Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a month later

Sometimes you have to tell yourself...."YOU are a good mom"

Will all the blogs and facebook and Internet and blah blah blah you have to remind yourself you are doing ok, you will make it, your kids will be great!!

I often compare my kids to other kids, who doesn't, and its a mistake

I need to sit back watch them play and take it eeeaaassssy more often. My OCD and type A personality makes it hard to relax. I want them to do this and do that. I want them to prosper. I want them to be the best they will be. And you know what?....they will! God already has a plan and they will.

A couple things have hit me hard over the last couple of weeks. And I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have 2 smart, HEALTHY, wonderful kids. My cup runneth over for them. So I need to slow down. Soak up the afternoons and let those dishes be.....enjoy who they are and watch them transform in front of me and not behind me while I am saying "one minute and I will".

*I am a good mom....even if my kids have eaten hot dogs for supper 4 nights last week. They had blueberries too??!!

*I am a good mom.....even when I notice dried snot in Saylors hair before church and did NOTHING about it.

*I am a good mom....when my 3 year old still insisted on pooping in his pants over the toilet? (help)

*I am a good mom...even though I miss Well Child Check-Ups by months.

*I am a good mom....even when Saylor dumbs her snacks on the concrete while playing outside and I just let her eat them over the next hour.

*I am a good mom....when we don't always brush our teeth like we are supposed.

*I am a good mom.....when we don't do bath nights as often as we can because dad comes home from work and ruins the plans

*I am a good mom....when I want Tucker to be a child, and not learn to read and write yet because he is THREE!!! (come on people...let your kids be kids, they need to learn to be kids first)

*I am a good mom.....even though you can't remember the last time you washed bed sheets

*I am a good mom.....when Tucker calls ever soda he sees beer (oh no the horror!!!)

This list could go on and on. Literally, I fail at something with my kids daily. BUT my kids know what they mean to me. They know the love I have for them. And everyday I will try to remember to love more, play more and be the mom I am being....because its the perfect mom!