Thursday, June 30, 2011

9 weeks to 13 weeks

Seems like at 9 weeks my sickness got worse. Yes, I remember it did. Not worse I guess, but I was just sick constantly. But here I am again, embracing sickness. After all I had just heard my babies little tiny heartbeat (156) and I was happy that I was still sick. Someone had asked if I was sick with Tucker? I had a little tiny bit of nausea in the morning with Tucker, but nothing like I was having with this baby. Wowzers, he/she was really laying it on me this time.

The next couple of weeks kept on the same, sick, sick and bloated!!!!!!! People were noticing a bump. They always say with each baby you show earlier and earlier. I didnt' feel like it was a true baby bump, I just felt like with each hour of the day my stomach was bloating and getting bigger. In the mornings NO baby bump, by 3:00 I was pregnant. Crazy how that works!

Week 11 came and I woke up with a bump. All of sudden it just appeared and again I embraced it. I was excited that baby was growing even if that means I was growing too. And believe me it hasn't stopped!! It just grows and grows and grows. But I suppose thats what I am supposed to do :)

I had someone else ask me about my Lovenx shots. (blood thinner shots). Remember, I have that rare Factor V thing going on. YES, I am taking the horrible, painful shots everyday again in my stomach. ugh!!! Hate the shots!!! They hurt, badly and I started taking those at 6 weeks. So I have 5 1/2 more months of that. (yes I am couting down). That is the worse thing about being body is a pin cushion and looks like I have been beaten. ALSO, those shots can act as a steroid and make me eat and gain more weight than other ladies. Fabulous right?? Like you arent' going to get fat enough pregnant but I (lucky ME) can get extra fat :).

At this point I still only told the people most important to me. I wanted to hear another heartbeat before I opened up to most of my friends and strangers. I couldn't hide it much longer so at 12.5 weeks I heard another awesome heartbeat (150) and now we could shout it from the mountain tops!

(more to come....)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6 weeks-8 weeks

No we weren't really "trying" to have a baby. But we weren't not trying. We actually had just started talking about adding to our family and trying for another baby in May. So we knew we wanted another one soon, we just wanted one more month so the baby wouldn't be born on Christmas. Ha, its so funny what you want and what you get isn't it??

So we were all excited to try for baby #2 in May. Then I remember I hadn't had a cycle in some time. Hmmm?? I NEVER in a million years thought that I was pregnant though. I mean we weren't really trying and I was NOT that lucky of a girl. I mean I had sooo much trouble trying to get Tucker here, that never could I be so lucky.

Well I was lucky. I was blessed. I took a test and there it was....a big positive. This was at 5 weeks, I thought, but really I was already 6 weeks. I think at first we were shocked and scared. Yes I know thats what it was. We were NOT excited at first. This sounds so odd, but true. I wanted this baby, but just knew I would miscarry like I had done 2 times before Tucker. I had it in the back of my head that I couldn't get excited yet because I didn't want to be let down later.

So I prayed. and prayed and prayed. And I lived each day quiet thinking of what, how when. And then I prayed some more. Then I got sick. A couple mornings after I took the test I was on my way to work, drinking my coffee like I did everyday, and it hit me. I was SICK. Sick Sick Sick. I was sick that evening. I was sick if I wasn't eating ever 3 hours. I WAS sick I tell you. Everything had an odor and made me sick.
I was sooooooo excited about being sick though. I knew this was a good sign. I knew being sick meant LOTS of hormones and healthy baby. I embraced sickness. I prayed to be sick. I tried to enjoy being sick.

Being sick was hard though...with a toddler at home. And I had to give up coffee, sweet tea and most other things that I loved because  I was so sick. But I didn't care. I loved being sick

Then at 8 weeks...we went to ultrasound and saw that little flutter of a heartbeat!!! Tears rolled down my cheeks, and down Nathan's cheeks. How did we get so blessed??

(more tomorrow)

Monday, June 27, 2011

And then....

there were 4!!!!!!

4 of us!!! Yes there is tons more to this story that I plan on posting in the next couple of days. But for right now take a deep breath with me and imagine God has blessed us again! We are expecting another baby the end of December and couldn't be more excited, nervous and happier!!!

We know how lucky and blessed we are to be having another bundle of JOY very soon. I am 13 weeks and have heard a couple healthy heart beats!!!!

I can't wait to share more with all of you tomorrow!!!

(and I am NOT forgetting those who struggle when I am so blessed and lucky)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The truth about Summer

The truth about summer:

-Supper might not be ready until 9:00at night. And face it, its probably something frozen.
-Baseball, baseball, baseball.
-You count the pool and chlorine as your kids bath some nights. (ok more nights that you are going to admit)
-Sweet corn makes everyone happy at dinner time
-97 degree weather means lets all get together and bbq. I have no idea why?
-You will literally swim and float in water that you wouldn't let your dog in.
-Sweet ice tea, I make a jug a day.
-Your house chores and laundry are not near as important in summer as in winter.
-Everyone looks better, you know its true....nobody is as pale as a ghost anymore.
-Even your feet are happier...they finally get to breathe from those fluffy Ugg boots you wore all winter
-Vacation days!!!
-Summer fair and picnics.
-Speaking of can fry anything during summer: pickles, okra, and every vegetable that is healthy.
-BLT 9:30 on a Wednesday.

There are sooo many more truths about summer time....feel free to add yours on!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1. I cut my hair off....shorter than its ever been. I wanted something easier in the mornings. It is literally NUTS at my house in the morning and I 15 minutes just to dry my hair wasn't cutting it. Do I like my Because I am not used to it, and its short. It will grow.

2. We opened the pool, the pool temperature is already 85. Thanks to Missouri weather its takes 1 day to warm up.

3. I have been spending LOTS and LOTS of time with my family who are all here under the same roof. Its so nice having everyone home over a long weekend/week.

4. This week will be a short week for me at work..woohoo.

5. Ever since I cut Tucker's hair I want to buzz it for some reason....weird. At first I didn't want it cut and now I want to buzz it off. Maybe because my hair is soooo short??

6. I gave up on cleaning and laundry. Its summer time and I will NEVER catch up nor will I care.

7. There are many things on my to-do list. The zoo, Grants Farm and water parks. That sounds real stressful right??

8. My Alma mater (Oran) is playing at State in baseball these next two days. I can't help but bleed a little blue for them. I have always been proud of where I went to school and I can't wait for my own to play on the same field one day!!!

9. I want my job to be seasonal. You know...only come to work when its raining or snowing.

10. Did i mention my hair is short!!!