Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend Recap

I feel like Saturday Night Live giving the weekend recap, but dont' get excited mine wont be as funny. Most of you know it was wedding weekend for me and all my favorite people. Two amazing people got married this Saturday and a blast was had by all......I wont post all my pics but just give you a little insight
Here is mself, the bride and my best bud Hannah. Lindsey was such a beautiful bride and glowed all day! Everything went exactly as planned and the day itself was awesome!
And this hunk, well he is our best friend! Take a good look because he might not ever get so dressed up for us again!
Here we are at snapping some pics with our flowers and our Natural light cans!
This picture is a classic, in highschool we were the "Starting 5" (get it, basketball team starting 5) anyways we were all bestfriend and we were all reunited on this night! WE had such a great time and I wish we could get together everyday!!!!!!!!! I already miss them :(
Now...this picture is worth a thousand words. Of course in the front row is the starting 5 Girls, and in the back row is the starting 5 boys. If it was Friday or Saturday night in Highschool you could expect to see all 10 of us together and having a blast. This is the first time we have all been together in years and man it felt good. Some people called the 10 of us a "clique" and well I am ok with that because here is the Clique!

By the end of the night the Vodka and beer had kicked in. We were the last ones to leave and here we are dressed up with wedding decor! A classic bathroom picture is just what we needed!! Gosh, I can't believe the night was over but I know I had fun because my head was killing me the next morning :)

Tonight is Monday night football: Colts vs. the undefeated Titans = wings and beer! A group from work and some others are celebrating this game and giving ourself a Monday night out!! Woohoo! I have my "Manning" jersey on and can't wait for game time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When it rains it pours

They old saying is "God doesn't give you more to take on than you can handle", well I am busting at the seems here God!!! My grandpa had a stroke last night. No word on how bad it was yet but we think it has effected his memory. They will run test all day today and the therapy will start soon. The doctors think it effected the left front of his brain which effects memory and speech. I haven't even got to tell my story on here about all I have gone through in the last two weeks, but adding more to it isn't what I expected. I will be strong and pray, pray, pray. We are a family who lives off each other and we can tackle the worst of the worst, so I know grandpa will pulll through. Say another prayer if you will. I will keep you updated as I am headed to the hospital in the next hour or so.

There is another old saying that "everything happens in three's"....I am not sure what we could handle from here on out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Central

My best guy friend in the world is getting married this weekend and I have the honor of being a bridesmaid. His soon to be wife Lindsey, has came into our friendship and we just eat her up as well. I forgot about all the husle and busle that comes with being in a wedding. Maybe because I have been out of my element lately, but I guess I thought I would just show up and put on my dress....what was I thinking? Tonight is my last free night at home so I better tidy up that place I call home because it looks like a pack of wild dogs have taken over. Thursday I am trying the mystic tan...has anyone done this? I had no time to get any color before this wedding and since the dresses are black I need a little color. I need any advise to what is the best way to care for the mystic tan?? HELP! Thursday I am also getting my nails and toes done....oh this will be a fantastic way to start the weekend!!! Then of course Friday we have rehearsel dinner, hair and make up done on Saturday and finally the Paaarrrrtttyyyyy Saturday night!!! Woohoo. I just love wedding weekends!!!
I plan on taking tons of pictures so be ready!!!
So, if anyone of you lovely ladies can help me with this mystic tan I would just love it!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

I know I have been MIA, but I am feeling maybe a little better.....which means you might see a smile during the day. I am back at work and that doesn't make the day any better and makes it much much longer. However, on Sunday I got out with the kiddo's my S-I-L, mom and my grandma. I love girls days out and it was pefect weather to hit up the pumpkin patch for the kids. I wish this picture was bigger, but here are the kids all suited up and ready to play!

Here is Liam and I playing a duck game...yes it was fun!

Kailee loved feeding the animals at the petting she is with Donkeys. We wish we could say the same for Liam but he needed a nap! Kailee, Jin and I taking a ride in the school bus!

Liam with his face in a pumpkin,.....this kid cracks me up. Not many pictures of Cooper, but being 3 months old isn't very excited at a pumpkin patch!
We actually left the pumpkin patch with ZERO pumpkins, the line was too long and we went for the food and games! We were all dragging by 3 o'clock

I will hopefully be back to my everyday blogging...the better I feel the more I blog. A story will be coming soon also so everyone knows why they prayed for me !!! Thanks for all your prayers by the way, they all helped!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Say a Prayer!

I know this seems like the thing to post lately but I, Myself, Me need your prayers if you could. I have been going through some things since Thursday evening and I am down, sad, dang near depressed and I need some prayers. I will explain to all of you maybe one day what is going on but this week could be long and worse than last week and maybe a few prayers will help. I wont be blogging much, but hopefully soon I will blog about the story. you lay down to sleep maybe a prayer could help me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A shout out!

A big shout out today to my niece Kailee who started a new preschool program today. She is an incrediable little girl who will light up your life the second you meet her. She and I have a very special bond..she was my first niece....and I hold that bond dearly. It was raining cats and dogs as she started school this morning but I know she adjusted fine! She will make lots of new friends and the teachers will just adore her like they always do.

Her mother hasn't left the school parking lot as we speak, Kailee only goes half a day of school and her crazy mother is sitting in the parking lot the whole time!!!! Who can blame her though?? I would sit there and wait also. Jin of course wants the teachers to know Kailee's every need before leaving her so you can't blame her!!!!

So...Good Luck at School will do great!!!! I hope you learn lots of new things and meet lots of new people :) Aunt KK loves you so much !!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Did I Shave my legs for this?

Me: Do you notice how hairy my legs are?

Nate: Not really...never pay attention

Me: Thats good because I bet I haven't shaved in 3 weeks for more

Nate: Thats pretty I will notice!

Does anyone else hate, I mean just can't even make themselves shave thier legs? Well, I hate to shave and it had been way too long for me. But I will have you know I got it done today..I shaved and it feels great!!! Maybe this is for me two dates this weekend :)

I am way more comfortable than I should be with my husband if I can go without shaving for a month! !!! Thank goodness he loves me and not for my shaved legs!

How long have you gone without shaving??

We are off to the weekend!!

This week has been something else....TGIF!!!! Tonight I have a dinner/movie date and Nathan is not going. Me and my sister in law are going to dinner when I get off work and then we are going to catch a chick flick. Hubby is not much of a movie going person at all therefore I never get to see the good movies, so I thought I can't always miss out so I will just date someone else for a night :) We have talked about see "The Women" but nothing is finalized yet. I need a break, just because I need a break and she might need a break from those adorable three children.

Saturday I will put in a half days work and then I have another date. No this one is not with Nathan either. My Bestest friend Hannah and I are doing lunch and some light shopping. This will be our first outting since she had adorbale baby Porter! We are both super excited about this date because it has been far too long. We are used to seeing each other pretty often and hanging out just as much, so Porter will stay at home and it will just be us girls:) Finally Saturday night me and Nate will have some date time if we wish...and of course we enjoy spending Sunday's together!!! I have some homework to get done and maybe wash my car but other than that Sunday will be spent watching some Colts Football!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend