Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Go IT

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I look a pregnant women and always think they are adorable. When I became pregnant I thought I would always find myself cute. Well you don't always feel that way. When your belly button becomes an outty and your boobs are quite as perky, not to mention the growing thighs and butt, you don't' always feel "cute"

I wouldn't trade this pregnancy for the world, but anytime you gain weight your self esteem seems to knock down a few notches.

Don't get me wrong...Nate tells me how gorgeous I am every single day and I eat it up. Strangers tell me I am so cute...I eat it up. However, there are those few people(mostly men) who make the comments " Man you sure are getting big " .
Sounds like a man doesnt it? I just smile and say.. Yes... the baby is growing everyday.
What I want to say is " Come on dumb ass, I am pregnant...of course I will not be getting any smaller"! I never let them bother me though because the only time gaining weight is ok is during pregnancy..and honestly I love eating what I want and sitting around not sucking my belly in

So this morning when I was on my morning run for sweet tea, I heard a whistle noise coming from beside me. I was in my car (so you can only see my face and chest) and was wondering what that sound was. I turned and there was a group of men pumping gas beside me and smiling ear to ear. (ok imagine 3 older construction works, some with teeth some not...I am not talking about Brad Pitt whistling here)

They were whistling at ME...ME?
I couldn't believe...I hadn't heard a whistle in so long that I wasn't sure what the sound even was.

I know they could only see my face and chest (which has doubled in size), but I hadn't been looked at by a group of men in 6 months ........and I gotta admit it made me smile. Now I know the minute I would have stepped out of the car they would have been embarrassed.

So for today....I held my head a little higher because knowing you are 6 months pregnant and Still Got It can make a women feel good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

24 Weeks

Six months...seriously? I can't believe I have been carrying this baby boy for six months. I would say time flies but it really hasn't? I know these next 14 weeks will fly by. YES I said 14 weeks....because I will deliver early (38 weeks or so) I only have 14 or so weeks left. When we count down by weeks I kinda start to freak out.

He is really kicking these days. He is kicking so hard that you can see his legs kick through my clothes. This is awesome to watch and let others watch

He has also seemed to find a very comfortable spot right above my bladder..nice

He still craves Taco Johns...hey I give him what he wants right?

The shots are going fine still....Nate just sticks me very early in the morning so I am not totally awake and aware of what is happening.ha

At my 6 months check up they said he weighed 1lb 9oz. Wow..almost 2 lbs. If I was to carry full term I would be scared of what he would weigh?

This past week I have really started to freak out b/c the nursery hasn't been touched. We have no baby bed, no crib bedding, NOTHING at all picked out. The painting will take some time and not to mention I am not supposed to help!!! It will be time to register this coming month and we have a lot to do. So, I have a list this week of what needs to be done. Nate graciously agreed to do whatever we need this week ( I think he is scared of me) to get us on track!

Also I have gained 16 lbs. Yes I thought it was waaayyy more than that but the doctor said I am right on track. I am not sure what I am on track to be...fat I guess?

Still no name..I know the suspense is killing everyone especially me. I told Nate that this week we are picking a name. People have been asking so they can get things ready for the shower...and I love love personalized gifts so I will for sure be giving them a name.

No picture this week....just imagine two weeks ago and bigger!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July Bdays

The month of July is full of birthdays. Its all boy birthdays in July and these boys happen to be some of my very favorite men.

First and foremost...the most wonderful man ever was born on the very first day of July. Nathan you have on more year in your 20's before you are over that hump. We have celebrated the last 4 birthdays together and I couldn't ask for anything more. I could get all mushy here on everyone, but we all know you are my best friend, comedian, and the love of my life. I wasn't sure I knew what love was until I met you. Thanks for being an awesome "Dad" already! I know you will be so incredible to baby D.

(Here is Nate with our Nephew Cooper)

Speakin of Cooper, this little jewel has his big FIRST Birthday this week. I can't believe it has been a year since he was born. He was the baby of the family and now he is almost walking. Cooper has the personality to charm over anyone. He always always has a smile on his face and one day he will be fun to watch in Football! Happy First!!!

(Aunt KK and Cooper ....last year)

(Cooper at 10 months)

My dad has a birthday in July also, I wont give out his age but he still feels 18. You could say I am a daddy's girl, I usually only had to bat one eye at him to get what I wanted. We always had a special bond since I am the only daughter. I could get all mushy on this one too, but he everyone knows he was my coach, my first and only guy love and the best dad around. So Happy Birthday Dad!

Another favorite boy...oh wait...MAN of mine is my little brother Klayton. I can't believe how grown up he has become. He turned 20 yesterday. I have always had a special bond with Klayton, I was 7 years older than him and kinda helped raise him. Next year is the big 21 and can't wait!
(Myself, Klayton and Kraig....siblings)

Last but no least, my best guy friend. We have known each other since we were 4 years old and grew up together. We didn't always see eye to eye and sometimes he annoyed the crap out of me, but I think thats because we were more like brother and sister. So happy bday Gar....

(Me and Garrett on his wedding day)

So that's a mouth full, but here they all are..most of my favorite MEN

Monday, July 20, 2009


People have been birthing babies for many many centuries.

I have known several several close friends, family and other women who have had boy babies for many centuries.

One thing I have never seen are these things

A Pee Pee Tee Pee?

I had no idea these things existed nor have I ever seen anyone use these. I can imagine me taking Baby D to Target and not only dragging out the diapers, wipes and trying to change him on one of those plastic gross changing tables while him screaming BUT also dragging out one of these tents and trying to get it to stay put?

So maybe I am not giving them a fair shot...maybe the are worth the $20.00 you will pay for them? All I know is we made it for years with out them and I am sure a diaper would do the same thing?

Does anyone use these..if so let me hear how they are worth that money?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pregnancy tears

The only part of pregnancy that I haven't been fond off (other than morning sickness) is the hormone rages! I can deal with fatigue, weight gain, not one thing in your closet to wear and so on but the hormones are crazy.

I cry at the drop of a hat or I should say a drop of a spoon. Last night I was making dinner for hubby and couldn't seem to hold on to anything. I dropped the butter, dropped the lid to the pan but when I dropped the spoon I lost. Literally cried. You should have seen Nate's face....priceless

Sometimes I sit at my computer at work, looking up something or reading something and just cry (maybe because I am scared?).

I have always been sensitive but lately its more. People hurt my feelings easy. Very easy. I often cry when I think someone has offended me.

Last night when I got home from work.....I just took a good 5 minutes and let out a good cry. Just because I thought I needed a cry.

Tuesday, Nate and I were talking nursery plans and I got overwhelmed because nothing had been done...guess what..I cried! (but he really likes my nursery ideas when I cry :))

But this week there has been a lot going on, I wont bore you with all of it, but everyday there seems to be more bad news that hits my plate. So I deserve to cry.

So if you happen to see me out or hear the sadness in my voice, just blame it on the hormones and know that naturally I am not a cry baby!

I think I wi

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer loving

Summer is one of my favorite seasons...probably my favorite! Yes Fall comes in a close second and this year since baby boy will arrive it might even cast over summer. But I need to remember the reasons I love summer...especially this summer! (These are in no particular order)

First up: The Pool!!! This is the third year for mine and hubby's pool and it was worth every penny. When its 100 degrees here in Missouri and 125 with humidty this is our saving grace

Here is Liam last year enjoying the pool

Second: Fruit...fresh fruit! Oh and don't' forget the vegetables! Anything fresh and from a garden just makes summer time that much better. I am going to try and make a peach pie (homemade) this week!

Third: Sweet Tea...this needs no explanation!
Fourth: My family is always together...but we like to spend even more time together in the summer months! Just something about being outside with family makes it that much better

Fifth: Small town picnics!!! Aren't these things the best. I am talking about corn dogs, beer stands, petting zoo's, tractor pulls, turtle races...! You see everyone, great friends and those people you try to avoid.

Sixth: Cocktails, beers, martini's....although this year mine are all non alcoholic! There isn't a better time to drink a cold drink than on a hot summer day.

Seventh: This year alone..BABY shopping! I love doing all the baby shopping and planning a new room to decorate!

Eighth: Summer vacations!! Although this year we bought a car and are having a baby in place of a big summer vacation...a little get a way is still well worth it!

Ninth: The sun staying out till 8:30. We love sitting on the patio talking about our days, and in the summer we usually are never in the house before 8:30. I hate it getting dark in the Fall before I get off work.

Tenth: There is NO hunting seasons in summer. Being married to a man who loves to hunt, this is important! I am first priority instead of ducks, deer or turkey!

There are more reason for my love of Summer Time, but I wont bore you anymore.

Why do you Love/ Not love Summer?

Friday, July 10, 2009

22 Weeks

Here are my lovely 22 Week pictures!!! They still aren't the best quality because by the time Nate gets home I have changed into my old rags..and nobody needs to see those pictures.
Full shot..and you get a little of my bathroom
I decided you couldn't tell how BIG I was with the black shirt so I did a pink one!
There he is...

Please disregard the way the bathroom was morning time people and I am always always running behind!

Now the floor is open...Do you have any questions. Any at all? About pregnancy or completely not about pregnancy. I will answer anything.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Half way There!!!

Pregnancy 101: I have a belly picture but you will have to wait till tomorrow. I know most of you will lose sleep over not seeing it but I forgot my camera! While I have no picture, I will be updating you on my pregnancy 101.

  • I am not afraid to tell you I am big. I have gained 15 lbs-16 lbs. I feel like I have gained 2685 lbs. I know everyone does different things during pregnancy and everyone gains differently. I want to look pregnant. I want strangers to ask when I am due because I have waited for this.
  • I can still wear 3 pair of my regular trouser jeans!!! I wear them low on my hips and I am sure they are stretched to the max, but yet they are still my regular jeans. I go for the maternity jeans usually though..for 2 reasons: they look like regular jeans AND they are sooooo comfortable!!! I want to wear maternity jeans the rest of my life.
  • I have stretched and stretched my shirts. I wear nothing real cute...b/c I am not spending tons of money on this belly. I buy most of my tops in large or maternity..and almost all of my shirts come from Target!!! I love Target and I love their maternity shirts
  • I eat like a pig. The doctor said that the lovenox shots make me hungry all the time and I may gain more weight. Well..I am glad she cleared that up.
  • I am OVER half way there...literally. I will be induced by 38 weeks or so because of my blood clotting condition so I am well on my way.
  • I still crave Taco Johns. I could eat it everyday. I never ever ate Taco Johns before pregnancy...pretty sure I didn't even know where it was located. Now the drive thru lady knows me by name...Pregnant girl. I think its the spicy food I enjoy..anything that is hot and spicy I enjoy.
  • I do not work out. Not at all. I am anemic so I have no energy to do anything..I barely make it off the couch at night. I even bought a maternity fit video to help me along...never been out of the package!
  • I have shopped some but not as much as I thought I would. Boys are easy and I love that!!!!!!!!
  • I still can't decide on a either a BOB jogging stroller or a Graco travel stroller with car seat??
  • The nursery. I had this preppy, modernized nursery set picked out. I guess the city girl came out. Then hubby steps in, it is a boy, and wanted something that looked more like a little boy...something that would fit the farmer in him. I think I will let him win. It is a boy. As I have been brain storming I think I can pull of the look of both city girl and country boy.
  • I will tell you the name might start with a "T". See what you can come up with? ( those who know keep your mouth closed)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catching UP!

I had a great ...GREAT...4 day weekend. Here is the wrap up: We swam, We ate, we visited with all my family and his and we swam and ate some more.

The 4th of July was held at our house. It was a hit. With a $400 firework display (thanks Klayton) we had great entertainment.

I am 21 1/2 weeks pregnant this week. That seems crazy!!! This little boy is very active. He is doing flips all day long it seems. Nate hasn't been able to catch many kicks (which upsets him) but I feel them all day. I had another ultrasound last week and everything is progressing great.
We haven't agreed on a name totally nor have we agreed on bedding. I need to know the secret women..HOW do you get your husbands to agree on bedding for the nursery?? We are working on it, but haven't totally agreed and we may need to start on the nursery soon?

I guess having a vacation day last week and only a 3 day week is really making me sluggish at work so far. I will be posting more updates tomorrow!