Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am at work

I thought maybe I would be taking a road trip today to Springfield.....well that didn't work out :( The plan was to head to Springfield to watch a little Oran baseball. The ball team lost yesterday so they didn't make it to the championship but are playing for 3rd place today. We decided not to take the road trip but I a supporting them here at home!!! I have listened to most of their games and today I am listening to them play for 3rd in state. Good Luck Eagles and we all hope you bring home that 3rd place trophy!!!!!
Nothing exciting this week in my world. We are working on planning a weekend getaway very soon. We are wanting to go to Tunica on a Thursday night and then make the travel to Nashville, Tn. This trip will probally be the last weekend of June, but it will give us some time to shop, eat, site see and of course hit up the downtown nashville area with drinks and music!!! We are excited about this trip although its not compareable to our vacation last year to the beach. We like to take several weekend get a ways to make up for a full week off. We take one or two days off and then the weekend to make it a three or four day vacation!!! We plan to do this a couple times this summer so we get to experience more than one destination. We picked Nashville b/c its close (with gas prices) and actually has a lot more to offer than most would think. We are unsure of where our next vacation will be this summer but we would LOVE to go to Vegas for a four day trip also( Maybe a one year anniversary present to us) !!! We will get this first one outta the way and plan from there
This weekend is busy as usual. Saturday we have a cousin getting married so that is an all day occasion. Sunday maybe a little pool time and then a big birthday celebration that afternoon. Friday night is still up in the air, but I would love love to go see the new "Sex and the City Movie" if anyone is interested??? Let me know! I am addicted to "Sex and the City", I watched all the episodes and watch reruns all the time. I was sad to see it end but can't wait to find out what the movie brings!!
Tomorrow is FRiday already!!! If I don't blog tomorrow have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lets Start Summer

The summer really began this weekend for me. We opened our pool and got sunburns doing it so summer has begun. The long weekend was very nice. The wine trip was a lot of fun as to be expected, and the rest of the weekend we worked on our pool and deck and just spursing up around the house. I love a short week at work too!!!!! With all my house work done for the week it will be an enjoyable week.
OH and can't forget to shout out to the Oran Baseball team!!! Good luck Eagles. If anyone knows anything about Oran,they know we have had good luck and great athletes to always have a good baseball team. Baseball is something the whole town supports and we are just hoping for a State Championship this year. Of course being a baseball lover and a lifetime supporter of Oran baseball I will be making a trip to watch them play (maybe) in the state finals. If they win tomorrow to make it to the championship I will be heading to Springfield to hopefully watch them clinch the title!!!!So good luck Eagles....I need an excuse to get away for a day anyways!!!
This is last years team after winning Districts. My brother played last year as a junior but for some reason not his senior year...we didn't understand it either but we still will Support!!!!
P.S. Happy Birthday Alaina....25 isn't that bad...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Bitter-Sweet!!!! Today is sweet b/c Nate, my family and I have been so busy since the first part of april (read blogs) and now the business has come to a slow down. Klayton's graduation was the last big event to attend or put together for the month of May. It was a great day. The graduation was sad and we all shed a few tears b/c he is the last of the Kyle's to graduate, but the after party was rewarding and fun. Lots of time visiting with family and close friends!
The bitter part comes b/c my brother, sister and law and their family had to travel back home today. A long 8 hour ride. I am sure the kids will be happy to see their own beds and get back in their own routine but we hate to see them go. The only thing keeping me from crying is I know in a month that my S.I.L and the kids will be moving home to live permentaly!!! Yahhh!!!! Then I can visit with them anytime I want:) I just love having all my family close and can't stand to be away from my niece and nephew(s). The second weekend in June that will all change when they are living here though. Here are some pics from when the kids were here :)

Kailee on her bday with her great skirt!

Liam at El T's eating lemons
This week leaves me getting caught up on my house work and just relaxing. I have never been so excited to head home after work and not have anythign on my schedule!!!! This long weekend we should have plenty of time to relax. We are going to try to open the pool b/c the weather should be warming up and finish are deck by the pool!!! I can't wait for the weather to be so hot that I just have to swim!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Congrats Klayton

Happy Graduation!!!!!!

Today is my last full day of work this week. I will be in the office tomorrow but for only a short time. All my family will be home tonight so I chose to take Friday off to make it a long weekend with the family!!! We will all be preparing for Klayton's graduation and graduation party on Sunday. His graduation was the last big event for this month besides a wedding. After this Sunday our lives will be back to normal again I believe...woohoo! I am very excited about getting time for me and Nathan back! For graduation I made him a scrapbook( just this week) from his senior year activities, I got him the doctor Suess Book " Oh the places you'll go" and $100.00 cash. The doctor Suess Book is supposed to be the number 1 best graduation gift for highschool, college or preschool. OH ironic!!
So Congrats Klayton!!! It seemed like yesterday he was still our little brother that followed us around, the one we used to babysit, the cotton top blue eyed little boy that looked up to me and my older brother. Now I realize he is all grown up :( and we can talk to him about adivse and since he is six foot tall we are doing the looking up. It will be a sad day for me since I am a very emotional person anyways, to know that he is an adult and not the little boy that I feel like I helped raised. My siblings and I have always been very close, but Klayton was different since he was quite a bit younger than Kraig and I. We always felt he was the child we helped raise. Well hats off to Klayton and we know you will be great in whatever you do! You amaze us with your loving, giving spirit and you carry so many strong traits that your future will be bright! Good luck!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is some of the group for Kailee's Team!!!! Go March of Dimes!

Friday Kailee had a Big 4th Bday!!

Happy Graduation Amy on Saturday!!!

A Couple pictures from this weekend. I will add more later!

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Place!!!

We took FIRST place last week in the March of Dimes walk. Yes we made our goal and got first place in individual team and family team!!! It was such an honor having everyone there supporting my team and of course having Kailee herself there to walk and enjoy the day!!!! I was so exicted to reach my goal and take first place!!!!!woohoo Go Kailee's team! I will be making thank you cards to all who donated and helped with the walk. They will have a team picture on them and just a note to say thanks!!!!
Friday we celebrated Kailee's 4th birthday! This little girl has had a busy and fun week :) She got lots of cool stuff and celebrated with about 25 people!! It was a good and successful party. She got enough money to buy her a swing. Now not just any swing but a swing make ecspecialy for handicapped children. Yes this swing is around $400.00, but we wanted her to have it and she will! We are so excited she recieved enough money for the swing. She is a happy little girl when she is outside swinging and we will be doing a lot of that this summer for sure!!!
Saturday was busy with my sister in law graduating from SEMO. Oh how I can't wait till its my day one day, but that is another story and for sure a couple years a way!!! We had fun and enjoyed a nice dinner at Ray's afterwards.
Sunday we celebrates mother's day with all our moms and grandmas. It was a little cold outside so we celebrated it inside playing.

I have pictures of all these activities that I will post tomorrow b/c I forgot my camera.

This week I am visiting with my family. Jin and the kids are here for another week and I am taking as much baby time as I can for them!!! One day Nate and I are bringing the kids to our house so they can run and play on the farm. Liam is just the age to love that!! I am also making a scrapbook for my baby brother who graduates from highschool this week . I need the completed for the big party on Sunday. It will be nice to have ALL the family and friends here to celebrate the last ones graduation. I might even shed a couple years :( There was such a big age difference between my older brother, me and Klayton that we fill like we have half raised our little brother. I am excited for him but also a little sad:( This week also brings tee-ball games and maybe a little time for me to escape with my girl friends.

If anyone has extra time head over to my friend Alaina's page and check it out. She has tons of links for free coupons on her page that are very helpful

I will post pictures tomorrow so stay in tune....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We reached our GOAL!!!!!

Today is the March of Dimes walk and we reached our goal of 2000.00 dollars!!! Actually we are about 6.00 dollars over our goal. I am so thankful for all the donations and excited to be turning in this much money to help our babies!!! It has been some work collecting all the money, but it is well worth it. I hope the weather holds off for us so we can acutally walk this year. Last year it stormed the whole afternoon and we weren't able to walk, but hopefully the rain will stop for us! I am so proud of myself and my team for helping raise this money. I know the March of Dimes chapter is excited for us too!! We might be eligiable for a prize or two also. Last year I got second in individual team raising money ($1000.00), so since we raised more money this year maybe "Kailee's Team" will get FIRST!!! I am only hoping for this and I will keep you updated on what we placed. Also they are giving away airfare for 2 for the most money raised!! While this is all so exciting I would have raised the money for no rewards!!! Its a great feeling to meet our goal and I am so happy for March of Dimes and our Team!! Go Kailee's Team!!!!!!
The rest of the week is crazy. I am taking a vacation day on Friday to hang out with my Sister in Law and the babies since they are home now. It was a short drive yesterday (3 hours) to bring them home to stay for a week and half!!! So tomorrow we will eat lunch, shop and spend the day playing with the kiddies. Then we celebrate my niece Kailee's 4th bday and graduations, birthdays and mothers day the rest of the weekend. It will be busy but well worth. Oh and Happy 81st Bday Grandma Dirnberger!!!!! Her bday is today and she is a great women worth a shout out!!
I wont be blogging until next monday so I hope everyone has a great weekend. And to all the mothers: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Kailee!!!

This picture was 2 years ago!!! Wow

Today is my niece Kailee's Bday!!! Gosh, she has grown up so fast. I know when we were small parents, grandparent, aunts, etc always told us "You are growing up so fast" but I didn't ever think anything of it until I watch the people around me grow up!!! I can remember the day Kailee was born like it was yesterday. I remember her first time coming home after she finally left St.Louis Chidren's Hospital. I remember many trips back to St. Louis Children's Hospital. I remember her moving away a couple time, Mississippi, LA, but now I will remember her moving back home so she can be raised with her cousins some day!!! She is such a special person to all of us, and she truely leaves a footprint on the heart of anyone she meets.

So, this Thursday is March of Dimes walk and of course its in honor of Kailee. Kailee will have a fun filled week with Walks, Bday Parties, Lunch Dates and visiting with her aunt KK :)

So Happy Birthday Kailee!!!!!!

Here she is now!!!

and other news:

Today I am working hard to get all my work done so tomorrow I can take a VACA day!!! Yahh!! We are traveling to Mississippi to meet my SIL and the kids to bring them to MIssouri. Then Thursday is the MARCH OF DIMES WALK!!! Its finally here :) I will try to blog on Friday to let everyone know how the walk went!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Yesterday Nate and I bbq for about 15 friends and family for my mom's bday! She had a good time enjoying bbq, cake and family. It was such a beauitful day that a nice bbq outside was just the answer. Nate and I also finished our chorus for the week!!! I finally finished all my spring cleaning and got the yard back in tip top shape. It feels like a huge realive to have my house all wrapped up. It is just in time for the Sister in law and niece and nephew to come home.
This week is a short week for me here at work. I take off Wednesday to drive to meet the SIL and kids to bring them back to Missouri!!!! Thursday is the March of Dimes walk finally and Friday I will also take off work just to get time to recoupe!!! Then Friday night we are celebrating Kailee's Bday
This weekend is graduations and mothers day also. Never a dull moment at all:) So three vacation days are just the answer I think for me. It will fill good to maybe sleep in a little and spend time with the family. I feel like we have been so busy for so long that vacation days are what I need. So I will work hard here for the next two days and then leave it all behind!