Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Marched Out

Today is the last day to collect money for March of Dimes and tonight I will do my final count. I think we have met our goal ( I am almost positive but dont' want to get ahead). I can't say enough Thanks you's....there are sooo many people that helped me reach this goal.

Grandma J: God love her! She has been a trouper through this whole thing and is always on the ball of collecting money and thinking of ideas

Jin: Afterall she is Kailee's mom and my biggest supporter! She takes time out of her day to make sure everything is on track and we are making money!

Dad: He is threatening people at work to give money, maybe not threatening but he is the boss and can mention the words YOUR FIRED. Kailee is HIS baby girl and he does what he can to help the team.

Mom: She runs tons of errands for me when I have to work and need stuff done. She also lights fires under peoples butts to keep them motivated

Lee: Thanks for letting us host a Bake Sale at Capaha Bank. You and your co-workers were great!

Aunt and Uncle Carr: Thanks for collecting over $100.00 from work!!! Also, my aunt is a fabulous cook and helped with the bake sale as well as always being ready to help at any time. You have no idea how important these people are to me...they are basicly my second parents and I love them sooo much!

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Brian: Thank you for helping me reach my goal and collecting money at church! Your church family was so generous as were you. I love you both very much and you are very special to me :)

Hannah: You are always ready to help and have been helping me for 3 Years!!!

My Co-Workers: (the girls): They do sooo much work I don't even know where to start?? Seriously, they have been helping me from the beginning are always my BIG supporters!!!

Ok there are sooo many more to name for instance, my aunt Rita, and all my Blogging friends who helped this year!! Thank you Thank you! We have worked hard and now Saturday we will "Walk to save Babies"!!!

I have 3 gift cards to give away for anyone who donated over $100.00...I am excited to give something back to people who helped so much!

I will count money tonight and give you my final count tomorrow!

P.S.- April I have your do you want me to get it to you?? I also have Teisha's shirt...I need to get it to you also!


Teisha said...

Hey Kara, If you want to drop the shirts off at Dana's shop that will be fine. I know you drive past there daily. Or we can meet up whatever works best for you :)

Thanks again!

Lindsey said...


Michele said...

We have not paid for the shirts and we have not donated yet either. We planned to do that Sat. Hope that's ok.

Kim said...

Congratulations on all your hard work! YOu are a wonderful person to spend all your time and effort on such a great cause.

Jin said...

Thank YOU ... for saving babies!!!

and thanks for the shout out-- Kailee and I are tired from all the work!

(If we weren't at the top of your thank you list I would've had to pitch a fit because of my new speak my mind resolution!)

This charity project is something I couldn't handle on my own, but that I feel strongly about so we LOVE to help you!