Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better late than....

 Cooper and Liam....at our favorite park(the nephews)
 Kailee (my niece) and her dad(my bro)..priceless
 Cooper and Tucker...best buds, cousins
 The boys...running the pier buy the water
 The whole crew at the Beach house. Our favorite spot. Good food, great drinks, the kids are FENCED in a play area to play and its by the water
 The Rum bucket...the best drink

The kids playing at the Beach house restaurant! 
well..just better late than never I guess! I HATE that some of my family lives 8 hours from me, but I love to travel to see them. My niece, nephews, SIL and bro have a perfect set up in their town. Weather is nice, and the town is nicer.  Hope you eenjoyed some pics!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

May you rejoice his name this Sunday, hunt eggs and soak up family time like I will be doing!!!

Our little egg family :)

Little blonde!!!

Only broke 3.....

and some birds nest for Easter treats!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A lesson Learned...kinda

Apparently after 90 days if your drivers license expires you have to retake the written test....

Apparently after 90 days if your drivers license expires you have to retake the DRIVING test....

Apparently you will be made out to look like a fool in front of 156165 people at the license bureau  if you realize your license is expired over 90 days and you must retake ALL test at the ripe age of 29 (almost)

Apparently things are going to get real crazy IF/WHEN I actually fail my drivers test written or driven.

Then what happens when you FAIL and need to leave the driving school and you DROVE yourself.

Yes, lesson to  all of you...DO NOT let your drivers license expire. (although I told the nice lady that I never received anything in the mail and I DO NOT just stare at my license to see when those things expire)

Wish me luck...can't wait to sit in a room of crazy 16 year olds.

HOW embarressing...seriously, I am embaressed!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A preview

A preview of where I have been......................

baby toes in the sand.....(really they are toddler toes, but I can't type those words yet)!!!

More to come..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

John Deere.....

I was NOT raised on a farm, Nate was. I have learned a lot in my 5 years of living on my "hill" aka farm. However after five years, I am still no comfortable with everything on the farm. I am still scared of big machinery. I am scared of cattle. I wont walk through the woods in the dark. (you know in case of bears or black cats) I like to fish by the pond but I am constantly searching for snakes. I am scared to death of the electric fences that fence the cattle.

Tucker is his father's son. He runs like crazy through the pastures. Loves to head straight for the cattle and wants to pet them. He loves the ponds. NOT a fear in the world.

You could call me a worry wort. Yep, I will accept that name.

Last night as we were playing outside and Tucker was running wild, I was following him like a hawk and making sure he doesn't step on a snake, play with the electric fence, get trampled by cows or bump his head on the tractor.

So last night Nate finally told me...............

"Go inside and make dinner or do whatever you want or need to do. Tucker will be fine. You can't protect his every move."
As I walked inside cursing my husband, swearing I am not insane..........I realize, this is ONLY the beginning of a wild, curious little boy who I will always worry about and always want to protect but sometimes you have to let them run free.

This always made me think about how as much as Tucker is a momma's boy...it wont last much longer. I will NO Longer but the "cool" one, he will be way more interested in tractors, cows and farming.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Show US your life.....

Today over here, they are talking about Mothers day/Fathers day!

Ideas for gifts, plans, traditions and all sorts of fun things. Mothers day is just around the corner and I am sooooo blessed to be included in the "mother days" world.

Being a mother is the BEST gift in the world. I had trouble getting to were I am today...but today I am a mother of a beautiful blond headed blue eyed boy. I couldn't be happier!!!!! (all those waiting, I still urge and pray for you to someday have this feeling). I am so blessed and Tucker makes me the happiest person ever!

So the question is what do you do/get/traditions on Mom day?

We usually run around like crazy people with our heads cut off delivering gifts to our Mothers and Grandmothers. It brings me joy to still be able to visit with our mom/grandmas and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I enjoy getting together with everyone and saying "Happy Mothers day"

Our moms and grandmoms always get a special gift and card and of course there are BIG meals and lots of SWEETS.

Nate and Tucker always get me something GREAT and they do their best at trying to make my day special.
BUT her is what I would REALLY LOVE to do on Mothers DAY:

1. Sleep soundly...all morning with NO interruptions. For example: I don't want to get up and make oatmeal. I don't want to change the over-night diaper that weighs 65 lbs.
2. When I wake up...I want to use the bathroom and shower all in peace. Nobody seeing my body parts and nobody asking questions while I get ready that I have to scream the answers to them over the hair dryer. Ex: Where it he remote?? Have you seen Tucker's shoes??
3. I would like to NOT run around all day like the crazy people we are. Nah, I would rather go get a pedicure OR to the winery. Both would be great. I want to talk with other adults and talk...and talk..and sip wine..and talk and gulp wine.
4. A whole day...just for ME. I mean it is Mothers day right?
5. I dont' want bath duty
6. I dont' want nap duty
7. Then I shall come home after a nice relaxing day/evening and I want to be with Tucker. I want to do the fun stuff like play, swing and be happy.
8. Then I want to fall asleep in my bed reading my book and say "Wow, a day to myself....wow"!

I mean I LOVE my kid to the moon and back. BUT one day outta the year...just one..a whole day to myself. Wow...a girl can dream right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Loving it....

I am linking up here...to tell you what I am liking  ALOT these days

I am lovin this book...and even better on my Kindle!!! I have NEVER loved an electronic devise so much I swear.

Now what should I read after this one...any suggestion.

I am loving this crazy kid. He is hilarious ALL the time now. BUT lately I have also been "swatting" him on the bottom because he doesn't want to listen :) You take the good with the bad

I am also LOVIN that Easter is right around the corner. I am a holiday crazy lady and can't wait to dress the whole family up, Easter egg hunt and EAT all kinds of chocolate!!!

I am also loving this dog!!! I haven't shown a picture of "bear" since Tucker's birthday party in November. Well he is 55lbs of pure joy (most of the time). He is so cuddly and SOOOO good to Tucker. And that is our cat eating with him...did I mention he is gentle

And of course I am LOVIN my husband...... the person that keeps me uncrazy! (most of the time)