Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tucker's birthday outfit came in the mail yesterday......Wrangler, belt buckle and cowboy boots. I have NEVER seen such a cute butt in wranglers until yesterday. I think I am planning more for his first birthday than I did for my wedding. There isn't a lot of work, just a lot of thinking and planning!!!

I am VERY excited about Halloween!!! Having a little one makes all the holidays a bit more fun I do believe! He is such a CUTE little lion :)

7 more paychecks till Christmas...can u believe it??? That means I need to start buying now but fresh outta ideas. However, I already have my Christmas cards picked out. AND I saw my Christmas tree in the shed yesterday and thought about the battle it will bring. There will be a lot of NO's, Don't touch that, leave that alone, OMG Tucker just pulled down the tree. Yep I can see it now.

Charlie Brown's Pumpkin show comes one tonight and I am WAY more excited than I should be.

Its finally fall here..and I LOVE it

Monday, October 25, 2010

pumpkin heads!!!

Sunday we CELEBRATED that my niece Kailee is HOME and doing well!!! Prayers work....she is proof of that. So Thanks to all who said a prayer!!! She has new hips and they are fabulous!!!

Sunday we also went to the pumpkin patch on the windiest day of the year. We had sand all over us, in our eyes, shoes etc. Tucker is snotty and coughing so combine the 2 and it wasn't our most glorious trip. OH well, he enjoyed it. This was the only day left to take him so sick or not we were headed for pumpkins!!!!

We have a first bday party in 2 weeks and I am freaking OUT!!! I have almost everything planned and ready, but my baby is not a "baby" anymore.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Updates from Everywhere

First and MOST important my niece Kailee J is still needing prayers. Surgery was a success now we need her lungs to clear and heal and her pain to go away!!!!! I believe in prayer, I have seen and felt it work so we are asking for her to be pain free. NO 6 year old needs to feel pain, so this tough little girl needs prayers. WE are hoping she gets moved to a regular room soon and maybe released sooner than later. I think most people heal better at home??? Who wants to be in a hospital anyways.

On another note......I haven't started Tucker's scrapbook that needs to be done in 2 weeks. So now I am 11 months behind. I see a lot of late nights in my future. BUT I think I am 2 steps ahead in the birthday planning. I have been playing with cattails, potato sacks, and hay lately. Can't wait to show you the outcome!!!!

And another note....when Tucker is a well baby, he is the best baby you could ask for. BUT apparently Tucker cuts teeth every month. So, right now we are dealing with sleeping any way possible, the couch, the recliner, our bed, whatever makes him sleep. He is up every 2-3 hours whining in pain. What do you do??? You know he is hurting so I just do whatever makes him and me get as much sleep as possible. The thing is when he is not hurting and well, he sleeps all night in his bed like he is supposed to. So, we are hoping and PRAYING Tucker's teeth come in soon so mom doesn't look like a walking rag doll at work all day.!!!!!

Here's to a good weekend....more than 3 hours of sleep at a time, Kailee J feeling like herself and maybe a pumpkin patch :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My niece

Always knew that my niece kailee was one of a kind. Yesterday she had double hip surgery. It is compared to me and you having a total hip replacement ...2 at a time! She flew through surgery and did soooo good. Right now she is in pain, we think, and not breathing like she should so they have her in ICU. I keep praying! She is strong and a fighter (always has been) so I KNOW she will pull through just fine.
Just from me...I think she is pissed that she can't move her legs. Yep, she is a very determined little girl and it is making her mad that they have her tied down!
So keep her in your prayers, and keep her mom and dad in your prayers! The doc praised mom and dad yesterday for Kailee being such a healthy little girl.....God gives you what you need and Kailee has the best parents in the world. (way to go Bro and SIL)!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Every Year

Every year I post the same post on October 15th. Every year it still holds close to my heart.

Today is infant loss day....remember those who have! I remember my two miscarriages today like I do everyday. I rememeber all the others who have lost. I ALSO remember those who still haven't held a baby

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just checking in....

Last time I checked I was still breathing....however, yall might not believe that. My house has been crazy busy (not that you aren't) and this whole work thing is getting in the way of my social life. Also, Tucker is possibly the worst teether known to man. He has been sleeping like a newborn....which means up every couple hours screaming with his eyes closed. I don't get it? Isn't this baby almost one? Surely its a phase and will end soon.

I am having problems planning his FUN 1st birthday when he is NOT being so fun at night! But I am still planning it and it will be fantastic. We are having a round-up November 6th at the ranch! All cowboy attire must be worn and it will be a hay day!!! Still can't believe that is 4 weeks away...still can't believe I almost have a one year old.

Here is his invite!!! Cute Cute.....
I know what ya'll are thinking....did u make this? NO. I have zero time to be crafty. zero! sorry to disappoint. His party will be fabulous but let me tell you its mainly because I bought fabulous things. I have been buying a lot of Tucker's adorable decor and clothing for his bday party from Etsy this last week(invite was from ETSY).

In other news, (like there is other news besides Tucker and his needs) I will need prayers for my niece on Monday the 18th. Kailee is having surgery that day and all the prayers are welcomed! She is a strong little 5 year old but we are all nervous!!!!

Kailee and Tucker roasting at the SEMO Fair!!!!

Check in later taters!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1st baby...... part 2

Remember the 1st baby story....well there is more. Lots more actually but most of it is NOT blog appropriate.

-You will have your baby and realize you still look pregnant. You will go home looking pregnant, when people come to visit you will look pregnant. Heck your baby will be 3 months and you will still look pregnant. And if you are lucky like me, you baby will be crawling and you STILL look pregnant. Don't stress about looking pregnant when you come home. Just dress comfortable and dont' worry about how fat you look, because it happens.

-Your bladder is never the same. Ever! That baby has ruined it forever. Remember when you could hold off from using the bathroom....or wait to "break the seal". Those days are over. You can't pop the top on your beer (or soda) and not have to pee.

-Working makes you feel guilty. You feel like you are abanding your child. ( I hear it gets better with every child after your first)

-Running into Target is no longer "running in to Target".First you park, get the stroller or target cart. Unbuckle baby and transport him/her to stroller cart. Get the diaper bag. Realize the baby has wet threw or thrown up on his/her clothes. Get baby outta the stroller/cart and change her in the front seat. Get the diaper bag back in the car that you just put in the stroller/cart. Change the baby. Load her/him back into stroller/cart. Get the diaper bag. look for 5 minutes for your keys because once you loaded the baby twice you have misplaced them. The baby is now screaming in the parking lot. You lock your car and walk away only to realize you don't have your purse. Now you dig for your keys in the bottom of the diaper bag to walk back and unlock your doors and get your purse. You are finally ready and get to the baby is hungry!

-Pictures, cameras and baby clothes will brake you. Yep your shoes are soooo last season but you NO longer care.

-You feel guilty for having adult time. And you feel guilty for having a hangover and being with your baby the next day. And nobody wants a hangover with "WonderPets" blaring in the back ground and smelling ravioli out of the can for lunch. Its horrible!

The 1st baby will steal your soul and take away your breath. They will make your heart hurt by how much you love them. Even if all the above are VERY true