Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My computer is broken

Yes..the worst has happened, my computer here at work is dead! Really dead this time...can't blog or work :) So this will be short. 2008 was a rough year here for the Dirnberger household. We are sending it off with no regrets! WE are looking forward to 2009 and good things to happen. Here is a short list of positives!!!!
1. My new nephew was born! Cooper Hollis is great!
2. My BFF nephew was such a blessing to us.
3. My husband and I have been enjoying each others company and loving every minute of our first year of marriage!
4. My family is my rock and happy to have them through everything
5. My friends are great....they all know it, I have leaned on them a lot this year!
6. I still have a job...its a great thing during this year
7. Our country made history....not sure if thats a good thing or bad yet?
8. I love blogging and meeting all your wonderful people!
I know there is more but I am borring another work employees computer so I need to cut this fast!

Happy New Year to you all!!! I can't wait for 2009 and I wont be blogging again till next week! Thats right, I am off till Monday! I hope to be slobery drunk by 10 over wine!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Its a time for traditions and awards!!!

Jennifer over at This Girl loves Pink, is such a sweetheart as well as The NewlyWoodards both tagged me in a couple awards and I will gladly except! First:

Jennifer gave me this to hang on my wall

I are thinking what? Kreativ Blogger? Well I got it anyways so I will tag everyone later. Thanks for always commenting Jennifer and I always enjoy a good post from you!

Now moving on, This wonderful blog chain is so much fun! Christmas Traditions are really important to me and I am excited to start more with my husband.

So the rules are pretty simple, list all or your favorite Christmas traditions or ones you want to start!

1. Christmas morning we still all got to my parents very early in the morning and open gifts from "Santa" like we always have. This means me and my hubby, the little bro, my big bro, SIL and all the grandkids are at my parents house around 7:00 to open presents. It still sooo much fun! Mom makes a big breakfast and everyone is still in their p.j.s! Now this means me and hubby either open Christmas eve or early early Christmas morning

2. My siblings and I still unwrap one present only on Christmas eve....this is alway a board game for the family

3. I start baking Christmas Candy the week before Christmas so I can get it all made

4. My mom has made the same Christmas breakfast for as long as I can remember, only now it is doubled and trippled to feed our growing family. Breakfast Quiche

5. We watch "The Christmas Story" starting Christmas eve and all day on Christmas

6. Christmas eve is always celebrated with 40 people or so from my Grandma's family. It always has been and always will be!

7. Often times mom gives our pets presents

8. This year I am starting something new, on Christmas eve morning since Husband and I are usually working till 12 I am making him and myself Christmas eve breakfast!!!! I am starting it this year and this can be "our time" to spend all alone!

9. Our Christmas church time is 4:00 p.m on Christmas eve

10. We always get a new ornament every year with our names and year on it....usually our dog Macey has one too.

Ok I need to stop because it is getting way too long! Here we go with the tags:

My SIL...Single life of a married mother

Glam life of a (soontobe) housewife: You will fall in love with this girl once you read her blog

Natalie! You have got to see photo's of her sweet baby boy

Hannah My BFF..She has a great big ol huge family and I know she has tons of traditions

Learning to be a wife! She is fun, cute and always leaves great comments!

Good Friends, family and well everything else! She is become a fellow reader I very much enjoy her updates

Lindsey!!!! what a great girl, I know you have traditions!

Teisha, Ashley, Michelle, April and I know Alaina is already tagged but come on..let me in on your great traditions!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can't wait

It is always a family tradition the minute the movie " Christmas Story" comes on Christmas Eve our t.v. immediatly goes to TBS for the 24 hour marathon. Yes it is on for 24 hours and we watch it off and on for that long. It is always in the background while opening presents on Christmas morning and it is always in all the pictures and videos we take on Christmas day. I get a warm tickeling feeling inside just thinking about that movie...I wont buy it though, it is better to catch it on T.V. that day! I fall asleep to it each night and laugh at parts I have seen a million times. Nothing is better than tradition on Christmas and this is just one of ours.

Does anyone else watch this movie non stop or have a favorite Christmas movie you can't get enough of?? I encourage you to try "The Christmas Story" this holiday....surely you can catch it within 24 hours of non stop play :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

1st Annual Party

The 1st annual Ornament Exchange party went off with a bang. I didn't get time to take pictures because I was busy being the hostess with the mostess. My food was almost all eaten and only a couple of drops were left in the last wine bottle. This means it was a good party right?
The pomegrante punch bowl drink that my sister in law made was a huge success. I hope she posts the recipe so you all can enjoy it as we all did!!!! We had 28 ornaments to pick from so the tree was covered. We played the bad santa game to exchange them with!!!
I so wish I had pictures because we had gift bags hand made for everyone to take the oranments home in.

Just imagine the most fun you have ever had during an oranment exchange and that explains everything :)

It is a slow week for once here in the Dirnberger's life. The inside and outside of the house are done and we are almost completly done Christmas shopping. All thats planned this week is hopefully get all my presents wrapped and the count down till Christmas is on its way. I love being ahead of the game that way I can really enjoy the True meaning of Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's the best time of the year

So I snapped some pictures of my house decorated for Christmas this morning, I will have you know I was actually a little late to work because I couldnt' decide what decorations to take pictures of?? This is just the inside of the house and only a sneak peak. I got a little crazy this year and did some massive decorating....every room has Christmas cheer spread within. I mean you have to decorate every year if you are having a party right?? My colors have always been golds and browns, and this is mainly because the Hubby loves to hunt and we have wildlife throughout our house. So enough yacking here are some

Here are my place settings! These plates came from Target and you can't tell but have lots of gold in them

I got this idea from the best Martha Stewart!!! Little wreaths on every dinning room chair tied up with gold wribbon. My center piece was purchased this year just happens to match all the gold already in the kitchen!

This wreath is a new addition this year. I love has all my colors and matches my tree! This hangs in my living room to match all the wildlife haning too :)

I have been super nervous to show my tree...the hubby thinks its a little too much but I like that its different! AS you can see there is some great wildlife hanging there beside it so why not dress it up in feathers

Here are a couple more close ups and now that I look at pics I think I need a couple more oranments

One more close up...I love the little birdies

This Santa was my purchase at the craft fair. He hangs out with me in my living room and the garland lights up!
Off to the bedroom, The garland on our bed Nathan actually likes! Its maybe romantic!!! The candle and stars I put together to set in our master bathroom

I could load pictures all day but I don't want to bore you!!! Here are just a couple of sneak peaks to what I have been up to this week decorating! Like I said I have every room decorated for the party, so as I snap pictures on Sunday hopefully I will catch some more decor!

So how is the tree.....too much like Hubby said with the feather or not?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I lied!

I lied and I am so sorry for this, but I did not take pictures of my house decorated for christmas last night. I know, I know, everyone got up bright and early and headed over to my blog to only be disappointed...well maybe not, but I was disappointed in myself. It has been a long week already(family illnesses) and the weekend is not even here. So, I am making all of you a promise and here it goes: I promise to post pictures of my Christmas decorations tomorrow or you can all stop reading my blog for good !!!!(please don't really do this). I have decorated every room in the house so be cautious because tomorrow's blog will be long and full of Christmas cheer.
So since I don't have pictures of my house I have to let you in on a Christmas story....My sister will love this story because she remembers it well and retells it way too much! We were all at my mom's house one evening I would say 3 years ago. Everyone was in her living room (me, mom, my brothers, my sister and my sister's mother was here to visit) and we were all watching Fear Factor..remember that show, really bad! Since it was around Christmas time the contestants on the show were going to eat Reindeer testicals. Gross I know but this is important to my post I promise. Well, I didn't understand at all.

Me: "Reindeer testicals, they can't really be eating reindeer testicals"
Brother: "Well they are eating them....why couldn't they"
Me: "Because Reindeer aren't real?"
Brother: "What do you mean Reindeer aren't real"
Me: "Well I always thought Reindeer are fake just like Santa is not a real person, I thought they were made up and didn't really exist"
Everyone cracking up laughing
Brother: "Are you being serious?"
Me: "Yes, (wondering why this was such a big deal) I never knew they were real."
Brother: "OMG, you are dumber than what we thought of course Reindeer are real animals..."
Everyone still laughing at me
Me: "Well they don't really fly then"

This comment really topped the cake, if I would have just kept my mouth shut and not said "Well, I know they don't fly". This has been the joke of all jokes for years and years. I know I am blonde but seriously I had never seen a reindeer so I always thought that was a lie just like Santa was a lie for years and years. I am often laughed at for silly comments but this story is told to someone at least once a year at Christmas and I guess I will never let that down.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silly Camera

I only got a couple pictures of the 30th Anniversary party......I had planned to get a nice family picture of us all dressed up, until the batteries went dead on my camera :( So here is all I have...a nice picture of the cake
The cake was ummm sooo good! It was the exact colors of their wedding ( they did get married in the 70s).

The toast of Champagne! I tried to catch the kiss but it was fast and my camera was slow!

It was a nice evening after all....tomorrow I will be posting pics of my inside christmas decor. I am pretty excited about it, it has taken me weeks to get it right! Stay tuned

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thankfullness

As my last day of work this is probally my last post. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. Also my family is all in so watch out, we will be having a crazy time together for the next 4 days! But I think its important to post why I am so Thankful!

1. Nate- my soul mate, my best friend, the reason I laugh everyday. He is for sure my shoulder to lean on and my clown. Everyone always ask how married life is...well its get better everyday as we learn and experience new things

2. The rents- My parents, as they celebrate their thirty years together I am so thankful to still have them together and healthy. The did such a great job with all of us kids and they are truely the back bone of our family

3. My siblings- We are so goofy and have so much fun together. I am Thankful for our closeness and togetherness through all these years. They truely are my happiness

4. Nieces and Nephews- Wow, I never knew I could love someone else's kids so much, but my heart runeth over for these little ones

5. My inlaws-They are so caring and giving. They would do anything for us and we love to do things with them

6. My friends- These people should be right up there with family, without them I am not who I am!!!!

7. I have to stop sometime, so these all get thrown in together.......Turkey dressing, pumpkin pie and sweet pot. I am so ready to eat all this great stuff and be so thankful that my belly is full!!!!

Nate and I will start at my parents house who host our big family Thanksgiving then over the hills and through the woods to his grandma's house. We are soooo lucky our family lives so close so we can visit with everyone! This means twice the food...yummm:) Then friday up early on Friday (around 4) to catch all the good bargains.

Happy Thanksgiving..what are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 years, 3 kids, 3 grandkids and 24 dogs

30 years in the making. It says something that my parent are still together after all these years, I know I am so fortunate to have them together because many kids my age can't say the same. I am sure it was no easy road but they made it...the stuck it out and now can lay back and relax.

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on November 17th. We didn't get to celebrate with them because Dad was working out of town, but over Thanksgiving weekend we are throwing them a small bash. I mean, 30 years of marriage is for sure worth something right? When I am married to Hubby for 30 years someone better be throwing me a bash because I can only imagine the roller coaster ride it takes to get to 30years! 30 years, 3 kids, 3 grandkids and the 24 dogs or so inbetween all of this....we owe them!!!!

Friday night we are taking them to eat at a fancy little place about 20 minutes from their house. It will be just the siblings and the parents. We will wine and dine them and lead them to think that this is all they are getting. However, what they don't know is their house will be reconstructed in those 2 hours to a party place. When we finish eating we will head back to their house where 30 or so of close family and friends will greet them with a yell of Suprise!!!! This is where the real party will begin. We will have a wedding cake, old wedding pictures, plenty of drinks and a little music to top it off. My family will be at their house as soon as we all leave to eat to set it up! It should make for a great night and I can't wait to show pics of all of it

So in 30 years when I am blogging about my grandkids, the dog that just passed and how my hubby is still hunting and working all the time, remind me how I deserve a 30 year bash.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My dear friends

I saw this here, and thought it was just the idea to blog about. I have been through so much lately that friends have been very important to me. They have helped me, talked to me, drank with me and most importantly made me laugh.

My best friend ever!!!I say the everything friend because Hannah is my everything friend. She is my best friend and will always be.She is the friend who listens and isn't affraid to tell me the truth. When I need to know an honest answer to something she will give it to me, but in that sweet I wont hurt your feelings way. She listens and listens and listens to me.....she knows me from inside out. Everything there is to know she knows (which might be scary). She is always the one to lift my spirits. She can make me laugh and give up anything to be by my side in a heartbeat. She knows when we need a girls day out or just a talk on the phone. I don't get through my days, weeks without her. We have been friends for at least 10 years and it is always fun to relive time with her. We will always be best friends, not a doubt in my mind. She also just started a blog, so check it out!!!!

Carrie, man where do I even start. I have seriously know her since 1st grade. We have been through skating ring birthday parties to bar hopping birthday parties. She is the kindess most geneous person I know. She always has an open ear and always has the postive feed back I need. She is for sure my uplifter. You can't have a negative attitude around this girl because she is always so postive. I thank God for Carrie and although we dont' see each other as much as we would like, everytime she is in town we always make time to have a drink and gossip.

My sister in Law Jin, is the friend that I have never had. We only met 5 or so years ago and we haven't always been like sisters but we made the adjustment. Now, I can't go a week or even a couple days without her. She lives very close to me now, and that is even better. She is an honest friend and the friend that I envy. I envy her with the way she is a great mother, a great wife and a always has a great attitude. She is always honest with me and will listen like nobody else. When I cry she will cry with me or for me. She knows how to have a good time and girl talks with her are the best!!!! I am so happy for it to me my mom, me and my sister Jin all the time!

Jenny and I have had our outs, but one thing about it she is always having fun and up for an adventure. She is the care free friend who is still having the best time of her life. I love when she comes into town because you always know you are going to have a blast doing whatever you do. She is honest and will tell you or anybody else exactly what is on her mind.

Garrett..well he is my best guy friend. I have known him since I was 4. He was the little red headed punk all through grade school and well that has never changed. He will always give me a hard time and pick on me much like a brother, but he always knows when I need just a pat on the back or a call when I am having a rough time. He is brutely honest (aren't most guys) but knows how to have a blast. His wife Linz has always become a part of my life and I cherish her very much. She is fun to do everything with..and is always up for girl parties or dinner dates.

Gina, is my work friend but also so much more. I knew her before I got the job I have now and we were good friends before seeing each other everyday. Now that we get the pleasure of seeing each other all the time we have become great friends. We have been through so much in this last year and its great to have some to come to during the day to vent, cry or even laugh with. You would think working with someone everyday would get old, but it never does. We always find a new subject and always try to make the best out of everything. We even like to have a great time on the weekend after seeing each other everyday. She is my secret keeper!

Distance makes the heart grow founder. My cousin Annah has always been my bestest friend. We grew up as close as sisters and although we are in different areas now we will always be close. We finish each others sentences and often dress the same without knowing. I know we will always be close and when life gets settled for us both we will pick up where we left off

Nothing to explain mom and I have that great bond. I could go on and on but we have an awesome relationship that requires us to talk daily. Basicly she is awesome!

Nate...I am not going to go on and on here either, I wouldn't have married him if he wasn't my best friend. I could write books on this guy, but basicly he is my protector, lover, friend, witness and my life time partner

OK...way too long. So tell me about your friends

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I am starting a new tradition...hopefully it will turn out great enough for a tradition. I am hosting my first Christmas ornament exchange on Sunday after December 7th. Some of the family thought of the idea, and since I love hosting parties I knew I would have it. I am totally new to all of this so I might need some ideas of yours..ok ok.

First thing is first....I will be decorating my house for the next couple of weeks. I am dragging out all my decorations and I hope to be totally done after Thanksgiving. These means the inside and out. I want all my decor done long before th party

Second..the food?? I am unsure to make a big pot of chili with plenty of sweets or appetizers and sweets. There are so many ideas but not sure what people will want at the party. It will start around 3 and end whenever the last person leaves. This means it can run into dinner time. I was thinking Chili with all the fixens, some vegetable pizza for appetizers, some chips and dip, and plenty of this too much?

Third..plenty of Christmas music in the background. I have some of my favorite I will be playing

Fourth....I purchased a second smaller tree to hang all the ornaments. Not really sure how this all works but I want my tree on display so we don't get the ornaments mixed up. So I suppose everyone will place the ornaments on the small tree (just for this party)and we will choose off that tree. I am guessing we will draw numbers for ornaments. This is still a bit fuzzy so I need yoru suggestions?

Fifth.....the drinks. Wine, coffee, and whatever else we can come up with. I know the sister is supposed to make some festive drinks but I will need a couple more ideas. Any christmas drinks out there??

I will pick out some pics tomorrow of ideas I have, but for right now I need some feed back. Come on...I know all of you creative people out there.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I need .......

....... to give myself a girls day/night out. I need girls around me who make me laugh till I cry, girls how know that my wine glass always need to stay full. I need to be able to gossip with the best of them and just let all my inner feelings out! learn to conserve money better. Lately my money has just been flying out the windows, being spend on stuff I want and not need. deep clean my house..I mean really get organized. I think its the beginning of a winter slump. All spring and summer I am more into cleaning than I am in the winter. wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face. Again, this winter slumb leaves me feeling bumbed some days. My life is not that bad, I have it great actally! finalize my christmas list. I want it all done and wrapped way before the christmas craziness sets in. I am not a last minute person, I need my ducks in a row. make a hair appt. My roots are showing badly and I need that 2 hours of down time. play with my puppy more! trust more, I am having trust issues with a friend and they don't know it really. I feel as if I am giving them all my trust. stop telling you things I need because I could go on and on

Ok this was fun, kind of venting a little but fun! I got it from here. Take a minute and do it, and let me know if you do :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Already time for Christmas lists and list....

and lists. I can't believe the time has come to start making christmas list. A list for everyone I have to buy for. A list for myself. A list for my budget ( I am always bad at this). Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas time but can't believe it is already that time. However, I am putting up decorations within the next couple of week. I know its waaaayy early. But it takes so long to get my decorations up, maybe I decorate way too much, but I just can't see putting all the effort into it for only a couple weeks. I am ready. I am ready to decorate the inside of my house. We wont decorate the outside until after Thanksgiving but the inside will be done soon.

So pack to the list...I can't think of anything I need/want. Last year I wanted a new camera and that was my big item and I got that.....this year, nothing. I have one thing on my list so far.

1. Ugg Boots. With it being this cool already this winter I decided I had to have a pair.....and I talked my sister in law into getting a pair with. ( I wasn't sure if I could pull them off?)

Yep thats my list so far?

Anybody else have a list already, I need ideas!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Adventures in babysitting

As you know, this weekend Nate and I got the privelage of keeping Cooper all weeknd. I picked him up on Friday afternoon and we did some serious shopping. Ok , not serious at all. I picked up some things for him at Target and picked up some light groceries. It was soooo chilly on Friday night that we ordered in food instead of dragging him out in the wind ...burrrrr.

Saturday we were up early ( it was actually nice for once because I got plenty of stuff done before 8:30). Then we headed to visit Great grandma and grandpa. They were happy to visit with him and spoil him.

Saturday came with a sad loss brothers dog was put to sleep. We had no choice in the matter and it had to be done. Tyrus was his name and he was 8 years old. Ever since my brother left the military 5 years ago Tyrus has been living with my mom. He was such a great dog and lived a great life. He will be sadly missed by all....I shed some tears for him on Saturday!!!

Back to happier times, Sunday we took Cooper to church early. It was fun getting him all dressed up in his big boy jeans and taking him with us. He is such a character these days. Always laughing and smiling and really keeping us entertained!!!! We enjoyed him so much. We actually will have him tonight again. One more night before his mom comes home to see him!!! Tomorrow is Veternans day, a holiday for us, and since I am off I get to spend the day with Cooper, and wait for everyone to arrive home :)

I will return on will be nice to have a break on a Tuesday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh the Joys of being an Aunt!

I hate our family all being spread out, my dad started it. My dad took a job with the company Traylor Bros. (building bridges) around 8 years and has been traveling around the states every since. Then my oldest brother thought he would indulge in the fun and he moved with my dad leaving my sister in law and kids here for us to spoil. Then a couple weeks ago my baby brother took a job with dad moving him across the states too. Yep, all the men are down south working. Well this weekend my mother, sister in law and the two oldest kids will be going for a visit.

Wait you say, I know there is a third kid in their somewhere....Yep cooper (3 months) is staying the weekend with Aunt KK and Uncle Nate.

We are going to have so much fun with this little guy!!!! We can't wait!

Although, I hate to miss a trip :( I am sooooo upset that I wont be going on this 4 day adventure with the family. We have so much dang fun together. I will be calling everyday and they will be rubbing it in on how much fun they are having. BUT, I will have Cooper with me so we will be having just as much fun. I will have to just wait till Thanksgiving, thats the next time I will be with the whole family :) Gosh I miss them.

So have fun mom, sister and kids and Cooper will be in great hands! We have adventures in mind already..and if he is a little spoiled when you get back, dont' blame it on me??

I know he will miss his mommy but I will take plenty of pics!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My first!

I have never been tagged...can you believe it?? I so blog popular (this is a joke) have never been tagged till now. Thanks Newlywoodards, I appreaciate the tag. I am supposed to tell you 7 random things, which is odd b/c I feel like my whole blog is sheets of randomness. But we go!

1. I can't stand to be cuddled, touched or so much as breathed on at night. I know, I should want to cuddle up with my husband b/c thats what girls always want, Well I am not that kinda girl. I want my own covers and I like my own space. This goes as far as lying on the couch as well. Just don't touch me and we are all happy

2. I am very outspoken and this can get me in trouble a lot. I dont' know when to hold back and when to speak my mind. Sometimes this is a great quailty and other times it gets me in trouble. I get this trait from my daddy. My mother is very reserved and never speaks out, my father on the other hand seems to be more real. When someone hurts my feelings, or causes someone I love pain I tend to tell them about. I speak about what values I hold dearly, politics or anything that can lead to discussion. I love a heated disucussion over religoin or politics....I love to argue and I love to speak my mind. But I am doing better...I have learned to control my tounge b/c my husband says I should do better!!!!

3. I am scared of my own shadow. I live in the country now and I wont go outside after dark unless Nate is with me. I know...grow up...if Nate is away for work, I stay at my mom's.

4. I am never completely happy with the way my hair is. The color the cut..doesn't matter, I am never happy. I often compare my hair with other peoples and think what is wrong with mine. I want to die my hair dark all the time but never do. I was born a blonde and I guess will always stay a blonde but envy all the burnetts out there

5. I don't function in the mornings at all....dont' talk to me or call me too early b/c I will be oscar or have no idea what we talked about. I dont' do well until I have my caffeine in me. On my way to work I fill my coffee cup and have my down time and I am great after 8!

6. I get a giggly feeling all inside me when I get comments on my blog. This comes from me loving people...really...I know I speak my mind but I love making new friends. You can never have enough girls who understand you.

7. I only make my bed when company is coming over. The husband doesn't care if its made so why should I? I know, I try to do better but I just can't get myself to make it.

Ok, I know these are far from funny or even anything slightly attention grabbing but they are random and thats what I was supposed to do. And I am supposed to tage 7 people so here we go:

Three Ladies and a Dad


Andrea may have just done this??

Glamorous Housewife.....pretty sure you have been tagged already!



Thanks for doing this gals!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ghost and Gomblin.....or Flappers and NBA Stars

What a great weekend...I hope everyone's was just as fun. I have lots of pics but wont bore you with all of them. Friday I trick or treated with the niece and nephews. It was a lot of fun..probally more fun for me than the kiddos. Here is Rageddy Ann and Andy!

Red Hot chili Pepper Cooper!!! Isn't he just a Gerber baby?

kailee and Cooper enjoying halloween!!!! And this next picture cracks me up....Liam...who does he look like in the pic?? Wizard of Oz maybe...the minituare people!!! hahah
Here is Aunt KK getting some quaility time with Ann and Andy
NOW for the Adult party on Saturday night. Nate and I decided not to dress up as anything matching...we both just did our own things. So Thursday evening I picked out a flapper outfit. It was a cutsie outfit and the wig I wore through people off for a while. Now Nathan's outfit was great, he chose to be a NBA player and he really played the part. We threw his outfit together last minute but it was fun. My sister in law was a cutsie cocktail :)

Here we are at the party with hunter Annah.

The host of the party Kim and Lee...they were headed to the Kentucky Derby...isn't this clever?

Every good Jockey needs a is Kim and Lee's racing horse/dog Bently

We had a great weekend as you can tell!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend Recap

I feel like Saturday Night Live giving the weekend recap, but dont' get excited mine wont be as funny. Most of you know it was wedding weekend for me and all my favorite people. Two amazing people got married this Saturday and a blast was had by all......I wont post all my pics but just give you a little insight
Here is mself, the bride and my best bud Hannah. Lindsey was such a beautiful bride and glowed all day! Everything went exactly as planned and the day itself was awesome!
And this hunk, well he is our best friend! Take a good look because he might not ever get so dressed up for us again!
Here we are at snapping some pics with our flowers and our Natural light cans!
This picture is a classic, in highschool we were the "Starting 5" (get it, basketball team starting 5) anyways we were all bestfriend and we were all reunited on this night! WE had such a great time and I wish we could get together everyday!!!!!!!!! I already miss them :(
Now...this picture is worth a thousand words. Of course in the front row is the starting 5 Girls, and in the back row is the starting 5 boys. If it was Friday or Saturday night in Highschool you could expect to see all 10 of us together and having a blast. This is the first time we have all been together in years and man it felt good. Some people called the 10 of us a "clique" and well I am ok with that because here is the Clique!

By the end of the night the Vodka and beer had kicked in. We were the last ones to leave and here we are dressed up with wedding decor! A classic bathroom picture is just what we needed!! Gosh, I can't believe the night was over but I know I had fun because my head was killing me the next morning :)

Tonight is Monday night football: Colts vs. the undefeated Titans = wings and beer! A group from work and some others are celebrating this game and giving ourself a Monday night out!! Woohoo! I have my "Manning" jersey on and can't wait for game time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When it rains it pours

They old saying is "God doesn't give you more to take on than you can handle", well I am busting at the seems here God!!! My grandpa had a stroke last night. No word on how bad it was yet but we think it has effected his memory. They will run test all day today and the therapy will start soon. The doctors think it effected the left front of his brain which effects memory and speech. I haven't even got to tell my story on here about all I have gone through in the last two weeks, but adding more to it isn't what I expected. I will be strong and pray, pray, pray. We are a family who lives off each other and we can tackle the worst of the worst, so I know grandpa will pulll through. Say another prayer if you will. I will keep you updated as I am headed to the hospital in the next hour or so.

There is another old saying that "everything happens in three's"....I am not sure what we could handle from here on out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Central

My best guy friend in the world is getting married this weekend and I have the honor of being a bridesmaid. His soon to be wife Lindsey, has came into our friendship and we just eat her up as well. I forgot about all the husle and busle that comes with being in a wedding. Maybe because I have been out of my element lately, but I guess I thought I would just show up and put on my dress....what was I thinking? Tonight is my last free night at home so I better tidy up that place I call home because it looks like a pack of wild dogs have taken over. Thursday I am trying the mystic tan...has anyone done this? I had no time to get any color before this wedding and since the dresses are black I need a little color. I need any advise to what is the best way to care for the mystic tan?? HELP! Thursday I am also getting my nails and toes done....oh this will be a fantastic way to start the weekend!!! Then of course Friday we have rehearsel dinner, hair and make up done on Saturday and finally the Paaarrrrtttyyyyy Saturday night!!! Woohoo. I just love wedding weekends!!!
I plan on taking tons of pictures so be ready!!!
So, if anyone of you lovely ladies can help me with this mystic tan I would just love it!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

I know I have been MIA, but I am feeling maybe a little better.....which means you might see a smile during the day. I am back at work and that doesn't make the day any better and makes it much much longer. However, on Sunday I got out with the kiddo's my S-I-L, mom and my grandma. I love girls days out and it was pefect weather to hit up the pumpkin patch for the kids. I wish this picture was bigger, but here are the kids all suited up and ready to play!

Here is Liam and I playing a duck game...yes it was fun!

Kailee loved feeding the animals at the petting she is with Donkeys. We wish we could say the same for Liam but he needed a nap! Kailee, Jin and I taking a ride in the school bus!

Liam with his face in a pumpkin,.....this kid cracks me up. Not many pictures of Cooper, but being 3 months old isn't very excited at a pumpkin patch!
We actually left the pumpkin patch with ZERO pumpkins, the line was too long and we went for the food and games! We were all dragging by 3 o'clock

I will hopefully be back to my everyday blogging...the better I feel the more I blog. A story will be coming soon also so everyone knows why they prayed for me !!! Thanks for all your prayers by the way, they all helped!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Say a Prayer!

I know this seems like the thing to post lately but I, Myself, Me need your prayers if you could. I have been going through some things since Thursday evening and I am down, sad, dang near depressed and I need some prayers. I will explain to all of you maybe one day what is going on but this week could be long and worse than last week and maybe a few prayers will help. I wont be blogging much, but hopefully soon I will blog about the story. you lay down to sleep maybe a prayer could help me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A shout out!

A big shout out today to my niece Kailee who started a new preschool program today. She is an incrediable little girl who will light up your life the second you meet her. She and I have a very special bond..she was my first niece....and I hold that bond dearly. It was raining cats and dogs as she started school this morning but I know she adjusted fine! She will make lots of new friends and the teachers will just adore her like they always do.

Her mother hasn't left the school parking lot as we speak, Kailee only goes half a day of school and her crazy mother is sitting in the parking lot the whole time!!!! Who can blame her though?? I would sit there and wait also. Jin of course wants the teachers to know Kailee's every need before leaving her so you can't blame her!!!!

So...Good Luck at School will do great!!!! I hope you learn lots of new things and meet lots of new people :) Aunt KK loves you so much !!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Did I Shave my legs for this?

Me: Do you notice how hairy my legs are?

Nate: Not really...never pay attention

Me: Thats good because I bet I haven't shaved in 3 weeks for more

Nate: Thats pretty I will notice!

Does anyone else hate, I mean just can't even make themselves shave thier legs? Well, I hate to shave and it had been way too long for me. But I will have you know I got it done today..I shaved and it feels great!!! Maybe this is for me two dates this weekend :)

I am way more comfortable than I should be with my husband if I can go without shaving for a month! !!! Thank goodness he loves me and not for my shaved legs!

How long have you gone without shaving??

We are off to the weekend!!

This week has been something else....TGIF!!!! Tonight I have a dinner/movie date and Nathan is not going. Me and my sister in law are going to dinner when I get off work and then we are going to catch a chick flick. Hubby is not much of a movie going person at all therefore I never get to see the good movies, so I thought I can't always miss out so I will just date someone else for a night :) We have talked about see "The Women" but nothing is finalized yet. I need a break, just because I need a break and she might need a break from those adorable three children.

Saturday I will put in a half days work and then I have another date. No this one is not with Nathan either. My Bestest friend Hannah and I are doing lunch and some light shopping. This will be our first outting since she had adorbale baby Porter! We are both super excited about this date because it has been far too long. We are used to seeing each other pretty often and hanging out just as much, so Porter will stay at home and it will just be us girls:) Finally Saturday night me and Nate will have some date time if we wish...and of course we enjoy spending Sunday's together!!! I have some homework to get done and maybe wash my car but other than that Sunday will be spent watching some Colts Football!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Monday, September 22, 2008

St.Louis It Was

Our weekend getaway was to St. Louis, MO. After much conversation we went with ol faithful St.Louis. We had a great time!!! I didn't take pictures, well its hard when its just us too and we were in the moment and not the picture moment. So I will tell our story through other peoples pictures. Our first stop.....not one of Nathan's favorites at all.....was Kimmswick, MO. I have always loved eating at the Blue Owl and touring the great gift shops. I remebered though that it was usually always with the girls when I did this and I just assumed that Nathan would love it. Well, he enjoyed the food but not the atmosphere or the shopping so it was short trip.
Next stop was West County Mall. At this point Nathan was just being nice because it was our anniversary. He never was or is a shopper and he was just trying to make my day!!! Well, I didn't find anything??? NOTHING...that never happens but I appreciated Nate taking me. After all the shopping Nate could handle we headed downtown St.Louis. Nathan already had reservations for The Hilton downtown. What a suprise!!!! So we headed to check in. Little did I know he had reservations for dinner as well, so we hurried to get ready for the night. WE took one of these to romantic right?
I actually have never done the horse and carriage thing and it was a perfect evening!!!! Then my other suprise of the night was Nathan had made dinner reservations at the Millenium Restuarant. Well I had no idea what this was, but it is a restuarant on top of the Millenuim hotel in downtown St.Louis. This is like the 28th floor. It is a 5 star restuarant and the neat part of this place is while you eat the room is spinning slowly around and around so you can see the whole downtown of St.Louis. takes an hour or so to rotate around but the few during dinner is incrediable!!! We had a great time here and what a great suprise. Nathan and I were all dressed up and I could kick myself for not taking camera.

Sunday we stayed in bed late, ate breakfast at the hotel then hit one of our places for lunch and play.

Dave and Busters is one of our favorite places to enjoy a little playing time and lunch. We headed back early on Sunday to enjoy some Colts Football and to unpack and get ready for dreaded Monday. We had a great time over a our little stay and we will end our anniversary with dinner tonight and eating the top of our wedding cake!!!

Happy 1 Year!

Today is the big one year anniversary !!!! I will go more into detail and post pictures about our trip later, but I just wanted to send a big Happy ONE Year to my wonderful husband. Time has flown by so fast since last year but I remember the day exactly. Everything went perfect ( well almost, there is always a flaw) but it was exactly the wedding of my dreams! I never knew what "true love" was until I met Nathan. He showed me the way and after dating for a year he proposed to me the weekend before thanksgiving. We were engaged almost a year and then married on a truely amazing day! I hold very found memories of the whole year leading up to it, and although it was stressful at times, it was an experience I will never forget. Nathan is the man every mother wants their daughter to marry. He is sensitive, hard working, devoted to God and family and most importantly he is devoted to me. I admit he does spoil a little...ok a lot!

So HAPPY ONE YEAR Nathan!!!! Tonight we have dinner reservations at a very elegant restaurant and I have a really cute black dress to wear! Then we will return home to presents, and the top of our wedding cake to eat!