Monday, August 30, 2010

Every 3 hours

My weekend went like this...
Tylenol.....sleep....clinge to momma....cry...slobber....Motrin....Antibotics.....sleep on the couch, Crick in the cries, momma in tears of sleep depervation.....Motrin...Antibotics..........................................................UP at 2 in the morning wanting to play...................................WONT put himself to sleep in his bed anymore because I let him cuddle with me all weekend from being sick.....................Up at again in the middle of the night laughing at me and wanting to

There you have it folks. I have never been so ready to get to work and just sit on my butt and not worry about meds or teeth or snot or diapers. I miss him ...I do...but it is a nice little break!

Tucker had a sinus infection with teeth cutting on top of that! I couldn't even shower this weekend without reinforcement.

And to top it off....I have to start ALL over with sleep training. Tucker doesn't want to lay in his bed after this weekend. He would wake up in the middle of the night with a high fever so I had to get him outta bed distribute Tylenol and then we laid together until the fever went back down. Now, what was I supposed to do??? I couldn't just let the baby suffer in bed and be I broke the sleep training. Any suggestions for getting him back on routine???

I am looking forward to a better weekend this weekend......maybe

Friday, August 27, 2010

9 month check up

I have to keep my standards set high for my "Mother of the Year" award, so I was 3 weeks late (meaning Tucker is closer to 10 months than 9) for his 9 month check up. Everything we heard from the doctor looks great!!! Tucker is 22lbs (he slimmed down ALOT with all this walking) and he is 29 3/4 inches tall. WE are 76% in weight and height! They are impressed by his walking skills and he has 7 teeth and doing all kinds of jabbering.
Ever heard the saying" It takes 9 months to have a baby and 9 months to get over having a baby"?? YEP lets talk about that.
I have to admit this is somewhat true. I always thought at 4 months I would look like a model....then when that didn't' happen I just knew at 6 months I would be working out all the time, eating right and look like a model. Well shoot...that hasn't' happened at all. At 9 months I still don't have a model body, I eat what I want and I never work out. Unless laundry is working out??? But, I gained tons of weight with Tucker. I am telling you ladies I was a whale. I know I gained over 50-55 lbs. Yep, I was large and in charge. The best news after 9 months is I am happy with my weight now. I weigh about the same as I did before pregnancy. The worst part, my body will never be the same. I am FINALLY ok with never having my old body. I am ok with the wrinkled stomach, cellulite and all the beautiful stretch marks. I am ok with looking in the mirror and still feeling fat. YEP, totally ok with that. Why am I ok with it?? I got to the point where I was worrying about my body, weight, etc too much. I want to enjoy baby kisses and playing instead of wasting my energy worrying. And besides, Nate still love me ( I think??) I know we will have more kids one day and I swear I will loose all the weight after that.
YOu believe me right??

Monday, August 23, 2010


August 19th 2010. The day of Hope. A day to remember miscarriages and all the babies that aren't here with us

Even though I don't talk about it here....I think about the 2 babies that aren't here with Nathan and I. I think about having a baby that is 2 and one that is over a year old. They are dancing now and being rocked in one of those big comfy rocking chairs( hey, I have my own picture of Heaven).

I remember those other who have loved and lost or never loved at all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

last weekend and teeth

Its Tuesday, I am running off 3.5 hours of sleep I suppose and my question is "why is Tucker teething like he is a newborn again"? I know babies teeth at all ages, but he was up every hour on the hour and had to sleep propt up on the chair with me. Now how can anyone truly rest like that?? No you can't, so we are both tired and bit cranky. But don't worry....daddy got plenty of rest in the big bed all by himself. So if he winds up missing tonight you know...I am not bitter at all.....someone should probably check the fresh dirt in the backyard. But seriously, teething at nine months....should it be this bad??

On to better things. This weekend was great. My husband (the one I now want to bury alive) and I went on a great date. We ate our favorite Italian food and went to the movie theatre. YES this is a huge deal. We haven't been to the movies in 3 years, yep...3 years! We watched "The Grownups". It was ok, kinda funny but kinda dumb. Sunday was a family day for the 3 of us. There is nothing better than a family day on Sundays!

And since I had a lot of time to think last night since I couldn't sleep...I have decided fall can come anytime!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little champ

This picture needs no words, but I am a women of a LOT of words so I can't leave it blank.....

Tucker you are 9 months old today. Its hard for me to write those words or even say them. You are a walking machine. This walking thing all started around 8 months and now you are really on the move. You don't enjoy crawling at all....nope straight walking for you. You are doing a lot of jabbering also! I hear mommma all the time come out of your sweet, but full of teeth, mouth and it truly is the best sound in the world. Speaking of have 6, but are working on having 2 more very very soon. Your smile is a glimpse of heaven, and even your cry makes my heart skip a beat. I can't believe you are 9 months old....WHAT..where did time go.? I thank God for you daily champ(your nickname sometimes from mom and dad).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The debate

Tucker is a big boy. He has always been 75% in both height and weight. So now is the time to get a new car seat. The little carrier is just not cutting it. So I ordered this Britax. Well because I thought Britax was supposed to be the best

Its cute, its practical and it has great ratings. I wanted something comfy, something he could sleep in still comfortably and something with good ratings.

Well then I saw this!!!

It has side airbags people?

But are those side airbags better than the regular side impact protection??? Is it comfortable?

I am not worried about money...not that I have a lot because I am always broke anyways...but for the simple fact the carseat I pick will get used because I plan on using it for all the kiddos in the future (if and how many ).

Help on this would be great. I had heartburn for 5 hours today and I know its because I was worrying about carseats all day!

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Red

Am I really at a place in my life when I talk about what color Tucker's crap is? YES, that time is now. I have had at least 6, probably more like 8 conversations about shit today. (yes I said shit)Here at work, to daycare, to the doctor's office, the pharmacy, to my sister in law and to my mom.

I remember the days of talking about Stilettos, or where I got my new designer purse. Oh yes I remember those days.

Now I talk about crap. Red crap, normal doesn't matter.

Tucker is fine, his crap is fine, we are all going to make it.

And I would trade any pair of stiletto's for talking about crap these days too! Yep that's right...any pair, even those cute zebra ones.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

outta town

We finally got a mini vacation in over the weekend. It was a nice little family getaway to Branson, MO. Now a year ago I would have told you I got TONS of rest, tons of eating and I am tired today at work only because I was used to being lazy on vacation. Well this year was a little different. When you take a very active 8 month old on vacation you get tons of screaming, tons of giggles and tons of sleepless nights! Tucker was a GREAT GREAT baby during the whole trip. He traveled great, and was a happy camper the whole time. He didn't sleep the greatest, but he did sleep.....he was just up early every morning (5:45) with a big grin on his face ready to tackle the day.

We played in the water a lot on vacation and ate out a lot. I don't' think I ever truly enjoyed a whole meal though, well because my son is a hoss and loves to eat so you have to constantly shovel food in his face. But here are a couple pictures to enjoy

P.S..none of these pictures are taken with my new was hot, the camera is big so the point and shoot worked out better. But I hate not using it