Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whats happened

Since I have last blogged...

we have elected the same idiot man as president of the USA. (please spare your comments, I dont' care enough to read them...we can't agree on everything)

I have taken a Might knigh "Tucker" and his fire breathing dragon "Saylor" trick or treating and it was a BLAST!! Holidays are way more crazy, but way more fun with 2 kiddos.

Our little Saylor is trying her hardest to cut teeth and on top of all that she was sick aaaaallll weekend, which made me and her both CRAZY!!!!

I have been baking and cooking baking in the fall

We carved pumpkins...

I am planning a 3 year old John Deere Birthday party for THIS weekend.

We have been talking about shooting deer a lot at our house....we are hunters!

Saylor is walking everywhere.

I have been trying to start Christmas shopping, but I just go in circles because I have NO idea where to start.

I am planning a weekend away with my WHOLE family to a Christmas village.

I plan on doing the advent calendar with Tucker and SAylor just don't know which one yet.....the gift opening  or the regular count down.

Its finally cooling down here...but this weekend its going to be 70??? Missouri is crazy like that...explains a lot about me huh??

Super excited for Family Pics this weekend at OUR farm!!! Stressing over what to wear

I am NOT a blonde anymore, thats right...I am a burnette and it feels good :)

We baptized Saylor....what a great feeling!!!

I am super excited about boots and long sweater!!!

I am getting an ALL day girls shopping, gossiping and eating trip soon and I am super duper pumped!

Thats all for now :)