Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Fun

I found this post over on Life is Beautiful -- so I wanted to play.

1. What are the last 3 things you purchased?*
-Corned Beef for Supper tonight
- A sweet Tea
-My Awesome Grocery Bags

2. What are the last 3 songs you downloaded?*
-I haven't done this in forever but I guess ...George Strait's New Hit
-Jason Alden...anything
- Tim McGraw.....Its almost Rodeo time so I am all about Country music

3. Where were the last 3 places you visited?
-Cape Girardeau
-Benton, MO

4. What are your 3 favorite movies?
-Cold Mountain
-Anchor Man
-Sex in the City

5. What are your 3 favorite possessions?
-My Wedding set
-My pearls
-Macey Dog

6. What 3 things can you not live without?
-My family and Friends are number 1
-My Chi Straightener
-Jewelry....lots of gody jewelry

7. What would be your 3 wishes?
-to not have to work full time and be at stay at home mom one day
-to finish my degree without working also
-to no worry like I do about everything..I mean everything under the sun..right now I am worried if I can roll my windows up in time if rain comes...and its sunny outside

8. What are 3 things you have not done yet?
-finished school
-gone to Italy
-become a mom..

9. What are your 3 favorite dishes?
-BBQ anything/ sweet corn

10. What 3 celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?
-Jessica Simpson
-the whole Friends cast
-Peyton Manning

11. Name 3 things that freak you out.
-48 hour shows
-the dark
-clowns.....I am just scared of everything

12.If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

13. Name 3 unusual things you are good at.
-knowing (pointless) celebrity gossip

14. What are 3 things you are currently coveting?
- Book cases for my spare room
-New jeans
-My eyebrows waxed...ha

15. What 3 bloggers would you like tag?If you read this, you are tagged...

Monday, July 28, 2008


What a bitter Sweet moment for me Friday, although I have had trouble in the last couple of weeks my Sister in Law gave us a brand new bundle of joy to love.

COOPER KYLE 6LBS 14 OZ 20INCHES!!!! He is a bright eyed sweet heart! Jin was induced Friday morning and Coop made his arrival around 12:45! Everyone is so excited to meet him!

Liam approves!!!!!

Kailee approves!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hopefully by tomorrow at this time we will be holding a healthy, adorable baby boy!!! We are all so anxious to see him and meet him. I am not sure if his brother and sister realize that their world is going to change soon, but soon enough they will know!

Tonight is the dreaded eye doctor appt. The check-up, contacts, glasses and such. The company that I work for is great about medical insurance, we dont' hardly pay a penny.....but they dont' offer dental or vision. With Nathan have his own business we don't dental or vision insurance there either. It so much harder going to get my eyes checked when I know its all out of pocket :(
Anyways, I am looking into Lasic eye surgery. I fiqure rather than paying close to 400.00 a year or more for my eyes, I can get it all taken care of for at least 20 years with Lasic eye surgery. I am a big chicken though and can't stand the thought of that laser coming at me with my eyes open. If anyone has had it done let me know how they like it??? Any need all postive feed back please!!!!! Maybe this could be my last eye appt.
I wont be blogging tomorrow, but will update with pics as soon as I can of baby Cooper!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Sure Friday?

My sister in law just called and her final doctors appt was today. Dr. Carns is on vacation but the doctor that saw her today said if she didn't have baby Cooper before Friday morning that they will induce her Friday at 6:00 a.m. So Friday afternoon we will have a new baby boy to hold and love!!!!!
It will be hard to even imagine what he will look like or how his personality will be since his older brother and sister are so different!!!!! How could we possibly love another just as much as these two?? We will do it..there is enough love around us to share with the new baby for sure!!!! That is great news and I am so excited to meet him this weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 days left

Last night was a success. I got my laundrey caught up and most of my house cleaned. It makes my week flow so nicely when I know my chorus at home are almost finished. Tonight I will only have to complete the dusting and some small organizing I have on my to -do list. We hope we will have baby news tonight but still nothing going on yet??? Come on already!!!!

A friend of my mom's told me a great story last week about Saint Gerard. Saint Gerard is the Saint for all mothers. He is to watch over and pray for expecting mothers, mothers and children and women who want to be mothers. I know there is always a Saint to pray for, for every occasion and I was waiting on someone to tell me about the Saint to all mothers and children. I have been praying to Saint Gerard since last week and I will ALWAYS continue to pray to him for guidance and help as I get pregnant again and have children in the future. There are always rewarding stories people share after praying to a Saint and I am ready to share mine too b/c I know Nathan and I will be blessed again.

My friend bought me a Saint Gerard pendent and I will wear it on a necklace or bracelet forever I hope. I know stories of people who never take them off and feel safe with Saint Gerard with them. I hope to order several more Saint Gerard pendents for several other mothers I know. I know they say to let your children wear them too so they will always be protected.

Just thought I would share this little inspiration with everyone. No matter what Faith, it doesn't hurt to have a little help in praying to a Saint.

I also have the website if anyone is intersted in ordering any pendents..!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


This Nephew of ours still hasn't made it!!!!! We are waiting waiting on him to make his show! I fiqure if I keep myself busy this week like I plan on, house cleaning, laundrey, etc then he will come!

The Details

I wont give all the details but I will give you an over vew of my last week. Monday and Tuesday I started spotting, but only in the mornings. I called and the nurse and she didn't seem that concerned with just a few spots. On Wednesday morning things only got worse and I knew that something had to be wrong. I was bleeding more and most of the day. I went in Wednesday for an ultrasound and blood work. I knew Wednesday night what my body was going through but I waited to hear the Dr. say it for sure. Thursday morning we recieved the call that I had miscarried. If anyone has ever went through this, they know that it can be painful. Thursday was my day of grieving and trying to deal with both kinds of pain. Nathan and I are strong in our faith and we both know this happened for a reason. We are moving forward now and know we will one day be blessed with a baby and this all happens for reason only God knows!

We have a great support team behind us as always and we have been strong and getting through this together. Thanks to all of you who are praying and continue to pray for us as we will start to try for a family again very soon

Since Nathan and I have grieved and we are coping with it very well you will see us in our great moods again because we know God will take care of us and he has a reason for everything!

Friday, July 18, 2008

God had other plans

If you are wondering why my blog is so empty this week it is because I haven't been at work Wednesday or Thursday. God had other plans for us to have a baby this time around. I miscarried Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Nathan and I have come to terms with it and we know it was for a reason. We understand that this was in God's hands and for a very good reason this wasn't supposed to happen this time. We ask that you pray for us so that we can start to try for a family again (after all this is settled of course). We are strong with our faith and we know that he will let us start a family very soon.

I will fill everyone in on our story of the last two days next Monday!! Just keep us in your prayers and we will be fine.

Other news, my nephew will hopefully be here this weekend. My S-I-L is so ready and baby Cooper is ready as well. My brother came in this weekend so hopefully anyday we will have a new baby to hold! :)

Until next week...have a great weekend

Monday, July 14, 2008

Waiting on a baby

Waiting on a baby...just not mine yet!!! My S-I-L should be going into labor anyday. She is dilated to 3 and is very ready. She had Kailee at 34 weeks and she had Liam at 37 weeks and this Wednesday she will be 38 weeks!!! We will start walking every night this week so maybe that baby will be ready to come out. I am super excited to get another nephew and can not wait for him to get here. I carry my camera and a change of clothes in my car at all times just incase he comes while I am already in Cape.

This weekend was very tiring for this ol' pregnant girl!!! With the picnic and work I was very tired yesterday and enjoyed my lazy Sunday. This week is full as well with doctors appts. and such. I will update more later

Friday, July 11, 2008

This week flew by

I am not sure if I was so busy at work this week that I didn't notice how fast this week as gone. I am all caught up here from being on vacation now. I also had tons of energy at home this week too ( i guess the vitamins are sitting in). I am usually so tired all the time but this week I was full of energy. I did all our grocery shopping, cleaned the house, all laundry done, baked a cake, made dinner everynight, read my books, did my pregnancy journal...yes I am feeling the pain now. I was so busy this whole week that now all I want to do is time for that though.

Tonight Nathan and I head straight from work to the New Hamburg Picnic. We are always in charge of the petting zoo. Nathan has been working all week getting ready for this event (he is one of the chairman you know) so he has to be just as tired as I am. We will be there all night tonight, I work tomorrow till 12 then we will be there Saturday all night again. It is very tiring but I love seeing people and catching up with everyone. On Sunday I think I will just sleep the whole day ....zzzzz

I hope I can see some of you guys there this weekend:) Bring the kids to the petting zoo!
Have a great weekend!
Also every Wednesday or Thursday I will be posting a blog about the baby and me. I will update on all my new information and when I start showing I will update pics.....Here ya go Alaina

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Dr. Appt.

Nathan and I woke up very early to make it to our 8:20 appt on Tuesday. We were both very excited and had no idea what was in store for us. Well we might have worked ourselves up a little too much. :) This appt all they needed was family history, a pregnancy test and the nurse talked to us about all the do's and don'ts and gave us a book!!!! It was kinda of disappointing b/c we both expected more. Oh well, I go back next friday the 18th to get all my blood work done and then Monday July 28th I have my first ultrasound already ( Technology is great) and I get to meet Dr. Carnes at that appointment.
So although the first appointment wasn't much, at least we have many more to look forward too!!!! We are so very excited right now and can't wait for this roller coaster of a ride before us!! Everyone keeps asking us what we want for the sex of the baby...well of course we don't care, as long as it is healthy we will be happy with either or. Although, I know Nate would love to have a little boy to be his buddy and as weird as it is I would like to have a little boy first also. I always thought I wanted a little girl, but I just think a boy would be soooo much easier. Also my best friend and my sister in law are both having little boys with in the next couple of months and I would love for them all to grow up together. Besides...I think I would spend so much more money on a little girl than a boy. But with all these factors it really doesnt' matter to us. We are just excited and will be happy with a healthy baby no matter the sex!!!!

Does anybody have any feelings to what it will be??? Well I know I have already gained some weight in my legs and butt. People say that I haven't, but I know I have. I have felt from day 1 that it would be a girl, but just curious to what others think??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some more......

Some more pictures of the kids swimming during the week....They had a blast!!! Kailee was the only one I didn't get a picture of and she had the most fun. She had a sweet little bikini on and was so sweet in the water but I was always in the water with her so I have no pictuers. I will be sure to post some pics of her soon!!! As we have a couple pictures of my dog Macey and my brothers dog the pond of course :)

My Vacation!!!

We had a great time on our first mini vacation ( the next one will be for our anniversary in destination yet)!!! We headed out for Nashville on Friday and walked the streets of downtown. I love to tour and learn the history so this was perfect for me....Nate got involved with it too:) We toured the Country music hall of fame, President Andrew Jackson's house, Watched the Grand Ole Opry, ate great food and shopped just a little!!! It was a prefect get away and at only at three hour drive I recommend it to anyone. We had a great time and there was plenty to do to keep us busy. The honky Tonk bars downtown are awesome and I am sure after my nine months I will want to go back and enjoy them even more!!!
Here is us at the Grand Ol Opry!!

We arrived back in town on Monday ( june 30th) just in time for Nate's 28th bday!!! We celebrated it will family and cake. The rest of my week off I spend in the pool, shopping, having lunch with the girls and visiting with nieces and nephews. It was great to wake up and not have a thing to do. I kept up with my house, layed in the pool, had lunch for more than an hour and did a lot of girl time!!! I enjoy having vacation with nothing to do. It was just the fix I needed.

The 4th of July was spend with loved ones and friends as well. I can't get enough BBQ during the summer time and being the DD hasn't been that bad :)

I also had my first doctors appt. today.....I will update you on that later. I have been so busy at work and almost no time to blog or do anything. Hopefully it slows down but I will blog about my Dr. appt. later!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am back!!!

I made it back to work...and I am not very happy about it:) I could do the stay at home thing I believe for a couple weeks anyways. I am overloaded at work this morning, but I will update my blog later on this afternoon so check back!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am living it up !

I am still on vacation....thats right, 6 days straight now. Just wanted to tell everyone to have a Happy and Safe July 4th!!!! Are plans for the fourth weekend are laying in the pool, enjoying a little bbq at the Oran 4th of July picnic and shooting fire works with the nieces and nephews. We always find the 4th of July to be relaxing and slow pasted. We have a couple bbq's to attend during the weekend and lots of visiting with family. My whole family will be together over the 4th of July weekend (this is rare since we are so spread out these days, my brother and dad are both coming in for the long weekend) and we will be enjoying each other and the kids before baby Cooper arrives in the next couple of weeks( brother and sister in laws third child).

I can't wait to upload all my pictures from my long relaxed vacation. I will get to those next week sometime :) Have a great long weekend and see ya on Monday

Oh I have my first Dr. Appt. on Tuesday...wooohoo

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad To Be!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, best friend, and dad to be!!!!! Nathan turns the big 28 today, man he is getting old, and we will be celebrating with family over bbq and ice cream!!! What did I get him you ask? Jeans...He needed more casual jeans so I headed to The Buckle last week and got him just what he asked for. Hope he likes them, b/c as most of you know it can break your wallett!!!!
Happy Birthday Nathan!!!