Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What have you been doing

Where have I been you say:
1. Target
2. Home
3. In three layers of clothes
4. Its freezing here
5. I got 1 1/2 snow days
6. I am horrible Mom and didn't even take my child out to play in the BIG snow
7. why? See numbers 3 and 4
8. Ready for a minication ( in 20 days)]
9. I want warmth
10. Even my hair is cold its sooo cold here
11. Thats its

See I really have NO good excuses for not letting you in on my totally awesome life, except I am cold, tired of winter and all it brings. Tucker is still cutting teeth. Oh I almost forgot...its cold here and I have the winter blues!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Testing my patients

Sometimes I test God, and all the time he tests me!!!!
This week Tucker has had fever and infections. I haven't got much sleep, I am tried and cranky and so is he. I catch myself saying "God, what did we do to deserve this". "Just please let him feel better"!
Then I shake my head and think "God, I am sorry this is NOTHING, compared to what others need of you". " I should thank you for Tucker and being as healthy as he is".

Does anyone else test the BIG guy? I mean whats a little fever...NOTHING compared to what it could be. What I consider lack of sleep might be a full rest to others who are worse off.

I have to remember to be thankful for Tucker, and my little family and ALL the glory that God gives to us. I have to remember to praise him, not ask questions because my problems are not problems at all...just part of being a mom.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back burner....

Its funny when you have a child how much YOUR needs or anyone elses needs for that matter don't matter at all!
When Tucker is sick, I drop everything and tend to him constantly. Make sure he has plenty of fluids and whatever he wants/needs.
When others are sick I try to comfort, and constantly ask how they feel.
When momma is sick...nobody notices most of the time because we keep trucking and doing the things that HAVE to be done. Like feed a molar cutting one year old.

Lets start back in December. I went to the doctor for a sinsus infection. The ONLY reason I went in the first place is because Christmas was in 4 days and I wanted relieve to enjoy the holidays. I was issued antibiotics, took them and felt relieve for ONE day! After that I got worse. I ignored it for the most part. I asked for help with Tucker one day through this whole month of sickness but that was it. I thought "I have already been to the doctor so what else can they do?" Yesterday I was dizzy, unbalanced and my face and arm was going numb. I had NO idea what it could be because honestly I have felt bad for soooooooo long that I didn't know what feeling good was? So back to the doctor I go. Wondering what the heck is wrong with, you see because I thought I felt fine. Little did I know I had let a sinsus infection get so bad and I had ignored all the symptoms for months. So my ears, throat, nose, head and all the above were clogged behind believe. Did you know you could loose hearing or have permant damage if you let a sinsus infection last too long?? yeh me neither, but it can happen.

So I am on some strong drugs and for now the dizziness and numbness is gone.

The point: I have to learn to take care of me, sometimes moms deserve a sick day. I have to dig myself off the back burner and take care of me. We deserve the dishes cleaned for us. We deserve to lay on the couch and watch teen mom all night. We deserve to NOT do a load of laundry and by gosh we deserve a night off from supper. If I dont' take care of me then I wont be any good at taking care of others!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The gloom and doom

It seems like January and February are always gloom and doom months in Missouri. The holidays are over, family has returned, work is back to normal with NO holidays in sight, the weather is freezing and its back to cleaning, cooking and laundry. I try to make the best out of January but with the COLTS losing (gosh darn it) Saturday night in football now even football is coming to and end. So I believe I will take long bubble baths, read and consume enough wine to kill most animals! Really there is nothing else to do............

So how do you cope with the gloom days that lead up to spring time?
What do I do with my time?
I dont' want to reorganize or clean anymore than I already have....I dont' want to be stuck inside all the time. There really is nothing to shop for?, so whats a girl to do?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Preparing for terrible 1's??

Just a few tot questions for one crazy about to pull her hair out mom:
I have always said my kid will mind. And he will. I don't want a devil child. I know he is a boy, and boys will be boys but minding is another topic. I am ecspeically crazy when we go to other people's homes because we have rules at our house and so do other people and I do NOT want my child acting like a untrained monkey who escaped the dang zoo. SOoooooo

1. How do you get a 13 month old to NOT scream bloody murder for something he wants. I mean he can't talk complete sentences? He signs but some things dont' have signs (or I dont' know them) so how oh how can I get him to not scream bloody murder in Target while everyone is looking at me waiting for me to beat my child all OVER a puff?? Yep How?

2. I am a strong believer in the saying "Pick your battles"! (you know, make sure if you are going to bring up harsh things or say harsh things it worth the battle) I do this with the husband, family, co-workers, friends, etc. Do you follow this same rule with your toddler?? Do you pick and choose what he can play with .....picture frames, shampoo bottles, spoons outta the dishwasher?

3. How often do little boys really need baths?? I mean, wont it dry their skin out in the winter? Serious...I always see these clean, spiffed up little boys and I am seriously wondering how in the heck that happens. We are lucky to have matching socks when we leave in the morning

4. Are fish sticks, chicken nuggets, pizza and corn a nutritious diet? I thought so too...

Thanks for the help...please answer honestly! (like do you really bath your kid every night..really)

Monday, January 3, 2011


Welcome 2011!

Our new years eve was low key and that is ok with me. We actually never left the house until 8:30!

In 2011 I plan to do these things:
MAKE more time for ME! I feel sooo guilty being away from Tucker but it is good for both of us!
MAKE more time for my friends! I need girl time. I miss my friends and I need to see them more (and work on being a GREAT friend, not a good one but great..I fail at this sometimes)
MAKE more time for my husband, I push him off some (dont we all??)
Thats it. How easy can that be right??

This weekend I spend most of my time in pj's and took down all Christmas, cleaned house, caught up on laundry, reading and tv. Now I am motivated to tackle closets and our spare room. I feel like I need a clean slate for the new year and my house is the first place I am starting!

ON to more exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COLTS are in the playoffs!
Tucker was excited....we Love football! It hasn't been an easy road this year, but we are in the playoffs
Don't get me wrong...we were nervous!
BUT then we would score and we got excited again!
OMG what a game mom!!! We won!!!