Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Play

Sometimes its funny how much your kids act like you........

For example...since Nate and I are sports loving fanatics....Tucker is a sports loving fanatic

Tucker would usually rather being playing ball (baseball, basketball, football) than anything else. AND most of the time his favorite channel is ESPN.

Like I have said love of sports all started from being around my brothers. I really had no choice. They would never watch Care bears over ESPN. (and when I was growing up there was usually only one, maybe 2 TVs in your home. Not like now where every room has a TV)

So Here's To Another "Holiday" of Sports. Here is To Opening DAY!!!! We can't wait to Teach Tucker the ropes of being a CARDINAL Fan. He is sooo excited about ball, he will love to watch them on TV.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Date night

Date night, Date night....I have been waiting for months to have a DATE night!

Saturday night I got to spend 3 hours with my husband. There were NO interruptions, no wiping snot, no eating after my food was already cold.

It was marvelous!! We didn't shut up the whole time we were out! We sure did need this :)

Lately, if we have time apart from Tucker its because we need or have to be somewhere. This schedule no time frame.

Its the little things in life really.....but its important to keep our spark alive!!!
I was reminded during this night out how important Nate was to me, the sparks came back instantly. It was crazy how my heart skipped those beats again just like in the beginning.

Thank you DATE night!!!

We ate at Saffrons....first time! I liked it a lot, Nate a little.

Monday, March 21, 2011

sunshine days

This weekend was perfect! The perfect amount of friends....the perfect amount of family....the perfect amount of playtime and the perfect amount of sunshine! Although my house and laundry are crazy and out of order, that can wait. I am soaking up the time with my little family and pushing everything else to the side. After all, I want Tucker to remember the good times he will NEVER care how clean my house is right???
We played in the hay...and with the cows! Tucker's favorite thing EVER
We fished a little...caught nothing!

And we went Jeepin with the cousins

God...please send us more 75 degree weather and sunshine. After all everyone is happier!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I caught the bug

I caught the " I wanna deep clean/throw things out/ and dig in corners of my home that I was scared of" BUG.

Monday and Tuesday I have been tearing through closets. First the spare bedroom. WOoohOO. Let me tell you I wasn't sure what was living in there. I tore through the closet and the whole room. Junk Junk Junk. I am pretty sure 1983 was still living in that room so I was clearing that era out.

Moving on to the master bedroom closet. Size 5 shoes. Really??? I was size 5 in 6th grade. Not sure where those have been hiding for years. Anyways...they are in the yard sale pile.

Next... my linen closet and Tucker's closet. Thank goodness Tucker is only 16 months old and can't possible have things from the 80s. BUT let me tell there is still a lot of "things" in his closet. Like baby blankets. It kills me to pack those things up. He is still a baby. I tried to swaddle him in a swaddling blanket the other day and we both belly laughed at that one. He thinks I am crazy most of the time anyways, so he wasn't shocked!

So I am getting things DONE this week!!!! I haven't actually dug down and spring cleaned yet (not sure I will) be decluttering is making me smile

Dear Lord help me when I reach the laundry room area...I might get lost and if I do please some find me. I will be somewhere between the 1998s and 1999s.

And JUST because he is the sweetest thing in the morning.....such a big boy NO wait baby!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still in training....

As much as I have learned along the " I am a mom" path...there is still so much to learn. Sometimes I do things and later think of a better way to do it.
You can't beat yourself up over mistakes as a mom, you just kick your own a** and move on.

About 6 months ago I was going to sleep train Tucker. He was never a bad sleeper, he just wasn't always on schedule. Well, due to sickness it never happened. So time went on and things were ok. Around 2 weeks ago he had this horrible croup. So I stuck him in our bed to watch and listen for him. Well after that he was having trouble going back to his bed. We didn't mind him sleeping with us except for the simple fact he dug his toes in my back, hair, stomach in the middle of the night. Not to mention the wild arms spasms that left me with bruises.

So this week I was due or die sleep training. I can't do the "cry it out" method because I can't listen to him scream for hours. So Sunday night I laid him down after a bath and book. I sit in his room and opened a book. He tossed, turned, got up and yelled at me, fought and fought. Every time he popped up I just reassured him and told him its "night night". I would leave the room, let him cry some and come back and lay him down and sit. After over an hour, he was sound asleep till 6:30 the next morning.
Night 2 (last night). Same routine....bath, book, bed. Within 15 minutes he was curling up with his blanket and getting quiet. I reassured him ONCE and within 30 minutes he was sound asleep till 6:45am.
Also, let me add. Tucker used to wake up at least one for sippy of "silk" in the middle of night....BUT the last 2 nights NOTHING but silence.
He is happy in the morning and I think we will all be in better moods.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself, but I am too excited not to share. For one...I don't have to do the Cry It OUT and feel guilty AND this is working.

wish me luck for the rest of the week!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember Me.....

I was the girl who used to blog everyday, who had an active so exciting life......

Well my life is still exciting, in a poopy diaper, screaming toddler kinda way.

So here is the latest:

* I am running behind this year for March of Dimes. Usually I am very energetic and ahead of the game. This year...well I am a little behind. I NEED to get shirts ordered today!!!

*Tucker has some cough, snot slinging going on. I haven't taken him to the doctor yet because he is eating, playing and hasn't ran a fever. So I am feeding him Zyrtec and hoping it works.

*I am supposed to be spring cleaning this week, but I can't even keep my laundry caught up. So we shall see if Spring cleaning EVER gets done??
Do you people out there really still spring/deep clean? or is that only what our grandmothers did?

* Last Saturday we had a fun couples night out! FUN I tell ya....

* Today when I woke up it was 35. Seriously March, 35....thats nuts

* We have a bbq this weekend with friends and friends kids. I love having friends with kids :)

* Speaking of kids, a new one was born in our circle. We have another boy to starting dragging to bbqs and get togethers!!! Welcome baby Eli

Thats all..see I told you I was so exciting lately!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Walking for babies......

Most of you know and have known for some time that I am a big supporter for the March of Dimes. The past three years "Kailee's Team" has raised over $9000.00. Thats pretty impressive. Its takes a team of us to get this accomplished and I am VERY VERY grateful for everyone that has helped in the past.

March of Dimes is here to help prevent premature birth. NOT only do they support babies who have a struggle at birth, but they are there to help babies that are born healthy!! All of us have a soft spot for babies, but imagine the spot you would have if your baby had trouble at birth. Thats why "Kailee's Team" raises money! We want to END premature birth in babies. We want all babies to be born healthy!!! Some of you have seen the sparkle in my niece Kailee's eyes....that itself explains why we are so passionate for the March of Dimes.

So this year as we walk to save babies I am again on the hunt to raise $3000.00 and help ALL babies be born healthy!!! So if you are interested in helping in any way...whether its a donation, walking, or helping with fundraising let me know. I need a good fundraiser this year, last year our cookbooks were a hit!! (ideas welcome)

I will be sending out order forms for tee shirts too. I am going to TRY to get kids shirts made this year, but usually the sizes are small to XXL. Lets help ALL babies be born healthy...and lets make "Kailee's Team" another first place fundraising team!!!!!

This was an email I send NOT all of this applies to blogworld. BUT if anyone has fresh ideas or fundraising HINTs I will take them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life is crazy...

Life is crazy...I want a slow down, rewind and stop button. Tucker is talking more, doing different things everyday and I do good just to keep my head above water. Just when I think I can go home and play with him and enjoy his kisses and him poking out my eye, the laundry stares at me...the juice I spilled last week is still sticking to the kitchen floor.... and lets not forget about the spare room that I can't walk into because it scares me to know whats in there.

Working and mothering is hard. BUT I chose to do it. I WANT to do it. Lets face it, I dont budget well and I am not sure I could ever budget (money). I want my own money. I chose to work and I accepted this choose. Honestly, I am scared of struggles and I dont want to. (not that we dont b/c even with 2 jobs it happens). This might sound crazy, but my husband and I dont share the same money. GASP I know....this will save us from divorce later in life..promise. I make mine, he makes his somehow it work for everyone. I love my job..I love my work family BUT BUT BUT...there are so many buts...

Am I missing out on the best years of Tucker's life?? Am I missing out on parks, lunch dates and such? (Who i am kidding..if I didn't work there would be no lunch dates. ha!) I have so much concern that the chooses I make will affect Tucker. Am I not paying enough attention to him when I get home b/c I am running around crazy trying to cook, clean and all the things that I could get done during the day if I didn't work?

Then I mom worked. We were still loved the same. We still grew up normal. None of us had 3 eyes because she worked. She didn't have to work, she chose to work. She wanted to work to provide things for us ....special things. We are all normal. We are all very very close even though she worked. I can do this. I can handle this....I can work. I can enjoy work. I just have to remember the laundry will be there tomorrow and I can play today.

(I have had to really struggle with my OCD issues and putting them aside and cleaning the house while Tucker sleeps instead of rushing in the house and getting things done. Yes I finally cleaned the juice up..but even if I didn't....I had fun with my son)