Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just to let you know

We Made over ready.....

$3000.00 for March of Dimes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wowweee. This walk will be great!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Marched Out

Today is the last day to collect money for March of Dimes and tonight I will do my final count. I think we have met our goal ( I am almost positive but dont' want to get ahead). I can't say enough Thanks you's....there are sooo many people that helped me reach this goal.

Grandma J: God love her! She has been a trouper through this whole thing and is always on the ball of collecting money and thinking of ideas

Jin: Afterall she is Kailee's mom and my biggest supporter! She takes time out of her day to make sure everything is on track and we are making money!

Dad: He is threatening people at work to give money, maybe not threatening but he is the boss and can mention the words YOUR FIRED. Kailee is HIS baby girl and he does what he can to help the team.

Mom: She runs tons of errands for me when I have to work and need stuff done. She also lights fires under peoples butts to keep them motivated

Lee: Thanks for letting us host a Bake Sale at Capaha Bank. You and your co-workers were great!

Aunt and Uncle Carr: Thanks for collecting over $100.00 from work!!! Also, my aunt is a fabulous cook and helped with the bake sale as well as always being ready to help at any time. You have no idea how important these people are to me...they are basicly my second parents and I love them sooo much!

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Brian: Thank you for helping me reach my goal and collecting money at church! Your church family was so generous as were you. I love you both very much and you are very special to me :)

Hannah: You are always ready to help and have been helping me for 3 Years!!!

My Co-Workers: (the girls): They do sooo much work I don't even know where to start?? Seriously, they have been helping me from the beginning are always my BIG supporters!!!

Ok there are sooo many more to name for instance, my aunt Rita, and all my Blogging friends who helped this year!! Thank you Thank you! We have worked hard and now Saturday we will "Walk to save Babies"!!!

I have 3 gift cards to give away for anyone who donated over $100.00...I am excited to give something back to people who helped so much!

I will count money tonight and give you my final count tomorrow!

P.S.- April I have your do you want me to get it to you?? I also have Teisha's shirt...I need to get it to you also!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 crazy things

Crazy 8's has been floating around blog world and I needed a break from work so what is better?

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
-The March of Dimes walk this Saturday
-My niece Kailee's Bday....actually all May birthdays
-Eating as much cake as I want during the bday parties
-Pool weather ( we took the cover off this weekend)
-Planting flowers and working in the flower beds
-Fresh Garden Vegetables
-A shop trip to St.Louis or Memphis with just girls (hopefully soon)
-A mini vacation for me and Nate very soon (not sure where..any ideas?)

8 Things I did Yesterday:
- Woke up to sweet baby noises from my nephew Cooper
-Went to church
-Visited my Grandparents
-Drank the best sweet tea ever!
-A 4 year old's Bday party
-Quality time with the hubs
-Eating fried wild Turkey and way too much hot sauce
-Watching my favorite shows on Sundays

8 Things I Wish I could Do:
-7 Days of straight of Vacation
-Shop with Jessica Simpson
-Never have to worry about weight or dieting
-Spend a day with Peyton Manning
-Work part time
-Have a vacation home where its warm
-Build a house..then in 10 years build a new...and then in 10 years, u get it
-Always have a nice new clean car

8 Shows I watch
-Desperate Housewives
-Brothers and Sisters
-Private Practice
-Jon and Kate plus 8
-The Hills
-The real housewives of O.C and new york
-Samantha who

Its fun...everyone play

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Luck

You will never believe I type this I am still upset, shaken, and wondering why all my luck has turned to bad luck?

Remember this sweet face

Daisy Mae is now in Dog Heaven with our Macey Lou. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? 2 great dogs in 5 months?? AHHHHH

Daisy was outside running crazy like usual but only this time she got under Nate's truck tire. Nate was shaken, and very very upset by it. You see Daisy ran through the yard often and at such a young age knew not to get under tires...but Friday was different. I keep questioning myself if I did everything I could, but I DID. I will not have a dog on a leash when we live on 180 achers. It was just a freak accident. A very big accident and hubby is still upset he ran over her. The only good thing....she passed away immediately, no suffering or anything. We buried her Friday night.

I will not have another dog for a long long while. I can't take any kind of disappointment.

Daisy will be missed...and hopefully my luck turns around soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not even ONE

I have not ONE single picture to show you of my whole Easter vacation. NOT even one! I have no excuses.....except that we had such a good time there was not even a thought of pulling out the camera.

The trip went something like this.....We toured New Orleans for the 561549816854 time and it is still great. Every morning we had our breakfast and coffee by the amazing water. My dads condo is wide open and you can see the water from any angel. We ate out a lot....lots of Cajun food for the soul. We shopped some. They have amazing shopping. We walked and walked and walked. We visited with all the neighbors daily and drank their wine. Most of the weekend was spent on the porch overlooking the water drinking fabulous drinks and eating crawfish.

Easter Sunday we piped right up and headed for church and then came home and made a fabulous lunch. Hubby ended up making it down for the weekend, so the whole family was there to celebrate Easter. The niece and nephews had no real interest in hunting the adults ate all of them.

We headed home Yesterday :(. I am trying to talk hubby into moving where their is water.....he isn't agreeing. So I guess I will just visit more often. The boys in the family are supposed to be working in Louisiana for another 2 years or so....this just means lots of warm weather....
Speaking of warm weather...I left down south to 80 degrees and come home to 43 degrees. See why I want to move?

I hope everyone' Easter was as good as mine, now its back to the swing of things.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Outta here

I am leaving for my mini vacation today( in 2 hours) New Orleans with the whole family. I can't wait to shop.... drink.... eat.....drink..... sit by the water......... drink.............. visit............. drink........... play games.......... see and probably have a couple dirty cocktails!

We always have a blast and this weekend is extra special because my sister in law Jin turns 28 and we have Easter to celebrate!!! I can't wait to post pics of all the fun we will have ( I know you all are jealous

The only problem, the Hubs might not be making it :( I am totally bummed about this. He is crazy overloaded at his job, and since he is his boss he can't ask for time off. He is going to try to make it for the weekend though, and I know he will because we can't spend 5 days aways from each other..and he will be so jealous of all our fun! So, I think he will suprise us on Friday

I am hoping to maybe spot one of these people downtown New Orleans, (they both have homes there )

(they actually live in the French Quarters)

(Hello, Peyton Manning....New Orleans is his old stomping grounds)

There is something about leaving for a trip that give you tons and tons of energy. And why do we clean our houses before we leave for vacay? Doesn't make sense. But since I had no idea I was leaving today until yesterday it was crazy. hyper.get.stuff.done.mode. I got a pedicure, cleaned the house, did the laundry, self tanned, shaved (too much?), packed, and finally layed down to fall asleep only to realize my eyes were wide open. I still get that little kid feeling I guess....too much excitement to sleep!

So...I will be back to check in on everybody Tuesday. Remember the true meaning of Easter, and have a great weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Can you believe it

The yard sale Saturday was a HIT. We made.........................are you ready?

$1000.00 dollars! I know, I couldn't believe it. People were so generous that day. Instead of asking a total, they just handed over money! Even with the economy the way it is, we had great success.

We are on our way to reaching our goal! I believe we can do it this year!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent laying around. After setting up all night Friday and working the yard sale Saturday it called for some R and R Sunday.

This week is fast paced. I am leaving for New Orleans in a couple days (either Wednesday or Thursday). So much to do to prepare and so little time. The whole family is spending Easter down south where my dad and brothers live. My momma, sister in a law, myself and all the kids are leaving out this week. The weather is supposed to be warm and it will be a mini vacation for all of us. (I promise lots of pics when I return). My post this week will be short and sweet but will be back soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The call you don't want

I received a call Monday night from Dr. Specialist (the one I saw a month ago). It startled me, scared me and all the above. Why is he calling now?

Dr. Specialist had some information for me, not really anything I wanted to hear but maybe some answers I needed. He told me I carried a gene, passed on for who knows how many generations, that may have been triggering my 2 miscarriages. Factor V Leinden, is what gene I carry. You can read about it on the link but I will give you as much information as I know right now.

Only 5% of the American population carry this condition (whats the luck that I am that 5 % right?). It is a gene that makes you more acceptable to blood clots. Basically I am more prone to a blood clot than any other person in America. Most of the clots are in your veins in the legs, but one kind can travel to your lungs. The blood clots you can usually see and feel so I should know if something like this would ever happen. The best part of this (if there is a best part) is I may never ever get a blood clot. BUT at least I know that my chances are a little higher and I need to watch myself.

How this affects pregnancy...I don't' know the fine details but I know it does affect pregnancy. When you are pregnant you produce twice as much blood as a normal women. So with this much blood pumping through you, everyone is more prone to blood clots. I am just MORE prone than everyone else because I carry this gene. So thick blood, equals blood clots. I am pretty sure I don't' have a blood clot so keep your fingers crossed. It can cause miscarriages, preeclampsia and several other harmful things. The best part, at least I know so I can prepare and my doctor can prepare. BUT most women never have problems and have normal that's what I am praying for.

So here it is, in black and white. This may be the answers I have been wanting to hear, although I really didn't want to hear it. At least I know where I stand, and NOW I can move forward and always be on top of these (may or may not some day form) blood clots. The best thing that can happen is, I will never see a blood clot and never have problems. Besides, it is an inherited gene and whoever passed it to me had no idea they had and dad?? And whoever passed it to me has no had problems from it that we know of?? I could give more details but you can read it for yourself. I don't' like to discuss it, it scares me to know my blood could clot and something bad could happen. OK I said it and now lets move on.

My doctor knows and she will call today with more information for me. Basically take a baby aspirin a day everyday for ever ..and when I am pregnant, be watched closely and take a more in forced blood thinner. Not that bad right?? Yeah didn't think so

So now everyone knows, and I can move on. I wanted answers and I got them. Is anyone familiar with anything like this?? If so let me in.

(as for my aunts who read this, don't' freak out...everything is fine, I will explain better in person...I know you are freaking out and STOP, you probably gave me this gene anyways..haha! So I am fine, and nothing bad will probably ever happen, its all precautionary)