Friday, June 27, 2008

8 Days of VACA!!!

Today is my final day of work until July 7th!!!!!! I am taking off at 12 today to start my vacation. Nate and I decided to take a big vacation every other year and since last year we did the Mexico trip this year we are taking two small vacations. The first small vacation is our trip to Nashville this weekend. We are leaving today around 2 and heading back on Monday. It will be a nice weekend of site seeing( I love history and Nashville has a lot of that, I know I am a nerd) eating out and hopefully a little shoppping too :) When we arrive back home on Monday I love the fact that I still have the rest of the week to just do whatever I want. I will spend a lot of time in the pool and doing whatever this girl wants to do. Besides this might be the last time to do whatever I want to do with the baby coming and all!!!!! Our next weekend get a way is not planned yet but anybody with ideas let us know!!! Then the following year we will do a big vacation again..this helps the budget a ton

Today I start my vacation off with a pedicure and manicure!!! until next next week..have a good one

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

almost forgot!!!

Yes I know I just enrolled again for SEMO in the fall, and I am keeping my full time job, and I am having a baby!!!! Am I nuts?? Yes...I will still take classes till December and then take a semester off for the baby, and I will still work full time because my insurance is great. We will see how it all turns out in the end, I will for sure need a stiff drink and a long vacation next spring. As for now that is my plan.....with organization it could all work out!

Bottles, Rattles, Diapers OH My!

We are letting the cat outta the bag........Nathan and I are expecting our FIRST CHILD!!!!! We found out I was pregnant two weeks ago, but have been keeping it under the wraps until all of our family and close friends knew first. Of course I had to let me blogging friends know asap too :) I am 6 weeks pregnant as of today. My expectant due date is Feb. 18th, 2009!!! Although I have not had my first doctors visit yet, my three pregnancy test clarify that sure enough I am pregnant! WE are sooo sooo excited about this!!! We can't wait to let everyone know and have a little bundle of joy all to ourselves. I head to the doctor July 8th for my first visit and I will be 8 weeks along by then. We can't even begin to express how excited we are!! So much to come along with these 9 months ahead of me and I can't wait to blog about them everyday!!!!

So far so good for me though. I have had no morning sickness and nothing that lets me know I am pregnant. If it wouldn't have been for aunt flo not showing up, I wouldn't think I was pregnant at all!!!! I did feel tired in the evenings and still have the feeling about 3 times a week but other than tired I feel great!!! I know it might not last forever, this great feeling, but as for now it is fine!

As most of you know my sister in law is having her third child in about 3 or 4 weeks. This is exciting for me because her youngest and my oldest will be so close in age!!! We always wanted our kids to grow up close in age because we were always so close to our cousins, and it just so happens they will. My parents will have 4 grandchildren under the age of 5 when my baby is born....OMG..they will be nuts, but they love every minute of it.

My best friend is also pregnant with her first right now and he is due in August. This means our children will grow up as close as we did hopefully!!!

I know our lives are about to hit a rollercoaster, but we are prepared. Nathan will be 28 next week and myself 26 in 2 months. We are ready to settle down and have children and a family of our own!!!!! We know it will be crazy, life changing but so rewarding!!!

So many reasons to be thankful right now!!!!! We just wanted to share our excitment and news with all of you!! Please keep us in your prayers that everything goes as planned with my pregnancy and with the baby. We are over joyed and can't wait to keep the blog about the baby now!!!!! Yaahhh!!!!

OH did I shock u??

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I took a couple months off...yes it has been several months since I have planned my weekly schedule, but I am back!!! Things are always crazy around spring and summer but I hope to be a lot better about my weekly menu planning

MONDAY- The husband did hot wings in the oven and I did pizza rolls!!! We had niece's teeball game at 8:00

TUESDAY- Spinach wraps. lean Chicken strips, mixed cheese, olives, lettuce, tomato (any toppings of your choice) microwaved bacon stips covered in Fat Free Ranch dressings and wrapped in spinach wraps.

WEDNESDAY- Stuffed shells with marina sauce

THURSDAY- BBQ Brats and steamed vegetables

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY- Either eating out or something on the grill

Monday, June 16, 2008

The day has arrived!!!!

Today my sister in law, niece, nephew and baby on the way are moving back to Missouri!!!!! Yeahhh!! We are all so excited about this. They will be permant residents of Missouri again with my brother still working down south and visiting as often as he can. I believe they will be living in CApe but not until baby Coop arrives in August. Today will be a great day and can't wait to see these little babies!!!
This weekend was less than exciting. We did a graduation party, engagment party (which were the hightlights of the weekend) and fathers day celebrations! We did more of sleeping in and laying the pool:)
Lets hope this week is more exciting!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Funday?

Monday, Monday, Monday already! The weekend flew by as usual. My half of day off was filled with swimming with my niece and nephew all day. We swam from 2-5 then from 7-9:30. They got to stay the night but were out and asleep by 10. Saturday the Oran Car Show was an all day adventure. It was 95 degrees so feeding people burgers and bbq's in the hot weather is just how everyone wants to spend their Saturday afternoon right?? It was an all day event and we finally left around 6:30 to spend the rest of the evening in a lawn chair by our shop drinking cold beer till 10:00. Speaking of Cold Beer: My new favorite is Bud Light Lime...everyone should tr it. We crashed early on Saturday b/c Sunday brought even more things to do. Sunday was just as busy...I only got to be in the pool for an hour on Sunday b/c we had a Fund Raiser on Sunday and Nate was helping with the cooking! I know none of this sounds fun to anybody else ( or myself) but I was just filling everyone in.

My 21 day of cleansing was going great until Sunday. I drank one soda on Sunday :( So I had a cheat day and man did it feel great!!! Back to water all week this week and I hope I can reisist the cheat this coming weekend. Weekend are always the hardest for me!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday Yet?

I have made it to Thursday with no soda!!!! Yaaahhh!!! Obvisously this was my biggest goal to just drink water and no syrup. The rest of the diet willl come and go but the soda/tea was my biggest issue and so far so good. I just hope my will power will continue on through the weekend b/c that is always the hardest part! So far i have done 4 days of cleansing. Not too bad!

Last night we finally saw "sex and the city" movie. I drug Nathan to the movie( he thought he would like the sex part) and it was an A in my book!!! I would highly recommend going with a couple girlfriends, I believe it woudl make the movie that much better. The movie has been so worked up lately and I have tried not to listen to any of it because that can put a damper on things. So since I blocked out all the hype it was GREAT!!! I will own the movie I already know. You have to be a big sex and the city fan I believe to appreciate the movie. Overall it was 2 thumbs up!

Friday is my half of day of work and I am sooooo pumped!!! I will get off at 12 tomorrow and hopefully find myself laying in the pool the whole afternoon. A little me time and R and R. Saturday brings a day full of work, The Oran Car Show. My family and I always volunteer our time and hard work to make this day go successful. It is always a great turn out and raises money for our small town. We enjoy most of it I guess. Busy Busy!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...I am sure with my half of day I wont blog tomorrow