Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sorry ya'll that I have been absent again. I have been busy learning how to prepare for a baby girl. Basically what I have learned is go buy everything pink and cute and have a lot of money put back. No No, that was ONLY half the suggestions.
What I have really been doing is NESTING. You see our house is tiny..we have 3 bedrooms but I really needed that 3rd bedroom for storage. Well since baby girl needs a room the storage has to go somewhere. So each night this week I have been organizing and cleaning a room a night. I started with the master bedroom and I have worked my way all the way to the kitchen. The kitchen and laundry area are my last rooms to do tonight. THANK GOODNESS!!! I feel like if my house is disorganized or messy that my life is messy. So this gives me a clear head and makes me feel sooooo good. I am calling it my fall cleaning!!! So after the kitchen cleaning tonight I think I will buy myself something nice for all my hard work!!
So this Friday I get off at 12 and I am eating my weight in food and then shopping. I have bought a couple things for this little girl, but what I am trying to do is buy ahead for next summer. Right now everyone has summer clothes on clerance for around 2.00 so its the perfect time to buy. I also have bought a couple football shirts for Tucker....its almost that time :)
So to make a long story short..thats where I have been. Busy busy. I figured I better get busy now before I start swelling and too big to move.
As for names, we have a couple we need to decide on....or should I say I have a couple that husband doens't care for but will learn to love. And this week marks 21 weeks..wowzer!! I am OVER half way there since I go early :)

And Just because its sooo hard for me to imagine loving another child as much as I love him,....I mean it hurts my heart I love this kid so much. Look at that cowboy :)  I have been giving him TONS of attention just so he always knows I love him. I am affraid with another little one coming he will question me :(

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby #2

Me or Nate never had an opinion or cared on what baby #2 would be. As long as they were a healthy baby we were just fine. Even if it wasnt' healthy, it was ours to love. We actually keep thinking of boys names, boy room ideas and how much fun Tucker would have with a baby brother.

Then tears rolled down my face yesterday b/c husband and I just knew we had seen boy parts...

Then the ultrasound tech said...

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously.....I was shocked!!!! I knew all about boy stuff. I knew you buzzed their heads and never had to brush their hair. I knew to have them wear gym shorts and baseball tee shirts all summer and they were cute. They are sooo easy and I liked it.
But boy or boy...I really think I am going to have fun with a GIRL!!! I can do this. I am "that" kind of mom to have a girl. I like all the frillies.
Nathan and I are truly blessed!!! One of each!!!

Just keep us in your prayers as we make this journey and that little girl will stay very healthy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding day........

The wedding day was picture perfect. The bride was gorgeous and everything turned out perfect otherwise. Me, well I was busting out of my dress but I was making it work. :) Hey I am 5 months pregnant

My little family of 3...almost 4!
The bride and myself
he LOVES weddings!! such a dancer

AND in other news...i found out the sex of baby #2 today....tune in tomorrow to find out :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding weekend!!!

This weekend I was in my cousin Annah's wedding. It was a BLAST to say the least. The thing about Annah is we grew up as sisters more so than cousins. There aren't very many memories that don't involve having her in them. We are forever friends and I was honored to be a part of her big day. I love wedding weekends :) On Friday my sister in law and I held a bridal luncheon for her. Although my sister in law Jin couldn't be here, she was here in spirit and helped me make some of the decor. I will show  A LOT of pictures here so be ready, but everyone who knows me knows I like to throw GREAT parties
 The wreath on the front door!!!
 The bridesmaids table
Cute chair wreaths!

The cake area!!!!

 The mothers table was a mini version of our table
 The miniature cakes were added to the cake table
 the bar area is where we served appetizers!!
 The table with lit candles
 the bride and bridesmaids ( I am on the end in purple with heels so I look tall)
 the wine bucket and appetizers
more appetizers and a vase with the bride's initials and colorful beads!!!

Everything turned out GREAT!!! Just like we had planned. The decor I can explain in detail later but I was proud of what we had done! We served 7 layer salad, pasta salad with chicken and rolls. And for dessert everyone enjoyed a small cake!

I will be back with wedding pics soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little fuzzy

Tucker and I are both down with a sinsus infection. And you guys know that "we" dont matter so much anymore when we are sick. Its all about getting those babies well.

Tucker seems to be doing better. Me, well I slept about 2 hours last night and my throat is on fire. I am really really trying to NOT take any medication. I want to treat it with fruit and water, but my eyes are burning out of my head as I type this so I might have to cave soon and take something.

I am half way THERE this week! Whoop Whoop :) (since I go early 38 or 39 weeks)

That is nuts to think about me having 2 kids in 19 weeks. WOW.

Anyways, I am preparing for one of my best friends/cousins weddings in the next week and praying I fit in my dress. Weddings are so much fun and soooo much work, so thats where my head as been.

Sorry its a lame update, but remember my eyes are burning out of my head here.....