Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Year

Another year, Another blog message and another march. In the last three years my friends and family and myself have been supporting the March of Dimes.
Here is the back stories of how I became so compassionate for the March of Dimes. Read here read here next Read here after that
Now that you are all caught up I am excited once again to be supporting the March of Dimes. We have several projects up our sleeves again this year to raise even MORE money than in the past. Last year we raised over 3,000.00 dollars and this year we are going for more. I am very grateful this year to be walking, not only for all babies but for my own baby. Nate and I were blessed with a beautiful health baby boy and we owe it all to March of Dimes!

We will be hosting another yard sale this year to raise money. We are almost postive the Yard Sale will be April 17th. Check back for more details. If anyone is interested in donating any items for the yard sale...let me know! All proceeds will go towards March of Dimes. We are hoping to have several DIY projects included in the sale to bring BIG money. I am also making a cookbook with family recipes and a fun drink section. These will be on sale very soon.A rough idea of cost will be 10.00 And don't forget we always have Kailee Team tee shirts for sale. These are new and improved this year. They will be a hot item and I will not be ordering extra so let me know asap if you want one. We will all be wearing them at the walk.

If anyone is interested in helping or supporting just let me know. And how great would it be to meet some blogging friends at the walk....YEH!!!! If you are interested in walking its Saturday May 1st downtown Cape Girardeau,MO! Get excited..more updates on March of Dimes to come soon.

Here is a blog that needs your prayers! I have been reading her blog for quite some time and would LOVE to meet her person. Megan and her husband are having their first baby boy this year and through some ultrasounds they have found some heart conditions. God is great people and through prayer a lot of miracles can happen. Baby Cohen needs miracles and I believe it can happen! So lets pull together and pray. This story with Megan is right on track for the March of Dimes post as well. With the help of March of Dimes, money and time will be donated to help babies like Cohen be born the healthiest they can!!
So click on over and show Megan some support..and this year for our March of Dimes walk we will all have Cohen in our HEARTS!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Downtown Cape will be a nice walk! What a great event! Have fun!

Michele said...

Hope it's not too late for shirts. I want a large and Megan wants an adult small.