Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 post...2 weeks...EEEK!!

I am sure I should be doing something way more productive with my time...but I am putting off laundry, dishes, clean floors or something. Here are some....MOMMISMS (As I will call them) and please don't leave me in the dark and act like I am that horrible of a mom that I am the only one who does these things. OK..k

1. How many times do you guys were your jeans. I feel like after you have a baby it is ONLY normal to NOT wash your jeans every time. I mean...they fit so much better the 2 or 3 time. Fresh out of the dryer you get that momma crack nobody wants to see.
2. I have a real problem in the mornings picking out the "cute" underwear or the real comfortable ones that I may have worn being pregnant. I think my husband looked at me the other day and was like "Really, there is no excuse for those because you are NOT pregnant anymore"
3. I do not want to dress like a jeans, tees ect. BUT where the hell do you guys shop. Have you seen size mediums lately in stores...I think they mean XS but just write M on the tag
4. The smell of cold hot dogs grosses me out. Whats worse....Tucker eating a cold hot dog last night WHILE he had poop in his big boy underwear. That kid is scared to death to poop on the potty??
5. I just want ONE hour to lay in the pool alone...both kids napping...alone in the sun. NO jumping, swimming for legs under hour
6. Michelob Ultra Lime beer of choice this summer...I may or may not drink it EVERY single day :)
7. Oh and Vodka and Sprite when I am not having beer
8. Facebook bores me lately...maybe I should update more but I hate the ppl that post everyday about doing laundry or making supper. Really?? We all are.
9. Pintrest however...makes me smile
10. They say a bottle is good up to an hour after left at room temp...well, I say a bottle is good up to 2 HOURS only because I never know when I made the damn thing in the first place
11. It is hot..and I LOVE my flowers outside but I am tired of watering them already..and its only June. This happens every year and I always get tired of watering them and Nate reminds me of this every April when I plant them. I think it should just be his job and the problem would be solved
12. I really want to loose baby weight...but I really don't want to go on a diet. Also, for all the ppl that don't live in towns and you run...where the hell do you run?? I am scared to death to run on a highway and I though about running. I say thought very lightly because I am sure I wont do it
13. This is our 1st free weekend since April I swear..and next weekend our schedule is full again. I have a love/hate relationship with this right now
14. I am a scheduler and I need to lighten up. When things go off schedule or outta place I freak out! Nate moved Tucker's plates the other day from a cabinet and stuck them in what he thought was a better place. I kinda lost my breath when I went to grab one to put Tucker's cold hot dog on and they weren't there. wooohoo. Chill out momma

More to come later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am not even sure what month we are in.....summer if flying by. The last time I slept more than 8 hour was 3 years ago and my brain is a little groggy.
Our weekends are full of weddings, family functions and the normal hectic routine....but we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.
*Saylor is trying to get teeth.....trying..I say this because some nights its a bit crazy at our house. She is doing soooo much more everyday though. She is babbling all the time...walking in her walker...playing with toys...and eating some veggies. She is still a little bitty thing weighing in at 14.8lbs, but very strong for her size.
* Tucker is cracking us up more and more everyday. He is repeating us and talking to strangers about the funniest things. We really have to be careful what we say and who we say it about now days...he could get us in trouble.
* I think our first free weekend is in can summer be soooo busy??
* A date night would be ideal with my husband about any day...but we can't seem to even fit that in.
* Potty training Tucker is a JOB!! I should be getting paid. He is smart enough to do it (from me) but stubborn enough NOT to do it (from his dad)
* If Tucker could live in our pool, he would move his bed in there
* I need a GIRLS night/day/weekend. 
* It seems if though my laundry pile is never ending and our food supply is running out all the time....I hate grocery shopping and I am trying to rid the junk out of our house and start eating better. This is WHY I haven't been grocery shopping because I really enjoy junk food but my butt doesnt' need it :)
* I have tons of activities on my list to do around our area this summer and we will start off Friday at the water park I HOPE!!!
* I can't even tell you who is running for president..I should really be more in tune to the world right/?
* I get burned out really bad on work during summer time. I like my job, I want to work for a lot of reasons but I just want July off totally...hehe

I will try to check back in soon :)