Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 crazy things

Crazy 8's has been floating around blog world and I needed a break from work so what is better?

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
-The March of Dimes walk this Saturday
-My niece Kailee's Bday....actually all May birthdays
-Eating as much cake as I want during the bday parties
-Pool weather ( we took the cover off this weekend)
-Planting flowers and working in the flower beds
-Fresh Garden Vegetables
-A shop trip to St.Louis or Memphis with just girls (hopefully soon)
-A mini vacation for me and Nate very soon (not sure where..any ideas?)

8 Things I did Yesterday:
- Woke up to sweet baby noises from my nephew Cooper
-Went to church
-Visited my Grandparents
-Drank the best sweet tea ever!
-A 4 year old's Bday party
-Quality time with the hubs
-Eating fried wild Turkey and way too much hot sauce
-Watching my favorite shows on Sundays

8 Things I Wish I could Do:
-7 Days of straight of Vacation
-Shop with Jessica Simpson
-Never have to worry about weight or dieting
-Spend a day with Peyton Manning
-Work part time
-Have a vacation home where its warm
-Build a house..then in 10 years build a new...and then in 10 years, u get it
-Always have a nice new clean car

8 Shows I watch
-Desperate Housewives
-Brothers and Sisters
-Private Practice
-Jon and Kate plus 8
-The Hills
-The real housewives of O.C and new york
-Samantha who

Its fun...everyone play


Lindsey said...

I want 7 days of vacation too!!

Mika said...

If you come up here for a girls weekend... YOU BETTER CALL ME :)

Jenny.Lee said...

These are so fun!