Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Recap and a Sweatshirt!!!

The weather this weekend was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! The highs were in the upper 70's and the lows down to 55!!! It gave you that little touch of fall to get everyone going. We spent some much needed girl/kid time Sunday walking our downtown area. We threw rocks in the river, ate at a little bakery and shopped at junk stores all day!!! It was the perfect way to spend the day. By the time I arrived home to Nate the temps were in the 60s and I had to throw on a sweatshirt. Nothing is better than sweatshirt weather.

The only thing that has me not wanting fall is having to buy new maternity clothing. I thought I could make my clothes stretch out and last until Tucker arrived. I guess I am wrong..I will be getting cold in my tank tops. So I am thinking a lot of jackets that I can possible wear after the baby?? I will be checking out Target very soon.

We have ordered our paint and Nate is starting on it tonight. I am sooo excited. 9 weeks and counting. I can't believe I will have a little one in my arms in 9 weeeks! I mean this will fly by!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We (and by We I mean "I" made the final call) to name this beautiful baby boy growing inside me. Everyday when Nate would get home from work we would toss around names and I would scold him for his crazy choices. ha.
We had it narrowed down to 4 names, then 2 names and then finally last Friday I took the plunge and had something monogrammed. So I made the decision. No turning back now....after one thing monogrammed I have had about 50 things monogrammed so this baby name dilemma is now at a close.

Tucker Joseph Dirnberger

I love the name for many reason (and if you don't love the name that is ok but just dont tell me). Tucker is strong and something he can grow with. It is not a sweet baby name that he will one day hate me for. Yes I know it rhymes with F***er, but come on grow up!! It sounds a little country to me and that is soooo my husband. Joseph is his father and grandfathers middle name so it means something. I am excited to finally starting talking to this belly of mine and having a name to call it besides baby D. So for now when you read Tucker in this blog remember that it is the name.

Also, about all the monogramming. Nate might decide to take the debt card away very soon or hang seems I am addicted to monogramming and now its a problem. I will pick some of it up today and will take pictures for you all to see. So if I am absent from this blog for a while its because he has locked me in a room for spending so much money on monogramming, clothes or anything the COPS!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Those people who have been hounding us to register for baby D...well guess what your wish came true. We registered at Target and Toys R Us this weekend.

Registering could have possible been the hardest, most tiring and time consuming thing I have ever done. People wanting to touch you, give you advise and just plain be rude to you. Lets just start with bottles. I mean how hard can bottles be right. They are just milk distributors. I just went with what my SIL used...Dr. Brown bottles. Then as I was scanning the Dr. Brown box one lady said " OH hunny you don't want will take forever to clean those and when you lose parts it will be horrible" I just smiled and said well I guess I will just learn. Seriously, just buy your bottles and I can buy mine. I have heard several...several mommies say that if you baby is fussy or colic at all Dr. Brown are the ones to use. So by gosh I am going to try them

Then bottle warming. Again, I have known several babies who never had their bottles warmed. I mean temp is just like warming? So I did not register for warming solutions (car warming, night warming..etc) So I am choosing for my own sanity to leave water at room temp and mix formula. Again...I get the " well a warm feeling in his belly will make him sleep". Well..when he is screaming in a restaurant because his bottle isn't warm then I will let them come watch him?

I know all these strangers were just trying to help, but to each their own. I also received the breast feeding lesson. Man I love hearing those. But the way I look at it is I have been sticking a needle in my stomach for 7 months and still have 2 more months of needles. Then after the baby is born I will be sticking myself in the stomach for 6 more weeks. So my choose to not breast feed might be selfish but at some point I just don't want things attached to my body anymore. U feel me? High risk pregnancies are not the easiest and when baby boy comes out I just want to gaze at him and soak him up...and when guest come over to feed him then I can sleep :)

So the adventures in registering are something I will never forget. I hope I am never that person that just throws ideas at random people in the aisle of Target.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

28 Weeks (technically 27.7 weeks)

Here are some pictures finally. Some of you have been asking for belly shots and some of you are probably thinking gosh would she shut up already. But for those who want to see here ya go.
I am sure the "wife beater" tank is hilarious to most people but when you are gaining weight faster than you can think you wear whatever fits!
And a front picture just because I have never done one of these. My belly button is still mostly in..but it is wanting to pop out anytime. This week I had my 28 week appt. The Dr. said everything looks great and Baby D is measuring and growing just like he is supposed to.
The ultrasound tech said " Kara, he is so cute"
Then I go to see the Dr. and she said "He is so cute, he has the chubbiest cutest cheeks"

I loved hearing those comments...all I want is a healthy baby but hearing someone tell me how cute he is already just made my week. I mean I never doubted a minute that he wouldn't' be the cutest thing ever. will never believe how much Baby D weighs.......

2LBS 15oz. Can you believe it. Almost 3 LBS already. I am going to deliver a toddler! I just pray his weight gain will start slowing down!!! If not thank God for epidurals.

Some pregnancy tactics:
  • Craving milk like crazy. I am going through at least a gallon every 5 days by myself
  • Milk always taste better with Oreos also.
  • Still feeling great....the energy level is still high but could drop any day
  • Nate is painting away at the nursery!!!
  • My back has been aching some. I mainly think its from sitting all day at a desk...
  • They didn't weigh me at my last appointment but I really dont' want to know anyways.
  • Seeing the nursery in works is starting to really bring things to perspective.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing House

Before baby D comes and my house gets even more chaotic, I want to spend as much time with nieces and nephews as I can. Last night I had plans to watch Cooper over night. Well you can't take one without the other so Liam decided he would come stay two.

(picture from spring)

So after 3 movies, Peas, Mac and Cheese and Chicken nuggets for dinner, late night drive, making blueberry muffins, running out of milk, 6 dirty sippy cups, one lost paci, two blankets, one "huggy bear" and a lot of laughs we finally made it to bed around 10:30. I think I shut my eyes around 11:00. We had fun though and it was well worth the memories.

Having two sweet little boys running through the house makes you appreciate what I have left of 11 weeks of "me" time. Its funny how all your priorities change, I didnt' care if I ate last night or what I ate..I just wanted to make them happy. Sometimes I think having a child is really going to come at me and Nate full maybe we aren't prepared. It will hit us like tornado...but thats how it supposed to be right?

P.S - I ate cold Mac and Cheese around 9:30 last night.

Friday, August 14, 2009


  • Yesterday I picked up something heavier than I should have...then I freaked out all day thinking I had hurt the baby. Yesterday he didn't kick as much as usual which really upset me. Today he is very very active...I can breath again.
  • I have shopping bags loaded with clothes online for this baby. Gap, Children's Place etc....the only problem is I dont' have the money to buy it all. But its fun to shop this way
  • This weekend I am having a pool party with my family. It wont be long and the pool with be closed...almost good bye summer time
  • The pros to summer being gone....Fall and Football
  • I am dying to get a diaper bag monogrammed with his little name...and burp clothes and onsies and hooded towels.
  • I was at Etsy Virgin until today...I know..How did I ever live without that place?
  • I can't wait to show you how big my belly has looks like I could pop as some MAN told me the other day. I hate men while pregnant.
  • TGIF...not sure how much longer I can take 5 day weeks. I need a permanent break!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Progress has been made

Every day when I get home I walk into Baby's room and just stare. Most days I turn right back around because I am so overwhelmed I dont' know where to start. Then this overwhelming feeling goes right to Nate when he walks in the door...sometimes there are tears of fear the room wont get done...sometimes just smart axx comments...sometimes I am so overwhelmed I make him NO dinner. Yes all these things result in me being overwhelmed about not having anything done for baby.

Yesterday was a different feeling. Baby's room is completely ready to paint. The spare room even got a little sprucing up. I can walk in the room and breath now. I dont' yell at Nate or refuse to make him dinner. I said to him the other day " I am a lot easier to deal with when things get done". "Yep" he agreed.

Today I ordered the bedding....this weekend we buy the crib and furniture and we have paint ideas running through our heads. I can't wait to get started and show all of you.

This week I am 26.5 weeks! Wow...this means I could have a baby in my arm in 11.5 weeks. The baby is growing fat....oh baby fat!!! I always wanted a chubby baby so we keep cheering him on and his little fat rolls.

Monday, August 10, 2009


This weekend Nate and I planned a small getaway we like to call our "Babymoon". It wasn't a glamorous vacation to a quiet destination, but it was ours and we didnt' care as long as we were gone.

Our first stop on Thursday evening was Tunica, MS. Nate loves to gamble and I even warned him I might have to call 1-800-BETS OFF a couple times on him. Tunica is like a mini vegas and not only can you gamble but you can eat like a KING for days. We did just that.

Did I mention they had an outlet mall?

Next Stop on Friday was Memphis, TN. Our first stop there was Graceland....The Home Of Elvis Presley. It was hot and miserable but we didn't care. The King has a nice place and I wasn't leaving Memphis without seeing.

We ended Friday with a trip down Biehle Street. Now this pregnant women wasn't get caught dead on Biehle street after dark.....(for those who dont' know, Biehle street is a mini New Orleans..drinks, drunks and blues music). We did enjoy the great food and some blues music playing in the background for a while though.

Saturday we shopped till we dropped. Well Nate dropped as soon as we arrived but I made a day of it!
Of Course this little hunter had to have his first Bass Pro Shop attire.

We bought enough Camo to suit up an Army! gap, children's place and so on

The biggest and my favorite purchase of the trip was the moses basket.
Also from the same speciality store...little buckaroo outfit
Some pacies....Camo and Colts of course
And on my front door when I came

It will be his own decision whether he is a Dolphins Fan(like his father) or a Colts fan (like his way cool mother). I swore I wouldn't push a team on him but I am the one carrying him and going to birth him right?

I feel much better after taking the "Babymoon". We finally know what crib we want, what bedding we want and NOW we can jump right on it! I mean it only took us 26 weeks to decide.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New purchases!

This week I have been in buying mode. Maybe its because we have 12 1/2 weeks until baby boy arrives and still NO nursery! Yep thats right. And to make it all worse we will not be working on the nursery this weekend. Good news though..... we will be purchasing all the nursery necessities this weekend. We finally reached an agreement and will be picking up the crib, nursery furniture and bedding this weekend or very very soon. (And by agreement I mean he listened to me finally and I get my way).
So when we arrive back home it will be full nursery swing. Painting and putting together furniture so I can start showing it off. The goal is to be completely finished by the first week of October. I think we can do it!!! I wont show pictures of my ideas yet...its better to wait until the finished product is ready
Last week I dug through what I thought was mounds of clothes for this little guy. I really thought I didnt' need one more piece of clothing. I was wrong....I forget this little guy will probably spit up, up chuck and other things that keep him changed pretty often. I am not discouraged though, more shopping for me.

Since the baby will be born right in the swing of Football Season, he had to be equipped with the right gear.

I purchased this yesterday just so he understand who he is a fan of.
I am also anxiously awaiting this nursery lullaby CD.

A Dave Matthews Band nursery rhyme CD. This baby is a dancing machine already, I can't wait until he hears this CD. I think every baby needs one

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthdays and Babies

Last weekend we had big birthdays to celebrate. First off, my nephew Cooper turned "1". I can't believe he isnt a baby "baby" time flies. Anyways, My creative sister in law through a fab birthday party as usual. Great color scheme!

Chocolate Brown and Teal color scheme! I love those was the center pieces.

Jin made his cake!
Big Brother Liam ...watching and MATCHING the party!

Big sister Kailee also watching and MATCHING the birthday party!

This weekend we celebrated babies. One of my high school friends is expecting a baby at the end of the month and we all gathered to celebrate.

Obviously we are the ones on the end. Hannah (my BFF) in the middle has a little angel already. I can't wait until our babies our here and just to think our kids will grow up together like we did! I love it.

And we think Hannah is blessing our children here??

All in all it was a productive weekend. Lots of friends and family and fun times!