Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marching on

March for Babies is a little over a month away and I have to get busy!!!
  • I have been working on the annual letter that goes will go out today -check
  • I will send out all business letters today for donations-check
  • This year every person that donates money recieves a lotto card. The saying attatched to the lotto card says " With every donation you are giving a baby HOPE to be born healthy, we are giving you a ticket and HOPE that you scratch and win" Cute right???- I need to get lotto tickets soon!!!
  • I am giving away a dontated (hopefully) gift card to one lucky winner. Anyone who donates over $100.00 recieves their name in a drawing to win a mysterious gift card- Need to get the gift card
  • I need to put out all my buckets to collect money

I am ordering shirts this week if anyone wants one. I think they will be bright yellow and have the basic design as last years did!!! $10.00 a piece and we will all match when we walk! Those orders will be turned in on Friday March 27th, 2009!!

I basicly wrote this to keep me on track of what all I have done and what I still need to do. If anyone has any more ideas let me know....!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our FABULOUS Las Vegas trip has been postponed........

I know, I couldn't believe we had to postpone it either, I mean I built it up to all of you just like I was taking everyone with me....

Hubby owns his own business and we have to work around his schedule, and well his schedule sucks (hehe)! So we will be pushing Vegas back a month or so.

Also, I want to take vacation time in April to visit my family in Louisiana, soooo, I need to save some of my vacation time for that

This month is crazy big brother turned 30 and we are having a party this weekend, March For Babies walk is fastly approaching, spring cleaning must be done the month of April....and so much more on my plate right now!

I can keep making excuses and it doesn't help because its still sad we aren't going this month...BUT we will go gosh. dang. it. We will go soon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Macey Lou Dirnberger

December 16, 2006-----Febuary 2009

I can finally grief for Macey. We found her last night in the neighbors pond. She was walking on ice and slipped in and couldn't fight her way out. I have cried all night BUT in a way I feel a bit relieved. I finally have the answers I have been looking for and I know that someone isn't hurting her. She is chasing balls in doggie heaven (cause I believe there really IS a place). She will be greatly missed. My niece and nephews will make me a beautiful tombstone for her to be buried in the back yard so she will always be will us. Our new dog Daisy does NOT replace her but only makes me realize how much she will be just like Macey. I just wanted everyone to know and thanks for all the prayers! Daisy is making her way into our hearts but never will she be our Macey Dog!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's GO Time

Its time to get busy. Time to stop sitting around and start raising money...May 2nd will be here before we know it and we must start raising money NOW! I am going to check on shirts for our "Team Kailee" tomorrow. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that the company will donate the shirts again and I can charge a measly $10 to purchase one.

We will also be having a yard sale Saturday April 4th and all money will go to March of Dimes. This isn't going to be regular yard sale, its gonna be more like a small department store. We have people from all around us donating their gently used items. When I say gently used I mean very nice furniture, baby items and cloths (many with tags on them). If you are in the Cape Girardeau area April 4th you must stop by and see us. We will also have baked goods, coffee and water to sell.

I will be giving anyone who donates $20 or more a lotto ticket. We hope you will have good luck scratching it.....and you will be giving us hope for babies!

Everyone who donates $100.00 or more (including businesses) will have their name put in a drawing to win a gift certificate. I am not sure what kind of gift certificate to give away yet ( I need something versatile..ideas?) but it will be a $50.00 value

We are looking to work concession stands as well to raise money! My team is go getting I promise and we want to raise $2500.00 this year!!!

If you can't give, and simply want to walk Saturday May 2nd or help me push my team along I would graciously consider all help!

These are the plans I have for now. I am excited to get moving now that its March and hope to meet our goal.

If anyone has suggestions on fundraising or wants to help please let me know. A big thanks to first online donation and fellow blogging friend! I am also willing to ship "Team Kailee" tee-shirts to anyone who is interested in buying one.....who can't use a great tee-shirt anyways!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Daisy Mae.........
I adopted DAISY on Sunday from our Local Humane Society. I was not paying money for a dog when there are soo soo many that needed to be adopted. Daisy is a mix of golden retrieve and Lab(we think). She has won my heart over. My mother also adopted Daisy's sister who is just as sweet but without a name right now!!! Daisy has giant paws and looks to be a big dog considering she is only 11 weeks old. I am so excited about our new addition (Hubby wasn't so convinced but he will love her just the same).

How could you pass up this face??

Daisy will never replace my beloved Macey, but she will fill an empty hole in my heart! I love her already! She is playing outside today in her big huge kennel with her big comfy bed and all the food she can enjoy!