Friday, November 20, 2009

Tucker spree

You asked and I shall deliver. All pictures of sweet notice there are none of mom in here, well b/c I am still sporting some lovely maternity weight. I have been hit and miss on the blog lately but can you blame me? I do good to shower during the day at all...and my hair hasn't been fixed in weeks, but I just have all my attention on this little guy. yesterday I wore a shirt with spit up on it all day.....nate was impressed when he got home. Anyways...I will be reading and replying to more blogs in weeks to come. I feel like I have no idea whats going on with everyone in blog land.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthing Story....Part 2

We left off with Nate in scrubs and tears in my eyes heading to c-section. Once in the room I was swamped with nurses, doctors, etc. The drugs were really sitting in and my Dr. walked in the room. She reassured me and then begin the procedure. It was he weirdest feeling ever. I could feel tugging and pulling and stress on my body but felt no pain. Nate was by my side the whole time....although he was amazed by the surgery so he watched. Yes, he was in awww of the whole thing and kept his eyes on the surgery. He watched Tucker be pulled out and tried to describe it to me. I am so glad I was awake for the whole made it feel more real. Tucker was out and screaming with in 5 mins. The nurses swept him away right after momma got a look. He had dark hair and was beautiful.That was for sure a momment we will never forget. It took 15 or 20 more mins to get me all prepared and then we were off to recovery.
Nate had Tucker in his arms for the whole recovery process but right then I knew everything I had indured was well worth it. The recovery was not easy...I was in a lot of pain for the first 24 hours. The only advice I have is get up...get up and walk and fight back at the pain. I am on day 4 and feel like a whole new person from day 2. I just get up and try not to lay more than an hour or so without walking out the pain.
We are home safe and sound now and everyone is doing great.Tucker had a couple nights where he wasn't sure if he wanted to sleep or not but I think we might have gotten the bug out.
I will be uploading pics tomorrow of my beauitful baby...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The birthing story...part 1

If you dont' want to know how this beautiful boy became real...then stop reading. I plan on updating all kinds of pictures real soon but I wanted to write my story for me to remember..and to embrace a few of you who care.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to the doctors office. Remember I was being induced because I had been on blood thinners, and blood thinners and labor dont mix well. Wednesday afternoon I was still only dilated a 1 and my doctor thought it would be best to go ahead and check into labor and deli every to get a head start. Good thing I packed my bags an hour before that....literally I was not on top of things. That night I was placed on medicine to help my cervix start thinning and maybe get some dilation going. I didn't sleep Wednesday...mostly because of nerves. I felt small contractions all night but getting messed with all the time by nurses in and out didn't help with the sleeping either.

Thursday I just new was a going to be a fast day. The nurses would check me that morning and only to bring news that the medicine had done nothing. I was still dilated a 1. My wonderful doctor came in that morning to check on me and break my water. Breaking my water was...well horrible. It was only horrible for like 3 minutes but it was horrible. I was inching off my bed because it hurt so bad. The reason for that much pain was because of my lack of dilation I am pretty sure. So all my great family and friends support arrived early that morning to sit and stare at me and my no dilating body. Every hour they checked and I would move a little farther along but nothing like I should have. I dilated a 3 when I received my epidural. I was actually not in that much pain...small cramping really but the nurse wanted me to get the epidural when I wasn't in big pain. The epidural was a different feeling. It never hurt it was just a different feeling....weird really. I chose to have drugs during deli every and I am glad I did for later reasons. After the epidural my contractions picked up. I never felt them...woohoo..but they were off the charts. My only complaint all day was a horrible headache. I never felt any pain worth griping about but my head was killing me....worst headache ever. But the headache was minimal to what could have hurt. The only problem.....I still wasn't dilating at all.
My doctor watched me like a hawk that day...did I tell you she was wonderful. I liked her a lot as my doctor in the office, but its always different when you are going to deliver. Anyways..she was wonderful!!!!! Wonderful!!!! And the hospital staff was great! (Lauren..she was wonderful, couldn't have asked for better) she was keeping tabs and was giving me time but she was always preparing me for surgery in the back of my mind. She didn't want me to sit for longer than 12 hours b/c infection can sit in.
So at 3:30 when I wasn't dilated any farther than a 4, she made the call. I freaked. I was nervous and scared for our health at that time. All of a sudden there were many ppl in my room preparing me, and getting me all ready. Nate was in scrubs and the tears starting flowing from my eyes...I was soooo ready at that point but so nervous.
I will continue the next part tomorrow....Tucker is hungry and has a great set of lungs...ha

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tucker Joseph

I don't have much time but we have a HUGE gift from God. Tucker Joseph was born today at 3:59. He weighed in at a big 8 lbs 11 oz 20 and 3/4 inches long. I checked in Wednesday afternoon at 5 and ended up in c section today at 4. It was a long day but well worth it. I can't wait to tell my birth pics and show him off but I am very tired tonight. I will return soon

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I haven't been around blog world in a couple days and I do appologize. I guess you can say I have a lot"on my plate"

TOMORROW I will be holding a baby...its still unbelievable to me.
Tomorrow I will be going through one of the most incrediable experiences in my life
Tomorrow I will look at my husband a whole different way
Tomorrow my family memories will gather around me and experience something new to life
Tomorrow I need PRAYERS for you, that baby and mom are both healthy
Tomorrow I will be a mom
Tomorrow I will hopefully update my blog and let you know how cute Tucker is.

Please remember me tomorrow and pray to God that mom and baby are healthy. Oh and if you can squeeze in a prayer about a pain free labor..hehe

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My 1st Trip

Yesterday evening I took my first trip to .......Labor and Delivery. The long hallway lined with all the precious baby pictures, families gathered in the waiting rooms, moms and dads holding new babies. I experienced it all for about 2 hours. Here's how I got there....

Yesterday I had my final doctors appointment. I was so excited because after all this was THE appointment where I would find out when we get to meet Tucker. After arriving in the room, with Nate thank goodness, they took my blood pressure. No sweat, my blood pressure is always almost perfect. Yesterday it went something like this... 153/97 and the second time 147/93. Yep not so good.

So my doctor ( who I found out I LOVE when it comes down to it, she is on top of stuff) came to check on me and said we might be meeting a baby soon. She sent me straight to labor and delievery and had me convinced we would deliver a baby tomorrow. I was scared, if my blood pressure was up then I can't imagine what it was when I get to L and D. I was strapped to monitors, blood pressure gages, blood drawn , urine samples, etc. only to find out that my blood pressure had gone down.....woohoo.

Now dont' get me wrong, I would have loved to have baby Tucker today but me myself wasn't prepared. I am type A. I need all my ducks in a row and everything done around me before I can have a baby. My bags aren't packed, the laundry isn't caught up, I could vacuum one more time, the car seat is not installed and the list goes on and on. So after being sent home from L and D, I can now prepare. I have a week to prepare actually because she is inducing me next Thursday. So Tucker should arrive November 12th.

So world....are you as ready as I am to meet Tucker?? ONE week to go

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Come take a LOOK...

I have put it off long enough, all of you deserve a peak into Tucker's room. There are a couple, small, dont even amount to anything things that I haven't done, but for the most part its all COMPLETE. (sorry the sun is glaring in these pics)
As we enter....

Now we make a left...a small left to his crib and the hand painted wall! Yes Nate did all the cow spots..his idea, isn't that creative.
More Crib.....The small comforter is my favorite. I love the cow spots. It's called "Little Buckaroo" by: banana fish. The bumper pad have cowboys and cow spots. Perfect for our little Tucker.
Every room has to have a big comfy rug...or I believe it does. I couldn't resist this one...its so fluffy
and the cow spots....that match the comforter
Here you can see the reds and greens and browns. All along the bumper pad is little cowboys....
The changing table baskets. I take credit here...I lined them myself
The wreath hangs on his door. It was made by my cousin...isnt it perfect?
My mosses basket. Look at all these adorable soft animals!!! Check out the horse with Tucker's name!! That was made by my BFF
How cute is this little guy, I can see Tucker riding him now

A top his dresser. The hat is personalized..hehe

Tucker letters...I did these, Nate takes credit but I painted them.

Thanks for taking the tour. Its for a sure ALL boy no doubt about it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trying to Plan ahead

This weekend was a success!!! My whole house is sparkling clean from top to bottom. Places are clean in that house that I didn't even know existed. A special thanks to my 2 aunts, my momma and grandma. I couldn't have done it without them. They know it too :) My feet were swollen and my eyes were very very heavy come 11:00 Friday night when we were all finished.

Saturday I had my final hair appointment before Tucker arrives. There are just some things that are important to have done before you deliver and one on my list is to have GREAT hair. I couldn't fantam the thought of having roots while in labor and delievery. (I mean you look bad enough as it is).
Saturday night we had chili dogs and handed out candy to trick or treaters. I have to be partial though and say my nieces and nephews were BY FAR the cutest trick or treaters. A flower, cowboy and dinosaur. I wish I had pics!!!!
Sunday was a day of R and R. Football and ribs! Yummmm

So for my last week as just the 2 of us I have decided to cook some of my favorite foods. Next week I know I wont want to cook, only eat my weight in carry out.
Tonight..Stuffed Peppers
The rest of the week in no particular order:
Baked Spaghetti
Pork Steaks..prepared by Nate
And Friday is still optional?