Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fish Update

Tuna on crackers, tuna fish salad, tuna on salad, tuna on bread, tuna with cheese....you get the picture right?
There has been a whole lot of tuna going on around my place. I have to admit I am burned out pretty bad already. And its just the beginning.
The worst of it. I will eat tuna fish for lunch and do great and then once a year these cute girls sell these delicious cookies and I have been eating those delicious cookies after my tuna fish...kinda defeating the purpose right? Yep think so.

Update on Tucker. We have gone a week and a half without a cough or snotty nose. (knock on wood). Hopefully spring is a coming and we can look forward to no more snotty noses. Tucker is laughing out loud a lot and it is the funniest thing EVER. You should see how crazy Nate and I act to make him laugh. I am sure we are more funny than he is to watch. He no longer stay where you put him on the floor. He is moving all over the place on his back. He loves his jumper!!! Best investment ever. Its soooo sad how fast he is growing up BUT we love to see his personality. I can't believe how fast it all goes..he is 15 weeks ...gasp!
He no longer has his dark hair he was born with...it is almost all blond. And those blue eyes...lady getter one day :). We are still battling with him at night kinda but the best response I got was to put him in his playpin beside our bed until I am ready for him to sleep across the hall. Now that it is March, we are just waiting on warm weather so Tuck can bounce around outside and we can go on walks and to the park!!! We also showed him the pool last Sunday...man I hope he enjoys the water as much as we do or else it will be a long summer.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I could NOT do the tuna thing so more power to you! Glad the little man is feeling better.

Meredith said...

Oh man, I can't handle fish at all. I admire your tuna quest!

I hope your little man continues to feel better!

Cecilia said...

I could not do the tuna thing. I like it, but not that much. I had a little tuna salad at dinner and that was all I could handle. I'm a wimp though. I was wondering how the sleeping was going. My youngest son is two and he refuses to sleep in his bed. He loves to snuggle which of course just melts my heart. Lol.

Adge said...

glad to hear he is feeling better. I could not do the tuna thing. keep it up.