Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funny SH**!!

-Its 107 degrees here in good Ol' Missouri! I can't complain much...I work in an office on my butt everyday and my poor husband is outside in this heat ALL day!!! I mean I break a sweat walking to the mail box so I really pitty him during this season. Just another point to add to the list of why we LOVE him soooo much and appreciate him even more!!!
-Being that its 107 guess how much I have been walking/running! Yep, thats 0 times in 1 1/2 weeks. If I could just get my lazy butt up in around 5:00 I could get going in the morning. My only problem is I HATE mornings and alarms. I stay up way later than anyone in my household for the simple reason that I want ME time. After having family time..then husband/wife time..i want ME time. Sometimes I am still doing laundry, sometimes bad reality tv or reading or just thinking. BUT by gosh its my time! so that means I am already late to bed 11-12...and up at 6.
-So all the rambling basically means I need to just tough it out and run in the heat or get my butt up earlier right?? OR better a treadmill that we have NO room for in our mouse size home :)
- I keep reading about all these ppl eating clean?? Do u guys live off of chicken and lettuce. I dont' get cheese in your life..or bread?? I mean I am trying to convert our family into better eating, and this is in baby steps because if you jump to fast it will fail i believe. BUT eating like rabbits forever...I just don't know? Kudos's to you guys/gals
-The we have some funny kids. Tucker is always cracking us up lately. His biggest thing is always saying things are amazing. Its so funny to hear a tiny voice say "Thats amazing".  He is a poool bug lately..he thinks its a bathtub at night which totally works for me..I mean I might have gave him that idea?? So his little hair is bleached white from the sun...truly looks like he came outta Cali right now...until he talks with that southern draw and ppl know its not true.
-Saylor Kate is up and rocking on those wont be long and she will up off and crawling. Which means I need to sweep my floor more
- This week I have been ORGANIZING my life. Do you gals feel like if your car and house are a wreck than your life is too. I mean even when my desk is a total wreck at work I feel flustered. So, a room a night is my plan. Basically things have been busy so we have been just putting things away and not where they belong and NOT taking the time to do it nicely. So a room or 2 a night I am cleaning drawers, organizing closets and cabinets and such. I am NOT cleaning but just organizing....getting life back in order. Then when I go to give that mouse house a good cleaning it will flower EASIER!! U get it??
- So, not sure where this energy came from...but I just get up to ears and almost in tears until its done....usually twice a year and man it FEELS SO GOOD once its done.  So i will reward myself with alone time in the pool Friday or a pedicure IF I complete the whole house...(which is small guys so no big deal)

Grocery shopping FUN!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tid Bits!

From now blogs will be about catching up on life in general. There is NO time to actually write anything entertaining or appealing and besides, this is for my keepsake anyways right??

Saylor-kate is six months old. I swear I blinked and it happened.  Saylor is rolling every where, scooting on her belly, sitting up on her own and playing, eating every baby food in site, taking a sippy cup and still just a tiny little sweet heart! She smiles and then looks away and buries her head like she is shy...this is the SWEETEST thing EVER EVER!!!! She is all over in her walker but not on her knees yet at all. I looked back at Tucker at 6 months and he was crawling...she has NO desire and I am just fine with that :)

Whoever said a toddler and a baby was a breeze obviously was a drunk lunatic!!! I am not sure anyone ever said that but its not easy. Going from one kid to 2 kids is like riding a bike up hill backwards. Ya'll get is work! But I enjoy this "job" of mine soooo much!!!I like my crazy life. I like my laundry piled to the ceiling, dirty dishes and dirty floors. OK, that was a OCD hates all of those things, BUT my mind and heart tells me they are only young once. So I am learning and laughing and enjoying these 2 small blessings

Tucker is in the terrible almost 3's. He has always been such a good kid, and believe me at his worst he is still good compared to some stories I hear. He is potty trained ALMOST....he is still scared of the pooping?? Don't get that at all....and talking up a storm. I mean saying things that make people blush!!! But he is STILL such a good big brother and still has his mommas heart in his hands. I cry tears when I spank him most of the time, he deserves it but it hurts me so much!!!!!

Did I tell you guys my dog finally got hit on the highway. Dang thing always wanted to chase cars...well not anymore. One finally got him, he lived to tell about it and NOW finally he is scared of cars. LIke we really needed an 80lb bloodhound right/?

I am trying to run..and by trying I mean 3 times a week I am walking/running for 30 minutes. We live on a hill...I run down hill and walk up. I am getting there. I am not saying I will stick with it, but my hips ain't lying when I say I need to drop 10lbs.

On the other hand..I am addicted to macaroni salad. It is my favorite dish this summer so far. AND the store bought kind at that...weird right?

Magic was alright. I could watch Channing Tatum dance all day LONG, but the story was lame! The excitement was well worth it though.

Last weekend we had a big kid trip to STL. We took Tucker to a Cardinal game and to Six Flags. I swear Nate and I had just as much fun ...we are such kids :)

Told ya this was random...Here are some recent pics!!!