Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heres to 30!!!

So I haven't been much a chief here lately,......which means I haven't even TRIED on recipe out of my grandmothers collection. BUT this should all change soon.

September brings some important dates with it...one being the big "Dirty 30" for ME!!! How did I get to be  30???  Well iinstead of being a Debbie Downer about turning 30, I am embracing it. I mean I have 2 adorable kids, a great husband, super family and friends, a great job.....my life is going GREAT!!! So I am going to party likes is 1982, but along with having a big fun bash and some great family time....I am going to complete 30 random acts of kindness. I have seen these on pintrest and blogs lately, and I first thought I shouldn't copy those ideas. Then something hit me in the head and said EVERYONE should copy random acts of kindness...we should practice these daily...everyone should WANT to be better. So I told myself...I said self "we are sooooo doing this!" I forgot how lucky and blessed I am and I hope by doing random acts of kindness I will be grateful for what I have and be a better person!!

So here is the list I have came up with!!! AND with some of these...I am getting my kids involved. It will be learning lesson for Tucker, I want him to see how being nice is a  GREAT thing!!!

30 Random Acts of Kindness:

1. Gifts for the mailman/women: I do this at XMas, but should do it more

2. Deliver cookies to volunteers: ex: Firefighters, cops, etc.

3. Flowers or cookies to assisted living: preferably Veterans Home

4. Random flowers to the hospital, in random patients rooms.

5. A couple stuffed animals for pediatric unit of hospital

6. Change left on vending machines

7. Donate books/ toys to shelters

8. Donate clothing to shelters

9. Call a food pantry and deliver groceries

10. Collect random carts in a parking lot

11. Deliver bags of snacks to a park area and hand out to kids

12. Take dog food to the local Human Society

13. Some Type of extra tip for a waitress

14. Mailed special notes and gifts (gift cards) to friends. Thank them for just being them 

15. Pick up trash at the local park

16. Kill people with kindness for one whole day…smiles all around and “How are you today”

17. Pay for someone’s fast food behind you in line

18. Let people in line ahead at the grocery store, etc.

19. Send cards to my loved ones…reminding them how much we appreciate them

20. Visit family…bring a treat for them

21. Gather money for a charity (march of dimes)

22. Buy an extra lotto ticket and hand out

23. Tell 3 people how nice they look

24. Special treats for the daycare..just because

25. Random notes on people’s car with candy/fruit

26. Make lunch for co-workers

27. Open doors for Strangers…everywhere we go for one day

28. Invite a family over for dinner

29. Say “I Love you” more

30. Embrace the world a better person…

I have the whole month of September to complete these..and I will take pics and document most of them. I am printing my list now....Here's to 30!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I love me some history....not just any history, but my OWN family history.

The husband and I disagree on this.....most of the time he could care less to learn about our grandmothers and their grandmothers before them. IN his head, he wants to make his own history and hope people want to talk about him one day.

Yes, I hope to raise the type of family and live the life my ancestors want to talk about but as far as right now....I want to learn about my own family.

I like mementos around my house that I can look at and think " that was my great grandmothers". I like memories....and I want these things to pass down to my kiddos. ITS just a very important thing to me

I am SUPER DUPER lucky to have all 4...YES ALL 4 of my grandparents still living. I even remember 2 of my great grandfathers. My children have the privilege of knowing their great grandparents too. I just think that is the coolest thing ever. (nate still has 2 grandmothers living as well....we are blessed). I snap up as many pictures of my kiddos with their greats any chance I get. The truth is...myself and my kids see my grandparents/their greats at least once a week. I think that is something spectacular. I mean really....that is truly a BLESSING right??

So anytime I am around my grandparents or aunts and uncles, I am quizzing them. I am asking questions constantly, because in my eyes....THESE are the people who shaped us. And the one thing I strive to do like the women before me is COOK. Oh My word people....my grandmother can have NOTHING in her cabinets and whip up something great. I have seen her make homemade biscuits in 3 minutes flat. Oh, and when we visit..she can whip up a HOMEMADE cake and icing like its her career. This to me...is amazing. We have been sucked into the fast food/convenient food era. Now, dont' get me wrong...I partake in LOTS of easy/fast things for me and my family, because I still work 44 hours a week BUT I want to know if I have time I can whip up something fantastic.
So I have tried a couple of recipes of my grandmothers lately, and while they are all great....they are nothing like hers. BUT its a work in progress....ROME wasn't built in a day people!!!

So here is the deal.....I am going to show ya'll some recipes. Please bare with me while I do this....but I am going to try to cook like my grandma's ONE night a week.( or once every 2 weeks) And when I say cook, I mean some good ol' southern soul food ya'll. I mean I came from a family RAISED on fried foods, homemade pies and sweet tea. AND try to not gain 20lbs in doing so, so here is to dieting and cooking soul food???!!!!! So I might be running a lot too :)
But thats the key.....in my eyes its not the fried foods killing us...its the LACK of activity..and where I come from...we still hall hay and work in the heat on the farm.

Soo...here it goes to making memories :) (oh, and starting next week)

Any request for my first grandma meal????

No post is complete without these 2 loves of my life

 Shoe shopping with mom in Target!!!
Look at this miss thing...I mean, I can't get over HER!!!!!
(oh and speaking of history.....Sayler(spelled different)Dirnberger was the first of my husbands family to settle in our parts) Oh freakin cook is that right??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My mind is everywhere...I mean everywhere.  For the last three days I have LEFT my phone on top of my car when I pulled out in the mornings. 3 DAYS people! I mean if it happens once, totally understandable....twice, laughable, but 3 damn times is just outta control. I feel like I play with kids, clean up kids, feed kids, sneak a bite for myself, then the hubs ask for super and I slap him (ok I don't hit him that HARD), and then try to clean a room, do laundry and prepare for the next day while I load kids and leave my phone on my car. Rinse and repeat....

And then Friday rolls around and our schedule gets even fuller and we have some place to be before we even get home from our first place to be. BUT then if I am sitting at home...I am bored. You can't win for losing I guess :)
Friday we took our cowboy Tucker to the Rodeo. I remember going to the rodeo 5-9 years ago and you could find me at the beer stand not paying a bit of attention to what was going on,Hell they could have been doing gymnastics and I would have said "what a great rodeo". But oh sweet life gets better and better...and we actually sat through the WHOLE rodeo because our 2 year old knows more about it than most adults. He loved it....just in awe of the whole thing :) Kodak moments!!!

This weekend I did shut my eyes for 1 hour...ONE whole hour and napped with Saylor on my chest...it was like the Angels sang. Tucker is getting bigger and wants to go everywhere with daddy..which leaves me and SK alone..and she likes to nap :)

This post is all over the place..did I mention

I ordered a planner for my life yesterday online. I can NOT for the life of me use my planner on my phone. I am an "old soul" and need to write things down. If you don't know what "old soul" is ask my memaw....I am pretty sure our pic is in the dictionary with those words. So hopefully I can get my chaos under control soon.

I can't believe its the middle of August. I can't believe its 80 degrees either. I am NOT done with my pool or my tan so it can heat back up anytime. yes, I love fall..just not in AUGUST!!!!

My kids are really already almost 3 and 71/2 months...NUTSO!! and YES I am already planning 2 bdays in my head. Thats why I need a planner..duh

AND I am already scouting halloween costumes. Although, Tucker is scared of his own foot right now, so not sure how that will go??? ANY Suggestions....good gosh its crazy

I need to drink more water..any takers. I was RAISED on Sweet tea and water just isnt the same. Maybe I will put that in my planner..drink more water

Guess who is 30 in like 3 weeks. Yep..this girl. Man, I should have wrote a letter to myself of all the stuff I was going to do by 30 so I could laugh at it now...lol! My biggest worry at 30 is if I should have a co-ed party...and all girls trip...or a girl/guys trip ??

I will be back to blog by the end of this week..promise...I am putting in my planner (just as soon as it gets delivered)
(clowns really scare the crap outta me,....i was standing wwaaaaay back)