Friday, January 30, 2009

A little Brighter

The women from the flower shop just walked in the office with a dozen beautiful red roses!!! Oh, I thought I can't wait to see who these belong too?? I was ready to run in that lucky girls office to sniff the roses and read the card, I couldn't wait to hear the story of her birthday, anniversary or whatever she was celebrating. What a great way to brighten the day on this nasty day we are having!
The annticipation was killing, seems like she was taking forever to get these massive red roses in the door!
The nice lady spoke.....These 12 red roses are for Kara......
WHAT? Little oh me, surely not! Its not my birthday or anniversary or anything at all. But they were for me. They were for me because my hubby just loves me. He doesn't need a reason. He knows I have been really stressed since this ice storm hit and I have been stressing about everyone else and ourselves! I have been standing in line for heaters to make sure my family is taken care of as well as ourselves. HE knows I needed a pick me up and he did a great job doing just that!!!!
This is just one of the small reasons I love my husband so much, Thanks so much Nate!!!!

Ice, Ice, baby

This blog will be short, its just an update of the last couple of days:
This is my first day back at work since Monday, first day with a shower and first day with heat (by a generator). We will more than likely be out of power until Monday, if we are lucky, if not sometime next week. Hubby hooked a generator up Wednesday to run heat and some lights but no water. We have been showering where ever we can find water. Barns are caving in, trees are down everywhere and garages have fallen on cars (there are pictures to follow soon of all of this). If you live in the area you all KNOW what I am talking about. I am just praying for warmer weather. I love the look of the snow but it is such a hassle to not be able to cook or shower.
Here are a few things we have learned without power:
1. Drinking wine at noon on week days is fine considereing you have nothing else to do. Nothing better than being hammered with the family by 5:00!
2. Having eight people sleep in one heated room is ok, until everyone starts smelling from lack of showers
3. Homeowners insurance will pay if a garage falls on your car.
4. You can bust your car windshield very easily while pounding on it to get 4 inches of ice off.
5. Blood is thicker than water: Family members stick together even if you can't shower.
6. We are still eating better than kings, with everyone's food at one household.
7. You will pay a lot of money for coffee when you can't make it.
8. You can cook anything on a gas grill if you have to eat all your meals off it.
9. GAMES...we have played so many games that we know Balderdash by heart!
10. The grocery store will still be open even if they are out of power (it is weird checking out in the dark, and keeping your own tabs)
11. Your hair actually hurts because it is that dirty.....
12. You haven't worn make up in weeks or for that matter even changed clothes. You just keep putting more on.
13. Always carry a chainsaw with you, incase you have to cut your way down the street.
14. You will stand in line for 4 HOURS waiting on a generator.
We will never forget the memories of ice storm 09!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad News

I heard news this morning that a favorite aunt and uncle of mine had a tradgic house fire last night. I can't stop thinking about them and their house fire. This was their dream home, the one they saved for, the one they dreamed about....the house that they always wanted. I dont' have all the details but I think it was started by a fireplace and we aren't sure what is left. I can't imagine what they are going through and I dont' know what to do to help?? Any suggestions? I think this weekend if they need us for support or clean up, we can make a trip to Arkansas to help. (My other aunts are probaly reading this and I am letting you guys know that I will drive down Friday if you want to go and help, just call me!)
On other news, the winter storm is supposed to be headed our way! Gosh I am ready for spring, moving the grass, watching baseball. But, if I get a free day at home tomorrow I will take one more winter storm. I am headed to the store just in case I am snowed/iced in to make sure we have all the essentials. A good movie might be in the works as well!
I am off to another work week, I will keep everyone posted on my aunt and uncle, but keep them in your prayers...they will need lots of strength emotionally and physically.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Testing Complete...maybe

This morning I may (or may not) have been to my last round of testing. I have done all the blood much blood work that the vampire who draws my blood knows me by name and today I had an HSG Test. You can read about this test here . Basicly they shoot a colored dye in my body and watch it travel through my tubes and they take a look at my uterus. Everything looked good the Dr. said, my tubes are clear and my uterus..well, its a working uterus. There is no more testing she can do, maybe it was two bad eggs in a role, or maybe we will never know? The big question on my mind now is do I go to a specialist and get just one more opionon or do we try when we are ready to see what happens? Gosh, it is soo much to think about. We know we wont be going home to try today or anytime soon for that matter, but I want to be completely sure we have done everything in our power to make sure I am all ok. I am scared...scared to death to even try again. I think I will be calling a specialist today just to get a second opionon to ease my mind. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventures in Babysitting!

We passed the babysitting test ( I knew we would), afterall this wasn't our first encounter with babysitting but it was for sure our longest! We had Cooper for 6 days and of course the last night at our house he was so comfortable with us that he slept great! The best he has slept in a while!
We are going to be sad to give him back, I already miss the little guy and I have no idea what I will do with all my spare time now? Maybe take a nap! But I know his mom and siblings miss him dearly, and I can visit anytime I want! This week its back to being just a wife to hubby and giving all my attention to the dog (Macey), she has missed her momma!
On to smaller things, Obama gets sworn in tomorrow. I will be glued to the t.v. here at work to watch history. Tomorrow is a day I am proud to be apart of and a day I will always remember. NO matter what kind of president Obama turns out to be ( I am praying for the best here) it is a day to pay tribute! Our nation makes history tomorrow and I encourage everyone to take part in it. From what I hear it will really be a ceremony to see, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Seems like Christmas was years ago...and its only been a month! I hate that it goes by so fast and the procrastinator that I am I just now uploaded my pictures! I didn't take as many as usual but I will bore you with some of the family.
Grandma bought them elve hats to wear on Christmas morning..hehehe

These two handsome men are my brothers!

Here are the nieces and nephews and I am not sure where my camera was when we went to visit the other niece and nephew :(

Ok enough of Christmas! Here is a pictures I snapped last night with Cooper and Nate! Nate is really getting used to makes me smile!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Two: open your eyes!

Its funny to watch Nate and I take care of Cooper, commical actually....we are great at it dont get me wrong but its like two monkeys getting thrown in the tigers ring! I am used to babies, worked at a daycare, always wanted to be around babies and I think its just a women's instinct. Nate on the other hand has no idea really what is going on..does any guy? I still am not sure what I am doing wrong at night time with Cooper, but every 2 or 3 hours on the dot he is waking up and fussing a I swaddle him, give him his passy or maybe an ounce of milk and he is back to sleep. When he is crying his eyes are still closed too.....any suggestions? Well I will be asking his mother tonight just in case I am doing something wrong! Back to Nate. He is always saying "lay him with me" when Cooper rises at 5:30 in the morning and this morning I said, why didn't you offer to watch him when he was up all the other times.....Oh he says, I had no idea he was crying! Pathetic!!! He also wants to burb Cooper after half an ounce of milk, which Cooper screams because he hadn't had enough yet.....but Nate wants to learn on his own and not be corrected so I don't say anything until he finally asks" What am I doing wrong"! Its a great experience for him I tell....well for both of us!
On a lighter note...I heard this song on the radio yesterday, and laughed laughed laughed! NO matter what your political views are this song makes you smile...maybe even laugh!
(I can't upload the video but it is worth clicking here .....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day One: So far so good

Last night was our first night keeping baby Cooper! (His mom and older siblings are visiting their dad and moving back furniture) What fun it is to have a 5 month old around the house. He is so funny....giggling out loud, following every move we make and trying to grab and talk at everything! We have really enjoyed him for our first night. He went to sleep fine, he was a little uneasy a couple times during the night, but I am sure that is because he was in an odd place...and to take care of this problem all you have to do is replace his passy and swaddle him back tight! Easy Cheesy! This age is priceless and I couldn't ever imagine how much I would love a nephew!
Talking all baby talks brings up a subject that I never blogged about. Most of the readers read about my miscarriage I had back in July. It was horrible. The worst pain I have ever been through and pain that sticks with you forever. For those of you who have never experienced a miscarraige, be grateful because I honestly thing it is pain that never leaves. For those that have I feel your pain. Nate and I were egger to try again, maybe too soon! We were pregnant again by September only to learn that I miscarried again in October. You think you had heard the worse news ever the first time the doctor talked to us about miscarring, wait till you hear it twice. I won't elebrate because I still can't talk about it. Actually nobody knew we were pregnant the second time, not even family. So I was in a very low place after I learned we had miscarried again. I had surgery in October. My doctor here in Cape, MO thought it would be best to do all the testing after 2 miscarriages. They usually don't test until after three, but I will feel better after test are ran and if there is a problem it needs to be fixed.
So here we are now, testing! Testing everything under the sun...procedure after procedure and I swear I have lost half my blood count after all the blood that has been taken. So far nothing has been found that is causing it but there are still more test to run. We hope to also take a trip to St.Louis within the next month to test up there.
When I started this blog entry it was intended to tell my story at all, I don't want pity, I just thought maybe you should know. At first it was hard to be happy for others that were glowing and pregnant, it was hard to pass someone with that baby bump or even be around others with new babies. Its hard to think of people giving up their kids, its hard to imagine people hurting their kids, heck its even hard for me to understand parents beign mad at their kids....these things make me so mad that I could scream. As bad as this sounds, you just want something so bad, something you have tried for and it seems everyone else has it. But I am better now, I can be happy for others...the pain is still there but I know in my heart we will be parents. I really am happy for others and I am so happy that they are bringing a baby in the world, I just want that too. I want the morning sickness ( I would not gripe), I want to be waken up every hour to feed, I want to get fat and maybe not even loose the baby weight afterwards( I wouldn't care), I want the fits and screaming and being late for work because the kid(s) wouldn't listen! I can't wait till that happens.
I guess having a little one around to watch and take care of these next couple of days just makes me realize how I can't wait till all these test are done so we can have a baby of our own! But Nate and I know God is looking out for us, he has gotten us through this so far and we know he will bring us great things! We are being patient, he will bless us and we know he wants us to be gosh we would be great! So go home and kiss your kids because sometimes its not as easy as just getting "knocked up"! Some people try a lot harder and have battles to beat before they are blessed. So never take it for granted. I will go home tonight and Cooper will be there to entertain us and give us join and I know God has a plan and now that my story is out I will be sure to keep everyone up on how my testing is going!
P.S. If anyone out there has similar stories or has had trouble I would love to hear your story. Maybe we just tried to soon? Maybe my body needed time to rest from the first one (which I know is common to miscarry once). Maybe its something small, any insight on any of this will sure help!

Monday, January 12, 2009

You know.....

1.You know it was a good weekend when the smell of anything but water makes your stomach do turns on Sunday.....
2. You know it was a great weekend when I can't even hardly sit down b/c my butt and legs hurt so bad from dancing the night away......(this also means I am way outta shape)
3. You know it was a good weekend when the greasiest cheeseburger is the only thing that will make your head stop hurting
4. You know it was a great weekend when all day Sunday you wore the same p.j.s and never got out of them.... Not even when you went to the store, people I guess just understood I had a great night.
5. You know it was a great weekend when your clothes from Saturday night are still on your bedroom floor and the smell of them makes you wish you would never drink again.
6. You know it was a good weekend when you are excited about babysitting this weekend so you don't have to go out!!!
We did have a great weekend! A couple of our friends were married and we danced and drank the night away! We even hit up the after bars b/c stopping at 11:30 just wasn't enough drinking!!! This week/weekend we get to keep Cooper, my nephew, ( 5 months now). We will have him for 5 days! He is so much fun at this age and we can't wait to have a nice relaxing weekend with him! After this weekend we need it.....

Friday, January 9, 2009 this a word?

My blogging has been slim, I am guessing my life has been boring lately. Here are a few randoms:
1. My house is still not clean but it doesn't show any signs of Christmas still lurking around. I am living by the moto " Enjoy life, clean later"!
2. My husband has butchered Hogs the last two weekends ( yes we raised pigs this year to see what it was like) and this weekend he is at it again.
3. With the husband busy this leaves girl time for me. My mom and all my aunts will get together tonight to gossip over coffee. We are so tight nit that we still do this a lot!
4. My budget has started. I will spend no more money on anything I don't need until Spring rolls around!!! ( I am trying people)
5. We have a wedding on Saturday and I just love weddings!!! Great food, drinks and good friends! I haven't hung out with my BFF in so long we need this!
6. I am missing my niece and nephews like crazy!!! A week without seeing them is so few, I will be visiting probally tomorrow!
7. Next weekend Nate and I will keep my nephew Cooper (5 months) all weekend. We enjoy our practice and spending time with him, he is a great age!
8. I want to take a trip to Louisiana very soon to visit my dad and brothers. I am thinking a March trip will be perfect! (thats a soon as I can)
9. The Colts Football season is over (as well as the husband's team The Dolphins), so Sunday football is a thing of the past till next year!!! I haven't been able to talk about the Colts losing until now b/c I was so upset.
10. This full week of work is killing me, I am used to time off! But its Friday and looking forward to the weekend
11. I need my car serviced so bad, it is very neglected on the oil changes lately!
12. Last but not least.....All the new shows have started back up and tonight the finally of "Lipstick Jungle" tune in if u can, I will recording it!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick update

Remeber my blog on Vicks, well I tried it and I found great results!!!! It wasn't a miracle work or anything but I for sure felt better in the morning. Now there are a couple tricks. I rubbed the vicks on my feet and put socks over the vicks. I am a little OCD so I had to take my mind off the nasty vicks on my feet or I couldnt' sleep, but once I was asleep I was fine. My other trick was I didn't stop with my feet, I was determined to feel great in the morning so I put some on my chest also. So, I can't really proof the vicks worked from just putting in on my feet but I can tell you if your head feels like a balloon and your nose a leaky water hose, resort back to our mom's old tricks and try the Vick's action. (this should be there new slogan)

P.S. I have also heard way too many good things about The NetiPot product, so next time I am trying it also

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009

It was so hard to head to work this morning knowing all my holiday time is over! But, I have a great feeling about 2009 and can't wait to get going. I am back in the neck of things and starting this Monday off with a smile because that is how I want to approach 2009. I am always making resolutions and never keeping them...ever, so I am trying to something different I have seen on a couple of other blogs. If I don't call them resolutions maybe I will do them more? Its a thought?
* to eat better (not diet) I am talking about myself cooking better meals, making better decisions for my health and my husbands. I am not, no, no! I am just going to make better choices! Try to cook more..all these food things in catogeory! I mean I could eat McD's at every meal...
*To wake up every morning with time to spare! I am always hitting my alarm clock to sleep till the last minute then that puts me in a rush! I am spilling coffee,throwing make-up, brushes and hairspray sometimes aren't even used! I want time to sip my coffee and maybe even through in a load of laundrey.
*Get a cleaning routine and keep it! I always say a little cleaning every night but I end up rushing around and doing it all in one night and wearing myself down!
*READ more...I have always loved to read but lately I am flipping channels at night instead of picking up that book
*take my vitamins! I need them...I am low on iron, but never remember!
*Take care of my car better, I know it see's neglected all the time. I need to keep it cleaner!
*Try to just smile more and not sweat the small stuff, I am a worry wort and need to just relax and enjoy life right now b/c mine is great!
These are just a couple goals I have set. Nothing too hard about these at all. ( we will see)I just have to change a couple of my routines to make them work!
I will let you know how it all works out....I will try to update on my goals every friday!
Am I the only one who doesn't have their house in complete order after Christmas?? Seriously all my decor should be down by today, but maybe I am just a little slow?