Thursday, May 27, 2010

I appologize

I always say I will get WAY better at blogging and then I slack off. The truth is, the last week has been difficult. Tucker has had a horrible ear infection for the last two weeks. Screaming all night, moaning from pain. He hasn't slept, I haven't slept more than 4 hours at a time each night. I am living on coffee and junk food. Its been bad on all of us. The worst thing is you can't so anything to make him feel better. So we try to console him or bounce him around the room, rock hm, take him outside, hold him constantly but nothing seems to work. BUT Tucker is a healthy 6 month old besides his ear, so I have to focus on that more than anything. I am lucky to HAVE a baby and to have a baby that is healthy, growing and striving. I will take the ear aches any day to have Tucker here and doing great!!! I often remember to stay positive because I know so many are having infertility problems or are struggling with major health issues with their babies. So what is a little ear ache to someone with real health problems. Friday we are getting TUBES!!! Praise the LORD! Woohoo. I am ready as I am sure Tucker is too, for some tubeness.

Oh a brighter note:
The pool is Open and ready
My flowers are all planted and striving
I am having a jewelry party/girls time this Friday and I can't wait
I am taking a mini vacation this weekend to St.Louis with my parents. Just one night away and we will do plenty of eating and shopping and showing Tucker some sites (the hubby can't go b/c we have a rent house in the works that HAS to be finished soon :()
Next Friday is TUBE day.

See you just have to look on the bright side sometimes:)

Friday, May 21, 2010


3 blog stories last week and 0 blog stories this week...sporadic to say the least. I feel like I have been busy..but enjoying it.

Our evening are filled with ball games.... nieces, nephews and cousins....there could be a ball game to watch every night if I wanted to. We don't though, its too much for Tucker

Speaking of Tucker. We have another ear ache this week. I think this is 8 in 3-4 months. We are on meds again until we get tubes June 4th. I can't wait for TUBES!!! Tucker is a great baby, sleeps well, never fussy unless she is sick. And we are sick a lot. So I can't even imagine that angel he will be after tubes. He has been waking up with the roosters the last couple mornings (4:30-5:30) and I believe its because he is cutting all his teeth at once. It started last week or the week before with both his bottom teeth. So this morning as I was getting a look I see white all over his top. So it looks like we will have a full head of teeth soon. Bring on the steak and potatoes.

Tuck is soooo close to crawling and I just know it will happen at daycare when I am not around and I will cry :(. He is all the way up on all 4's(like a dog) and any minute he is gone. I think when he does crawl that will be it...I will never be able to find this over active child.

6 months is for sure a FUN age. Teeth, lots of movement and a true personality. I kinda want to bottle him up and save him this way.

Have a GREAT weekend. Temps should be in the 80s this weekend and we are opening the POOL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Half a Year

Tucker Joseph turns 6 months old today. Its crazy how time flies. Everyone always told me to soak it all up because it goes so fast and I am a little stubborn and NEVER listen so I didn't. Well, I am here to tell you it goes fast...very fast.

Its funny how when he smiles I see myself in him. We have the exact same smile :) Everything else in him his is dad made over though.

I dont' do a month to month post on him in my blog. I do it private. I keep a journal and write a letter to him each month. I let him know how he is such a BIG eater and he weighs a big 20lbs! I tell him all about his ear aches.....we have had 6 in 3 months. I also tell him I hope that gets better soon because we are scheduled for tubes June 4th. Its not that I don't want to spread this amazing news with everyone but I want Tucker and our friends and family to be able to cherish this journal when I publish it for his first birthday. Besides I am not sure how many of you want to read a monthly blog on my baby?

Food is your favorite thing! You also love to spit it at me and sling the spoon across the room. You are soooo much fun right now. You can sit up alone and you often get on your knees like you are going to crawl. When I ordered a perfect baby from God he gave me you :). You sleep great at night and have the best personality.You are a busy body. Everyone says you will walk at 10 months. You love the walker and can follow me anywhere in it.

Your dad is kinda fond of you too. We can't imagine our lives without you and you are truly the most awesome thing in the whole wide world.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toot the Horn

I haven't Tooted my horn about March of Dimes yet
Kailee's Team took first place this year with 2600.00!!!!!!!! WOOOHOO is all I can see. Kailee was under the weather that day and couldn't walk but we thought about her the whole day!!!! The rain held off this year and we were able to get some walking done!

Now this just screams 1st place team doesnt' it......?

Walking to Save Babies NEVER gets tiring!

Monday, May 10, 2010

1ST Mom's Day

My moms day was spent with this cutie...

We spent the day just like we should every Sunday....A little family all together ALL day. It was perfect! I am sooo lucky to have Tucker and I thank God for him everyday. He made me this adorable card from daycare with his little tiny feet in it. I cried when I saw (after I got in my car that is). Oh we also suprised my mom and Nate's mom with fab gifts. The props to living 5 minutes from both our parents is spending important days with them :)

My boys..checking out our cattle. I am sure Nate is telling him something like this "One day Tucker this could all be yours" OR " I can't wait till you can run these cattle with me"