Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Told ya so....

I told you I would be blogging again very soon. 2 days in a row, wowzers!!!
This is another baby post, they all wont be about babies and toddlers. Well I take that back, yes they will all be about babies and toddler probably because that is what my LIFE is right now..duh

I don't have long to talk to today, I have a play date with some of my best girlfriends and their kiddos. How fun right?? Don't mind me looking like a whale in my swimsuit either.

Here are some questions I get asked a lot that I thought I would finally answer:

*Do you crave anything? No and yes. With Tucker I craved sweets. Oreos to be exact. This baby doesn't like to eat sweets. I want to eat sweets all the time, but my stomach tells me no. I want anything salty with a big glass of milk, Gross huh??

*How big are you? I have a lot of people tell me I am not very big....those people are lying!!! I dont' think i am as big as I was with Tucker at this is that you ask. Well, when I was pregnant with Tucker I slept, and rested, and ate, and slept and rested and ate oreos. With baby Deuce....I dont' get as much as rest as I like, I am STILL working 40 hours a week, keeping a house and chasing a toddler. And sometimes I forget to eat. So I will be posting pictures of the comparison very soon and let you decide!!!

* I will have an exact date of when baby Deuce will be born soon. My doctor will be scheduling me c-section again because I had one with Tucker. I am on edge with this. I enjoy knowing exactly when the baby will come and I am scared out of mind too!!!!Remember Tucker was big(even early) and I never progressed so NO need to relive all that again huh

* Do we have names. NO NO, thats why this baby is being called baby Deuce. (#2). We haven't even talked names really...I have thrown some around in my head but nothing serious. Seems the second child is a little different than the first. Sorry, but its true. We will probably talk names the day before it arrives...or maybe after August 17th when we know the sex.

* Why arey you finding out the sex: Because for one, I am a crazy planner and like all my ducks in a row and it will drive me insane and my blood pressure will sky rocket. So I need to know the sex to prepare mentally. Seriously guys....I am OCD that way. Also, the spare room where baby Deuce is going to stacked with junk and I need motivation to clean it out. And I am high risk during pregnancies, so I get an ultrasound every 3-4 weeks and it hard to look at that screen ALL the time and NOT know.

* Also, I have not bought one thing for this baby. I know, its sad. We WANT this baby..believe me. But its different when you have another child in the cart staring at you with big blue eyes that really WANTS the toy story toy. You end up just buying him the toy and figure the second baby will get something next time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It happened again!!

I have to be getting some kind of "Worst updated blog EVER" award. I will let you know when that award come in the mail and I can take a picture and maybe post it a month later. I am horrible about updating this thing, and not that there is a crowd of people waiting to hear what I say...BUT I want to keep this blog for my own memory.  So I am going to do better ...from here on OUT! promise :)

What has been going on....well lots of Dr. appts lately for baby deuce. I went to see a specialist 2 weeks ago just to make sure baby deuce is developing fine and everything looks GREAT!!! Praise GOD :). I asked what the sex was and he said "He can't tell yet" my wheels a spinning. I am 17 weeks this week and we get to truly find out the sex of baby deuce on August 17th. That day can not come soon enough!!!!! Seriously, the planner in my is about to go nutso! I need to know if I need to sell all Tucker's clothes and buy pink...or rehang them in the other room :)

Speaking of the "other room" we have a lot to do. We will need to reorganize the whole house and clear out space for baby deuce. This is slated to begin after August 17th (because I am busy until then) so watch out...I will for sure be nutso during the cleaning out time

How am I doing?? The sickness left at 12 weeks...however, after I eat too much, not enough or the wrong thing the sickness can come back. Its weird, but I feel like I have been kinda sick this WHOLE pregnancy. Oh well. I am growing fastly...I can still wear almost all of jeans but they are TIGHT!!! I need butter to get into them. I am wearing some of my longer shirts and everything is still fine there too, but the maternity clothes are coming out SOON :)

Tucker knows there is a baby in my belly...and he thinks most other people have a baby in theirs too.

And on a final note. We are know proud owners of a pony. Her name is May! And we love her. I am an animal lover anyways, so it only took me a day to get attached to her. Tucker loves her too. He screams to go see May-May everyday :) Just another typical day on the Dirnberger farm.

There is much more to add...but I Will update again...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have been traveling...

I am sure ALL of you who read this were very concerned about where I  have been. Well please stop worrying...we just took a little 4 day adventure, a couple hours aways to St.Louis. We stopped by the Zoo, Grants Farm, a water park, did a little shopping, did a lot of eating, watched the Cardinals play baseball and took a day at home to relax in our pool. It was relaxing. The last time away with just the 3 of us I am sure. So I took over 100 pictures but I wont bore you with those....well maybe just a few.

Tucker enjoyed his time....and so did we!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Years Ago...

10 years ago my hair was a big puff...there were no chi straighteners to fry it every morning.

My biggest worry was how much tip money I would be making at Cracker Barrell that evening to fill my car up with gas. Gas was 1.50 a gallon or so.

I didn't drive a nice car...and nobody cared.

I didn't have to have designer clothing and nobody that I knew personally did.

My neighbors were my family and my friends were too.

There were 32 people in my class and I knew all their names...and their middle names and their older siblings names and most of them had dogs and I knew their dogs names.

The "jocks" were also in the honor society.

If you told your friends to meet you at "The Tree" they knew exactly where that was.

There were NO cell phones or Internet access to things. If your parents needed you they drove " UP town" to find you.

My jeans were tapered, my tee shirts said Tommy Hilfiger on them and my tennis shoes were Keds.

This weekend my very small class and celebrated 10 years. We picked up right where we left off and I loved it. We hope to do it every  5 years now and yes most of these people are still my BEST friends!!
These girls are STILL my best friends!!!! (that is me in the black on the left in case you are confused ...hehe)

A few answers

A few questions I have been asked are:

Are you wearing maternity clothes: NO, I am pushing my clothes to the limit. My jeans all still fit as of right now (week 14) but some of them are A LOT snug!!! My shirts are ok as well but they really show my growing belly. However, since this pregnancy allines with Tucker's, I wont have to buy many things hopefully!!

What are you craving: I am craving anything and everything. I just eat! ALL THE TIME!!! The only thing I have to have everyday is a glass of cold milk

What about Tucker: I am trying to explain as good as I can and I am trying to talk about the "baby" as often as possible. I know he will not understand a lot, but I don't want him blindsided either.

Feelings: I was very very sick the first 12 weeks and now things are back to normal. Well, almost back to normal. I am usually ready to go to bed by the time Tucker does, but other than tired I am back to normal.

Thoughts: This is going to be very hard. Tucker and new baby will be close in age but that is how we wanted them to be. Someone the other day said, "Wow, you will have your hands full"! I hadn't even thought of it until then, but yes I will...but that's how I wanted it.
Names or Genders:  A lot of people say Girl, I think boy, BUT we dont' care either way. We will take either one of course! We dont' have names...we really even haven't thought of names. We usually dont' plan names or rooms until we know the gender of baby :)

Any more questions....send them my way.