Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy Bees

The weather in Missouri is finally beautiful!!!! High 70s during the day and 50s at night. We are soaking up this weather at the D house and full of energy for some reason.
I have already made Chili:)
I have got all my fall decor out and my house is lively again.
I have switched out all summer/winter clothes.
I am selling ebay items (about 30) and this is a first time for me. Its time consuming..I had no idea. But hopefully I will get some good prices for some of Tucker's clothing.
I have started planning Tucker's bday in my head ....6 weeks away. I CAN NOT believe it really and need to start ordering some supplies
I have bought things for a scapbook of Tuckers first year that I need to get busy on. I mean I am only 10 months behind right. I am excited to start it though.
I have been organizing, laundrey, cleaning...just full of energy!!! (which never happens)
We have 3 wedding, pumpkin patch time, a surgery and Halloween in October so there is NO time for anything else...hense while I have been doing things.

Speaking of weddings..I have had the hardest time finding clothing appropiate and in my "age"bracket. Where do you ladies shop.

So sorry for the lack of post, there is another "mom" post coming shortly but after looking at the list I just typed you all understand why there is no fab blog post right?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The first baby.....

Since Tucker is growing at rapid speed and even though I dont' want to admit it, he will be turning 1 soon. I have been thinking. Thinking back to the times when he was a wee little boy. I know a lot of people that are excpecting their first babies soon, I get a lot of questions, I ask a lot of questions and I thought with all this knowledge (or luck) I need to post an HONEST post about your first baby.

You are always told that a baby will steal your heart and soul. I said "of course they will, duh..I know that!" I HAD no freakin idea. You dont' know. You have no clue how much you can love until you meet that baby.

People told me, that baby will be your pride and joy from the first minute you meet him/her. Well, sometimes it takes a day, week or month to bond. Honestly. When you bring the baby home and him/her dont' sleep at night, you have no clue what to do, your boobs are leaking everywhere, your house smells of B.O (from lack of showers) and crappy diapers, your hormones are crazy....sometimes it takes a little while to bond. So if you don't feel an instant bond, it will happen eventually. Its ok to freak out because lets face, you have no clue what the hell you are doing!!!!!

Your first adventure out will be a nightmare. We ventured out to eat one time and I had this giant diaper bag packed with diapers, wipes, water, bottles, paci's, toys .....ummm..NO formula!!!! You are will happen

Your sister, brother, friends and etc. "might" drive you nuts. Whether its advise they pour on you or wanting to come over and "help"...more than likely you will want to slap all of them.

You husband will be on the back burner and EVEN though they are grown men they can't handle being on the back burner. They are babies and want attention and will make you even more crazy. Just threaten them.....

You will need your mom around. You will want her around. She is the only one (well I had a SIL that I wanted around too) that can actually help and you wont want to slap. She knows, she has done it and more than likely you will do it like she did.

You are scared to death at delievery time and can't enjoy the moment! You wont enjoy it most of are scared.

You might cry a lot. You will cry because of happiness (I got lucky and this was the only time I cried) or outta sadness. Just cry, who cares who watches. And again threathen your husband if he looks at you weird

If you have animals, I hate to say, they were your babies first. yeh I know...but now you barely remember to put out their food. Sorry..they too are on the back burner and soon will be "just the dog"!

I was thinking all these thoughts and laughed to myself last night. I then got VERY excited about a baby in the future. I can't wait to experience it and actually know what the hell is going on with me. I am prepared now. I can enjoy it the second time around. Its sad but your first baby is an experience. Its a trial. They dont mind, they dont even know. But now I know....know I can prepare better "when" we want another baby.

So prepare to not know what the hell is going on. Its ok, you will learn I did. I am serious....its ok, you will be clueless to a lot of things. so if you saw me at an outting when I was a new mom and I said everything was going GREAT. I lied I am sure. I mean I was excited and I loved it alll.....but I was new and scared! So when moms say now to me "its great" response is its ok to be scared, and then they start asking questions and I feel like I have let them open up!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 years

3 years and I am still happy, bubbly, giddy, and the butterflies are not gone (well some days I could bury him alive but I really do LOVE him)
Thanks Nathan for all you our son Tucker

You always surprise me with great gifts and lavish gifts!!!

There are a 100 other reasons that I love you, too many to mention!

Thanks for making my life better by being you....thanks for the last three years!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fair time

First thing is first....a few pictures!

Admittance: 8.00

Fair food: 25.00 ( and we only ate once)

2 games: 15.00

Food for the petting zoo: 1.00

Arm band for rides: Gigi paid !!!!

Blow up toys: Thanks Gigi

2 days at the fair....with family...priceless!!!

The best part of the fair was the petting zoo. Tucker kissed all the animals and I let him! (mother of the year award)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Blue

Tucker was used for a practice shoot for a photographer being trained!!! Precious Precious

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Cup

My cup runneth over for this little guy! People always told me about how much you will love your child. Let me tell you I had NO Idea until I had one. I mean I thought I knew....but I didn't have a clue. My cup over flows
This is me as a baby...spitting image
Tucker is 10 months old. He walks, says momma, dadda, buh buh, Layla(dayda...Gigi's dog), We have heard him say Poppa and several other small words. We are working on him saying and signing more and milk. He paddy cakes and rolls them up...he tells us how big he is...he is a giggle machine and so funny. He LOVES to dance with just a head bob or a butt bob!!!
The light of our lifes....

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am almost there....

Almost and getting very close to 30 that is! This weekend I will celebrate 28 years young. I think birthdays are important, special and its one day that is totally yours! I love to plan birthday parties and feel everyone should take a special day for themselves. So I wont settle for any less for myself!!! Any day you are here on earth is special. I celebrate because I feel blessed to be on earth for almost 28 years. I have a great family, a husband, a son and not to mention my kick butt friends!

I will be enjoying an all ladies day on Saturday. Technically it is for a Bach party, but I plan on having a birthday amount of wine myself. We will be touring wineries, drinking, talking and staying the night!! YES a whole night alone with just girls and fun! I am already missing Tucker and the hubs, but I know this is WELL needed and deserved for myself.

Sunday(my actual bday) I plan on spending it with my 2 favorite boys. I want to eat eat eat, drag them shopping, go to the park, maybe sneak in a pedicure and just have a great day!!! I told Nathan I want my car full detailed (by a professional) as my present and just a day with 2 great men. He usually gets me want I I am looking forward to Sunday!
Oh lets not forget about the COLTS football game on Sunday!! First day they play and on my birthday:)

So enjoy your weekend and don't' forget to toot your own horn when its your special deserve it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Kickoff

NFL kickoff is tonight! If you are not a stranger to this blog then you know I worship this man

and the rest of his team for that matter

I have always loved sports and whats crazy about it as I have NO background with football. I never had football in my high school and the college I attended was horrible at football. But I blame it on growing up with a house full of brothers. I don't' do college football because I can't keep up with all the divisions and bowl games but NFL, its my passion!

No the Colts don't' play tonight, but its the start of Fall and football tonight so I will be tuned in. On the agenda: Nachos, comfy clothes and my couch with 2 great men!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

Lots of great family time was had this weekend, as well as a little parade, fair and don't forget the cotton candy!!! It was great to have 3 FULL days with Tucker. He is such a little ham these days and at such a great age. I love soaking up all this time with him.
Here Tucker is riding the trucks. He had NO idea he was even moving. And as you can see I had protectors on the side and back of him ( a couple cousins).

This is a horrible quality picture BUT you can imagine Tucker getting a bite of cotton candy, me in a super soft voice telling Nate to STOP feeding him pure sugar, Tucker then running and crying after Nate to get more cotton candy and me now screaming at Nate he will be up all night. Funny times!!! Nathan is a sucker for giving Tucker exactly what he wants and doesn't need.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My life in List form

1. Tucker's sleeping habits are still like an infant. He has been waking up in the middle of the night for 8 days. I am so ready to see teeth number 7 and 8 so we can all move on with our lives.

2. I am an itch to put out fall decor....I am pretty sure by this weekend it will be up and I will be happy.

3. A long weekend is just what I need!!! Lots of Tucker time and family time. Oh, we have a small town fair to attend too

4. My sister in law, 2 nephews and niece moved BACK to the south this past weekend. I still can't even talk about it....I miss them like crazy!!!! I know they needed to move back with their husband/dad but it hurts my heart. So look for me to travel A LOT this fall!!!

5. Remember that 500.00 camera. I use it but I haven't learned how to use it. If you own one you know this makes sense.

6. Tucker will either be a lion or a monster for Halloween. I am just tickled about the holidays this year.

7. Next weekend I have an all girls weekend planned to a winery!!! I can taste the wine now

8.Tucker is bottle broke. I never intended for him to be bottle broke before 10 months but he wouldn't take formula anymore. He is a big eater and I offer him milk for meal time so he was done with the bottle. He broke himself.

9. Referring to the above...Tucker is becoming NOT a baby anymore and I can't hardly handle it.

10. I want a house full of kids (b/c I know some of your brains are now thinking "When will they have more"?) but not sure when the right time will be.

11. I am ready for fall TV. Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Greys and soo sooo many more. What will u be watching?