Thursday, May 28, 2009

15 and 1/2 weeks

Almost 4 Months!!! Time flies when we are having fun! I will NOT show my bare belly. For one, I have bruises all over my belly from my Lovenex shots I take every morning. So far, so good with the shots. The doctors think everything looks good with my blood so far, I go back next Tuesday for my 16 weeks and I get an ultrasound!!! YAAAHH!!!

So on with the pictures
Disregard the messy bathroom..this pic was taken this morning with 5 seconds to spare. I tried to wear tight clothing but it kinda all blends. Let me tell you, I have a belly...a big ol belly.

I will have Nathan take a better picture soon....we always forget in the afternoons! My belly grows all day it seems this normasl? So by the evening time my belly looks huge.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third far...with baby D

I promise after these updates I will stop with all the baby talk and get back to my super fun, interesting life. This blog will not totally be about baby D, but there will be mentions of the him/her every week or so.

14 WEEKS!!! Yahh
Seeing the doctor every four weeks is the longest wait of my life. I would see the doctor everyday if it meant I would get to see or hear baby D. I see the doctor again for my 16 week appt on June 2nd..and I can't wait. I also get another ultrasound at 16 weeks and maybe..just maybe..they can take a peak and have a better idea of the sex.

I have felt great this month. The morning sickness is all gone. I have some of my energy back. I am more excited than I have been the first couple of months. This month seems like a breeze so far. Although I think I have gained more than the average person at 14 weeks....I have put on 10-12 lbs already. Thats right, and "the books" say to gain 25-35 lbs for your total pregnancy. Well unless I slow down a lot on my weight gain I will be gaining closer to 35 lbs. OH Well...I hope I blow up as big as a house...if that means that baby D is fine in there. ( I hear a lot of ppl say don't listen to the books).

I have to report I am still in my regular jeans though (they are very very snug). I might have to wrap a rubberband around a couple pairs this week, but they are going on. There is no hiding this bump looks as if I have eaten 2 double cheeseburgers an hour!!!! All my shirts are tight and you can tell I am expecting....which is great!!! I can't wait for people to start asking when I am due!

Everyone wants to know what I have picked out for the nursery. I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I browse websites all day long looking a crib sets for boys and girls and nothing has just caught my eye yet?? I want to know your favorite places to shop online for crib sets?? Also baby gear...who would every think this would be so hard....a jogging stoller or a regular stoller??

I have a lot to learn, but so far I am doing ok. I can't wait in the next weeks to start feeling the baby move. I know he/she is movin around in there but I can't wait to finally fill it. And what do people say I am going to have.....A girl! Most people guess a girl...who knows?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Second Month with Baby D

After that first heartbeat I wanted to rip the ultrasound machine out of the wall and carry it with me everywhere. I wanted to hear the heartbeat over and over and not have to worry. However, the Dr.'s office doesn't allow you to take home their machines, so this wasn't an option. I think Hubby and I just glowed that whole afternoon after hearing baby Ds heartbeat, but we knew we weren't outta the woods yet. Although Nate and I were thrilled to have heard the first heartbeat....our fears were still lingering with us

The following week I was back at the doctors office. Dr. Carns wanted to hear the heartbeat again to make sure everything was moving along as normal.....and I was happy to report. This time I was at 6 1/2 weeks. This was about where I stood the last two times I miscarried. So again I take the long walk down the hall....undress into a see threw sheet, and wait for the ultrasound tech to probe me once again. I was sweating, sticking to the table actually. The ultrasound tech turned the volume up this time and we could hear the galloping of the heart. It was once again BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to record it and listen to it all day. Of course again its against office policies to drag around an ultrasound machine in public.

I had been noticing this sickness every morning. I couldn't get enough of this sickness...I welcomed it every morning. I would wake up and pray that the sickness was there...and it always was!!!! Woohoo. If I was still sick in the mornings then that meant the baby was still kicking around in there. I was also peeing in the middle of the night. I was so excited to be waking up at 2 or 3a.m. to pee. This to me meant that the baby was in there and doing great!!! AND my boobs, many they were sooo sore. I pocked and prodded them all day and was so happy they were sore.

So we had heard the heartbeat twice but the worry still layed in the back of my mind. Nate and I still prayed and hoped that everything would go as planned. In this very same week, after hearing the heartbeat twice, I get a call from Dr. Specialist. He explains to me how I have a genetic gene called Factor V Leiden and I will need blood thinner shots whenever I become pregnant. He explains all the dangerous and how this needs to be taken care of. I BURST into tear...WHAT? I just found out I am pregnant and now something else to worry about. I couldn't believe it. Here is where you repeat the quote " God only gives you as much as you can handle".

So at my 8 week appointment...... I hear the heartbeat AGAIN. I am telling you it never gets old. It was at a surprising 178....that baby D is really beating away in there. Although that wasn't the only thing to discuss. Dr. Carns and I went over the game plan with Factor V Leiden. A blood thinning shot a day and extra folic acid is what she prescribed. I am not the only case of this gene and I wont be the last. I have no signs of blood clots nor has family members (this is a good sign). Basically they want the baby to get all the nutrients and me to not have a blood clot because a blood clot could be life threatening. Here is the post that tells all about the gene. The only good thing that might come of this gene.....usually people with Factor V are induced at 37-38 weeks so the blood thinners are stopped at the right time and labor is right away.

The shots are going well, Nate gives me a shot every SINGLE day in my stomach. If he isn't around to give the shot, I can give them to myself. A lot of people that carry this gene have very healthy babies and we just pray everyday that ours is one of those.

I heard the heartbeat one more time at 12 1/2 weeks. It was at 158 and they have me the OK to tell the world. So here I am world.....telling you there is now 2! (THIS INCLUDES ME AND BABY...NOT TOO BABIES..HAHA)

p.s. My sickness left around 10 weeks...but I still pee every single night around 2 or 3 a.m and my boobs are now the size of small people. I don't care, I hope my back hurts from carrying this suckers around and I hope I never sleep well again ( I will be regretting this later) but that only means baby is on the way!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Month with Baby D

For those of you without baby and still fighting the fight to have are all still in my prayers and thoughts. I know how diffucult hearing great news can be. Believe me after miscarrying a couple times last year I couldn't be happy for anyone who had a baby or was expecting. I know its hard to hear such wonderful things from someone else when you want that exact thing. This is just proof that miracles happen. You one day will have a young one also..and God will give you this same miracle one day also. I still feel for you and although it will be hard to listen to my journey, just know this is proof of a miracle. I will still constanly keep up with those who struggle everyday and I still pray and hope for you just as you did for me. I still feel for you

The first month I was clueless..clueless I tell you. During the first month we had our appointment with Dr. Specialist. He also had no idea I was pregnant because at this time I was only 2 weeks. We left the doctors office with a great feeling and ready to try for a baby the NEXT Month. Funny how things happen.

We had our trip to Vegas planned and couldn't be more excited for our vacation and baby trying soon. ( you see we really where being safe (or so we thought) and weren't really "trying" until after Vegas). So we carried on with life as usual. Going out with friends, celebrating birthdays and such. I thought by week 3-4 that I was feeling very very tired...but I thought it was all in my head. I kept telling Nate that I was tired, but never thought it was pregnancy talking to me. After a couple let downs earlier the year before, you tend to block things out of your head. So I blocked it completely out and never thought about taking a test.

I was at 5 1/2 weeks when I took the first test. It was on a Sunday and I was feeling tired and of course aunt flow hadn't come. This was the most stressful day ever. I knew on this particular Sunday that I would be taking the test but I didn't' want to. I wanted to continue on and not worry about it. I know this sounds crazy because we wanted a baby so bad but I couldn't' take another let down so I just blocked it all out. Nate made me take a test that night....literally made me do it...I wasn't going to do it on my own at all

To our surprise the test was positive. No questions ask I was pregnant. Now the worry starts and never stops. I immediately called the doctor on Monday and had blood work done that day. The doctors called me back on Wednesday and said blood work looked great and that I could come in and they would try to hear a heartbeat that day since I was almost 6 weeks.

Vegas was cancelled. I couldn't enjoy myself at all on vacation when all I could think about was Baby D. I would worry the whole time and it only seemed right to cancel our trip and think about the greater things. (We told a little lie to everyone saying Hubby was way to busy to go at this time..hehe)

The heartbeat was heard....tears streamed down my face....I was still very nervous but now a little excited! It had just started beating but it was something I had never heard and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Part 2 tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Johnny or Jill

Its been killing me to keep this from all of you. I have lost sleep, gained sleep and even my tummy did flips.

I wasn't sure how I would tell all of you or just how all of you would take it?

Well here goes nothing

This Mothers Day was my first. Hubs was super sweet and got my a bouquet of flowers and "soon to be momma" card.

So this means......The hubs and I are expected a baby in November....November 15th to be exact. I am 13 1/2 weeks pregnant as of today so I am officially out of my first trimester. I wasn't sure if I would ever tell the "Blog world" but I thought I needed as much support as I can get and you guys are always so sweet and always have the kindest words ever. We have heard the heartbeat 5-6 times. All times the heart rate was great!!

So the "cat is officially out of the bag". I am taking a blood thinner shot everyday and so far all looks good. I am still considered high risk during this pregnancy and still need all prayers I can get (as does any mother to be).

So as you follow me on this new journey it should be excited, scary and probaly hilarious. This week I will recall for you the first 13 weeks of me and baby...tell you the exciting stories and all the nervous that played into it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I know I always say this....

But you really wont believe this one. Yesterday on my way to visit my mom for Mothers' day, I was cruising down the highway like usual and noticed something in the road. It was the smallest, tinest, puppy in the middle of the road. I came to a halting stop and pulled off the road and called the puppy to me. It came right to me so I had no option but to take it home and put it in our pin. It looks like brown lab part bird dog. Its so Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. The only I am not sure I can handle a dog right now. I have it at my home and I will care for it BUT he really needs a loving home.

There are a couple reasons right now that I am not sure that I can handle a new dog
  • I have had such a hard time with animals lately and I couldn't' stand another let down
  • He is shy and scared and right now there is so much going on that I can't him the attention that he needs

So if you know a loving family who wants a great (laid back puppy) I have just the one for you. I will call him Lucky till then, b/c I did save his life. And if I can't find a great home, I will keep him and love to come.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Random Ramblings

This week has seemed to be the longest of my life.......................

Maybe because I worried about Kailee being sick, But she is out of the hospital now and I hear she is feeling great. Thanks for all your prayers and Bday wishes.

It could be that all week I ran and ran and ran...not one single day did I just spend a day at home relaxed or catching up on housework (we have lived out of our laundry baskets all week)

Maybe because I am stressed b/c I have no idea what to get our mothers for Mother day?? Anybody have any great ideas?

The weekend wont slow down at all...seems we are all booked up this weekend too...

I guess I will rest next week................ and catch up on my housework

I leave you with a picture. When the whole family was in Louisiana Liam and I were taking a walk, he is really a chatter box these days and kept talking about our toes. So I snapped a picture of our toes for him to see.

For some reason this picture really cracks me up.....and I know it may look like I have been in the sun for hours, BUT here is my trick...and it work!

Happy Friday

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 Big Years!

A very special, intelligent, adorable, loveable and makes your heart melt every time you see her little girl turns 5 years old today.
Kailee: its such an honor being your "Aunt KK" and you make my world a little brighter just because you are who you are.


Although its her birthday, she has been sick and has to spend her birthday in the hospital. So if you could say a special prayer for this birthday girl we would greatly appreciate it. I hear good news from Kailee's mom and dad that she is smiling and happy though....she will bounce back to her old self very soon!

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl

Monday, May 4, 2009

March for Babies

The walk was great .....we got FIRST place with a total of $3300.00. WOW
The weather, well at least it didn't rain but it was cold. Very cold for May.We all bundled up and tried to stay warm.

I know its far away, but here we are..all bundled up and loving those babies!!!

Here is the honorary Miss Kailee....all bundled up and almost asleep!! She had a great day!
Here is Cooper...backpacking along!
Liam is cruising for babies

Here comes the team! The yellow shirts really stood out!

It was a fabulous day that day...NOT only did we walk to help save babies but we celebrated Miss Kailee's bday that day with a surprise party! I can't believe she is 5! I will post pics on your actual birthday May 6th!

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Today is her bday and without her our family wouldn't function. We are taking her out to eat and celebrating with mini cakes tonight!!!