Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Busy

This week that started out as a nice slow week, was soon to change. I have had a list of things to get accomplised for at least a month and slowly but surely they are getting done. Cleaning out closets. Since Nate and I have so much "junk" our closets are jammed packed. I have done pretty well with my cleaning task thus far, I have one closet done and two to go. But this week is my little brothers last week of baskeball so last night and tonight again we will travel to Gideon (BFE) to watch district basketball. He is a senior this year, so I think its my duty is the big sister to make sure and attend his games with my mom. Ecspecially since my dad and older brother are away at work right now, he needs some fans. So tonight again I head to Gideon to watch another game agains SCC. Good luck Eagles!!! Hopefully the rest of the week I can get back on my schedule and get some closet cleaning done!!! I also have to do better at my work out schedule, I have been slacking there a lot too. And lets not forget about how I wanted to change my kitchen colors too. I will tell you more about that later...Until next time

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