Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where has time gone?

Oh yeh, my time has gone to a baby. I havent updated in a while but we have been busy. Tucker had his first dr. appt last wednesday...weighing in at a big 9lb 9oz. I had my first check up that same day.
Thanksgiving was GREAT. We had so much to be thankful for this year and it was great to see family. I shopped black friday, but not too early. My sister in law and I found some great deals though and it was Tucker's first time being babysat.
This week we have new born pictures scheduled and we are trying to get the house decorated for Christmas. It seems since I have ALL day I could fit in blogging but things are just crazy.
I just wanted everyone to know I am still alive and well....and Tucker is fantastic. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon but tis the time for things to be crazy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tucker Joseph....photo spree

You asked and I shall deliver. All pictures of sweet Tucker..you notice there are none of mom in here, well b/c I am still sporting some lovely maternity weight. I have been hit and miss on the blog lately but can you blame me? I do good to shower during the day at all...and my hair hasn't been fixed in weeks, but I just have all my attention on this little guy. yesterday I wore a shirt with spit up on it all day.....nate was impressed when he got home. Anyways...I will be reading and replying to more blogs in weeks to come. I feel like I have no idea whats going on with everyone in blog land.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthing Story....Part 2

We left off with Nate in scrubs and tears in my eyes heading to c-section. Once in the room I was swamped with nurses, doctors, etc. The drugs were really sitting in and my Dr. walked in the room. She reassured me and then begin the procedure. It was he weirdest feeling ever. I could feel tugging and pulling and stress on my body but felt no pain. Nate was by my side the whole time....although he was amazed by the surgery so he watched. Yes, he was in awww of the whole thing and kept his eyes on the surgery. He watched Tucker be pulled out and tried to describe it to me. I am so glad I was awake for the whole procedure...it made it feel more real. Tucker was out and screaming with in 5 mins. The nurses swept him away right after momma got a look. He had dark hair and was beautiful.That was for sure a momment we will never forget. It took 15 or 20 more mins to get me all prepared and then we were off to recovery.
Nate had Tucker in his arms for the whole recovery process but right then I knew everything I had indured was well worth it. The recovery was not easy...I was in a lot of pain for the first 24 hours. The only advice I have is get up...get up and walk and fight back at the pain. I am on day 4 and feel like a whole new person from day 2. I just get up and try not to lay more than an hour or so without walking out the pain.
We are home safe and sound now and everyone is doing great.Tucker had a couple nights where he wasn't sure if he wanted to sleep or not but I think we might have gotten the bug out.
I will be uploading pics tomorrow of my beauitful baby...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The birthing story...part 1

If you dont' want to know how this beautiful boy became real...then stop reading. I plan on updating all kinds of pictures real soon but I wanted to write my story for me to remember..and to embrace a few of you who care.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to the doctors office. Remember I was being induced because I had been on blood thinners, and blood thinners and labor dont mix well. Wednesday afternoon I was still only dilated a 1 and my doctor thought it would be best to go ahead and check into labor and deli every to get a head start. Good thing I packed my bags an hour before that....literally I was not on top of things. That night I was placed on medicine to help my cervix start thinning and maybe get some dilation going. I didn't sleep Wednesday...mostly because of nerves. I felt small contractions all night but getting messed with all the time by nurses in and out didn't help with the sleeping either.

Thursday I just new was a going to be a fast day. The nurses would check me that morning and only to bring news that the medicine had done nothing. I was still dilated a 1. My wonderful doctor came in that morning to check on me and break my water. Breaking my water was...well horrible. It was only horrible for like 3 minutes but it was horrible. I was inching off my bed because it hurt so bad. The reason for that much pain was because of my lack of dilation I am pretty sure. So all my great family and friends support arrived early that morning to sit and stare at me and my no dilating body. Every hour they checked and I would move a little farther along but nothing like I should have. I dilated a 3 when I received my epidural. I was actually not in that much pain...small cramping really but the nurse wanted me to get the epidural when I wasn't in big pain. The epidural was a different feeling. It never hurt it was just a different feeling....weird really. I chose to have drugs during deli every and I am glad I did for later reasons. After the epidural my contractions picked up. I never felt them...woohoo..but they were off the charts. My only complaint all day was a horrible headache. I never felt any pain worth griping about but my head was killing me....worst headache ever. But the headache was minimal to what could have hurt. The only problem.....I still wasn't dilating at all.
My doctor watched me like a hawk that day...did I tell you she was wonderful. I liked her a lot as my doctor in the office, but its always different when you are going to deliver. Anyways..she was wonderful!!!!! Wonderful!!!! And the hospital staff was great! (Lauren..she was wonderful, couldn't have asked for better) Anyways..so she was keeping tabs and was giving me time but she was always preparing me for surgery in the back of my mind. She didn't want me to sit for longer than 12 hours b/c infection can sit in.
So at 3:30 when I wasn't dilated any farther than a 4, she made the call. I freaked. I was nervous and scared for our health at that time. All of a sudden there were many ppl in my room preparing me, and getting me all ready. Nate was in scrubs and the tears starting flowing from my eyes...I was soooo ready at that point but so nervous.
I will continue the next part tomorrow....Tucker is hungry and has a great set of lungs...ha

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tucker Joseph

I don't have much time but we have a HUGE gift from God. Tucker Joseph was born today at 3:59. He weighed in at a big 8 lbs 11 oz 20 and 3/4 inches long. I checked in Wednesday afternoon at 5 and ended up in c section today at 4. It was a long day but well worth it. I can't wait to tell my birth pics and show him off but I am very tired tonight. I will return soon

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I haven't been around blog world in a couple days and I do appologize. I guess you can say I have a lot"on my plate"

TOMORROW I will be holding a baby...its still unbelievable to me.
Tomorrow I will be going through one of the most incrediable experiences in my life
Tomorrow I will look at my husband a whole different way
Tomorrow my family memories will gather around me and experience something new to life
Tomorrow I need PRAYERS for you, that baby and mom are both healthy
Tomorrow I will be a mom
Tomorrow I will hopefully update my blog and let you know how cute Tucker is.

Please remember me tomorrow and pray to God that mom and baby are healthy. Oh and if you can squeeze in a prayer about a pain free labor..hehe

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My 1st Trip

Yesterday evening I took my first trip to .......Labor and Delivery. The long hallway lined with all the precious baby pictures, families gathered in the waiting rooms, moms and dads holding new babies. I experienced it all for about 2 hours. Here's how I got there....

Yesterday I had my final doctors appointment. I was so excited because after all this was THE appointment where I would find out when we get to meet Tucker. After arriving in the room, with Nate thank goodness, they took my blood pressure. No sweat, my blood pressure is always almost perfect. Yesterday it went something like this... 153/97 and the second time 147/93. Yep not so good.

So my doctor ( who I found out I LOVE when it comes down to it, she is on top of stuff) came to check on me and said we might be meeting a baby soon. She sent me straight to labor and delievery and had me convinced we would deliver a baby tomorrow. I was scared, if my blood pressure was up then I can't imagine what it was when I get to L and D. I was strapped to monitors, blood pressure gages, blood drawn , urine samples, etc. only to find out that my blood pressure had gone down.....woohoo.

Now dont' get me wrong, I would have loved to have baby Tucker today but me myself wasn't prepared. I am type A. I need all my ducks in a row and everything done around me before I can have a baby. My bags aren't packed, the laundry isn't caught up, I could vacuum one more time, the car seat is not installed and the list goes on and on. So after being sent home from L and D, I can now prepare. I have a week to prepare actually because she is inducing me next Thursday. So Tucker should arrive November 12th.

So world....are you as ready as I am to meet Tucker?? ONE week to go

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Come take a LOOK...

I have put it off long enough, all of you deserve a peak into Tucker's room. There are a couple, small, dont even amount to anything things that I haven't done, but for the most part its all COMPLETE. (sorry the sun is glaring in these pics)
As we enter....

Now we make a left...a small left to his crib and the hand painted wall! Yes Nate did all the cow spots..his idea, isn't that creative.
More Crib.....The small comforter is my favorite. I love the cow spots. It's called "Little Buckaroo" by: banana fish. The bumper pad have cowboys and cow spots. Perfect for our little Tucker.
Every room has to have a big comfy rug...or I believe it does. I couldn't resist this one...its so fluffy
and the cow spots....that match the comforter
Here you can see the reds and greens and browns. All along the bumper pad is little cowboys....
The changing table baskets. I take credit here...I lined them myself
The wreath hangs on his door. It was made by my cousin...isnt it perfect?
My mosses basket. Look at all these adorable soft animals!!! Check out the horse with Tucker's name!! That was made by my BFF
How cute is this little guy, I can see Tucker riding him now

A top his dresser. The hat is personalized..hehe

Tucker letters...I did these, Nate takes credit but I painted them.

Thanks for taking the tour. Its for a sure ALL boy no doubt about it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trying to Plan ahead

This weekend was a success!!! My whole house is sparkling clean from top to bottom. Places are clean in that house that I didn't even know existed. A special thanks to my 2 aunts, my momma and grandma. I couldn't have done it without them. They know it too :) My feet were swollen and my eyes were very very heavy come 11:00 Friday night when we were all finished.

Saturday I had my final hair appointment before Tucker arrives. There are just some things that are important to have done before you deliver and one on my list is to have GREAT hair. I couldn't fantam the thought of having roots while in labor and delievery. (I mean you look bad enough as it is).
Saturday night we had chili dogs and handed out candy to trick or treaters. I have to be partial though and say my nieces and nephews were BY FAR the cutest trick or treaters. A flower, cowboy and dinosaur. I wish I had pics!!!!
Sunday was a day of R and R. Football and ribs! Yummmm

So for my last week as just the 2 of us I have decided to cook some of my favorite foods. Next week I know I wont want to cook, only eat my weight in carry out.
Tonight..Stuffed Peppers
The rest of the week in no particular order:
Baked Spaghetti
Pork Steaks..prepared by Nate
And Friday is still optional?

Friday, October 30, 2009

There is an end in sight!!!

Today I was back to the doctor for my last ultrasound and check up. Tucker currently weighs 7lb 4oz. He has HAIR!!! I was shocked, why b/c I was bald until I was 2. Literally had to glue bows to my scalp so people knew I was a girl. It scarred me for life. But Tucker, he has hair...tons of it.

I am showing no progress but I am not that disappointed. I kinda figured my body wasn't ready..this weekend I will be 38 weeks so body, if you are listening, its time to make things happen. I go back to the Dr next Wednesday and if all looks good she is scheduling my induction!!!! So sometime in the week of November 9-13 I will be a mommy.
Yep..did you hear...INDUCTION DAY in 10 days.

I need to be off the blood thinner shots for 12 hours prior to delivery so scheduling makes the most sense.

So next week is my final week of work, my final week of me and hubby time and so many other emotions. But I am ready, ready for a life with 3 of us.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

37.5 weeks and counting....who am I kidding I lost count weeks ago

A little over 37 weeks and the Dr. told me I was measuring big...I can only hope to be holding a very precious baby sometime next week?? HOPE HOPE!

My sides are like pin cushions. These shots twice a day are killing me, the needle hurts the meds hurts...wearing pants even irritates the injection site but my boss told me pants were mandatory at work. But there are no rules at home by gosh.

Getting off the couch is like running a marathon. Or outta bed for that matter.

Peeing is a chore, not routine or every so often, its a CHORE and I feel like I do it all day.

People say I look tired...check
Others ask if I am ready....check check

I am stocking up on hospital supplies, which still seems unreal that it will actually be me lying in that bed. I mean the belly should be enough clue but I can't get it through my head.

I plan on eating my weight in Halloween candy and the first person to tell me to stop better watch out.

I think my husband has a huge wake up call...this is a walk in the park for him and since he hasn't been reading up on the things lately, labor will hit him like a ton of bricks. ( I might laugh when he starts pacing)

My feet, well they aren't even mine and they hurt all the time.

And whoever gave me this double chin can have it back anytime. Seriously, who needs 2 chins?

Here are some pictures...I am sure you are wondering how I even stand up and dont' just fall forward, well my butt is back there and it has done its far share of growing too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slump Day or Week

I have hit an all time low here at Day in the Hay. I can't seem to find the words or subjects to even write about. My personal life is going fabulous but just can't put it in to words on paper..or computer.
My doctors appointments are every week and Tucker seems to be growing and gaining ( I am measuring a week early). I have my last ultrasound next Thursday to see if this baby is huge or maybe its just me? I show no signs of dilation or thinning...come on body? I am going to start trying the old home remedies to get this body going, I want this baby soon. Any home remedies or old wife's tells you have heard that gets this baby moving?? Also I am not being a baby about getting Tucker here sooner b/c of my own good, its simply because of my blood clotting situation.
(The only reason I pursue the issue of showing signs is because I am scared to death to go into labor on this blood thinning meds).
I am enjoy my evenings at home resting and getting Tucker's room all together. I am enjoying time with Nate, our last of alone times and I just spend a marvelous weekend with my whole family. So why can't I think of anything to write...I blame it on the baby brain.

I promised you Tucker's room and soon you will see it. I wanted a couple people to see it in person first before I posted it on here.

So help me outta this slump..leave a comment, question or concern

Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Day

October 15th will forever hold a special day in my heart.....today is National Remembering our Babies day. For anyone who has lost a baby due to miscarriage, still birth, sids, or any loss of baby today is for US! . I suffered two miscarriages back to back last year that broke me down. I fought back and I am glad I did. My story is just minimal compared to others. Other women I have met along the way have it so much worse. Take a minute today and say a prayer for all the women and babies.

I am blessed to be almost full term in my own pregnancy but at one time I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I feel for the women struggling with miscarriages and infant loss. I pray for you all.

This is also for my blog friends and many that I dont know who are struggling with infertility. I want all of you to feel the blessings of pregnancy on day. I pray for ALL of you as well

For more information on this go here...read and pray

I shall return

I have been spotty lately on my blog, but I have baby brain and so much to do in so little time. My energy level has finally hit me and I did some organizing and rearranging. I guess you can say I am nesting a little. I will be back in blog world full fledged next week. I still have a nursery to show you and so many other things. I even will post of what I look like..a cow...at 36 weeks.

Yesterday I had my 36 weeks appointment. Everything is looking great and Tucker is doing just fine. He weighs 6lbs 3oz. He is growing fast. I am hoping for only a couple weeks left of maternity...like my doctor loves me soooo much she will induce me early. Other wise Tucker might gain a pound a week and be a big one. One of the reasons I want her to take little Tucker is because I am now taking two shots a day in my belly. That is NOT fun. I am so sore around my belly for sticking myself the last 9 months. Oh well, it is all worth it. I am saying maybe a baby by the first week of November..I have nothing else going on?

36 weeks and counting
  • my feet are still huge during the day
  • my nose is huge all the time
  • my face has gained as much weight as my belly
  • I have 3 maternity shirts left...so I better get creative with jewelry
  • I refuse to buy more maternity clothing
  • My energy level is falling fast.
  • I am outta breath just walking across the room
  • I am tired of working but will continue working until he arrives
  • My maternity leave will have me off ALL the holidays! yahh
  • I took the N1H1 shot and now I am scared of side effects...BUT my dr. really encouraged me to take it so I listened
  • I keep buying baby clothes that he doesnt need
  • While organizing, hubby said Tucker doesnt' care if the spices are in order so stop?

I am getting impatient......Hope to charm everyone more next week with exciting post

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Festivals

I am trying to so call "nest" but the energy hasn't hit me yet. I guess this is a sign I am not ready yet. I just can't get myself motivated to get things done yet. Tucker's room is completely done along with all his things washed and put away....the rest of the house however is NOT ready for a baby yet. OH well, I think they say it will just hit you all of a sudden..I will keep waiting for the sudden.

So in the mean time while I am not nesting I am out enjoying this fabulous weather. Highs of 60s during the day is my friend right now. This weekend we had a lot of fun times shopping and going to a fall festival.
Train rides
How cute is this little make believe town?
Beautiful mums....
The Kyle niece and nephews
My niece Krista with kettle corn that was fabulous and picking out a pumpkin.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The stuff Grandma didn't tell ya

Its time to get real....real with pregnancy that is. Here are some things I have noticed that nobody EVER told me. Your mom, sister or good friend warn you about things, but nothing quite like this before. Its always oh you will feel kicks, and you will cry and bond right from the start but what they should be telling is not that.

Your nose. It will get bigger as you reach your last month of pregnancy. So big that it looks wrong on your face, you have suddenly turned into a huge nose and nobody will admit it. And along with it growing will come bleeding. Every time you go to blow your nose blood will follow. Its classy

Everyone tells you how cute you look, you just gained in your belly. Not true! Those people are liars. If you just gain in your belly why are you cute little undies not fitting right? Why is your bra fitting like an A cup?

And speaking of bra...I would rather pay someone $20.00 everyday than wear a bra. Why? Well your boobs are now sitting on top of your belly so in order for you to have support your bra must DIG into your sides and back all hours of the day.

Shaving. I forgot I even grew hair in areas below my belly because I couldn't' see there. I had to ask my husband if I needed to shave my bikini line and he looked at me as if I was the woolly mammoth. I got the point quick. But not that it mattered because by the time I was done shaving I had to re-shower because you are all hot and sweaty from trying to reach all the areas. AND then you still didn't do a good job.

Your shoes are tight and snug after month 8 because your feet look like they belong to big foot and not you. And forget tying your shoes...after you leave the house in the morning and if they come untied...too bad, just go the whole day with one shoe untied because it isn't worth bending over at all.

Your back hurts...all the time. Well maybe not for everyone but it will hurt occasionally

Your sleep ends right when you get pregnant. It never gets better I hear either. When you have gained enough weight you can't ever ever get comfortable. And then don't' forget the pee breaks...b/c when you get comfortable its too late because you have to get up and pee. There are nights I kinda kick Nate getting back in bed or want to smother him with a pillow for a while as he enjoys a peaceful nights rest.

Its 45 degrees outside and you are sweating. After making dinner or vacuuming you feel like you have just ran a half marathon.

And just so you know...I WOULD NOT CHANGE ANY OF THESE THINGS FOR THE WORLD!!! It will be so worth it all in a couple weeks!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little Peak

The nursery is almost completely finished. All I need now is my glider and a couple things organized in the closet. My glider is the most important thing, some say they use the glider rocker a lot and others don't BUT it will add to the room. Here is a tease sneak peaks into the nursery. Mostly of Nate painting away. I hope to reveal it all by Monday.

the primer and ceiling fan in place...and I really like his view!

Nate is showing off his painting skills too

I can't wait to show you guys the finished project..we are pretty proud of ourselves.

Also. Nic with cupcakes...I still have your winnings...if you could please email me at kara_alphachi@hotmail.com! Thanks so much

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The #1 shower

WARNING: Fab pictures are among this page
This Saturday was my big wonderful shower. I knew it would be great because my sister in law and a couple others had worked so hard on it but it was more than I could imagine. I think I was overwhelmed..but aren't you always? I wanted to sit back and take it all in but there was so many people to talk to and thank that it was hard to sit back. Jin did a wonderful job on it and I owe her big time. Everyone that walked in said how AWESOME it was..including myself. I got there early to take pics of all the before.
I knew you would gasp...isnt' this beautiful!!! LIke a wedding!
Center pieces
The color scheme was great.....
One diaper cake...This was the center for the gift table.
Some baby pics of myself and Nate..so sweet! And the gift basket on the table was a drawing. Anyone who brought diapers or wipes got their name in a drawing....so clever right?
Some grown up pics of the parents to be...and my guest book on the table!!!
The room from afar....Marvelous right?
And the most important...the brunch!! We had baked french toast, quiche, meat roll ups, fruit tray and much much more!!! I had never been to a baby shower brunch before BUT it was perfect! The food was delicious
My cake...it looked just like my invitations and was very very good.

Oh and the cookies...Wow wee those were good.

So isn't this wonderful? And not to mention all the great guest and gifts. We received almost every single thing we needed and wanted. Actually we are making money off this shower..haha. We got duplicates of somethings but dont' need anything else right at this moment. Hello Target giftcards!!!

Girl time is the best time....here is myself (can u tell which one I am ..hehe) and a FAB group of girls. These girls and I have been friends since way before high school!!!

I could kick myself because I didn't get a picture with my hostess....

The FAB 4 and my chubby face at the winery later that day. I ate my weight in food while they drank.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Working on the Weekends

Usually weekends are all about fun and relaxing. Now days my weekends are crammed with getting things done. This weekend I got to mark a lot off my to-do list though.

Saturday I took a mini trip to St.Louis to do some last minute baby shopping.
We found a stroller/car seat combo we...well I love. Its a chicco. Its red and tan and had lots of options that I loved!!! We also found the pack and play we wanted while there. And the best part is both of these were bought for us for gifts !!!!! Yaaah. Thats a big lift off my shoulder. Check

All the painting is completed in Tuckers room. Check

The furniture is all put together. Check

The clothes are all washed and hung in the closet. check

I made the bed all up and the nursery is really starting to come to together. Check

I deep cleaned Tuckers room this weekend also. Check

See I told you we were busy. Lots of things got accomplished but we still have more to do! We had to get things going this past weekend because this weekend is my shower!!! I am WAY excited for the baby shower. I opted to only have one BIG shower for many reason. I wanted to show off all the hard work my sister in laws are putting into it and I wanted to see everyone together all at once. Its going to be a brunch on Saturday morning and I can't wait!!!! I can't wait to show pictures too. This week is my 34 week appt...we are getting very very close!!!

P.S. The giveaway ends tomorrow 9-29-09...so sign up!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Strollers are so confusing!

Strollers, Strollers, Strollers??

I am so dang confused...I need someones help. Anybodys help. Even if you aren't a mother or soon to be mother, maybe you have just seen one you like. Please help.

I first registered for this one. A graco tour something blah blah blah. I liked the colors and it has great safety ratings.

Well its unavailable....very unavailable. I have called Babys R us all over the country and nobody has it.

So whats next? I know it shouldn't be all about style but I don't want an ugly stroller. My dream stroller would be a Peg Preggo..but is it worth the money??

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's to 2 Years


Here is the surprise I woke up to yesterday morning. It was our 2 year wedding anniversary and our last anniversary without children. Every birthday or anniversary Nate does a terrific job of suprising me in the morning. I run to the kitchen like a 5 year old b/c I know I will find flowers and a card. It always makes my day..or week. This year I got more than I could ask for

He knows the way to my heart is through plastic!!!

After a nice dinner out I think we were asleep by 9:30.......I wouldn't want it any other way. Its funny but the past two years have flown by and even after being married I still get those dating butterflies when I look at him :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

32 Weeks and counting

* I know you probably checked this and thought..where is the giveaway?...well folks its coming. I just wanted to make it as perfect as I could get it and I am still on the look out for one more item. It will be my last giveaway before baby Tucker and want it to be a good one. So bare with me...by Monday I should have the whole giveaway put together *

Now on to my 32 week post.

Remember this picture of my perfect manicured feet, tanned and looking fabulous.
Now welcome to 32 weeks of pregnancy and sitting at a desk all day dangling my feet.

Yes this is actual size. I have kankels...( you know, you can't tell I have ankels b/c of them being so swollen). If I am up and walking they dont' get so bad, but having a desk job makes them worse. I am trying to drink more water and keep them propped so I dont' look like this at the end of the day.

Along with kankels when I get hot my back now sweats. I can just feel the sweat rolling down my back. I know now what it feels like to be overweight...a lot overweight. I can't see to shave. One day I looked in the mirror and had fur on my legs. I am tired again. I want to hit the couch when I get home and snooze. Mood swings are back. I cry at even the good commercials. I also get outta breath when I get excited so while crying at commercials and excitement I start to hyperventilate. OH yeh..good stuff. My nose seems to be growing....along with everything else. And peeing..wow...might as well just put a bathroom at my desk.

I had my appointment yesterday and everything is looking GREAT!!! I couldn't be more thrilled. In the ultrasound he looks so big. His little legs are already jammed in my belly. The nurse said he weighted 4lbs 12 oz. Yes..still gonna deliver a toddler. As long as I keep getting great reports I dont mind what his size is...(although small head and shoulders would be great)

Be back Monday...off to a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Of course my birthday ran for a week straight but the actual celebrations didn't start till Friday night....(well I did get my house cleaned and laundry done during the week so I count that as a treat). Friday was a casual night because I knew Saturday would be a long day. Nate and went to have pasta. I know you think this is not a big deal, but Nate hates pasta restaurants. So this was a treat for me....we stuck to the usual Pasta House Co. for dinner

Saturday( the actual bday) we woke up early and headed for Paducah Kentucky. After a quick bite to eat at Mccallisters Deli, we headed to shop. TJ Maxx, Babys r us, the mall and several other shops in between. By 6 O'clock we were starving or at least I was. We decided to take a stroll downtown by the river....and we sure were glad we did. WE found the most magnificent restaurants and shops. Cute little ice cream corners and antique shops galore. It was a great Bday

While in historic downtown Paducah I picked up my giveaway prize..so check back!
Sunday was another great day. My feet were tired but that didnt stop me. After church we headed out for the day. After all, we had a dog show to attend that our niece Kailee was showing her dog in.

Here is Kailee and her dog Cheese...Yep the dogs name is Cheese..like Velveeta people.

They did GREAT. And Cheese was the best looking Peacock anyone had every seen. I will just say nicely that we got screwed....he sooo should of won!!!

After fun at the fair my super duper husband Nate made dinner for all my family and his......lets all say it together..awwwww!

And of course we had my favorite dessert! CHEESECAKE. I took the left overs home and have eaten a piece every single day.

There is nothing better than family on your birthday...here are a couple snapshots of the fun had by the little ones