Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whats happened

Since I have last blogged...

we have elected the same idiot man as president of the USA. (please spare your comments, I dont' care enough to read them...we can't agree on everything)

I have taken a Might knigh "Tucker" and his fire breathing dragon "Saylor" trick or treating and it was a BLAST!! Holidays are way more crazy, but way more fun with 2 kiddos.

Our little Saylor is trying her hardest to cut teeth and on top of all that she was sick aaaaallll weekend, which made me and her both CRAZY!!!!

I have been baking and cooking baking in the fall

We carved pumpkins...

I am planning a 3 year old John Deere Birthday party for THIS weekend.

We have been talking about shooting deer a lot at our house....we are hunters!

Saylor is walking everywhere.

I have been trying to start Christmas shopping, but I just go in circles because I have NO idea where to start.

I am planning a weekend away with my WHOLE family to a Christmas village.

I plan on doing the advent calendar with Tucker and SAylor just don't know which one yet.....the gift opening  or the regular count down.

Its finally cooling down here...but this weekend its going to be 70??? Missouri is crazy like that...explains a lot about me huh??

Super excited for Family Pics this weekend at OUR farm!!! Stressing over what to wear

I am NOT a blonde anymore, thats right...I am a burnette and it feels good :)

We baptized Saylor....what a great feeling!!!

I am super excited about boots and long sweater!!!

I am getting an ALL day girls shopping, gossiping and eating trip soon and I am super duper pumped!

Thats all for now :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where am I???

Where am I.....I really have NO idea where I am. I have been everywhere!!! Well, not a 50 mile radius.

OH, I bet you are wondering how my bday 30 good deeds are going. I am wondering how that is going too..haha. I said it would take me through October and that is what I meant!!! Stop judging...kidding! I have all the toys packed up to donate, I have cookie supplies ready to bake, I have been talking to Tucker about helping others and every time I pick a day to be kind to EVERYONE someone pisses me off first thing. BUT I plan to mark off every single one of those nice 30 soon as people keep pissing me off :)

I celebrated my 30th and honestly I don't feel a day over 30...still feel and tell people I am 29 out of habit.

Both kids and myself have been snotting around a lot lately! Its annoying....But Tucker is still smart and thriving and Saylor Kate is standing and walking around things. She is also babbling ALL the time. Can't get enough of them.

I have so many fun things I want to plan for this fall....I can't wait to pick pumpkins but all I can think about is Christmas. For the love of me, I sing I Christmas carols all the TIME!!! What is wrong with me?? Seriously, I need to slllloooowww down. Its already so busy I can't imagine throwing in Christmas.

Also, I hear people talking about how busy they are....u know those people who don't have kids and I LAUGH at them. Seriously.....let me know how busy you are and stressed when you have a kid( or more) under your belt, until then don't talk.

I get home from work and try to juggle it all. 2 kids need to be cleaned and feed A LOT. Also my house needs cleaned from time to time....oh and the laundry wont fold itself. Dang you laundry. And then I dream about a day when I can have even MORE chaos in my house. Yes, I really do. I am not sure if we will EVER have more kids, but I dream. I have always wanted too many mouths to feed and and not even time.....little crazy I think.

Hunting season is fast approaching ( I can hear the groans from the women now). Honestly the husband hunting doesn't bother me! GO..please...slay some young innocent animal. This makes time for me to think straight AND drop the kids off at babysitters and have a girls night. Seriously, women are so rude sometimes. So our men like to hunt (or whatever hobby)...stop griping and pick your battles. Go buy a new shirt and feel better.

This brings me to picking your battles. I am a single mom A LOT! The husband runs his own business...I am the 1950's housewife who cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids...oh and WORKS 40 hours a week. I dont' gripe...I just treat myself to other things. I pick my battles..and griping at him isn't one of them. Also, I heard this quote "every man REALLY wants a 1950s house wive deep down"!!! Its true ladies

This post is everywhere..we go from snotty noses to hunting. That's my life though....everywhere all the time. Hopefully I will be back to post more...I have an upcoming post of my grandmas' cooking starting soon!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

30 Years in the making

I am still working on all my good deeds for turning 30....It might drag on into October but thats ok....I mean at least I am doing 30 Good Deeds RIGHT??

But today is the day...the day I hit my 30's. I can remember being a teenager or young 20's and thinking about what I would accomplish by the time I am 30.
I would be married to a wonderful man...check!
I would have ALL my kids by the time I am 30...well we aren't sure BUT we have 2 awesome ones.
I would have an awesome career....I have a career, but not sure I am settled for good.
I would live in my dream home...all the ppl who know me are LAUGHING right now...this is a NO.
I wouldn't have a wrinkle...yeh right! (ok this one was for fun)

But I would say hitting 30 I am proud of what I have done, for the mistakes that got me where I am and the right choices I have made. I have married my best friend, my soul mate. I have 2 healthy, adorable children. I have my "old" friends who have got my through thick and then. I have new friends that I adore and can't wait to make lots of memories with. I have 2 families that are my rocks. Some people say highschool and college are the best years of your life...they were good...but right now I am having a pretty rad time. I mean nothing is better than a smile every morning from 2 blue eyed babies. So here is to 30..the best years :)

I am one lucky girl on this birthday and I can't wait to party it up on Saturday with the ones I love the most!!!
So cheers to 30!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heres to 30!!!

So I haven't been much a chief here lately,......which means I haven't even TRIED on recipe out of my grandmothers collection. BUT this should all change soon.

September brings some important dates with being the big "Dirty 30" for ME!!! How did I get to be  30???  Well iinstead of being a Debbie Downer about turning 30, I am embracing it. I mean I have 2 adorable kids, a great husband, super family and friends, a great life is going GREAT!!! So I am going to party likes is 1982, but along with having a big fun bash and some great family time....I am going to complete 30 random acts of kindness. I have seen these on pintrest and blogs lately, and I first thought I shouldn't copy those ideas. Then something hit me in the head and said EVERYONE should copy random acts of kindness...we should practice these daily...everyone should WANT to be better. So I told myself...I said self "we are sooooo doing this!" I forgot how lucky and blessed I am and I hope by doing random acts of kindness I will be grateful for what I have and be a better person!!

So here is the list I have came up with!!! AND with some of these...I am getting my kids involved. It will be learning lesson for Tucker, I want him to see how being nice is a  GREAT thing!!!

30 Random Acts of Kindness:

1. Gifts for the mailman/women: I do this at XMas, but should do it more

2. Deliver cookies to volunteers: ex: Firefighters, cops, etc.

3. Flowers or cookies to assisted living: preferably Veterans Home

4. Random flowers to the hospital, in random patients rooms.

5. A couple stuffed animals for pediatric unit of hospital

6. Change left on vending machines

7. Donate books/ toys to shelters

8. Donate clothing to shelters

9. Call a food pantry and deliver groceries

10. Collect random carts in a parking lot

11. Deliver bags of snacks to a park area and hand out to kids

12. Take dog food to the local Human Society

13. Some Type of extra tip for a waitress

14. Mailed special notes and gifts (gift cards) to friends. Thank them for just being them 

15. Pick up trash at the local park

16. Kill people with kindness for one whole day…smiles all around and “How are you today”

17. Pay for someone’s fast food behind you in line

18. Let people in line ahead at the grocery store, etc.

19. Send cards to my loved ones…reminding them how much we appreciate them

20. Visit family…bring a treat for them

21. Gather money for a charity (march of dimes)

22. Buy an extra lotto ticket and hand out

23. Tell 3 people how nice they look

24. Special treats for the daycare..just because

25. Random notes on people’s car with candy/fruit

26. Make lunch for co-workers

27. Open doors for Strangers…everywhere we go for one day

28. Invite a family over for dinner

29. Say “I Love you” more

30. Embrace the world a better person…

I have the whole month of September to complete these..and I will take pics and document most of them. I am printing my list now....Here's to 30!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I love me some history....not just any history, but my OWN family history.

The husband and I disagree on this.....most of the time he could care less to learn about our grandmothers and their grandmothers before them. IN his head, he wants to make his own history and hope people want to talk about him one day.

Yes, I hope to raise the type of family and live the life my ancestors want to talk about but as far as right now....I want to learn about my own family.

I like mementos around my house that I can look at and think " that was my great grandmothers". I like memories....and I want these things to pass down to my kiddos. ITS just a very important thing to me

I am SUPER DUPER lucky to have all 4...YES ALL 4 of my grandparents still living. I even remember 2 of my great grandfathers. My children have the privilege of knowing their great grandparents too. I just think that is the coolest thing ever. (nate still has 2 grandmothers living as well....we are blessed). I snap up as many pictures of my kiddos with their greats any chance I get. The truth is...myself and my kids see my grandparents/their greats at least once a week. I think that is something spectacular. I mean really....that is truly a BLESSING right??

So anytime I am around my grandparents or aunts and uncles, I am quizzing them. I am asking questions constantly, because in my eyes....THESE are the people who shaped us. And the one thing I strive to do like the women before me is COOK. Oh My word grandmother can have NOTHING in her cabinets and whip up something great. I have seen her make homemade biscuits in 3 minutes flat. Oh, and when we visit..she can whip up a HOMEMADE cake and icing like its her career. This to amazing. We have been sucked into the fast food/convenient food era. Now, dont' get me wrong...I partake in LOTS of easy/fast things for me and my family, because I still work 44 hours a week BUT I want to know if I have time I can whip up something fantastic.
So I have tried a couple of recipes of my grandmothers lately, and while they are all great....they are nothing like hers. BUT its a work in progress....ROME wasn't built in a day people!!!

So here is the deal.....I am going to show ya'll some recipes. Please bare with me while I do this....but I am going to try to cook like my grandma's ONE night a week.( or once every 2 weeks) And when I say cook, I mean some good ol' southern soul food ya'll. I mean I came from a family RAISED on fried foods, homemade pies and sweet tea. AND try to not gain 20lbs in doing so, so here is to dieting and cooking soul food???!!!!! So I might be running a lot too :)
But thats the my eyes its not the fried foods killing us...its the LACK of activity..and where I come from...we still hall hay and work in the heat on the farm. it goes to making memories :) (oh, and starting next week)

Any request for my first grandma meal????

No post is complete without these 2 loves of my life

 Shoe shopping with mom in Target!!!
Look at this miss thing...I mean, I can't get over HER!!!!!
(oh and speaking of history.....Sayler(spelled different)Dirnberger was the first of my husbands family to settle in our parts) Oh freakin cook is that right??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My mind is everywhere...I mean everywhere.  For the last three days I have LEFT my phone on top of my car when I pulled out in the mornings. 3 DAYS people! I mean if it happens once, totally understandable....twice, laughable, but 3 damn times is just outta control. I feel like I play with kids, clean up kids, feed kids, sneak a bite for myself, then the hubs ask for super and I slap him (ok I don't hit him that HARD), and then try to clean a room, do laundry and prepare for the next day while I load kids and leave my phone on my car. Rinse and repeat....

And then Friday rolls around and our schedule gets even fuller and we have some place to be before we even get home from our first place to be. BUT then if I am sitting at home...I am bored. You can't win for losing I guess :)
Friday we took our cowboy Tucker to the Rodeo. I remember going to the rodeo 5-9 years ago and you could find me at the beer stand not paying a bit of attention to what was going on,Hell they could have been doing gymnastics and I would have said "what a great rodeo". But oh sweet life gets better and better...and we actually sat through the WHOLE rodeo because our 2 year old knows more about it than most adults. He loved it....just in awe of the whole thing :) Kodak moments!!!

This weekend I did shut my eyes for 1 hour...ONE whole hour and napped with Saylor on my was like the Angels sang. Tucker is getting bigger and wants to go everywhere with daddy..which leaves me and SK alone..and she likes to nap :)

This post is all over the place..did I mention

I ordered a planner for my life yesterday online. I can NOT for the life of me use my planner on my phone. I am an "old soul" and need to write things down. If you don't know what "old soul" is ask my memaw....I am pretty sure our pic is in the dictionary with those words. So hopefully I can get my chaos under control soon.

I can't believe its the middle of August. I can't believe its 80 degrees either. I am NOT done with my pool or my tan so it can heat back up anytime. yes, I love fall..just not in AUGUST!!!!

My kids are really already almost 3 and 71/2 months...NUTSO!! and YES I am already planning 2 bdays in my head. Thats why I need a planner..duh

AND I am already scouting halloween costumes. Although, Tucker is scared of his own foot right now, so not sure how that will go??? ANY Suggestions....good gosh its crazy

I need to drink more water..any takers. I was RAISED on Sweet tea and water just isnt the same. Maybe I will put that in my planner..drink more water

Guess who is 30 in like 3 weeks. Yep..this girl. Man, I should have wrote a letter to myself of all the stuff I was going to do by 30 so I could laugh at it! My biggest worry at 30 is if I should have a co-ed party...and all girls trip...or a girl/guys trip ??

I will be back to blog by the end of this week..promise...I am putting in my planner (just as soon as it gets delivered)
(clowns really scare the crap outta me,....i was standing wwaaaaay back)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funny SH**!!

-Its 107 degrees here in good Ol' Missouri! I can't complain much...I work in an office on my butt everyday and my poor husband is outside in this heat ALL day!!! I mean I break a sweat walking to the mail box so I really pitty him during this season. Just another point to add to the list of why we LOVE him soooo much and appreciate him even more!!!
-Being that its 107 guess how much I have been walking/running! Yep, thats 0 times in 1 1/2 weeks. If I could just get my lazy butt up in around 5:00 I could get going in the morning. My only problem is I HATE mornings and alarms. I stay up way later than anyone in my household for the simple reason that I want ME time. After having family time..then husband/wife time..i want ME time. Sometimes I am still doing laundry, sometimes bad reality tv or reading or just thinking. BUT by gosh its my time! so that means I am already late to bed 11-12...and up at 6.
-So all the rambling basically means I need to just tough it out and run in the heat or get my butt up earlier right?? OR better a treadmill that we have NO room for in our mouse size home :)
- I keep reading about all these ppl eating clean?? Do u guys live off of chicken and lettuce. I dont' get cheese in your life..or bread?? I mean I am trying to convert our family into better eating, and this is in baby steps because if you jump to fast it will fail i believe. BUT eating like rabbits forever...I just don't know? Kudos's to you guys/gals
-The we have some funny kids. Tucker is always cracking us up lately. His biggest thing is always saying things are amazing. Its so funny to hear a tiny voice say "Thats amazing".  He is a poool bug lately..he thinks its a bathtub at night which totally works for me..I mean I might have gave him that idea?? So his little hair is bleached white from the sun...truly looks like he came outta Cali right now...until he talks with that southern draw and ppl know its not true.
-Saylor Kate is up and rocking on those wont be long and she will up off and crawling. Which means I need to sweep my floor more
- This week I have been ORGANIZING my life. Do you gals feel like if your car and house are a wreck than your life is too. I mean even when my desk is a total wreck at work I feel flustered. So, a room a night is my plan. Basically things have been busy so we have been just putting things away and not where they belong and NOT taking the time to do it nicely. So a room or 2 a night I am cleaning drawers, organizing closets and cabinets and such. I am NOT cleaning but just organizing....getting life back in order. Then when I go to give that mouse house a good cleaning it will flower EASIER!! U get it??
- So, not sure where this energy came from...but I just get up to ears and almost in tears until its done....usually twice a year and man it FEELS SO GOOD once its done.  So i will reward myself with alone time in the pool Friday or a pedicure IF I complete the whole house...(which is small guys so no big deal)

Grocery shopping FUN!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tid Bits!

From now blogs will be about catching up on life in general. There is NO time to actually write anything entertaining or appealing and besides, this is for my keepsake anyways right??

Saylor-kate is six months old. I swear I blinked and it happened.  Saylor is rolling every where, scooting on her belly, sitting up on her own and playing, eating every baby food in site, taking a sippy cup and still just a tiny little sweet heart! She smiles and then looks away and buries her head like she is shy...this is the SWEETEST thing EVER EVER!!!! She is all over in her walker but not on her knees yet at all. I looked back at Tucker at 6 months and he was crawling...she has NO desire and I am just fine with that :)

Whoever said a toddler and a baby was a breeze obviously was a drunk lunatic!!! I am not sure anyone ever said that but its not easy. Going from one kid to 2 kids is like riding a bike up hill backwards. Ya'll get is work! But I enjoy this "job" of mine soooo much!!!I like my crazy life. I like my laundry piled to the ceiling, dirty dishes and dirty floors. OK, that was a OCD hates all of those things, BUT my mind and heart tells me they are only young once. So I am learning and laughing and enjoying these 2 small blessings

Tucker is in the terrible almost 3's. He has always been such a good kid, and believe me at his worst he is still good compared to some stories I hear. He is potty trained ALMOST....he is still scared of the pooping?? Don't get that at all....and talking up a storm. I mean saying things that make people blush!!! But he is STILL such a good big brother and still has his mommas heart in his hands. I cry tears when I spank him most of the time, he deserves it but it hurts me so much!!!!!

Did I tell you guys my dog finally got hit on the highway. Dang thing always wanted to chase cars...well not anymore. One finally got him, he lived to tell about it and NOW finally he is scared of cars. LIke we really needed an 80lb bloodhound right/?

I am trying to run..and by trying I mean 3 times a week I am walking/running for 30 minutes. We live on a hill...I run down hill and walk up. I am getting there. I am not saying I will stick with it, but my hips ain't lying when I say I need to drop 10lbs.

On the other hand..I am addicted to macaroni salad. It is my favorite dish this summer so far. AND the store bought kind at that...weird right?

Magic was alright. I could watch Channing Tatum dance all day LONG, but the story was lame! The excitement was well worth it though.

Last weekend we had a big kid trip to STL. We took Tucker to a Cardinal game and to Six Flags. I swear Nate and I had just as much fun ...we are such kids :)

Told ya this was random...Here are some recent pics!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 post...2 weeks...EEEK!!

I am sure I should be doing something way more productive with my time...but I am putting off laundry, dishes, clean floors or something. Here are some....MOMMISMS (As I will call them) and please don't leave me in the dark and act like I am that horrible of a mom that I am the only one who does these things. OK..k

1. How many times do you guys were your jeans. I feel like after you have a baby it is ONLY normal to NOT wash your jeans every time. I mean...they fit so much better the 2 or 3 time. Fresh out of the dryer you get that momma crack nobody wants to see.
2. I have a real problem in the mornings picking out the "cute" underwear or the real comfortable ones that I may have worn being pregnant. I think my husband looked at me the other day and was like "Really, there is no excuse for those because you are NOT pregnant anymore"
3. I do not want to dress like a jeans, tees ect. BUT where the hell do you guys shop. Have you seen size mediums lately in stores...I think they mean XS but just write M on the tag
4. The smell of cold hot dogs grosses me out. Whats worse....Tucker eating a cold hot dog last night WHILE he had poop in his big boy underwear. That kid is scared to death to poop on the potty??
5. I just want ONE hour to lay in the pool alone...both kids napping...alone in the sun. NO jumping, swimming for legs under hour
6. Michelob Ultra Lime beer of choice this summer...I may or may not drink it EVERY single day :)
7. Oh and Vodka and Sprite when I am not having beer
8. Facebook bores me lately...maybe I should update more but I hate the ppl that post everyday about doing laundry or making supper. Really?? We all are.
9. Pintrest however...makes me smile
10. They say a bottle is good up to an hour after left at room temp...well, I say a bottle is good up to 2 HOURS only because I never know when I made the damn thing in the first place
11. It is hot..and I LOVE my flowers outside but I am tired of watering them already..and its only June. This happens every year and I always get tired of watering them and Nate reminds me of this every April when I plant them. I think it should just be his job and the problem would be solved
12. I really want to loose baby weight...but I really don't want to go on a diet. Also, for all the ppl that don't live in towns and you run...where the hell do you run?? I am scared to death to run on a highway and I though about running. I say thought very lightly because I am sure I wont do it
13. This is our 1st free weekend since April I swear..and next weekend our schedule is full again. I have a love/hate relationship with this right now
14. I am a scheduler and I need to lighten up. When things go off schedule or outta place I freak out! Nate moved Tucker's plates the other day from a cabinet and stuck them in what he thought was a better place. I kinda lost my breath when I went to grab one to put Tucker's cold hot dog on and they weren't there. wooohoo. Chill out momma

More to come later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am not even sure what month we are in.....summer if flying by. The last time I slept more than 8 hour was 3 years ago and my brain is a little groggy.
Our weekends are full of weddings, family functions and the normal hectic routine....but we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.
*Saylor is trying to get teeth.....trying..I say this because some nights its a bit crazy at our house. She is doing soooo much more everyday though. She is babbling all the time...walking in her walker...playing with toys...and eating some veggies. She is still a little bitty thing weighing in at 14.8lbs, but very strong for her size.
* Tucker is cracking us up more and more everyday. He is repeating us and talking to strangers about the funniest things. We really have to be careful what we say and who we say it about now days...he could get us in trouble.
* I think our first free weekend is in can summer be soooo busy??
* A date night would be ideal with my husband about any day...but we can't seem to even fit that in.
* Potty training Tucker is a JOB!! I should be getting paid. He is smart enough to do it (from me) but stubborn enough NOT to do it (from his dad)
* If Tucker could live in our pool, he would move his bed in there
* I need a GIRLS night/day/weekend. 
* It seems if though my laundry pile is never ending and our food supply is running out all the time....I hate grocery shopping and I am trying to rid the junk out of our house and start eating better. This is WHY I haven't been grocery shopping because I really enjoy junk food but my butt doesnt' need it :)
* I have tons of activities on my list to do around our area this summer and we will start off Friday at the water park I HOPE!!!
* I can't even tell you who is running for president..I should really be more in tune to the world right/?
* I get burned out really bad on work during summer time. I like my job, I want to work for a lot of reasons but I just want July off totally...hehe

I will try to check back in soon :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its been a while

We are still kicking around here in the Hay. Busy as usual. Enjoying the awesome weather. We all recently made a trip south, to visit family and enjoy crawfish!!! Here are few tidbits to keep everyone updated
* Saylor Kate is growing growing. She is eating everything she can get her hands on. Literally everything!!! She has teeth that are getting ready to pop through so everything is in her mouth. She is also eating cereal, fruit and couple veggies already. At her last appt. she was 50% in height and weight (weighing in at 13.2lbs) but I can see a big jump in weight soon
* Tucker is running crazy all the time. Learning and doing new things daily. He is working on being a big boy with his potty skills and cracking us up with his language skills. His new favorite saying " OMG Da**". Yep...straight from his fathers mother
* Our summer calendar is already does that happen?? Weekends are booking up till July already. I can't believe it
*The POOL is open...woohoo! Cant wait to get 2 little fish in there soon
* My moms day was soooo great. I enjoyed an afternoon at the winery with about 12 family members. It was so relaxing and quiet!!!!! I got a little spoiled by the kiddos as well with flowers, VODKA(a must) and a massage :)
* My whole family will be together again over memorial day!!! I can't wait.
*Saylor Kate already wants to sit up. Babies dont stay babies very long Although I think she is a tiny little thing (she will thank me for this one day) she is very strong and still such a good baby!!

Here are some pics of our trip South
 Kailee turned 8!!!
 Waiting on crawfish
 A block party with neighbor friends
 Boiling crawfish
 Liam's Teeball game
 Gigi's Bday with her grandkids
Uncle Kraig and Saylor

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here it is folks, some real confessions. Having 2 kids 2 and under, working full time, doing my own housework, running all errands, and trying to STILL have a social life can sometimes get the best of us. This is where confessions come in. These are my own secrets...that I will share with you b/c I am honest. This blog isn't to make me sound like I have it all figured out, like I am Martha Stewart  or like I have a highlighted schedule on my refridgerator. I am organized, I have OCD, but some times you just throw in the towel and you do whatever WORKS!!! We all need sleep and we all need happiness so sometimes its best to pick your battles.

1. I would like to say that my kids are always clean and presented well. Most the time they are....then there are those nights when its 8:30 and NOBODY has eaten or had a bath. So instead of making Tucker throw a fit, I grab some baby wipes and clean him up and put a clean shirt on him and send him to bed. Yes, I am sure baby wipes dont do the job...but his face is clean at least for the next day

2. Speaking of baby wipes.....if someone is coming over in the next 15 minutes and my floors are sticky and not to mention the things in my bathroom...I grab the wipes. I can spot clean a floor and deep clean a bathroom in 5 minutes flat. YEP, it might smell like pampers but at least my toilets are cleaner than they were.

3. Lets NOT even get me started on dinner most nights. I cook 4 or so nights out of the week. (and some of these cooking nights are frozen...ok a lot of them) Sometimes after getting home at 530 and running errands or playing outside there is no time for cooking. Tucker usually picks cold hot dogs and fruit snacks. Thats what he eats a couple nights a week.

4. A lot of nights I drink my dinner...keep the cold hot dogs..I will have something cold for dinner but not a hot dog.

5. laundry is an endless battle..most times I am digging things out of baskets

6. My carpet does NOT get swept enough. I am not even kidding ya'll...there could be stuff living in there and I wouldn't know.  Tucker hates the vacuum so I pick my battles and DON"T use it.

7. Did I mention I drink my dinner a lot....oh I did. Ok

8. Crib sheets are really really hard to change and I can't do it alone.....enough said

9. Saylor Kate is a spitting was Tucker. Therefor, whatever is in arms reach when she spits is what I use to clean her up.....jacket sleeve...stuffed animal...u get the picture

10. My poor poor car...u would think we live there, I feel like we do. There are dirty diapers at times LOST in my car. I find them usually in a couple days after we have to ride with the windows down to school.

11. McDonald's is our best friends. Tucker says "chicken, fries and tea please" when we pull up.

12. Sometimes I want to go to work on Monday....

13. I let the dog in our house to lick the floor clean after a red sauce night....its the only vacuum that Tucker likes

14. If you put mine and Nathan's legs wouldn't be able to tell who's is who's. I have like 10 seconds to shower and know 

15. I sometimes get a dish out of the cabinet and realize it hadn't been washed?? I am tired a lot

I will stop there...some of you have probably thrown up in your mouth. Well...its real life here in the hay. I have sooo much more on my list, but as we speak the dog is in the house and chewing on a toy that later one of the kids will chew on

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring time

Its spring time and we are busy. Playing outside, enjoying little adventures with friends, Easter and family celebrations. SO, I will just sprinkle you with pictures!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things around my house

* Two kids is harder than ONE....some people think not I think so! Ecspeically at the ages mine are. It isn't a lot harder at home, actually we are just fine at home and at other peoples houses...but I am soooo used to just picking up and going and I can't do that anymore. I am used to going to church at different times than my husband, NOT with both kids. Target, the grocery store, etc I can't pick up and go like I used to. It will get easier...but its for sure different.

* Saylor is loving her preschool. The teachers are sooo good to her. She is sleeping...wait for this...11-12 hours straight a NIGHT!!! OMG, I probably just jinxed it but for the past week she has slept 11-12 hours a night straight.

* Both my kids have thrown up or spit up some of their milk. Saylor is doing the same so I am weighing her bottles down with lots of good ol' rice. She loves it, it satisfies her and this is probably why she sleeps soooo long at night

* Sometimes you change 8-12 dirty diapers a day. I feel like its my job and I should be making money for this

* I barely make dinner for my family. I hate to say it but lately its eat what you can find or something frozen. After work I want to play with my kids outside and then before I know it its time for bath and bed. Last night, Tucker wanted a cold hotdog...thats what he got. :(

* Sometimes when you are married to a GREAT man like mine (but that works to hard and too long) ( I know some of your girls reading this will understand b/c I swear our men all drink the same water and are the same person) you are a single mother a lot!!!!  I can't stress  A LOT enough, and summer only gets worse with being alone. I look forward to summer, but then again I see my husband more in winter months. Dont' get me wrong, he tries to help a lot, he just isnt home as much as we would like him to be :(

* I couldn't ask for a better big brother than Tucker!! He is wonderful but lately he has learned how to throw screaming fits? Terrible twos I believe

* We are also trying to potty train Tucker, he does great at school but I forget to take him.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching up

* Surprising enough, getting back into the work force hasn't been horrible like I thought. I enjoy my adult time but I miss both my babies like crazy.  Although my nights are hectic...super, baths, sleep routines and then I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!
* Saylor-Kate has been sleeping GREAT. Its usually 6-9 hours at a time and most of the time its 8 hours straight. Only on rare occasions is it 6 hours.
* Saylor is cooing, and smiling and watching every move we make. She follows are voices and LOVES to watch Tucker play. She hold her head up very well so she spends a lot of time in her bumboo chair
*Tucker is potty training. Daycare started it and he does great with them and just ok with me. I am often pretty busy and forget to ask him if he needs to potty???
*Its funny how life changes, but now on the weekends all we want to do is stay home and have NO plans. Everyone is tired and just wants to spend time together as a family :)
* Easter is coming up....I am trying to gather outfits for everyone now. I have always gotten excited about Easter outfits and such and having a boy and a girl to dress just adds to the fun. I just received Saylor's personalized Easter Basket that matched Tucker's the other day to feel them with Reece's eggs. OMG, those are GREAT!
*Speaking of Easter, we have had amazing weather and we are outside all the time. So you can imagine how dusty my house since we are NEVER in it. Or how little I am making dinner these days .
* I am thinking of vacations...I can't believe its already time for little family get a ways.
* Saylor-Kate starts going to the daycare Tucker attends tomorrow. My mom has had her thus far, but honestly its a lot of commuting and as much as she LOVES kids (and she is the only baby in the baby class) she will love it there. They will help with a good schedule and they really are like family.
*Pintrest....that's ALL I seem to do lately. And it makes me want to buy things so I need to STOP!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 1st family photo...this was RIGHT after Saylor-Kate's delivery!! It went much smoother this time :)
 OH MY...those lips!
 Our little bird...............
 2nd day in the hospital
 8 weeks OLD
 Tucker is such a GREAT big brother
 1st Mardi Gras...7 weeks
 3 weeks old..she is scared for her life..haha
Super bowl Sunday

It was sooo worth the wait right?
I am back at work now..its bitter sweet. I enjoy getting out and I enjoy the adult time. I miss my kiddos though. BUT my mom has Saylor so I know she is in good hands so there for I don't worry at all. And Tucker is learning and striving at daycare as usual. So it is nice!!!
I am back in blog expect lots of updates on my life

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More tidbits

*have I really not shown a picture of beautiful Saylor Kate yet???? Well I will do that....tomorrow

*speaking of Saylor. She is still having some belly issues or colic issues. They say it peaks at 6 weeks and then gets better. This household sure does hope that happens fast fast. Any advise????

*Tucker is still a wonderful big brother. He loves on Saylor and is very gentle with her. Actually at times he barely knows she is around. He is such a sweet boy even at the age of 2. I mean we have moments but for the most part he is great. His life spperently hasnt chsnged any to regress.

*I went to my work yesterday for the first time. Can't say I miss it yet. I was actually suprised and a little upset because I thought they might check on me or Saylor at some point. You know just a text, but just one of them has (she is a good friend). I thought maybe the other was a friend too. Oh well I am sure they were busy while I was you know having s CHIlD and all.

* this weekend we have our first night out with some great friends. We are excited and since Saylor has been a little fussy it is much needed.

* we are supposed to travel in a week.....I sure hope Saylor is in a great mood by then. Haha

* I am trying to eat better/'s really hard to do with brownies staring at me.

* people keep bringing up valentines day. Me and nate have never really gotten the hype of it. We don't spend money on gifts and usually it's nothing too special. I mean we share special times as often as we can.....we don't need one day. Now days its more about the kids

*saying "kids" is still soooooooo weird.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are some things on my mind lately and updates......

Saylor Kate has some really good days and some cranky days. Mostly the reflux bothers her but she still sleeps 6 to 7 hours a time at I can't complain much. She is still a blessing even with bad days.

I always try to tell new moms how great they look. I mean they have just birthed a baby and it's hard to feel good about yourself afterwards. I am so suprised at how many women don't say that I mean I of course don't feel good about how I look right now....who does after 4 weeks but it's just shocking that people don't say it. However I had a friend visit last Friday and the first thing she said as she walked in the door is "you look great". She made my day:) so the point of this.....let new moms know how great they are too!!!!

Tucker is an incredible big brother. I am so blessed with how he acts. We have a good boy on our hands!!!!

I am beginning to go stir crazy from always being in the house. But we have some exciting things coming up This weekend I am throwing a baby shower for a cousin and can't wait to see some family. Then the next weekend nate and I are going to enjoy our first night out!!!!!! Dancing,dinner and drinks. Woohoo

Talking about stir crazy....every where you look someone is sick with the flu or strep and I am totally paranoid so Saylor doesn't go to public places. Maybe in a couple weeks but I am still a germ freak with her

3 weeks and we are goiong south to see my sis,bro and niece and nephews. Can't even contain myself. oh and it will be mardi exciting

I am trying to eat better and shed this weight. But I have to remind myself my body is still swollen and outta wack. Then I eat a brownie and feel better. Hahaha. These 20 lbs will just fall off I am sure. A girl can dream!!!!

4 weeks and I am back at work. Gag

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where am I??

Well I have been rocking,cuddling and bouncing a 4 week old baby. Is she really 4 weeks.....holy crap!!!! Anyways, Saylor Kate has had some belly problems which lead to cranky cranky baby and sometimes momma. Hey.....a fussy baby is hard. BUT we saw the dr today and she is all healthy besides some stomach issues. So, tucker is allergic to milk so we are thinking she might be too. we are now on hypoallergenic formula and hopefully in 48 hours our house will be happy again. Woooo it's been a tough couple of days......but only days. Saylor will sleep 7 hours s time at night so I can't really complain can I. Anyways, heres to a tummy trouble free baby SOON.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My delievery: Saylor Kate

I wanted to write a post bout my delivery with Saylor Kate before I forget. I wrote all about Tucker's so documenting it is important. I don't think it matters HOW many time you deliever its always scary and nerve racking. I was a nervous wreck the night before I was scheduled with Saylor Kate (C section again). I was pacing the floors and triple checking my bags, her bags and lets not forget I had another little one to pack because Tucker would be staying with grandparents for 2 nights.

So after checking in that morning the started an IV and I just waited for my amazing doctor to arrive and we were off to the surgery room. I walked TO the room and jumped right on the surgery table almost in tears because I was so nervous!!!!! Well much to my suprise everything went perfect. All the doctors were excellent and calmed me down. This time my C section was a breeze, I hadn't labored at all and the drugs were great. I didn't feel hardly anything at all. Within 15 minutes Saylor was out and crying. Nate was amazing and watching the WHOLE surgery. He is crazy like that. He enjoys those kind of things. My doctor was sooo awesome that she never used staples only stitches so i could go home the next evening!!!! She took her time with me and it paid off!! I spent an hour in recovery still never feeling any pain

The recovery with this c section has been much better as well. I am 12 days out and feel great. And little miss Saylor is kinda the perfect baby. She is sleeping awesome and eating awesome. I am just beyound thankful for everything. I plan on being off work at least another 2 months and I am soaking up this time for sure

Oh and i will post pics next post I PROMISE

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A couple

I (we) recently invested in an Ipad...and I have to tell you I really really LOVE It. It will keep me busy for 8 weeks or so for sure!! I am still learning but as far as keeping up with everything it is GREAT!!! I can't seem to nap when Saylor naps during the day so an Ipad comes in handy. I know they say Nap when the baby Naps...but I can't do it?? By the time I am up and going...I am just UP for the day. I take my time doing my chores around the house and just spend as much time with Saylor as I can. She is a VERY Good baby....knock on wood. I am ONLY swaddling her at night trying to get her to understand when its "night time". She will sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time at nap and eats and goes right back to bed. Woohoo..I mean she is only 12 days old. Cant' ask for anything better. She is a formula baby (for many reason..some beyound my control and I will not explain) so she is drinking 4 ounces at a time. During the day she was having some fussy times.....crying and crying in PAIN so I switched to a gentle ease formula about 24 hours ago and I have my fingers crossed that it WORKS. Man, if this formula works she would be the perfect baby!! Not that Tucker was a bad baby, because he wasn't...but he was allergic to milk and was sickly so she was tough!!!

Tucker is going to daycare during the day to keep a schedule and I am still not supposed to lift him. Thanks to my mom and my mother in law...they are BOTH SAINTS to me....for taking him to daycare every day and picking him up so we dont' have to leave the house. Also I am not supposed to drive :(. Tucker is such a GREAT big brother...he is loving, caring and soo soo easy with her. We are lucky for this...there is enough LOVE to go around so why wouldn't he be right??

I will try to update more and more..I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since I had a beautiful little girl. Wowzers...soo soo blessed.

I am still trying to fiqure out how to get pics off my ipad onto my blog...ANY help will be welcomed...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

She is HERE

She is here...she is here!! We are so blessed. Our litttle girl arrived at 8:17am on Friday December 30th. God is great. She is perfect and we are both doing good. She was my little bit compared to her brother...she weighed 7lbs 7 oz, (Tucker was 8lb 11oz). I am updating from my iPhone so I won't be here much BUT I just wanted to spread the joy!!! We are so grateful for her. So far she is a good baby too. I can't wait to show pics bc she is beautiful....until i have more sleep!