Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching up

* Surprising enough, getting back into the work force hasn't been horrible like I thought. I enjoy my adult time but I miss both my babies like crazy.  Although my nights are hectic...super, baths, sleep routines and then I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!
* Saylor-Kate has been sleeping GREAT. Its usually 6-9 hours at a time and most of the time its 8 hours straight. Only on rare occasions is it 6 hours.
* Saylor is cooing, and smiling and watching every move we make. She follows are voices and LOVES to watch Tucker play. She hold her head up very well so she spends a lot of time in her bumboo chair
*Tucker is potty training. Daycare started it and he does great with them and just ok with me. I am often pretty busy and forget to ask him if he needs to potty???
*Its funny how life changes, but now on the weekends all we want to do is stay home and have NO plans. Everyone is tired and just wants to spend time together as a family :)
* Easter is coming up....I am trying to gather outfits for everyone now. I have always gotten excited about Easter outfits and such and having a boy and a girl to dress just adds to the fun. I just received Saylor's personalized Easter Basket that matched Tucker's the other day to feel them with Reece's eggs. OMG, those are GREAT!
*Speaking of Easter, we have had amazing weather and we are outside all the time. So you can imagine how dusty my house since we are NEVER in it. Or how little I am making dinner these days .
* I am thinking of vacations...I can't believe its already time for little family get a ways.
* Saylor-Kate starts going to the daycare Tucker attends tomorrow. My mom has had her thus far, but honestly its a lot of commuting and as much as she LOVES kids (and she is the only baby in the baby class) she will love it there. They will help with a good schedule and they really are like family.
*Pintrest....that's ALL I seem to do lately. And it makes me want to buy things so I need to STOP!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 1st family photo...this was RIGHT after Saylor-Kate's delivery!! It went much smoother this time :)
 OH MY...those lips!
 Our little bird...............
 2nd day in the hospital
 8 weeks OLD
 Tucker is such a GREAT big brother
 1st Mardi Gras...7 weeks
 3 weeks old..she is scared for her life..haha
Super bowl Sunday

It was sooo worth the wait right?
I am back at work now..its bitter sweet. I enjoy getting out and I enjoy the adult time. I miss my kiddos though. BUT my mom has Saylor so I know she is in good hands so there for I don't worry at all. And Tucker is learning and striving at daycare as usual. So it is nice!!!
I am back in blog expect lots of updates on my life