Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer time

Ok well its officially NOT summer time but since we have had highs around 85 it sure feels like it to me!!!
Here are so quick tidbits of what is going on in the hay:
1. Mothers day, Oh sweet Mothers day. It was nice, a bit relaxing and enjoyable time with my 2 boys.

2. Nate bought me a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for Mothers day. I LOVE them. I have never owned expensive sunglasses, so we shall see if I can not sit on them, step on them, lose them, drop them in the pool or anything crazy for a while!!!

3. Tucker made me a pot holder with his hand print! This whoops the sunglasses .

4. The March of Dimes walk got rained out Saturday!!! So disappointed. Our shirts were soooo cute too :). I am waiting to hear back from the director as to how we did money wise...I am guessing over $1000.00

5. All my flowers are planted and looking great. I am tired of watering them ALREADY and its only been 3 days. uh oh.

6. I am ready to take Tucker to the Zoo, camping and the water park. Those things will be our vacations this year. After all, vacations aren't really vacations when you have to pack up the house and have a cranky toddler!!! (well technically Tuck and I have had 2 vacations down south already).

7.Tucker's dog name a BEAR. (in growth size anyways)

8. I am getting all the pool chemicals together, I think it shall be open in the next 2 weeks.

9. Did I mention that my toddler is a baseball, basketball, anything with ball fanatic. Seriously, its crazy how good Tucker is at baseball. I am hoping the Cardinals are looking at him already :)

10. I wanted to end on a even number, so have a GREAT day :)

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