Friday, December 9, 2011

Not in labor.....

I am sure you guys have been calling every police station around wondering where I was? Well calm your little self down, I am here. I mean I know you can't imagine how busy I have been....

The Truth is I have been getting last minute Christmas shopping done and tidying up the house as much as I possibly can. I am almost completely finished with Christmas (and this included wrapping) so I am ahead of the game. Oh and not sure I have ever said on here but baby girl's room.....Saylor Kate getting closer. We have put the bed together with some finishing touches coming this evening and this weekend I am organizing and hanging pictures!!! A huge rock will be off my shoulders when her room is done. (also there is NO meaning behind Saylor's name....I just loved it!! It is different and I like different. I had to fight with the husband about it for a while, but we see who go her way. And Kate comes from Katherine my gma's name....actually we might lengthen it Katherine).

In other news...Tucker is really enjoying every part of Christmas. He is excited about Santa and reindeer and all the above. He doesnt' totally understand the whole concept but we are working on baby Jesus and such too. We have been driving around looking at lights and we have visited Santa in the mall once.....Tucker likes Santa but does NOT like to sit on his lap. :)

So here is to finishing up ALL Christmas and Saylor's room this weekend and then plenty of baking and relaxing. I have 2 weeks of work and then 4 days to prepare for baby and she is HERE!!! 3 weeks people...its NUTSO


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