Friday, October 30, 2009

There is an end in sight!!!

Today I was back to the doctor for my last ultrasound and check up. Tucker currently weighs 7lb 4oz. He has HAIR!!! I was shocked, why b/c I was bald until I was 2. Literally had to glue bows to my scalp so people knew I was a girl. It scarred me for life. But Tucker, he has hair...tons of it.

I am showing no progress but I am not that disappointed. I kinda figured my body wasn't ready..this weekend I will be 38 weeks so body, if you are listening, its time to make things happen. I go back to the Dr next Wednesday and if all looks good she is scheduling my induction!!!! So sometime in the week of November 9-13 I will be a mommy.
Yep..did you hear...INDUCTION DAY in 10 days.

I need to be off the blood thinner shots for 12 hours prior to delivery so scheduling makes the most sense.

So next week is my final week of work, my final week of me and hubby time and so many other emotions. But I am ready, ready for a life with 3 of us.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

37.5 weeks and counting....who am I kidding I lost count weeks ago

A little over 37 weeks and the Dr. told me I was measuring big...I can only hope to be holding a very precious baby sometime next week?? HOPE HOPE!

My sides are like pin cushions. These shots twice a day are killing me, the needle hurts the meds hurts...wearing pants even irritates the injection site but my boss told me pants were mandatory at work. But there are no rules at home by gosh.

Getting off the couch is like running a marathon. Or outta bed for that matter.

Peeing is a chore, not routine or every so often, its a CHORE and I feel like I do it all day.

People say I look tired...check
Others ask if I am ready....check check

I am stocking up on hospital supplies, which still seems unreal that it will actually be me lying in that bed. I mean the belly should be enough clue but I can't get it through my head.

I plan on eating my weight in Halloween candy and the first person to tell me to stop better watch out.

I think my husband has a huge wake up call...this is a walk in the park for him and since he hasn't been reading up on the things lately, labor will hit him like a ton of bricks. ( I might laugh when he starts pacing)

My feet, well they aren't even mine and they hurt all the time.

And whoever gave me this double chin can have it back anytime. Seriously, who needs 2 chins?

Here are some pictures...I am sure you are wondering how I even stand up and dont' just fall forward, well my butt is back there and it has done its far share of growing too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slump Day or Week

I have hit an all time low here at Day in the Hay. I can't seem to find the words or subjects to even write about. My personal life is going fabulous but just can't put it in to words on paper..or computer.
My doctors appointments are every week and Tucker seems to be growing and gaining ( I am measuring a week early). I have my last ultrasound next Thursday to see if this baby is huge or maybe its just me? I show no signs of dilation or thinning...come on body? I am going to start trying the old home remedies to get this body going, I want this baby soon. Any home remedies or old wife's tells you have heard that gets this baby moving?? Also I am not being a baby about getting Tucker here sooner b/c of my own good, its simply because of my blood clotting situation.
(The only reason I pursue the issue of showing signs is because I am scared to death to go into labor on this blood thinning meds).
I am enjoy my evenings at home resting and getting Tucker's room all together. I am enjoying time with Nate, our last of alone times and I just spend a marvelous weekend with my whole family. So why can't I think of anything to write...I blame it on the baby brain.

I promised you Tucker's room and soon you will see it. I wanted a couple people to see it in person first before I posted it on here.

So help me outta this slump..leave a comment, question or concern

Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Day

October 15th will forever hold a special day in my is National Remembering our Babies day. For anyone who has lost a baby due to miscarriage, still birth, sids, or any loss of baby today is for US! . I suffered two miscarriages back to back last year that broke me down. I fought back and I am glad I did. My story is just minimal compared to others. Other women I have met along the way have it so much worse. Take a minute today and say a prayer for all the women and babies.

I am blessed to be almost full term in my own pregnancy but at one time I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I feel for the women struggling with miscarriages and infant loss. I pray for you all.

This is also for my blog friends and many that I dont know who are struggling with infertility. I want all of you to feel the blessings of pregnancy on day. I pray for ALL of you as well

For more information on this go and pray

I shall return

I have been spotty lately on my blog, but I have baby brain and so much to do in so little time. My energy level has finally hit me and I did some organizing and rearranging. I guess you can say I am nesting a little. I will be back in blog world full fledged next week. I still have a nursery to show you and so many other things. I even will post of what I look like..a 36 weeks.

Yesterday I had my 36 weeks appointment. Everything is looking great and Tucker is doing just fine. He weighs 6lbs 3oz. He is growing fast. I am hoping for only a couple weeks left of my doctor loves me soooo much she will induce me early. Other wise Tucker might gain a pound a week and be a big one. One of the reasons I want her to take little Tucker is because I am now taking two shots a day in my belly. That is NOT fun. I am so sore around my belly for sticking myself the last 9 months. Oh well, it is all worth it. I am saying maybe a baby by the first week of November..I have nothing else going on?

36 weeks and counting
  • my feet are still huge during the day
  • my nose is huge all the time
  • my face has gained as much weight as my belly
  • I have 3 maternity shirts I better get creative with jewelry
  • I refuse to buy more maternity clothing
  • My energy level is falling fast.
  • I am outta breath just walking across the room
  • I am tired of working but will continue working until he arrives
  • My maternity leave will have me off ALL the holidays! yahh
  • I took the N1H1 shot and now I am scared of side effects...BUT my dr. really encouraged me to take it so I listened
  • I keep buying baby clothes that he doesnt need
  • While organizing, hubby said Tucker doesnt' care if the spices are in order so stop?

I am getting impatient......Hope to charm everyone more next week with exciting post

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Festivals

I am trying to so call "nest" but the energy hasn't hit me yet. I guess this is a sign I am not ready yet. I just can't get myself motivated to get things done yet. Tucker's room is completely done along with all his things washed and put away....the rest of the house however is NOT ready for a baby yet. OH well, I think they say it will just hit you all of a sudden..I will keep waiting for the sudden.

So in the mean time while I am not nesting I am out enjoying this fabulous weather. Highs of 60s during the day is my friend right now. This weekend we had a lot of fun times shopping and going to a fall festival.
Train rides
How cute is this little make believe town?
Beautiful mums....
The Kyle niece and nephews
My niece Krista with kettle corn that was fabulous and picking out a pumpkin.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The stuff Grandma didn't tell ya

Its time to get real....real with pregnancy that is. Here are some things I have noticed that nobody EVER told me. Your mom, sister or good friend warn you about things, but nothing quite like this before. Its always oh you will feel kicks, and you will cry and bond right from the start but what they should be telling is not that.

Your nose. It will get bigger as you reach your last month of pregnancy. So big that it looks wrong on your face, you have suddenly turned into a huge nose and nobody will admit it. And along with it growing will come bleeding. Every time you go to blow your nose blood will follow. Its classy

Everyone tells you how cute you look, you just gained in your belly. Not true! Those people are liars. If you just gain in your belly why are you cute little undies not fitting right? Why is your bra fitting like an A cup?

And speaking of bra...I would rather pay someone $20.00 everyday than wear a bra. Why? Well your boobs are now sitting on top of your belly so in order for you to have support your bra must DIG into your sides and back all hours of the day.

Shaving. I forgot I even grew hair in areas below my belly because I couldn't' see there. I had to ask my husband if I needed to shave my bikini line and he looked at me as if I was the woolly mammoth. I got the point quick. But not that it mattered because by the time I was done shaving I had to re-shower because you are all hot and sweaty from trying to reach all the areas. AND then you still didn't do a good job.

Your shoes are tight and snug after month 8 because your feet look like they belong to big foot and not you. And forget tying your shoes...after you leave the house in the morning and if they come untied...too bad, just go the whole day with one shoe untied because it isn't worth bending over at all.

Your back hurts...all the time. Well maybe not for everyone but it will hurt occasionally

Your sleep ends right when you get pregnant. It never gets better I hear either. When you have gained enough weight you can't ever ever get comfortable. And then don't' forget the pee breaks...b/c when you get comfortable its too late because you have to get up and pee. There are nights I kinda kick Nate getting back in bed or want to smother him with a pillow for a while as he enjoys a peaceful nights rest.

Its 45 degrees outside and you are sweating. After making dinner or vacuuming you feel like you have just ran a half marathon.

And just so you know...I WOULD NOT CHANGE ANY OF THESE THINGS FOR THE WORLD!!! It will be so worth it all in a couple weeks!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little Peak

The nursery is almost completely finished. All I need now is my glider and a couple things organized in the closet. My glider is the most important thing, some say they use the glider rocker a lot and others don't BUT it will add to the room. Here is a tease sneak peaks into the nursery. Mostly of Nate painting away. I hope to reveal it all by Monday.

the primer and ceiling fan in place...and I really like his view!

Nate is showing off his painting skills too

I can't wait to show you guys the finished project..we are pretty proud of ourselves.

Also. Nic with cupcakes...I still have your winnings...if you could please email me at! Thanks so much

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The #1 shower

WARNING: Fab pictures are among this page
This Saturday was my big wonderful shower. I knew it would be great because my sister in law and a couple others had worked so hard on it but it was more than I could imagine. I think I was overwhelmed..but aren't you always? I wanted to sit back and take it all in but there was so many people to talk to and thank that it was hard to sit back. Jin did a wonderful job on it and I owe her big time. Everyone that walked in said how AWESOME it was..including myself. I got there early to take pics of all the before.
I knew you would gasp...isnt' this beautiful!!! LIke a wedding!
Center pieces
The color scheme was great.....
One diaper cake...This was the center for the gift table.
Some baby pics of myself and sweet! And the gift basket on the table was a drawing. Anyone who brought diapers or wipes got their name in a clever right?
Some grown up pics of the parents to be...and my guest book on the table!!!
The room from afar....Marvelous right?
And the most important...the brunch!! We had baked french toast, quiche, meat roll ups, fruit tray and much much more!!! I had never been to a baby shower brunch before BUT it was perfect! The food was delicious
My looked just like my invitations and was very very good.

Oh and the cookies...Wow wee those were good.

So isn't this wonderful? And not to mention all the great guest and gifts. We received almost every single thing we needed and wanted. Actually we are making money off this shower..haha. We got duplicates of somethings but dont' need anything else right at this moment. Hello Target giftcards!!!

Girl time is the best is myself (can u tell which one I am ..hehe) and a FAB group of girls. These girls and I have been friends since way before high school!!!

I could kick myself because I didn't get a picture with my hostess....

The FAB 4 and my chubby face at the winery later that day. I ate my weight in food while they drank.