Monday, September 22, 2008

St.Louis It Was

Our weekend getaway was to St. Louis, MO. After much conversation we went with ol faithful St.Louis. We had a great time!!! I didn't take pictures, well its hard when its just us too and we were in the moment and not the picture moment. So I will tell our story through other peoples pictures. Our first stop.....not one of Nathan's favorites at all.....was Kimmswick, MO. I have always loved eating at the Blue Owl and touring the great gift shops. I remebered though that it was usually always with the girls when I did this and I just assumed that Nathan would love it. Well, he enjoyed the food but not the atmosphere or the shopping so it was short trip.
Next stop was West County Mall. At this point Nathan was just being nice because it was our anniversary. He never was or is a shopper and he was just trying to make my day!!! Well, I didn't find anything??? NOTHING...that never happens but I appreciated Nate taking me. After all the shopping Nate could handle we headed downtown St.Louis. Nathan already had reservations for The Hilton downtown. What a suprise!!!! So we headed to check in. Little did I know he had reservations for dinner as well, so we hurried to get ready for the night. WE took one of these to romantic right?
I actually have never done the horse and carriage thing and it was a perfect evening!!!! Then my other suprise of the night was Nathan had made dinner reservations at the Millenium Restuarant. Well I had no idea what this was, but it is a restuarant on top of the Millenuim hotel in downtown St.Louis. This is like the 28th floor. It is a 5 star restuarant and the neat part of this place is while you eat the room is spinning slowly around and around so you can see the whole downtown of St.Louis. takes an hour or so to rotate around but the few during dinner is incrediable!!! We had a great time here and what a great suprise. Nathan and I were all dressed up and I could kick myself for not taking camera.

Sunday we stayed in bed late, ate breakfast at the hotel then hit one of our places for lunch and play.

Dave and Busters is one of our favorite places to enjoy a little playing time and lunch. We headed back early on Sunday to enjoy some Colts Football and to unpack and get ready for dreaded Monday. We had a great time over a our little stay and we will end our anniversary with dinner tonight and eating the top of our wedding cake!!!

Happy 1 Year!

Today is the big one year anniversary !!!! I will go more into detail and post pictures about our trip later, but I just wanted to send a big Happy ONE Year to my wonderful husband. Time has flown by so fast since last year but I remember the day exactly. Everything went perfect ( well almost, there is always a flaw) but it was exactly the wedding of my dreams! I never knew what "true love" was until I met Nathan. He showed me the way and after dating for a year he proposed to me the weekend before thanksgiving. We were engaged almost a year and then married on a truely amazing day! I hold very found memories of the whole year leading up to it, and although it was stressful at times, it was an experience I will never forget. Nathan is the man every mother wants their daughter to marry. He is sensitive, hard working, devoted to God and family and most importantly he is devoted to me. I admit he does spoil a little...ok a lot!

So HAPPY ONE YEAR Nathan!!!! Tonight we have dinner reservations at a very elegant restaurant and I have a really cute black dress to wear! Then we will return home to presents, and the top of our wedding cake to eat!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Big ONE

The big one year anniversary is coming up this weekend. I can't believe how time flies. It seems like we just got married yesterday and everything was of course "picture perfect"!!!! What a beautiful day we had with all of our closest friends and family! We had big plans to head off to Vegas this year for our 1 year but things have changed. For many reasons we wont be going to Vegas but I will get into those details later. We are now trying to decide what to do?? We just want a little weekend get a way!!! We thought maybe Memphis, TN would be good because it is close and it a nice town just to visit. I love the idea of visiting Graceland again, eating out because memphis has fab places to eat, hitting the Zoo maybe and of course the great shopping. Memphis also has Beale Street with great nightlife and always a great time! We also thought of St.Louis for all the same reasons....Zoo, shopping and just a little get away. It doesn't take much to entertain Nathan and I..each others company is good enough. We don't want to spend a lot of money right now and these two destinations are close and cheap enough for us.
Monday is our actual anniversary so that night we will wine and dine and of course eat our wedding cake we have been saving for a year!!!!!!!! I am not sure if it will be good or not but the thought of it is all that matters.
I am also still searching for the perfect gift?? Still haven't found it though.

If anyone has any feedback on Memphis or St.louis or a gift I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where have all the lights gone?

This is what I have been asking myself. I was absent from blogging Monday b/c of lack of powers. We had no power all day at work or no internet at home. So I am back to tell you how great my bday weekend went!!! It was FAB...really! Friday I took off half a day of work to eat lunch with my mother and doing some shopping. I also treated myself to a pedicure and then date night with the hubby :) Saturday was another lunch date with mom and dad and little brother then family bday night at my parents. I know..I am way toooo old for parties but in my family we will always celebrate bdays like we are 5 years old. I have no pictures of my cakes..yes plural (cheesecake, ice cream cake, and my grandma made twinkie cake) . We had a blast Saturday night. All my family and my in laws helped me celebrate with dinner, cake and then the famous game playing. My family are some game playing fools...TABOO was the game of choice Saturday. I had an awesome time and was so lucky to have everyone around. I didn't take any pics Saturday unlike me, but I will post some pics of things I have recieved.

My hubby knows how much I LOVE football and the Colts so I got a nice fleece I have been asking for.

I have been eyeing these babies. My parents get me shoes every year for my bday. They have for as long as I can remember. So I pick out a new pair of kicks and this year these were my choices.

My sister in law and brother got me a way too cute PINK clutch purse and I recieved money and gift card which is always a great gift.

I am here today so look for more blogging :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Guess What???

It is my BIRTHDAY!!! I am the big 26 today. It is not very exciting at all...I have passed the hump and I am closer to 30 than I am 20 now days. Non the less, it is my birthday and there is always time for celebrating. I am taking a half day off of work today to go get a pedicure and spend some birthday money on shopping. Nathan and I are going to eat out tonight...haven't decided where I want to go.....but somewhere feeling. My friends here at work always have a cheesecake in my honor on my birthday and usually a gift card to Target! My mom, I am sure, will insist on having cake on Sunday. No matter what age we still always have a birthday party.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I am never short for words, not a shy person even..but today I have nothing to say? Here is a picture of my family, brothers, sisters in law and kids.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fair Parade

I guess it has been awhile since I have attended the SEMO fair was long. I mean 2 hours long and I had no idea it lasted that long at all? This years theme was breast cancer awarness so many of the floats/vendor/bands were all decked out in PINK!! How clever...and it made a great show also :) Here are a couple pics of the kids watching the parade....the bands were their favorite for the music

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Funday

September is my favorite month for a lot of reason, My birthday (the 12th), My anniversary (the 22nd) and Sunday Funday!!!! For those of you who dont' know what my Sunday Funday consist of it is FOOTBALL....but not just any oh football-- THE COLTS! I grew up with 2 brothers and a dad so on Sunday's I had no choice but to jump right in with the nacho's and soda's and enjoy some good ol ruff football.

I grew being a fan of the 49ers. I was raised that way, we cheered for the 49ers in my house. When St.Louis go the rams some of the family jumped on the band wagon and became Ram Fans, I steered the other way was my first time I made a choice to be a fan of whoever I wanted. For some reason I became facinated with Peyton Manning. I had no idea that Peyton and I would become such loyal friends in the years to come. I grew attatched to him because he is an overall great person. He loves the game of football, he plays because he is passoinate about the game and not because of the fame it brings. I like his ways and I love his family! Therefore, I am a COLTS fan!!! I am not going to say I know everything about football but I know a lot....I am teaching my husband the game more and more. So on Sundays...I will be wearing the Manning jersey and cheering for the COLTS!

They let me down last night with a first lost...but we will get better! I hope to making a trip to watch them play very soon.....we might even do a football game instead of vegas for our 1st anniversary:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

6 Random Facts about Myself

I have seen this on many other blog posts....I am not that random but I will try this:

1. I am addicted to white shirts. Any kind of white tee-shirt, dress shirt, sweat-shirt....anthing white. I have enough white shirts to wear for a month straight. I will buy a white shirt over any other thing and Hey they go with everything right?

2. The hotter the food the better. At our house everything is doused in hot sausce. When I say everything I literaly mean everything but sweets. We use it on pizza, turkey, burger--everything. Our space cabinet is mainly hot sauce and every year for christmas I get a stocking full of new and different sauces

3. I have a bad gag reflux. The means the sight, smell or taste of something not appealing to me makes me do the awful gag sound. It took Nate a while to believe me but after he insisted I try or smell headcheese I walked aroung doing the Hack--Gag sound for at least 30 minutes. Usually I can hold my self back from puking right there but the sound I make it bad enough. Imagine being in a restuarant and having something served that didn't just fit you and you make that horrible sound..yeah its bad

4. I check the doors in my house at least 3 times before I can finally go to bed. I lock them once, then go unlock them and lock them back...then usually I lay in bed and get up to go see if they are locked again. I know its stupid....obviously they are locked!!!!!! I do the same with my alarm by my bed...I check it once before I lay down to make sure its set and set to the right time..then I make sure again its set for A.M. then again to make sure its set. I do this with other things as well like the remote on the coffee table placed right, when I walk out the door in the mornings I always go back in to check to see if my straightener is turned off....I know..OCD could be in my blood

5. I worry....No like I really worry. It is so bad for my health and I know it is taking years off my life. Of course I worry about the obvious things like family, health, Nate and my friends but I really worry. For example today: The post man, who I know from my home town, came in the office to borrow our office phone before dropping off the mail...he told the lady/man on the phone that he left some mail at the post office and he needs it right away to deliever it. So what do I do...I WORRY that maybe some people wont get that all important bill or invitation....I worry the post man might be in trouble or have a bad now....I told you I worry...Anybody else do this?

6. I am a horrible nail biter. I usually always wear the acrilic nails all year long...I know they are horrible for you nails also but if u saw the way I bite mine you would encourage me to wear them all year long. This is the only way I wont bite them.....and I think it makes my hands look better. People say OH put hot sauce on them and you wont bite them...well see #2 on that one..and the clear nail polish I just eat right off too. Hey its nontoxic! So any other ideas

Ok I am tagging you to do this. I will list 6 people but I really want everyone to do this sooooo Aliana your are tagged, and Ashley, Teisha, Michele, Lindsey and Emily ( if you haven't done this). Oh and everyone else is tagged too but couldnt' list all of you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The NonTraditional

Its such a weird feeling starting College AGAIN!!! In fact, you can so tell I am the nontraditional student. When I tried the college thing right outta highschool I didn't get much accomplished. I joined a soroity(which was great) but I spent more time socializing and partying then I did doing homework or class. I was in it for all the wrong reasons. So when a great full time job came available I jumped at the oppurtunity and here I am today. I have been at my current job for the past 3 years. I actually love my job, not stressful, the pay is great and the people in this office are great. I have made some best friends here and we all usually come and go as we please. Why go back to school then you are asking......because I have a job and not a career like I want. I want more than just an office job from 8-5....I want to teach. I have always wanted to teach for as long as I can remember. I get a great passion out of the kids and honestly I think I am pretty good because the kids always loved me :)

So as I take this journey of school once again I notice I am in the old woman in the front row that I always hated in my classes. I listen to everything the teacher says, I turn stuff in early, I want to be the first to present my projects, I email the teacher constantly with questions, YEP I am that non trad student but I love it. I can't wait to finally get this goal accomplished in my life. I can't wait to teach and be done with school. I want those great teachers hours and all the holidays too.

So, if there are gaps in my blogs or I am a little absent here its because I am doing homework or projects. Also...I am almost a junior in hours but I still have around 3 years to go b/c remember I am still working full time (for the time being and insurance) and going to school in the evenings. Wish me luck...and set your mind to something and do it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Starting something new:

I again stole this idea from some of my favorite blogs......every month they recap their favorite things for the month. I will try to start doing this for every month??

My Favorite things in August:

1. My best friend having her sweet little baby boy!!!! What a great day that was and I am so glad I was their to witness the whole scene!!! I get all chocked up just thinking about her bringing that great new life into the world. Porter Wayne was born August 21st...weighing a big 9 LBS.

2. My sister in law, neice and nephews settling into Cape Girardeau, MO for good!!! They have a permant residences and I couldnt be more excited. This means I can visit with any of them anytime I want!! They moved in a cute, spacious house in a great neighborhood. I need a sister close to me and I got one :)

3. The sikeston J.C. Bootheel rodeo. Its an annual event for us and we enjoy it every year. This year we went 2 of the 4 nights and enjoyed both of them. Although it was a little crowded this year it was still nice and cool and the performaces were well worth it :)

4. My New purse I got in August. The classy red GUESS purse that I have enjoyed for the last month. But I gotta tell ya....I am already ready for a new one .....Nate will kill me

5. Big Brother!!!! I am addicted to this show and it has been my entertainment for the summer time!

I am only allowing myself 5 top I must stop now!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watch Over

I will be saying a prayer as my dad and oldest brother return back to work after this.....

The both work out of town and travel with the company they work for...right now they are in Slidel and Houma....yep right there where Gustav attacked. They both traveled home on friday b/c it was their time home and to escape the hurricane coming. Now they take the dreaded trip back. Wish them luck because you can imagine what a nightmare it will be trying to 1.9 million people back to their homes, cleaning up the water and mess, and trying to get back on your feet at your job.