Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Half a Year

Tucker Joseph turns 6 months old today. Its crazy how time flies. Everyone always told me to soak it all up because it goes so fast and I am a little stubborn and NEVER listen so I didn't. Well, I am here to tell you it goes fast...very fast.

Its funny how when he smiles I see myself in him. We have the exact same smile :) Everything else in him his is dad made over though.

I dont' do a month to month post on him in my blog. I do it private. I keep a journal and write a letter to him each month. I let him know how he is such a BIG eater and he weighs a big 20lbs! I tell him all about his ear aches.....we have had 6 in 3 months. I also tell him I hope that gets better soon because we are scheduled for tubes June 4th. Its not that I don't want to spread this amazing news with everyone but I want Tucker and our friends and family to be able to cherish this journal when I publish it for his first birthday. Besides I am not sure how many of you want to read a monthly blog on my baby?

Food is your favorite thing! You also love to spit it at me and sling the spoon across the room. You are soooo much fun right now. You can sit up alone and you often get on your knees like you are going to crawl. When I ordered a perfect baby from God he gave me you :). You sleep great at night and have the best personality.You are a busy body. Everyone says you will walk at 10 months. You love the walker and can follow me anywhere in it.

Your dad is kinda fond of you too. We can't imagine our lives without you and you are truly the most awesome thing in the whole wide world.



My Husband's Watching TV... said...

He's such a handsome baby and I love that smile! You did a great job! ;)

Meredith said...

He is TOO CUTE. I can't believe he's 6 months already!

Amy said...

adorable! He is getting so big! Can you believe our baby's are growing up so fast??? :(

April said...

I was going to tell you on FB how much he looks like you when he smiles. lol They do grow so fast. I love this stage of their lives though, all the way up til about 3 is the best. I wish I could have kept Kacie at 3 for a while longer but at the same time I love our time together these days too.

Michele said...

I love Kailee's outfit!!!

Kristin said...

Jealous! I wish my lil' man was still that teeny. Time goes by SO fast when they're babies. We're about to celebrate his second bday and I can't believe it! Your lil' dude is adorable!