Thursday, August 20, 2009

28 Weeks (technically 27.7 weeks)

Here are some pictures finally. Some of you have been asking for belly shots and some of you are probably thinking gosh would she shut up already. But for those who want to see here ya go.
I am sure the "wife beater" tank is hilarious to most people but when you are gaining weight faster than you can think you wear whatever fits!
And a front picture just because I have never done one of these. My belly button is still mostly in..but it is wanting to pop out anytime. This week I had my 28 week appt. The Dr. said everything looks great and Baby D is measuring and growing just like he is supposed to.
The ultrasound tech said " Kara, he is so cute"
Then I go to see the Dr. and she said "He is so cute, he has the chubbiest cutest cheeks"

I loved hearing those comments...all I want is a healthy baby but hearing someone tell me how cute he is already just made my week. I mean I never doubted a minute that he wouldn't' be the cutest thing ever. will never believe how much Baby D weighs.......

2LBS 15oz. Can you believe it. Almost 3 LBS already. I am going to deliver a toddler! I just pray his weight gain will start slowing down!!! If not thank God for epidurals.

Some pregnancy tactics:
  • Craving milk like crazy. I am going through at least a gallon every 5 days by myself
  • Milk always taste better with Oreos also.
  • Still feeling great....the energy level is still high but could drop any day
  • Nate is painting away at the nursery!!!
  • My back has been aching some. I mainly think its from sitting all day at a desk...
  • They didn't weigh me at my last appointment but I really dont' want to know anyways.
  • Seeing the nursery in works is starting to really bring things to perspective.


Sweet Simplicity said...

Your belly is so cute!!
At least milk is healthy!

Jenny.Lee said...

Your belly is adorable!!! So glad everything is going well!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, I bet he really is the cuttest!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE bump. I can't wait until I'm rocking a bump like that. You look fab, girl!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Seriously, how could he not be cute? You just look adorable! Time is ticking!

Kim said...

That may be the cutest belly I've ever seen. EVER!

Cannot wait to see the nursery.

I'm now craving milk and oreos. This is just a normal craving for me though, not a preggo craving... I think? =)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I love me some milk too=) look at your cute belly, you look great!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love love LOVE Oreos and milk!!! My hub can go through a gallon of milk every other day!?!

Lindsey said...

You look fabulous!!!

Hannah said...

Your belly is so little and cute! In that picture from the front, it's just a small perfect circle! So they can tell how perfectly adorable he is already? And chubby cheeks? That's too sweet! And you will NOT deliver a toddler...although that was HILARIOUS! His weight gain will slow down to almost nothing at the end! And yes, thank GOD for epidurals!!!!!! I can't wait to hold his little....or big self!!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

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