Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stuff I am using

I have seen this post on other blogs but I wanted to give a run down on "Stuff I Used" so far for baby Tucker. This is post one and I will add another one next week. I found it helpful when registering or if you plan on having kids one can let this sink in your head. Remember Tucker is almost 3 months so some of these remarks may change.

First thing is first: My little lamb swing

This is a life saver!!! Tucker loves it. Sometimes we nap in it but most importantly when I get ready in the mornings Tucker loves to swing and be very very good!!!

Second: The bouncer

This is used ALMOST as much as the swing. It is very handy in moving from room to room around the house and keeps Tucker very content. He loves the vibration and the mirror that is attached

The Bobby Pillow:

THis is the ONLY time we have used this pillow. However, i didn't breast feed which most ppl love to us this pillow for that reason. We will see if it works better at a later age.

The bumbo:

Tucker already likes this but is still kinda young for it...I think we will enjoy it very much as time progresses

Bath Tub:

So far I haven't used it. I still put him up on the counter on a sponge or in the sink with daddy's help. I am not sure if I will use it or not but standing at the sink is easier than bending over the tub.

Changing Table:

I love IT!!! I use it for every single changing and its soooo handy b/c everything is right there with it. A must have for a nursery for sure

That is my run down thus far...I will have more next week and any questions let me know!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good News First

Good news first.......................
The COLTS are headed to the superbowl!!! Whoot Whoot! I am always a Colts fan and will be as long as they are playing. Now don't get me wrong I will be crushed and probably shed a few tears the day Manning retires, but for now we are headed to Miami for Superbowl. Whoot Whoot

The bad News............
Sunday evening Tucker wasn't getting any better with his coughing and started to run a fever so we headed to E.R. I cried as much as he did everytime they stuck him and messed with him. One I.V. and several breathing treatments later I pulled myself together. They say he has slight pneumonia or RSV. As a mother you feel like you have done something wrong when they get sick. There was a pit in my stomach like I had failed at something, but I know sickness happiness. We got released from the hospital yesterday afternoon and Tucker is feeling much much better. It was the single WORST experience of my life this far I think. So if you could just remember Tucker in your prayers and hopefully he will be back to normal soon. He is already feeling 80% better and his grandmas are giving him all the attention he needs this week.

The badder News..
The Saints made it to the Superbowl too. If I hear "Who Dat" on more time I might just puke. Gag.

The baddest news.......
We are expecting snow fall and possible sleet this week. If you recall last year this same EXACT time I lost power for 2 weeks and we were hit by the whole damn ice truck. With a baby ( a sick on at that) we can't lose power this year. If mother nature dumps us with ice again I will again puke( much like in badder news). Don't get me wrong I LOVE snow days but no power and ice just stinks.

I will leave you with a picture of this handsome little devil. Something extraordinary happens when you become a mother.....just look at him.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What to wear?

Mid- twenties is hard. You are inbetween a lot of milestones in your life. Hair styles too young or old, where to hang out BUT the hardest by far milestone for me is clothing. !!!! You walk in a store...lets just say Macys...which department to you shop in. We are for sure not Juniors anymore. But some of the juniors clothing might be suitable?? Are we misses? But then those clothes look "old women" sometimes.
so where are you shopping in your mid twenties? What is too old too young. Skinny jeans? tall boots? skull shirts? short sleeve sweaters in winter? After being unpreggers again I am so confused on where to shop and what to buy? HELP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Within the last week

Within the last week we finally ordered our newborn pictures! I was exciting to see them but really they blew me away when I saw them. AMAZING is a word I like to use. Lets just say I broke the pocket book buying them but Tuck is only a newborn once. I plan on always keeping newborn pictures around because to me those were the days that mattered the most...the day we finally got our baby. I plan on creating one of these in Tucker's room...(not this big of one but something similar)

(I copied this picture from a blog...someone gets credit but I forgot where I got it)
You can not view Tucker's pictures but you can get an idea of what a great job she did from this

Tucker can't seem to fight off this sickness. He now has a cold/cough and congestion in his little chest. It hurts me to see him cough. So he has been sleeping with me since he has been sick. I am probaly starting a horrible habit with sleeping but I can not be away from him when he doesn't feel good. So what where your sleeping habits when your kiddos where young?

Being back at work only makes my life so much more hectic. By the time I get home, play with Tucker,feed, bath and pack up for the next day there is no time for laundrey, dishes, supper, cleaning house and so on. Nate said last night we need a second women for the house. A women to do all the dirty work while we enjoy our time with the little guy. I think I will ask for that women for Valentine's day.

Tucker is really trying to talk...cooing...and really smiling these days. He is such a happy baby. We tried feeding him cereal with a spoon and it was hilarious!! He had it everywhere but really enjoyed it!!! 10 weeks old this week...that is too hard to believe.

I am really needing to lose the rest of the baby weight. 10 to 15lbs would be great but I dont' want to be on a diet or work out?? I wish the weight would just disappear. Anyone out there have a diet/ work out system they just love love?

Enough back tomorrow

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hit by the sick truck

So here I am all back into this blogging world and BAM we are hit by the sick truck. Tucker, God love him, has his first ear infection. I know...he is WAY to young for this. I took him to his 8 week appt and the little guy just isn't feeling up to par. So we start medicine and hopefully he will bounce back soon. He was sleeping so good 6-7 hours straight a night and sometimes 8 hours until the snot and ear ache happened.
At his appointment he weighed in at a big 13lbs 13oz. So they aren't really concerned about him gaining weight. Wow!!!! And don't tell the Dr. but we have a cereal bottle at night...I know I know, you aren't supposed to put cereal in the bottle but he sleeps like an angel and momma gets rested for work.
So not only is Tucker feeling cruddy but I am also. I think right now everyone feels crappy and mostly we just need a little sunshine and warmer weather.
So I plan on updating soon on Tucker's new adventures and what we have been doing and what he has accomplished. But first, we must sleep and rest and take care of this nasty snot slinging ear infection sicknesses

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tucker....8 weeks and counting

The last pictures posted of Tucker he was still a wee little one. Now days we are full of smiles, coos and at best guess I would say he is a little over 12lbs. He is really starting to focus on toys and you can talk to him and he will melt your heart with his big grin. He is losing some of his hair and I am thinking it will come back in lighter blonde. His big blue eye....oh...dont' get me started on those. Both Nate and I still have blue eyes so at best guess we are thinking he will keep those also. Ok enough of all this...lets get to those pictures

See...he is a big boy!!! I have been trying to think of things I should be doing right now as keepsakes..things to document Tuckers life. I am obviously filling out my baby book, taking pictures and when I remember video taping him. Also each month I am writing a letter to Tucker telling of all his accomplishments and proud moments. These letters will be turned into a book for his first birthday so everyone can look back and see. BUT I am afraid I am not doing everything I can to remember these moments. So if anyone else has ideas or neat thigns they have seen done please let me know!!!!~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I took a month off. The way I see it I had only 8 weeks to devote to Tucker, the family and the holidays so I stayed off the internet and spend quality time where it mattered. I have not read anyone's blogs or stayed in contact with any.....BUT I soaked up time with my little guy. So I am back in blog world and will be updating everyone soon. Get used to my regular blogs now and I hope some of my readers are still around out there. I can't wait to broadcast pictures of Tucker and let you know how it all is going. Today is not the day for me to broadcast however, b/c its my first day back at work and my first day without Tucker all day. I am better than I thought I would be.....I held back tears and I know its good for him to be around other children and good for me to be around adults :).
So, look forward to daily post again and life to be back as usual. Snow is headed our way so maybe my second day back at work will be a snow day (my fingers are crossed)!