Saturday, November 14, 2009

The birthing story...part 1

If you dont' want to know how this beautiful boy became real...then stop reading. I plan on updating all kinds of pictures real soon but I wanted to write my story for me to remember..and to embrace a few of you who care.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to the doctors office. Remember I was being induced because I had been on blood thinners, and blood thinners and labor dont mix well. Wednesday afternoon I was still only dilated a 1 and my doctor thought it would be best to go ahead and check into labor and deli every to get a head start. Good thing I packed my bags an hour before that....literally I was not on top of things. That night I was placed on medicine to help my cervix start thinning and maybe get some dilation going. I didn't sleep Wednesday...mostly because of nerves. I felt small contractions all night but getting messed with all the time by nurses in and out didn't help with the sleeping either.

Thursday I just new was a going to be a fast day. The nurses would check me that morning and only to bring news that the medicine had done nothing. I was still dilated a 1. My wonderful doctor came in that morning to check on me and break my water. Breaking my water was...well horrible. It was only horrible for like 3 minutes but it was horrible. I was inching off my bed because it hurt so bad. The reason for that much pain was because of my lack of dilation I am pretty sure. So all my great family and friends support arrived early that morning to sit and stare at me and my no dilating body. Every hour they checked and I would move a little farther along but nothing like I should have. I dilated a 3 when I received my epidural. I was actually not in that much pain...small cramping really but the nurse wanted me to get the epidural when I wasn't in big pain. The epidural was a different feeling. It never hurt it was just a different feeling....weird really. I chose to have drugs during deli every and I am glad I did for later reasons. After the epidural my contractions picked up. I never felt them...woohoo..but they were off the charts. My only complaint all day was a horrible headache. I never felt any pain worth griping about but my head was killing me....worst headache ever. But the headache was minimal to what could have hurt. The only problem.....I still wasn't dilating at all.
My doctor watched me like a hawk that day...did I tell you she was wonderful. I liked her a lot as my doctor in the office, but its always different when you are going to deliver. Anyways..she was wonderful!!!!! Wonderful!!!! And the hospital staff was great! (Lauren..she was wonderful, couldn't have asked for better) she was keeping tabs and was giving me time but she was always preparing me for surgery in the back of my mind. She didn't want me to sit for longer than 12 hours b/c infection can sit in.
So at 3:30 when I wasn't dilated any farther than a 4, she made the call. I freaked. I was nervous and scared for our health at that time. All of a sudden there were many ppl in my room preparing me, and getting me all ready. Nate was in scrubs and the tears starting flowing from my eyes...I was soooo ready at that point but so nervous.
I will continue the next part tomorrow....Tucker is hungry and has a great set of lungs...ha


Jenny.Lee said...

Whoa Momma.. I'm so glad you and Tucker are doing well. Feed that boy! ;)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I got tears in my eyes when you started talking about being nervous. I'm glad you're telling the 'real' version of how it happened. Can't wait to see pics!!!

Lyr said...

Wow... same thing happened to me! I only dilated to three and then they made the choice to open me up! I'm guessing that what happened right?! Tell me your hubby did not look smoking hot in scrubs. That's one of the only things I could remember. Jesse looked so HOT IN his scrubs. He still laughs at me today about it! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Amy said...

I can't wait to see pics but your story is a bit simillar to mine! I didn't dilate either but they made me wait almost 23 hours, so you got lucky!

that wait before the csection was terrifying wasn't it,but we made it through! We will have to get our little boys together like you said sometime in the future! Congrats momma!!!!

Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Congrats again to you and Nate on the birth of your healthy little prince. Can't wait to hear the rest and of course see pics of the lil cutie!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Ahhh! What a cliff hanger!

Lauren said...

Kara, good to know Dr. C brings her "A Game!" I very much appreciate the update! Much love and best wishes to you!