Friday, May 21, 2010


3 blog stories last week and 0 blog stories this week...sporadic to say the least. I feel like I have been busy..but enjoying it.

Our evening are filled with ball games.... nieces, nephews and cousins....there could be a ball game to watch every night if I wanted to. We don't though, its too much for Tucker

Speaking of Tucker. We have another ear ache this week. I think this is 8 in 3-4 months. We are on meds again until we get tubes June 4th. I can't wait for TUBES!!! Tucker is a great baby, sleeps well, never fussy unless she is sick. And we are sick a lot. So I can't even imagine that angel he will be after tubes. He has been waking up with the roosters the last couple mornings (4:30-5:30) and I believe its because he is cutting all his teeth at once. It started last week or the week before with both his bottom teeth. So this morning as I was getting a look I see white all over his top. So it looks like we will have a full head of teeth soon. Bring on the steak and potatoes.

Tuck is soooo close to crawling and I just know it will happen at daycare when I am not around and I will cry :(. He is all the way up on all 4's(like a dog) and any minute he is gone. I think when he does crawl that will be it...I will never be able to find this over active child.

6 months is for sure a FUN age. Teeth, lots of movement and a true personality. I kinda want to bottle him up and save him this way.

Have a GREAT weekend. Temps should be in the 80s this weekend and we are opening the POOL

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Kristin said...

I had three sets of tubes when I was little and my Mom said they worked miracles as I was forever being plagued by ear infections!