Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The boat is a float

This weekend (since I was upset about all my family having a great time and not me) I decided that spending a little money at the gambling boat would do me some good. I love love to go to that boat, but I am tighter with my money than Nate. So of course we were there 2 hours and Nate had all his money spent. I was playing the tables so my money was lasting a bit longer. Needless to say we didn't win big and had a couple chances to break even but didn't. We didn't leave the boat till 3:15 that morning, which makes for a long Easter day. Easter just seemed like another day this year, I think without small kids running around it doesn't seem like Easter. There were no eggs hunted or no baskets full of candy. This week I am just hoping for warmer weather....it doesn't look too promising though. Here are a couple pics of my family down south for Easter in 80 degree weather!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter, Weaster

I am ready for sunshine!!! I am tired of all the rain and washing away of everything, I am actually ready to mow the yard and plant flowers. By then end of May I will be hating to mow,but right now I am ready!!! I could use a little bit warmer weather too, considering it is only supposed to be high of 50 on Easter Sunday. You can't wear cute Easter clothes if it is cold outside still. However this Easter my mom and little brother are headed down south to enjoy the warm weather and family time. They are going to celebrate Easter with my dad, brother, sister in law and the 2 kids. This just makes me depressed. I can't take off 3 or days from work to go with them so it leads to a depressing Easter :( Although, I will be taking some vacation days in April or May to head south to visit with them, so I just keep looking forward to that!! My family has always been so close to each other ( in distance and relationship) that I can't stand them living 9 hours away. But you have to do what you have to do to make a living.
This past weekend and week have been slow ones. I have been going through crates of my spring/summer clothes and putting up my winter clothes. I fiqure if I get out all short sleeve shirts then it has to get warmer right?? I have also been rehanging pictures in my house making room for my wedding pictures whenever they arrive
I am hosting a LiaSophia jewelry party Monday March 31st. If anyone is interested in anything just let me know. They have a website, catalog or just let me know and I will get you directions to my house!! The more the marrier!!
I hope everyone has a great Easter. I hope the bunny brings you whatever it is that you are wanting...which I guess this year he will bring me nothing . Until next time

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This week there hasn't been much to blog about, but that isn't always a bad thing. Nate and I seem to always be busy or have something going on in the evening where we never just get to sit, relax and catch up on our day to day!! This week I was busy Monday night, he was busy Tuesday night but tonight we are taking a break and actually making dinner and relaxing before it gets busy again on Thursday. Nate is playing in the Kelly Alumni basketball tournament Thursday -Sunday so that will keep us entertained. Nothing like watching some older, out of shape boys try to hoop it up!! :) I will catch a break though on Saturday for some quality girl time and a little jewelry party!
I have also been staying busy getting the last of our house redone. When I met Nathan his whole house had a hunting theme. I am not opposed to hunting or the theme of it in our house at all, but something had to be done with every room having the same theme. So after the wedding we did our bedroom in reds/browns and golds. Turned out great. We also did our mater bathroom in red to match. I changed the spare bathroom to a crisp white and chocolate brown as well. The kitchen and living room where both left with the hunting theme until a couple weeks ago. I decided the living room was enough room for his hunting things so I changed the kitchen around. The living room and kitchen are painted a brownish/grey color so black and white were the colors I chose for the kitchen. I did black rugs, black and white table runners and curtains I did some accenting with lime green and yellow. It actually turned out looking pretty sharp, and Nate likes it even though he just knew it would turn out horrible!! The spare rooms will stay the same until we have children one, and Nate said no more decorating......it can get expensive!!!
I will end this until I have something more exciting to write about!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Where is Spring?

Snow in March?? I can't believe the weather, I am so ready for spring !!! I might enjoy the snow if I got to stay home and watch from my bedroom window. But here I am at work. Every time the weather gets bad I prepare to leave my house 15 mins early to risk my life on the highway for a job I dont' want to have forever, or much longer. Just not worth the risk at all, but the boss always thinks the roads are fine to be traveled on. Last night I had spring fever I think, I cleaned the whole house and caught up on the laundrey. I should have saved those things for tonight because they way it looks we will be stuck inside again. Then tomorrow we are supposed to attend a wedding reception/ engagment party. I hope the weather clears up a little to still make that, I could use a night out! I saw that next week the weather is supposed to be in the high 50's, that will make everyone feel a little better! Thats all the news at my house really, its been a slow week! Our dog Macey is the only one who enjoys this weather :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dinner for two!

The weekend was fast for sure...but isn't it always. This weekend was filled with pampered chef partys ( I am having one soon), St. Denis home/school auctions/ and dinner for two!! Pampered chef party was fun as always...girls and food..what could be better!! The St. Denis acution is always a lot of fun. We purchased a weekend stay in Tunica and some sinful brownies!!! Goes for a great cause. Sunday we did our valentine's dinner. Nate had purchased a surprise dinner for me on Valentine's day at Hilltop creations in New Hamburg. It was a 5 course meal with all the wine and fancy tables. However, the ice storm hit that week and New Hamburg was out of power so it was rescheduled for this Sunday. It was wonderful!!! They treated us like kings and queens and the food was great. I recommend Hilltop to everyone!!! Today is off to the dentist...the one thing I dread the most!!! I am like a 3 year old at the dentist, so scared. But I will go and get it over with.
Anyways..I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather this weekend...didn't hang around long enough for sure!!! I did get a lot done outside though. I hope the weather doesn't get too bad again, I am praying!! So ready for spring here!