Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are some things on my mind lately and updates......

Saylor Kate has some really good days and some cranky days. Mostly the reflux bothers her but she still sleeps 6 to 7 hours a time at night....so I can't complain much. She is still a blessing even with bad days.

I always try to tell new moms how great they look. I mean they have just birthed a baby and it's hard to feel good about yourself afterwards. I am so suprised at how many women don't say that I mean I of course don't feel good about how I look right now....who does after 4 weeks but it's just shocking that people don't say it. However I had a friend visit last Friday and the first thing she said as she walked in the door is "you look great". She made my day:) so the point of this.....let new moms know how great they are too!!!!

Tucker is an incredible big brother. I am so blessed with how he acts. We have a good boy on our hands!!!!

I am beginning to go stir crazy from always being in the house. But we have some exciting things coming up This weekend I am throwing a baby shower for a cousin and can't wait to see some family. Then the next weekend nate and I are going to enjoy our first night out!!!!!! Dancing,dinner and drinks. Woohoo

Talking about stir crazy....every where you look someone is sick with the flu or strep and I am totally paranoid so Saylor doesn't go to public places. Maybe in a couple weeks but I am still a germ freak with her

3 weeks and we are goiong south to see my sis,bro and niece and nephews. Can't even contain myself. oh and it will be mardi gras.......how exciting

I am trying to eat better and shed this weight. But I have to remind myself my body is still swollen and outta wack. Then I eat a brownie and feel better. Hahaha. These 20 lbs will just fall off I am sure. A girl can dream!!!!

4 weeks and I am back at work. Gag

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where am I??

Well I have been rocking,cuddling and bouncing a 4 week old baby. Is she really 4 weeks.....holy crap!!!! Anyways, Saylor Kate has had some belly problems which lead to cranky cranky baby and sometimes momma. Hey.....a fussy baby is hard. BUT we saw the dr today and she is all healthy besides some stomach issues. So, tucker is allergic to milk so we are thinking she might be too. we are now on hypoallergenic formula and hopefully in 48 hours our house will be happy again. Woooo it's been a tough couple of days......but only days. Saylor will sleep 7 hours s time at night so I can't really complain can I. Anyways, heres to a tummy trouble free baby SOON.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My delievery: Saylor Kate

I wanted to write a post bout my delivery with Saylor Kate before I forget. I wrote all about Tucker's so documenting it is important. I don't think it matters HOW many time you deliever its always scary and nerve racking. I was a nervous wreck the night before I was scheduled with Saylor Kate (C section again). I was pacing the floors and triple checking my bags, her bags and lets not forget I had another little one to pack because Tucker would be staying with grandparents for 2 nights.

So after checking in that morning the started an IV and I just waited for my amazing doctor to arrive and we were off to the surgery room. I walked TO the room and jumped right on the surgery table almost in tears because I was so nervous!!!!! Well much to my suprise everything went perfect. All the doctors were excellent and calmed me down. This time my C section was a breeze, I hadn't labored at all and the drugs were great. I didn't feel hardly anything at all. Within 15 minutes Saylor was out and crying. Nate was amazing and watching the WHOLE surgery. He is crazy like that. He enjoys those kind of things. My doctor was sooo awesome that she never used staples only stitches so i could go home the next evening!!!! She took her time with me and it paid off!! I spent an hour in recovery still never feeling any pain

The recovery with this c section has been much better as well. I am 12 days out and feel great. And little miss Saylor is kinda the perfect baby. She is sleeping awesome and eating awesome. I am just beyound thankful for everything. I plan on being off work at least another 2 months and I am soaking up this time for sure

Oh and i will post pics next post I PROMISE

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A couple

I (we) recently invested in an Ipad...and I have to tell you I really really LOVE It. It will keep me busy for 8 weeks or so for sure!! I am still learning but as far as keeping up with everything it is GREAT!!! I can't seem to nap when Saylor naps during the day so an Ipad comes in handy. I know they say Nap when the baby Naps...but I can't do it?? By the time I am up and going...I am just UP for the day. I take my time doing my chores around the house and just spend as much time with Saylor as I can. She is a VERY Good baby....knock on wood. I am ONLY swaddling her at night trying to get her to understand when its "night time". She will sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time at nap and eats and goes right back to bed. Woohoo..I mean she is only 12 days old. Cant' ask for anything better. She is a formula baby (for many reason..some beyound my control and I will not explain) so she is drinking 4 ounces at a time. During the day she was having some fussy times.....crying and crying in PAIN so I switched to a gentle ease formula about 24 hours ago and I have my fingers crossed that it WORKS. Man, if this formula works she would be the perfect baby!! Not that Tucker was a bad baby, because he wasn't...but he was allergic to milk and was sickly so she was tough!!!

Tucker is going to daycare during the day to keep a schedule and I am still not supposed to lift him. Thanks to my mom and my mother in law...they are BOTH SAINTS to me....for taking him to daycare every day and picking him up so we dont' have to leave the house. Also I am not supposed to drive :(. Tucker is such a GREAT big brother...he is loving, caring and soo soo easy with her. We are lucky for this...there is enough LOVE to go around so why wouldn't he be right??

I will try to update more and more..I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since I had a beautiful little girl. Wowzers...soo soo blessed.

I am still trying to fiqure out how to get pics off my ipad onto my blog...ANY help will be welcomed...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

She is HERE

She is here...she is here!! We are so blessed. Our litttle girl arrived at 8:17am on Friday December 30th. God is great. She is perfect and we are both doing good. She was my little bit compared to her brother...she weighed 7lbs 7 oz, (Tucker was 8lb 11oz). I am updating from my iPhone so I won't be here much BUT I just wanted to spread the joy!!! We are so grateful for her. So far she is a good baby too. I can't wait to show pics bc she is beautiful....until i have more sleep!