Oh well. I am growing fastly...I can still wear almost all of jeans but they are TIGHT!!! I need butter to get into them. I am wearing some of my longer shirts and everything is still fine there too, but the maternity clothes are coming out SOON :)

Tucker knows there is a baby in my belly...and he thinks most other people have a baby in theirs too.

And on a final note. We are know proud owners of a pony. Her name is May! And we love her. I am an animal lover anyways, so it only took me a day to get attached to her. Tucker loves her too. He screams to go see May-May everyday :) Just another typical day on the Dirnberger farm.

There is much more to add...but I Will update again...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have been traveling...

I am sure ALL of you who read this were very concerned about where I  have been. Well please stop worrying...we just took a little 4 day adventure, a couple hours aways to St.Louis. We stopped by the Zoo, Grants Farm, a water park, did a little shopping, did a lot of eating, watched the Cardinals play baseball and took a day at home to relax in our pool. It was relaxing. The last time away with just the 3 of us I am sure. So I took over 100 pictures but I wont bore you with those....well maybe just a few.

Tucker enjoyed his time....and so did we!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Years Ago...

10 years ago my hair was a big puff...there were no chi straighteners to fry it every morning.

My biggest worry was how much tip money I would be making at Cracker Barrell that evening to fill my car up with gas. Gas was 1.50 a gallon or so.

I didn't drive a nice car...and nobody cared.

I didn't have to have designer clothing and nobody that I knew personally did.

My neighbors were my family and my friends were too.

There were 32 people in my class and I knew all their names...and their middle names and their older siblings names and most of them had dogs and I knew their dogs names.

The "jocks" were also in the honor society.

If you told your friends to meet you at "The Tree" they knew exactly where that was.

There were NO cell phones or Internet access to things. If your parents needed you they drove " UP town" to find you.

My jeans were tapered, my tee shirts said Tommy Hilfiger on them and my tennis shoes were Keds.

This weekend my very small class and celebrated 10 years. We picked up right where we left off and I loved it. We hope to do it every  5 years now and yes most of these people are still my BEST friends!!
These girls are STILL my best friends!!!! (that is me in the black on the left in case you are confused ...hehe)

A few answers

A few questions I have been asked are:

Are you wearing maternity clothes: NO, I am pushing my clothes to the limit. My jeans all still fit as of right now (week 14) but some of them are A LOT snug!!! My shirts are ok as well but they really show my growing belly. However, since this pregnancy allines with Tucker's, I wont have to buy many things hopefully!!

What are you craving: I am craving anything and everything. I just eat! ALL THE TIME!!! The only thing I have to have everyday is a glass of cold milk

What about Tucker: I am trying to explain as good as I can and I am trying to talk about the "baby" as often as possible. I know he will not understand a lot, but I don't want him blindsided either.

Feelings: I was very very sick the first 12 weeks and now things are back to normal. Well, almost back to normal. I am usually ready to go to bed by the time Tucker does, but other than tired I am back to normal.

Thoughts: This is going to be very hard. Tucker and new baby will be close in age but that is how we wanted them to be. Someone the other day said, "Wow, you will have your hands full"! I hadn't even thought of it until then, but yes I will...but that's how I wanted it.
Names or Genders:  A lot of people say Girl, I think boy, BUT we dont' care either way. We will take either one of course! We dont' have names...we really even haven't thought of names. We usually dont' plan names or rooms until we know the gender of baby :)

Any more questions....send them my way.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

9 weeks to 13 weeks

Seems like at 9 weeks my sickness got worse. Yes, I remember it did. Not worse I guess, but I was just sick constantly. But here I am again, embracing sickness. After all I had just heard my babies little tiny heartbeat (156) and I was happy that I was still sick. Someone had asked if I was sick with Tucker? I had a little tiny bit of nausea in the morning with Tucker, but nothing like I was having with this baby. Wowzers, he/she was really laying it on me this time.

The next couple of weeks kept on the same, sick, sick and bloated!!!!!!! People were noticing a bump. They always say with each baby you show earlier and earlier. I didnt' feel like it was a true baby bump, I just felt like with each hour of the day my stomach was bloating and getting bigger. In the mornings NO baby bump, by 3:00 I was pregnant. Crazy how that works!

Week 11 came and I woke up with a bump. All of sudden it just appeared and again I embraced it. I was excited that baby was growing even if that means I was growing too. And believe me it hasn't stopped!! It just grows and grows and grows. But I suppose thats what I am supposed to do :)

I had someone else ask me about my Lovenx shots. (blood thinner shots). Remember, I have that rare Factor V thing going on. YES, I am taking the horrible, painful shots everyday again in my stomach. ugh!!! Hate the shots!!! They hurt, badly and I started taking those at 6 weeks. So I have 5 1/2 more months of that. (yes I am couting down). That is the worse thing about being body is a pin cushion and looks like I have been beaten. ALSO, those shots can act as a steroid and make me eat and gain more weight than other ladies. Fabulous right?? Like you arent' going to get fat enough pregnant but I (lucky ME) can get extra fat :).

At this point I still only told the people most important to me. I wanted to hear another heartbeat before I opened up to most of my friends and strangers. I couldn't hide it much longer so at 12.5 weeks I heard another awesome heartbeat (150) and now we could shout it from the mountain tops!

(more to come....)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6 weeks-8 weeks

No we weren't really "trying" to have a baby. But we weren't not trying. We actually had just started talking about adding to our family and trying for another baby in May. So we knew we wanted another one soon, we just wanted one more month so the baby wouldn't be born on Christmas. Ha, its so funny what you want and what you get isn't it??

So we were all excited to try for baby #2 in May. Then I remember I hadn't had a cycle in some time. Hmmm?? I NEVER in a million years thought that I was pregnant though. I mean we weren't really trying and I was NOT that lucky of a girl. I mean I had sooo much trouble trying to get Tucker here, that never could I be so lucky.

Well I was lucky. I was blessed. I took a test and there it was....a big positive. This was at 5 weeks, I thought, but really I was already 6 weeks. I think at first we were shocked and scared. Yes I know thats what it was. We were NOT excited at first. This sounds so odd, but true. I wanted this baby, but just knew I would miscarry like I had done 2 times before Tucker. I had it in the back of my head that I couldn't get excited yet because I didn't want to be let down later.

So I prayed. and prayed and prayed. And I lived each day quiet thinking of what, how when. And then I prayed some more. Then I got sick. A couple mornings after I took the test I was on my way to work, drinking my coffee like I did everyday, and it hit me. I was SICK. Sick Sick Sick. I was sick that evening. I was sick if I wasn't eating ever 3 hours. I WAS sick I tell you. Everything had an odor and made me sick.
I was sooooooo excited about being sick though. I knew this was a good sign. I knew being sick meant LOTS of hormones and healthy baby. I embraced sickness. I prayed to be sick. I tried to enjoy being sick.

Being sick was hard though...with a toddler at home. And I had to give up coffee, sweet tea and most other things that I loved because  I was so sick. But I didn't care. I loved being sick

Then at 8 weeks...we went to ultrasound and saw that little flutter of a heartbeat!!! Tears rolled down my cheeks, and down Nathan's cheeks. How did we get so blessed??

(more tomorrow)

Monday, June 27, 2011

And then....

there were 4!!!!!!

4 of us!!! Yes there is tons more to this story that I plan on posting in the next couple of days. But for right now take a deep breath with me and imagine God has blessed us again! We are expecting another baby the end of December and couldn't be more excited, nervous and happier!!!

We know how lucky and blessed we are to be having another bundle of JOY very soon. I am 13 weeks and have heard a couple healthy heart beats!!!!

I can't wait to share more with all of you tomorrow!!!

(and I am NOT forgetting those who struggle when I am so blessed and lucky)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The truth about Summer

The truth about summer:

-Supper might not be ready until 9:00at night. And face it, its probably something frozen.
-Baseball, baseball, baseball.
-You count the pool and chlorine as your kids bath some nights. (ok more nights that you are going to admit)
-Sweet corn makes everyone happy at dinner time
-97 degree weather means lets all get together and bbq. I have no idea why?
-You will literally swim and float in water that you wouldn't let your dog in.
-Sweet ice tea, I make a jug a day.
-Your house chores and laundry are not near as important in summer as in winter.
-Everyone looks better, you know its true....nobody is as pale as a ghost anymore.
-Even your feet are happier...they finally get to breathe from those fluffy Ugg boots you wore all winter
-Vacation days!!!
-Summer fair and picnics.
-Speaking of can fry anything during summer: pickles, okra, and every vegetable that is healthy.
-BLT 9:30 on a Wednesday.

There are sooo many more truths about summer time....feel free to add yours on!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1. I cut my hair off....shorter than its ever been. I wanted something easier in the mornings. It is literally NUTS at my house in the morning and I 15 minutes just to dry my hair wasn't cutting it. Do I like my Because I am not used to it, and its short. It will grow.

2. We opened the pool, the pool temperature is already 85. Thanks to Missouri weather its takes 1 day to warm up.

3. I have been spending LOTS and LOTS of time with my family who are all here under the same roof. Its so nice having everyone home over a long weekend/week.

4. This week will be a short week for me at work..woohoo.

5. Ever since I cut Tucker's hair I want to buzz it for some reason....weird. At first I didn't want it cut and now I want to buzz it off. Maybe because my hair is soooo short??

6. I gave up on cleaning and laundry. Its summer time and I will NEVER catch up nor will I care.

7. There are many things on my to-do list. The zoo, Grants Farm and water parks. That sounds real stressful right??

8. My Alma mater (Oran) is playing at State in baseball these next two days. I can't help but bleed a little blue for them. I have always been proud of where I went to school and I can't wait for my own to play on the same field one day!!!

9. I want my job to be seasonal. You know...only come to work when its raining or snowing.

10. Did i mention my hair is short!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Friends and Little Friends

Sometimes its hard to find REAL friends. You know, the kind who tell you like it your decisions even when those decisions are bad...and want to STILL hang out with you after 15 plus years of knowing you. I am lucky enough to have several of those friends, and it just so happens 3 of  us have rotten boys around the same age who are also friends.
Here are the little friends
Here are MY big friends with the little friends (last year)

AND here are the little friends as of last week! Are they really that big?? Tucker, Porter and Preston!!!

I hope they will ALWAYS remain friends ( I think they will) and be the kind of friends that I have with their mothers!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I finally did it...

Well it wasnt really me BUT it was my decision. My 18 month old little boy has never had a hair cut. I couldn't do it. The sweet little curls made him seem like a baby, not a toddler. I couldn't stand the thought of him growing up. Ugh. I debated and debated. Finally the hubs kicked in and said this is the weekend for a hair cut!!! So after kicking and screaming we decided to cut a little off. And just a little it was, but it changed everything. My toddler looks like a toddler!

 The Rats nest
 he HATED it!!!
 he kept saying " All done...all done"

Please ignore the lack of make up and glasses ...I have pink eye!!! BUT his hair is soooo much better!!!