Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a month later

Sometimes you have to tell yourself...."YOU are a good mom"

Will all the blogs and facebook and Internet and blah blah blah you have to remind yourself you are doing ok, you will make it, your kids will be great!!

I often compare my kids to other kids, who doesn't, and its a mistake

I need to sit back watch them play and take it eeeaaassssy more often. My OCD and type A personality makes it hard to relax. I want them to do this and do that. I want them to prosper. I want them to be the best they will be. And you know what?....they will! God already has a plan and they will.

A couple things have hit me hard over the last couple of weeks. And I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have 2 smart, HEALTHY, wonderful kids. My cup runneth over for them. So I need to slow down. Soak up the afternoons and let those dishes be.....enjoy who they are and watch them transform in front of me and not behind me while I am saying "one minute and I will".

*I am a good mom....even if my kids have eaten hot dogs for supper 4 nights last week. They had blueberries too??!!

*I am a good mom.....even when I notice dried snot in Saylors hair before church and did NOTHING about it.

*I am a good mom....when my 3 year old still insisted on pooping in his pants over the toilet? (help)

*I am a good mom...even though I miss Well Child Check-Ups by months.

*I am a good mom....even when Saylor dumbs her snacks on the concrete while playing outside and I just let her eat them over the next hour.

*I am a good mom....when we don't always brush our teeth like we are supposed.

*I am a good mom.....when we don't do bath nights as often as we can because dad comes home from work and ruins the plans

*I am a good mom....when I want Tucker to be a child, and not learn to read and write yet because he is THREE!!! (come on people...let your kids be kids, they need to learn to be kids first)

*I am a good mom.....even though you can't remember the last time you washed bed sheets

*I am a good mom.....when Tucker calls ever soda he sees beer (oh no the horror!!!)

This list could go on and on. Literally, I fail at something with my kids daily. BUT my kids know what they mean to me. They know the love I have for them. And everyday I will try to remember to love more, play more and be the mom I am being....because its the perfect mom!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hair color....

I was born blond...well really it was WHITE....

then I hit the teens and my hair started to darken....so I started coloring my hair a little at a time when I was 16...I have colored it blond EVER since. (minus one box color disaster which was fixed the next day)

Now I am a Burnett and my hair feels better and fixes better....

The only problem is I have ALWAYS been a blond. AND I am apparently still 5 because the sun still bleaches my hair

So...dark or light..this is the question??? And if I leave it dark, what will the Sun do with it???

 Blond and pregnant....look at my blond kids..shouldn't I match/?


blond and short!!!!!

So....which color??

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Monday...

Last Monday I was supposed to start a 10 DAYS OF cleansing process...then life happened and things got busy so I didn't do....

Instead we loaded up my mom's van and headed 4 hours away to watch My Alma Mater play in the state championship of basketball...

This was only fair to skip the cleanse for this...

We had fun and Saturday when we returned home we were so tired that I could barely even eat, so that was kinda like a cleanse itself right??

So here is to Monday starting the cleanse...I can't wait to see if it truly works. Basically it is eating clean, which will KILL me none the less. No Reece's candy bars for 10 days..WHAT??!!!

Fun weekend....see ya tomorrow!

Friday, March 1, 2013

a month ago....

Worst blogger ever! That's my award for this month....

This little website is supposed to be a record of my life, I suppose I will forget about Feb. 2013.

My kids are still the amazing kids ever. Tucker is growing into such a little handsome polite man. We just look at him in "AWE" b/c he says the smartest thing and I am trying to instill those polite gentleman words in him and its working!!!! He is his fathers son, so caring and true to everyone!

my cup runneth over

Then Saylor Kate...my sassy, funny, all girly girl! She is growing and becoming sooo smart. She is so much a girl though...and I guess a lot like her momma?? Little more "high" strung, yep thats a good word. She brightens are worlds daily..just by her smile :)

My world is complete.

NOW...what we have has this crazy bunch been doing since Jan. 2013. We have been fighting colds, flu's, trying to re-organize my entire house because it has overflowed, hanging out with lots of family, watching basketball, going out with incredible friends and trying to enjoy day to day life. Oh and working a job, keeping a house, trying to keep the kids heads from busting open every time I turn around and soaking it ALL up.

Now on Monday I am posting about a new journey for me.

ON Tuesday we are playing the which hair color/ cut combo should I do. As you notice in my first picture I have blond hair and in the second picture I have brown hair. It has been short, long, blond and brown and I can't decide on what is the best???

so TUNE in or web in? on Monday to hear about a new journey and important updates.

AND This time I promise to stay true to staying on beat with blogging :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flu bug and LIST

I promised pictures and more blogs and THEN the flu bug hit us hard...first daddy and then Saylor. SO...I will leave you with my LIST for 2013. I call it a list, because I dont' like the word resolution because then you can FAIL..big time. So if its a list of things I would LIKE to work on, then I might do it. Simple things really...live BETTER...smile MORE....less stress. Take it all in...and enjoy the ride because it can't last forever. BUT these are things myself and others forget a lot. So I will read this list EVERY morning to remind myself of what I have and ask what I can do better!

2013: Goals and Hopes

*Be with God more, pray more, and be a better Godly women. Read my daily prayer book

*Teach Tucker more about God. Make it a routine to brush teeth then pray bedside. Also pray at the dinner table and for people who are sick and hurt ( we do all these, but its needs to be a HAVE to)

*Read more with my kids more. Teach them more. Work puzzles and mind games instead of TV games.

*Eat better….make the family eat better and healthier. Veggies, fruits and less sugar

*Exercise…play with the kids more in an exercising way for us all. And exercise for myself.

*Be kinder and gentler. Let people know I care and lend more hands. Remember people’s feelings and try to console. BE THE BETTER person. Smile at others.

*SMILE more and less stress

*Be the best wife, remind my husband how important he is everyday and in every way. Surprise him more.

*Let my kids know how much I love them..ALL the time. Care less about the house, and make more memories playing ( this is a good one, I need to think this all the time....leave those fingerprints for later)

*Go on ONE family adventure every month. Picnics, camping outside, parks, adventures for the day!

*Take a date night ONCE every 6 weeks with my husband. (hey, hubby is busy and we like friend time)

*Be honest..all the time.

*Send little text or cards often to remind people how I feel about them!

There it is...first thing is first.. GOD! I think if I remember him every morning, the rest should come easy :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm BACK!!!!

No, this is serious. I have to keep documenting my life. I do scrapbooks for the kids but that can't possibly hold ALL of our doings and be up to date!!!

I print these blogs off in a book so my kids and grand kids can laugh at me one day. I do this for my own pure humiliation...

So here is an UP to DATE list of things....

1. Christmas was excellent. I am serious..it gets better and better each and every year. The more my kids understand, the better it gets. And not to mention I get a bit spoiled along the way TOO. I baked for 5 days and we had stuff coming out of our EARS! I mean I just now through away all the candy....yes there was tons. We celebrated 5 different times for Christmas with our family....I EAT IT UP!!! I miss Christmas music already :)

2. When December 26th is hear...I want to rip all Christmas down and get back to normal. My OCD kicks in and I am done with it. Time to reorganize and move on!!! yep, weird like that...

3. I can't believe Saylor Kate is already one. We celebrated big time..like always!

4. I had lots of time off in December and it was wonderful. I do believe it is soooo worth not doing big vacations in the summer to have time to soak in the holidays :) I am going to save my vacation days more often.

5. Tucker is in to the terrible 3's. He is pushing us...but then he has the most tender loving heart and says he is sorry and cries at the drop of a hat! Its a lose, lose situation for parenting him.

6. Saylor Kate has JUST as tender as a heart has Tucker does. Dad is wrapped around her fingers to say the least!!

7. I am ready for 2013....I want to do big things. This is a whole nother post...have to line my ducks up first.

8. I am kinda over winter...yep after we have christmas I am ready for 90 degree weather and our pool.

9. I am kinda shocked at how well my kids get along...I will kick myself for this comment later.

10. I have had some really good times with great friends lately...thankful for ALL of ya'll!!!

I am posting our pictures this week..and more random things..

Here is to 2013 and MORE blogging

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whats happened

Since I have last blogged...

we have elected the same idiot man as president of the USA. (please spare your comments, I dont' care enough to read them...we can't agree on everything)

I have taken a Might knigh "Tucker" and his fire breathing dragon "Saylor" trick or treating and it was a BLAST!! Holidays are way more crazy, but way more fun with 2 kiddos.

Our little Saylor is trying her hardest to cut teeth and on top of all that she was sick aaaaallll weekend, which made me and her both CRAZY!!!!

I have been baking and cooking away....love baking in the fall

We carved pumpkins...

I am planning a 3 year old John Deere Birthday party for THIS weekend.

We have been talking about shooting deer a lot at our house....we are hunters!

Saylor is walking everywhere.

I have been trying to start Christmas shopping, but I just go in circles because I have NO idea where to start.

I am planning a weekend away with my WHOLE family to a Christmas village.

I plan on doing the advent calendar with Tucker and SAylor just don't know which one yet.....the gift opening  or the regular count down.

Its finally cooling down here...but this weekend its going to be 70??? Missouri is crazy like that...explains a lot about me huh??

Super excited for Family Pics this weekend at OUR farm!!! Stressing over what to wear

I am NOT a blonde anymore, thats right...I am a burnette and it feels good :)

We baptized Saylor....what a great feeling!!!

I am super excited about boots and long sweater!!!

I am getting an ALL day girls shopping, gossiping and eating trip soon and I am super duper pumped!

Thats all for now :)